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A key Titan guy. He began to. Lean deep. A minute does though come. Tangle died out and I know you look good on my own to do in my view even though I. Didn't fill your cup at least by you. And I moped and kept coming and you don't know me that. You want to gaze I have no doubt you get the hang up man
and you know you knew or tried to do. I remember and I'm going to dm number you won't do it I you know look the way that I was moving him to my life. OK now we knew that you know we've done the Indian for me and I knew him to tell you to go. The number of young men we both didn't know and you don't know me you tell me the man that go. In and make a wish and he will you know be back where I'm going to be told I shall
meet that man and be you. I. Think the new way to get bang and I'm good man. We didn't get into a tough cookie. You know you should lead now sensual. Good on a woman starting to you now that look why do you call Canada good show good man. You've been affected. The doe you know didn't want to show. Five of them to go all of you know. Didn't eat his own will. Milius. Who. Why didn't you know it wouldn't be home how you would do that to buy a
new cookbook. I'm doing can quickly. But I. Didn't man with a sham when I shall find them. Didn't seem to be getting look. I. Mean waited. We flashback. Well I don't I don't keep up my home remember that both have been you know via the one view. Why didn't you know. And look what Dan. Yes ma'am. That didn't happen. A little man with verbal could think you know look like Cal. Vibe in love with him. Didn't how to get
the about until it went up. Then you know what to buy. You get to get to me. But I say to you. This is YOUR PROMISE you know. Deliver us young people she will lead us he will. And you know be careful. Yeah
you're young and I'm just now. You know she looked me up when you do a thing about women. It doesn't tend to happen and I'm going to show movie you give me an AM dial up track down and give up your 4 million more than fighting day more at the dick. Good morning that you can fucking be a kinky it were you the day Don't done it yet though you're aware of the joke we have some sound. And yet there he laid out I didn't I didn't do it. We didn't and now we will deal with Indians and I'm getting that vibe to hoser was I when you get
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die holy than most. We've been too limited to. Matt a month until he is giving you the mower to thy holy bolt. Mon Dieu. To him good luck because you shall mope. They were when we didn't intend some little mean that had her yet that kept in the back. Cuddle up with me a man can fully healed the bone had the way you do with what we do to him. Guna make the last tape when you stay here. Left to me in fact you know when Hoover had to leave. Maybe jail
him. Why I lived in Langley you know don't we give up Couto the last moments of me that I checked the kids food. Louie couldn't work Lendl at the bull fight to get it wasn't what I said. Lab didn't go into it and so didn't get. Didn't like me as out. My friend told me and I'm given that weapon type of that equipment. But I got fuck. Yeah yeah. Mundum Vietnam Project. On the
second page you want to own a launch site. Yes of course some of the most a little to look for. The teleco high ground those a deep ne we can tell you that it's more like do we go to the doctor you get to kill him. Look he do that has to be he had to get him to get through it with your whoever you're going to join in key. He didn't deny that the key get
he done no more be last in the Share get. Whacked. Commitment. Yeah took him a full cup of it. Joining us to go through you know more than a shell game to get from down a weapon sale but not one single shot in the game with you go out of it I don't know I was in a fight. He had. No memory shall I call. OK maybe we could need to get behind the manhunt. I took a and you know.
You know you have given day who you gave to your last name didn't die like to go back to Utah. They've been union doubt that the pope Wrigley Can you detail that in my village. Well you shall give the Indian to join in. Would you let that have who you are when my. You didn't let that little amount of babbling but go me about where you see that they
did do the work no one can hide. You. Look at the to do it from Dial don't have to deal with it. You go back to. Them but you don't get an Fund had to go to to go through sharing that with the dude. And what did
you tell him to do. Why don't we take a look at them like make a give back again. To do that I will tell you. You took a high gabled availability and I did it. Shall he get my jammed up the land. Daddy's not delegated and I guess I'll be back. To get it back again. Didn't. Get to. Know. The. Man page YOUNG Well he had been probably the.
Last. Move from boy keep an eye. On the day with squeaking spears against his will. Who wrote the tale and Danielle because they didn't buy your family. You know they get mad. He had to die language you moved you to look at who do
they come. He had papers today. You give me a man and I mean to you minimum bet my lap a. Million. That didn't buy. Do you keep it to your thought you know where we're going to show the numb bone to them Michelle. Do you do to deal or you don't entity. Macchio numb numb numb Michel. The rush of a bomb
to a vision never can get you to top kill again. They bang even with a new name what do the NQT diversity there then look it to do we do though it took much. To what could they do now. You know you're bowing to you when you look if you could you you look my way. Would you start good and don't end and us a tiny bit unique then I. Go here either. When women move their back. He knew McGann wallet one time. Well right to the coast hey the DMA NUMA we do though if I had to go in and out utility to my name I think
they do that I do it in time. Well time to meet in the new ban variety. When you knew my time I'm going to die. Romney the time that you were actually do get you killed and they were young kids who don't have and didn't take it you had to click into her highness to look at the mongrel. We move on and we didn't. Need one either. Well to tell you Joe now I say the.
Guy my techno guy the thinking addicted and you've got to run for your money to do whatever the Sam Shamoun somewhere for you to dictate my identity and your time. This show would cause a lot tied up fuck love but I'd be. To have a big new guy.
That looked like one time at the get. We don't intend to conduct me as my last hope for and just give you my me your time. If you need the limit where you know you didn't like you. But they do to people hi to my mate I'm going to let you tell. Your mom about it when
it did Dodo to look out will get you see does he do it I get it on leisure dollars they'd like to know for. You he said time to time don't get done. You'll be. The one dollar that you don't know what to do and I get more sure to. Go home my Fido for her highness let me know if I get you to continue to show you what you do that you knew that I knew you said that you gave it to her child all of it will keep my cool to me you know when the new that you get now with a little thought it would benefit me. It would work requests are going very fluid data. Lemme get done. Why don't you read
we will kill it with dollars. A move to your mom he didn't we went on with you. You got my critical Don't call it Internet with. Let's say that I. Really do enjoy it per year. So are you going to do it unless you do your new little bit far we knew you know more to do it I guess your thighs are killing me the Congo should go flying into the book at the nurse by yeah but yeah
they didn't let me flash back to him to get a liquid I'm thinking of a shuttle. He may even let you get in there and get that ball. Yuma went on the Internet we take you to it I get it. That didn't last long we meet you should look at. Did you mean to do this or is it going to change. Oh yeah I'll just
let your joy. Yes yes yes. I've had to give him a concert gone surely God with a god. When my name to those who don't tend to finite while doing that he didn't get over for you did like you looked where he could and I wanted to can go. Get by with you Will you
join in like me. Give him more for you when you figure I know you've given him up. Though you don't do that Hayden Not you though didn't gather and you know no one knows for you when you do that whatever you do an unlucky you get a total you can go back to the room you go kooky take will do them above you don't really get a better photo at the lake if you are not like the letter D for noise young new food in fact knew he could get you but only you would gain weight. Then you cum lab begins with Miley. It doesn't get it that I don't have
numbers in the Michelle movie that he could do. You can look at you that show up to go get you people on a diet and time to you. Did he take you right Jack you. He gave it my all of good will who are going to give the well-timed. To do that the line or line you know you where you get all day man. And I don't get the donor for Niger. He mimicked on my list time's up to confide I'm a kid but now my taillight most kids get to use it or lose it. You could give them a captive look they didn't
do it I know you don't really get much done without the Pope Catholic world I don't know hey tom they did. They're in a coma. You did what no you didn't you turned down your dogma McTaggart rather rather live day my equal to be my new drug not to die. You could look at but didn't look at me given the needy. Whom do you know that in the KKK show you rather than you know.
Vietnam: A Television History
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Interview with Nguyen Huu Tho, 1981
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Nguyen Huu Tho was the acting president of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam from March 30, 1981 until July 4, 1981. Nguyen Huu Tho discusses his recollections of Ngo Dinh Diem and refers to him as an American puppet. He talks about the founding of the National Liberation Front (NLF) and his arrest by the Diem regime. Nguyen Huu Tho contends that the Diem government did not want to implement the Geneva Agreement but rather suppress the revolutionaries. He also argues that Diem's goal was to create fear and panic among the revolutionaries and began to resort to terror-like activities.
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Vietnam War, 1961-1975--Personal narratives, North Vietnamese; Vietnam War, 1961-1975; Vietnam (Republic); Vietnam (Democratic Republic); Political persecution; Presidents; Nguyen, Huu Tho, 1910-; Revolutionaries
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