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Resources is a word with many meanings. A resource is literally defined as computer wealth. This can take many forms. Wealth can be measured in natural resources. Money property and people to name a few. The reservation its people and ceded lands offer unlimited amounts of resources. KW also offers you the opportunity to learn more about these in the next 30 minutes. Welcome to our people and Mother Earth.
No life is complete without games and music. Even in Russia society and its surrounding. Native Americans made games of bone wood and leather. Stories were told to carry on traditions. Not because the lack of a written language. Before the pure enjoyment of great tales. These tales were often sung. But games were not just for children but for adults also. Betting was one game using a hand drum. A very serious game in the old days in the sport of betting. It was not uncommon for someone to lose a wife or a horse on wages but in the game a hand is just one type of drum. I'm killing her chin and I'm talking with Archie Caldera Could you tell me who did you learn to make jumps from.
Well my first films were experimental. Which I had created maybe 15 or 20 germs on with. Personal designs that I have created a different way of being in the hands for the handles. And then I went in that got a little teaching from Pierce and Mitchell. Street and went in for it. I also got some teachings from Will Lindsay how to parent. So there was various different forms of germ. Designs that different families have created which like there were no two to that really alike so there was no right way and there's no wrong way so there was you know just making a Jim was a good thing. How long have you been making jobs for the Macon zooms for approximately four years maybe five years and I've made over a maybe 95 hundred Germany.
What materials do you use a use. Well as I like to use my script yeah it was OK coming from soaking in water for maybe two weeks. Or so the room here will start to fall off whether the thing is you don't want to see it half in start doing it and then you do the other half so you want to do it all at one time. So for an extra day or two when you start to see the air flow to the top. That is probably ready to start pulling the hair. You take that and it's a long process as you go take it and you know cut is really large. So he spread it out and you take it in you're pulling the hair my hand and you pulling off a little. Square inch or so I tell you so you're doing a lot of hand work when doing a pulling the hair or so. And if you tell a
different story when you do zoom by hand and then the commercial hide you tell whether Droom eugène yourself with the hair in the frame and the rest of your stuff has a brown zoom in the commercial growers of white looking zoom and you can tell the difference also in there and the tone of the germs. Do you prepare your own materials. You mentioned that you scrape this hides. Do you build the flames also. Oh I've done some phrase yourself that I was told to use branches off of the juniper tree. A nice wide branches with not too many of the branches grew up there and so you know it walking round scouting the hills looking for the right size and the right length in the shape that you really want and he split it you know take the sides off it. Make it flat and round it off and put the holes in whether I'm good with raw hide. How long does it take to process your material.
It'll take four. Actually I meant five germs at one time. For myself I'm going to make a fight of it from one to one hide most of it for two weeks to a half maybe. And get the frame if I'm going to do it. By hand it'll take me next day to do this frame. Let it dry a little bit. Couple days so maybe. You know two weeks and two days or her hands are made out of the juniper tree and they all cared by hand. All natural native materials you mentioned used kite is there a reason why you use that instead of using ocurred. Because a lot of people are deer germs have splitted germ hides and are hidden on a germ hard releasing in her getting into things. Then the germs would split.
So why is that OK. You mentioned that you used kite it's a reason why you used elk instead of deer. Prefer the out because it was stronger and deer hide it. People that have had germs they were merely deer hadn't really get into their songs singing these you know and just really getting their songs in there. How did Joan would split then with the elk had you know they could just pound away on a German that's going to stay. And it's going to it sounds nice to people like the tune is the tail end of the hide of the elk herd that prefer the thickness for an eye. He's different thicknesses of the hide for different sized rooms for different types of drums. Who selects for the Hans room and the wash room all these different parts of the the Hyatt for different tones so maneuver room around in
different spots in different places and different sides of my frames it'll be using so many five of them in a day. But I prefer the you know kind of because of the strength in the tune. Could you tell me how you came about your material. Well I've got some materials. Most men would do the trading that really do too much hunting with so are you. I've traded necklaces and earrings and things that have created out of the OK I was cutting cards for others and stuff I traded them for hunters you know they have got their hides and they really don't process them or use them or anything so you know it's fine it's you know a good thing to trade for something that they can use and they will like the jewelry they be giving to their girlfriends or wives or whoever it meanly. Like I do a lot of trading in this other you know with people who bring Wi-Fi here and Graham will drop it off and so you could use it. And just up the
hill there you bring women and there's people that you know who do help me out way bringing hided two way trade in their job and I'm a you know they have these with you. Do you sell your gems and how do you figure on the pricing of them. Only through your pricing and the size of the frames that I'm using and how much resume in the time that it takes to put it together. How much does a drum usually run through me run from $65 two hundred twenty five. And that's from the rooms to the big ceremonial washing room and I also make the power germs in the mail room 253 and when you complete a drum is there a ceremony that is that people do before they use it.
Oh. I don't do ceremony but people that do get in for me do ceremonies and they'll perform ceremonies in this way to sit and sing and sing they get their due. It's kind of neat you. See my germs and I go to a power and I'll see this room there are seals dancing around on the dance floor and then I'll go outside in the suit stick games all season where Jim was at Derby in the used state games so it was kind of. All sizes and ranges for everything. So you make all kinds of germs is there any particular favorite one you have. Yeah that was kind of hard to part with. I still have my first film that I made out of a cottonwood tree. So it was all natural materials and we had a little bit we're meant to frame Holland out it was already how burned out but it was some work taken out
the rest of it. It was just it was actually a germ that I really didn't want to part with but I'm going to give it a really this is what they're named usually so I've had it for a while. And it's going to you know want to give it away to some friend when there's a plan to give it. Is there a difference is there a certain season that is best for John making. The Major was all seasons all year and then basically during the winter term that's kind of a longer process that hides. Their cold or in their strict a little bit and they do it and they shrink a little less so they're judging the judgment and you know that when you say you hide underneath the frames and the looseness you know that you know the germ you don't want to leave it to lose or you don't want
to leave it too tight so I guess it does play a part in the seasons. He does play a part and I think of it in a way just the guessing of the head in the frame the looseness and the tightness in the seasons they do vary. Could you tell me for the people that don't know about the Native American and the difference between the types of the power and the hangings and the Wash it serviced. Look for the head and hang games rooms. They prefer the smaller frames and there's a little bit tighter height on me so it makes a little higher you know higher than where they would be and this is a real fast in the wash room for him which is a little bit larger with you know like the big serve and they really could just be 21 21 22 inch frame.
Oh. OK. And the power of germs. They're basically a large frame relied frame and using two hands and the first germs reaction we made out of a. Horse this scrape the horse tied in the horse had gritted prior exams. Well I really haven't tried with the horse but I'm going to do that. You know being so this new and. Do you know if there was ever any germs that were made out of a flaw like this I've heard Buffalo hired was used in their effect. Max Jim with the bailing out of the bottle I. They also used to be very high HGs and there was a lot of different theories that you know a lot of people they wouldn't even think of using.
It was just like what was there and what we need to provide to them at the time was what the youth and the was were kind of like architects rules whatever they need to give them they were you know they were destroying my need in these what they had to create the music. So there was a lot of hides in different times different areas like the Canadians used to be right and the ones who carries the ball fly and look around here and elk and deer and. Him there was a story told to me about you know horsehide my way through and she told me that it was the two native power drill in this region that for me in one Springs was the canary. And that was you know she was looking at some weird germs that had been table sitting there and one of the systems was ours and she went on into giving me a little teaching right there. It's right there
in this way. Could you share part of that. Well it's only that this that the traditional power grooming stuff was made out of the horse hides and so discreet just like you know kind of putting but it was the last the last thing that no one even makes away more out of the horse. Actually I wouldn't even thought of using them to see told me that I. Plan on traveling soon. For those people that I interested in making germs or could. Is there anything that you would like to share with them to you let them know what they can do and what not to do. Well basically one good thing they're doing is to change the water daily. When you had real ladies they could kill any American Joe was he what way is it leaves enough. He likes to change they
were to do with it. But it's a good price that they were willing to change their water daily because it will summon. Them to always keep water on hand for like when you're cutting you in the head if you June and you make in the holes it will already start to dry and in areas of the thinnest sides of the hide so you want to strike so those while you're actually making the holes and stringing it together you want to keep it all way and you have to get through a string that no ill just you know would be OK to let it all dry at one one time one time and basically keep throwing materials on hand that you need before he even started like he needed all three holes. Need you know some of the places where I used to pare scissors and cut a lot of lacing like 50 foot or so before I even start you know I mean once you set
your heads and stuff and use it for and if you don't care you're lacing with were anywhere you need to lacing the Noahide should be shrinking up and stuff so you might want to just lace things from the outsides of the UK head Zaphon and you've got the outside pieces or with Gregor you just keep going around in there to use all the excess peacefully lacings cedar you Hades and he lays in pieces all for one heart what you do for five maybe five six drums if you do it you know just strategically writers put it all. Different sized frames and different areas of the Haydn different thicknesses for different rooms for different rooms different ceremonies. So there is no you got to have everything all ready and ready to go. It's all planned out in your mind. It takes a day to do. After two weeks or so can you.
If anyone was interested in like taking classes for drum making Would you be ever interested in teaching and anyone. Sure I'd be more happy to teach people have taught a few people that made germs and they're already using them along as a horse at ceremonies and kind of see the worst of it because I've made a lot of gyms and I'm never saying it is their way but there are people that I have talked with do you hear me. Yeah. And the like the germs that they made they couldn't even part with their own doing they're supposed to give their prison terms away. But there's to hang in there and do I mean it made me a little proud of the stuff that I was able to teach somebody to make something ceremonial in and that they actually used it and you know it just kind of makes me feel good and say it and you know it's kind of like
7 cultures something doing the hides and doing the frames were hand which is a lot of the other artists are in a commercial as in the German with the commercially bought frames and and things like that were like to keep a little bit tradition into it. You know teachings from other people. Like Pierce and turn to me and turn to somebody else and they're going to somebody else and see that person. So it's going to go down and down and further and I'm like it it's just I was lucky to be a part of it. And proudly and proud to teach. That was Archie Caldera one of Warm Springs drum making artists. Who is keeping the traditional art form of making drums
to hand John contests Serco dance songs. By black lauch. But.
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Thank. You. Thank. God. Thank. You. Thank you. Thank you. Thank. Him. Musical instruments were used for dances. Singing and ceremonies various types of drums rattles maracas and whistles were used together to create a rhythm. Somewhat different from our music today.
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This episode of "Our People and Mother Earth" focuses on games and music, specifically drum-making. Host Carol Herkshan interviews traditional drum-maker Archie Caldera, who discusses his techniques. Also included are two hand-drum circle dance songs, performed by Blacklodge.
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