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On Tuesday March 30 1st 1964 the mother of the Massachusetts governor was arrested in St. Augustine Florida. Also on March 30 First we received this report from St. Augustine. This is how my thinking from St. Augustine Florida had Mathcad am I felt were the only people there who wanted to report had to talk. Suddenly one of the young men broke loose from the group and was immediately set upon by several police had had a portable tape recorder strung over his shoulder. He raced to the frame to follow the action. They hold the young boy down the driveway and they're trying to subdue him and Ted who is reporting the story at the time said into the microphone in the ear shot within the earshot of one of the policeman. They have used a cow prod
on him. The policeman heard. Oh I'm sure we don't immediately if they confiscate that machinery. They have to get it not only the machinery but our reporters as well. Dateline St. Augustine on the spot coverage of the struggle for civil rights in America's oldest city. Today a day of arrests on this program we hear a phone report from WGBH FM reporter T.F. Conley describing the arrest of his associate in St. Augustine Ted mascot actuality recordings of Mrs Peabody's attempts to integrate two restaurants in St. Augustine an exclusive interview with the governor's mother. An excerpt from Gov. Peabody's press conference and an interview with one of the demonstrators a recently released from the St. Johns County Jail. Now here is Conley. Moments after WGBH FM reporter Ted mascots arrest this is the upcoming taking from St. Augustine Florida for about half an hour ago.
Half of the result of a mass demonstration by Negro students from the fiery high school stay out of school and private. How fitting for the old slave market here in the month model lodge restaurant which is in the same house and the marble demonstrates the Red Violin proceeded to be awfully our hotel and a lavish probably got a hotel here in the city of August. They sat in the dining room where arrested by the sheriff for Al Davis and them were assembled out in the driveway in front of the hotel and other end of the hotel. They broke into a spontaneous demonstration shouting freedom. They sang We Shall Overcome. They sat down and they were surrounded by police. Other officials insisted citizens
and no more bulldog. The city of St. Augustine has trained police dogs believe me. To them they are vicious dogs for barking lunging at the end of a leash and as far as I know no one was hurt or attacked. At first Al Davis instructed the policeman to go easy on the kids and there were several other reports. Side had mascot and myself most of them use paper reporters. Some television reporters with motion picture cameras silent count. We were the only people there who wanted to report had to talk. Suddenly one of the young man broke loose from the group and was immediately set upon by several police. It was very hard for me at the time to see what was going on. Ted had a portable tape recorder from over his shoulder. He raced to the seem to
follow the action. They hold a young boy down the driveway from 50 100 feet high 300 perhaps and they're trying to subdue him and Ted was reporting the story at the time said into the microphone in the ear shot within the earshot of one of the policeman. They have used a cow prod on him this is an electrical problem with the sergeants a lot of demonic energy and it is quite an effective weapon. The police have heard that told the sheriff the sheriff wheeled immediately and said confiscate that machinery and they confiscated not only the machinery but our reporter Ted Mack as well. I was ordered out of the area and I was forcibly ordered out by two policemen who saw it right close behind me with dogs. I felt like running
having been told already by a policeman that the Communist Party really must be paying you boys an awful lot. It was a little rough getting out some of the bystanders roughed me up those I headed for telephone to make that very first report thank you very much. It's about a half an hour later I don't know where Ted Mack it is or what has happened there and I knew I was not welcome. I know I have not. And while I'm here and I'm waiting to see what the outcome will be. You have Kami St. Augustine far. Mrs. Peabody said she had no intention of going to jail but that's where she is in St. Augustine Florida. Before she left Boston for that southern city she said if one has Christian convictions and believes in the worth of every individual one feels deeply because of the indignities suffered by Negroes. So as a member of the Christian Church and
especially of the Episcopal society for cultural and racial unity I am glad of this opportunity to give my witness against injustice and discrimination be it well understood that the North is far from guiltless in these matters. The image of the United States suffers in the world at large because of our treatment of our Negro citizens. So as an American I am most anxious that the image be changed. The words of Mrs. Melcombe Peabody as she spoke before traveling to St. Augustine Florida. This is Peabody arrived in St. Augustine late Sunday night March 29 the following afternoon. The mother of the Massachusetts governor attempted to enter the Monson motor lodge restaurant with an integrated group of friends for this story. Again if Conley were out front of the Monson restaurant part of the mon Somoza lodge here on Bay Street and St. Augustine Florida just moments ago from my folks wagon boss a group
of mixed Negro and white adults. Approached the steps of the Monson model are. Included among the people there. Bill England William England who is the chaplain at Boston University and coordinator of the New England group. Mr. Burgess the wife of the first Negro bishop of the United States and the man who began avi's and demonstrations by calling on the New England group Dr. Robert B hailing a dentist from St. Augustine walking across the street down here on the base model our manager is talking with MS. This is PayPal. I have nothing to do with the color of your skin or mine that any of these other people and I think the line I should use it on here. Yes Mike I know you are trying to like you in spite of it I as I am making a right. That's right that's right.
But you cannot legislate this thing out. It has to come from the heart. Where is your heart. Got to open it. The same situation is happening here that happens along the borders. Thanks to California and other places with the heat down in those areas if Mexicans and other areas of the West to see Indians what we we have not any other colored people as colored you know that. Oh I think you know what why don't you. If you think I have very dear friends you're colored people. Yeah but you do not have it or you wouldn't you let them in they are an establishment Well that's private property here. Yeah we we've we've explained all that. If you recognize a problem might be less let it be settled by the courts. That's where it will be finally established and settled by the people. I hope it will be out there pub because the civil rights bill and then we will then you have something to help you do what you want to do I think you want to do this. I hope you do. Well good luck to you and God bless you. Thank you Candy. Yes ma'am.
Good to see you and God bless you when you go back to Massachusetts. I you know how long to the Baptist church. I rounded this footage and friends who are members of the church. We believe do believe in doing something about this so that people of this color. Can have as many rights and have justice. Which is what they don't have now. Well we get justice we get rights by our own air. There's not in that in that lesson always you have those who you accept and those that you do not accept regardless of color. It's it's a kind of yes again that's like saying Well I've been around. Yeah I get it from my friends. It was the same thing in other places I've been good today was not so and you don't take everybody into your home and into here are you except those with you all the others you turn away regardless of the good citizen that although it's a
public eating place and had that except heap of money here which are not that it's a people's money was to get his dough so it's a very sad situation I'm very sorry that we've run across it and I hope that you will change before too long. Because you know it behind you know your back but in the halls of the Congress you know that's not to be discussed and to be vetted there and live by the rules and the laws when they come. If you give me your name so my name is Brock James Ybor office and you're the manager of the restaurant general manager of the much Motor Lodge property and the restaurant and the modal logic class right. Thank you very much for the rest of the group is not leaving my restaurant after the events that you just heard the doors were locked. People are in the restaurant eating
and now. They are once again getting back into the Volkswagen bus. And going their way. A number of observers around here people stopping along the street. The vents in this right Sunny very very windy afternoon in St. Augustine Florida. That same afternoon Mrs. Melcombe Peabody and friends had a similar experience at the Ponce de Leon motor lodge. Hans plan a lot of them really want. Just about two and a half miles to the front of the you know. Or rather to the north. To your city. And this is the restaurant. Those who are arriving and like riding in the car have gone through the door.
At least. I heard I heard just a moment ago they are not serving. They have. Taken to tables here. At one. Five people. And at the other three. Are there as well over there. Go. Go. Go go go go go go go right. It was living out the old guys. Way. Thank you. Yeah I think that. Was the manager who came in who said that the restaurant was closed at this
time. It only served hotel guests. Mrs. Peabody volunteered to wait until the restaurant was open and then volunteered to. Become a guest of the hotel and the managers to see the rooms are all occupied at this time. People here eight of them at two different tables are now just sitting around with a. Doctor hanging is talking to Mrs. papering several news photographers here. And the waiting weekends. The. Party has decided to. Since the restaurant is not open to have a ginger ale in the bar and they're now moving out from
the dining room here at the hostel the motor lodge on Route 1 just north of St. Augustine. And moving into the adjacent bar. Very attractive and taking seats. Along the wall. Dr. Hayling would you tell me what the bartender said to you. The bartender said that the bar was only able to serve guests of the motel. And I asked if this was the standard policy and he said I would have to see the manager. And at this time we are waiting to see if additional persons will come in for service. Thank you sir. Help you change your mind about. The manager and announce that the bar is
closed. Yet again. That my script is pointed out to me it's a rather unusual time to close a bar 10 minutes of 5 which is generally what is known as cocktail hour. And that's the way Mrs. Melcombe Peabody spent the afternoon of March 30th in St. Augustine Florida. That evening the day before she was arrested Mrs. Peabody gave WGBH FM reporters Ted mascot and Conley this exclusive interview. I would like to know Mrs. Peabody your reaction to the city of St. Augustine in the short time that you have been here. It's a horrible feeling to feel that you are not wanted anywhere. And we get that everywhere we go. From the looks of people from the refusals that we get these different bunch counted. And well it is give me a different feeling about this part of USA.
It was pretty horrible to see Mrs Burgess taken off in a car sitting beside an enormous police dog. On the other side is Dr. Hayling. And in the front was an empty seat until they asked the porter do and take it. When the when Dr. Hayling decided to stay and be arrested and the rest of us left missing the sheriff's. I saw him say isn't this wonderful. Because he had Dr. Hayling then in his power. Mrs. B really did you get a chance to make any friends with in a very short time you've been here with members of the newsgroup community. How did you respond to them. Thank you. Well I've always hid when the whites came down to help the negroes when next wonderful feeling of acceptance I was. And
last night when we four ladies went into that packed meeting and got a wonderful hand clap and reception from those people there it was a wonderful feeling. Now we've been hoping of a sense that we are doing something to help them in this fight for civil rights. It's it's just like a war somebody said it just like a war. You're trying to lead as a planning strategy and they we and others negro Negroes and whites trying to carry out their orders and make some impression on these backward town you know. Oh I get treated all right. I should think that the negroes would be very much afraid. No I'm not afraid I just feel this fear all around me but so far I'm not afraid because I haven't been threatened. But yesterday we had a
little account from a Mrs. foreman who was a wife of the. Yale professor of divinity. She had been sent out to picket and she told us at the mass meeting last night that she was afraid when she saw ourselves surrounded by these men that she was sure with a Klansman. She was watching a parade and all they said to her was Don't spit get into the street or you will be taken up. And she had no intention of getting into the street she was watching the parade. She looked very much alone she looked for a policeman whom she had seen standing on the corner nearby. But he tactfully from his point of view had disappeared. So she was there left alone. However nothing was done to her just the threatening looks. And when she got back she decided that although she was afraid she was going to go out again and she went out again and she can't go
to fear. And she said now we've got no reason to be afraid of these people. This is Peabody. You can stay here for ever. Nor can any of the people here. Do you have plans for the future to continue your efforts in this field of civil rights. Well you see I have made new plans but I can see that something's got to go on. I am not quite sure what. And. We have to go on fighting. It's a it's a national problem and we've got to do better in the USA. The mother of the Massachusetts governor speaking with WGBH FM reporters Ted mascot and Conley on Monday March 30th in St. Augustine Florida. The following afternoon the 72 year old Mrs. Peabody was arrested by a police lieutenant as she sat with five Negro Women in the dining room of the Ponce de Leon motor lodge. Her bond was set at $450 a few hours after her arrest. Her
son governor and a good Peabody held a news conference at the State House in Boston. I was greatly concerned upon hearing today that my mother and several others were arrested. Just no one in St. Augustine Florida. I've been on the telephone to Florida as well as to my father and other members of my family and I'm happy to report that my mother is well and safe. She has been arrested because she remained in a public restaurant after she had sought service for herself and her friends and had been refused and asked to leave or attempting to obtain an attorney for for her. My brother Reverend George L. favorably to New York is flying to Florida tonight to be with her. My mother was arrested for attempting to obtain equal rights for all American citizens. Something which she feels deeply both in a religious and patriotic train. I can only
express admiration for her courage sincerity and determination. When the civil rights bill proposed by President Kennedy and supported by President Johnson becomes a law the action of the proprietor in refusing to serve my mother and her friends will be the violation of the law and not her peaceful acts in St. Augustine Florida. I've just been handed a picture which shows my mother. She leaves for the St. Johns County jail I think it's interesting to note that the authorities in Florida did not feel it necessary to segregate my mother the driver of the official car there appears to be color on or off. With your mother I have not had the opportunity to talk to my mother my father
in terms of the color and was not able to reach him but anticipate speaking to work before seven o'clock tonight. Have you actually get in contact with an attorney in Florida. I have been in contact with an attorney in Florida. Have you. Talked to the governor of Florida. No but the governor of Florida did call me and told me that my mother was safe and well in my practice. Any plans. No not at the present time my brothers going on the six o'clock train plane tonight what is your call to go to Florida. You know you're becoming I want to be Has your mother been active in the civil rights laws or is this the first century. I'd say our life and her life has been the expression of civil rights. Would you say this is true of all people the family. I would say so. Where is your mother right now because I believe that she's in the St. Johns County Jail.
I'm living my life on you for you but you can't really. We're concerned about everyone and the good Peabody governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts as he met with the press on the afternoon of March 30 first late the same afternoon we received this report from St. Augustine. And I am fine with me. Well Wagoner. Do you go out and make your day. Well you just get out of jail. That's right I've been in jail for three days with put in jail Saturday afternoon about three o'clock and I was released this morning at about 11:00 on to fail. Now I was charged a lot with the circumstances under which you were jailed. I and five other young men and women four of us white two of us
negro went to the McCartneys pharmacy here in the middle of town and we entered the back lunchroom and sat down at a table and asked for lunch this was all about 2:30 the manager came up to us and told us that he chose not to serve us and we please leave and we had decided previously that we were not going to leave and we would stay there until we were served lunch or were arrested at that point he called the the police and after about 10 minutes a lieutenant in plain clothes showed up along with an officer in uniform. There were no dogs or progressives involved. Begin to leave. Again we allow the refuse they place all six of us under arrest and took a sod to the county jail into five cars. How can you tell us what happened that where you booked banned now we were put in the cells we were segregated according to race and we were left in the cells for a number of hours without any communication whatsoever without access
to the phone without access to a lawyer without without any officers interviewing us nothing at all. We had no idea why we were being held. We had no charges placed on it at that time. Why when do the charges finally were when they finally amount the first time I was fully aware of the charges with the next afternoon when they took us down to the sheriff's office for the second time they had taken it down that morning and then released us without any action at all. Back to the jail and it ended about 4:30 on Sunday afternoon on the rather Monday afternoon 4:30 on Monday afternoon we were arraigned before the before the local judge who charged him with two counts of trespassing and a count of conspiracy. The bond was placed at $200 and $250 for each count. Now while you were there for some time I understand that you are correct that
everyone there fasted. Yes here it is correct we thought wrong. That just by being in jail we were not out of this struggle we were not finished with our protests and sell the everyone as far as I know in the jail continued to fast and is now continuing to pass into going into the fourth day. Until I was released today I said one thing which Since then we decided that that we are fasting in protest of the what we consider illegal incarceration and the situation in the jail. The situation in town is much worse and we're fasting in protest on both these counts. Well you were one of a number of people who were there you were among the first wave of people to be put in jail but subsequently there have been a lot more with you. Tell us about the circumstances in the jail how conditions are there and what the feelings of the people who turned
out to be yourself for. Yes first of all I didn't say that the morale of the prisoners out of the boys and girls young men and women who've been in jail with the civil rights demonstrations is a very high thing goes on day and night and the affair continues high even though people are growing week with the fasting. Have you heard anything about the other prisoners of course who are segregated according to race in Europe segregated according to the facts. The other three groups get the only chance I had to talk with those people was when we were in the sheriff's office being arraigned. I had a number of conversations with the negro boys and girls. The negro had a period been treated much worse and we of several of them had been put in what they call out there the tank which is the circular room several feet in diameter not enough room to lie down and in this room they have two hoses going to it that the police described it to me. Two holes in one warm and one
cold water as the policeman said to either warm up or cool off and several of our young men had spent the night in there. A couple had spent two nights in there including one student from Yale Divinity School and the girl. Now this lead me to believe from the evidence I was able to gather my conversation with the Negro students were being treated much worse and we. Dan Crocker herion and Augustine Florida with wild Wagoner from Princeton New Jersey join her no haven that has just been released from the county jail. County Florida comedy night aka Dateline St. Augustine on the spot coverage of the struggle for civil rights in America's oldest city. Dateline St. Augustine is a special events presentation of WGBH FM and is produced by ATF Connelly and Ted mascot in St. Augustine and coordinated in Boston by an
Dateline St. Augustine
Part 8: A Day of Arrests
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This is the eighth in a series of news broadcasts covering the struggle for civil rights in St. Augustine, Florida, during March and April 1964. T. F. Conley reports on an arrest earlier that day of his colleague Ted Mascott during a mass demonstration by high school students. An actuality recording is played of encounters the previous day at two motel dining rooms that refused service to an interracial group, which included Mary Peabody, the mother of the governor of Massachusetts, and Dr. Robert Hayling, a local dentist and leader of the movement in St. Augustine. Mrs. Peabody speaks with Mascott and Conley in an exclusive interview. The next day, Governor Endicott Peabody of Massachusetts answers questions at a press conference held after his mother is arrested. A Yale student is interviewed just after he was released from jail following an arrest after he refused to leave a pharmacy lunchroom where he and an interracial group were denied service. Mrs. Peabody's arrest drew international attention to the protests in St. Augustine. For information on the arrest of Mrs. Peabody, see Taylor Branch, Pillar of Fire: America in the King Years, 1963-65 (New York: Simon & Schuster, 1998), 277-83.
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