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well mainly the national educational television them were at five pm this afternoon in the east room of the white house president johnson signed the civil rights bill of nineteen sixty eight and at the public television network presents a special programme civil rights what's next from washington here is an ep correspondent paul minn one week ago tonight martin luther king jr was assassinated envoy yesterday the house rules committee reported out a senate passed civil rights bill and which had been serving for several weeks yesterday the four hours as the measure today the president signed more about the signing and the substance of that measure in a moment what it would have been passed by this rather conservative congress had it not been for the death of that thinking and the thirty odd others who died in the ensuing riots and never be true
navigate all civil rights leaders and most criminologists agree that there will be a great deal more violent celebrating violence unless the congress there's a great deal more than a leadership to a political freedom for the negro want to improve the quality of his life a common modest estimate is an additional ten million dollars a year then amid all this with a sociologist whose been studying the problem for forty years says is simply trying to use on the other hand the president congress is less disposed toward social innovation and its predecessor and his successor may be less sympathetic and any president whatever his personal assessment is unlikely to ask congress for a great deal more than they can expect to get and the people as a whole may be less sympathetic to the urban negro and the congress's all many a white american as willing to have a negro in the next morning move but not in the next challenge to discuss the events of the past week in projecting into the future we've got together
three well known civil rights leaders member of congress and herb analogies and the conservative journalist but first an excerpt from president johnson's remarks as he signed the civil rights bill today and called for additional legislation hollywood appeal to my fellow americans by saying the only real road to progress for pre pre people is through the process a wall and that and that is the role that america will travel so ayers the congress to enact the measures for social justice that i have recommended and some twenty messages these messages went to the congress in january and february of this year they broke oppression now being completed and delivered and rare than it
these measures more than seventy eight million dollars that i have urged the congress to enact for major domestic program for all america and the fiscal nineteen sixty nine but not the details of the bills signed a day and only other measures mr danson as proposed from lille pierce of congressional quarterly mayor john lindsay in new york himself a veteran of seven years in the us house said this week that congress is a creature of pressure as paul newman has said we'll never know what congress might have done this past week if it hadn't been for the tragic assassination of dr king would look at the record on friday the day after the assassin's bullet fell dr king the senate judiciary committee approve the gun control amendment to the administration's anti crime bill that was the first time in thirty years that a committee of congress approved any type of
firearms legislation on tuesday the day of dr king's funeral the house rules committee reported out the open housing bill just yesterday the house passed that bill as we've seen today was passed into law and yesterday to the senate refused to go along with a conference report on a funding bill because the measure had been stripped of seventy five million dollars for summer jobs for the poor and twenty five million dollars for operation headstart now the bill goes back to conferences were some or all of the funds may be restored let's stop a moment and take a look though at just what is in the historic civil rights act of nineteen sixty eight but president johnson signed the day the bill was three major features first civil rights protections there we step federal penalties for anyone convicted of intimidating or injuring civil works civil rights workers or negros exercising their rights and feels like schooling boating union membership or the use of public accommodations second riot control the bill tries to control riots by making it a federal crime to
travel across state lines or use radio or telephone cross state lines to incite a riot or to make or sell firearms or explosives to use in a riot third open housing the bill contains the first comprehensive federal open housing law of our century provisions which eventually they opened millions of housing opportunities for negroes now confined in urban ghettos operating in a three stage schedule opening open housing is guaranteed right now for most dwellings owned or operated by the federal government or built with federal assistance next january extending the war multi unit housing and real estate developments and in january nineteen seventy for all single family housing unless the owner sells without a real estate agent or in small owner occupied boarding houses just a few months ago virtually no one thought it possible that this congress in this year could pass this type of legislation but the experience of the past years has shown that the civil rights
laws alone are because by their very nature they have to focus on prohibitions against certain kinds of behavior have a limited effect and really going in and helping some of the people that need the help the most impoverished open an unemployed or underemployed negroes and are decaying center cities what in the end johnson administration really thought of doing for these people this year what there'd been some proposals before dr king's assassination the president said this evening most importantly he that are two point two billion dollars for the poverty program he wanted one billion dollars for his model pioneers of the program this coming year another one point four billion was a b for urban renewal for federal aid to school children in poverty areas there was to be one point two billion for welfare the total request was six point eight billion and there would be an expansive ten billion dollar housing program for the nation's housing needs but that spending was to
be extended over a full decade about a third of a billion was asked for for jobs for the hardcore unemployment however the staggering costs of the vietnam war and the severe budget squeeze the federal budget squeeze which the country now faces made it unlikely that congress would go all the way with these proposals indeed had the cutbacks were you what is that likely to happen now we expect that the president may in large some of his earlier requests most significantly perhaps unemployment field where the administration hadn't asked for very much yet but president johnson is and will be restricted in moving too far the nation now faces a twenty billion dollar deficit and its budget for this fiscal year and one justice lies inside for next year unless the administration's proposal for a tax surcharge is passed even then without surcharge in effect there would be a doll a billion dollar deficit for next year will the dangers of that the devil says poe's for our balance of payment
problems and also in terms of inflation here at home right now most of every federal dollar is going to wars thirty nine fans paying off the debts of past wars as well as regular current defense expenditures plus seventeen cents of every dollar for the war in vietnam are two billion dollar a month headache even if he's moved to vote quite rapidly in vietnam this figure can't be reduced much right away another thirty six cents of every federal dollar goes for what we might call fixed costs of government farm programs social security payments and the like and that leaves only eleven sense of the federal dollar they spend for major social welfare programs and education clearly that eleven cents can't and won't be increased significantly and less ways can be found to cut down on the greatest expanse we now face as a nation the cost of national defense and vietnam
so much for the facts of the situation in the city is the congress the white house and the treasury department now for some opinions our guests are in new york city and james forman director of international affairs and former executive secretary of the student non violent only nonviolent coordinating committee or slick was a women's national director of political education of the southern christian leadership conference floyd mckissick executive director of the congress of racial equality or court and here in washington john field director of community relations service of the us conference of mayors james yeah go after a nationally syndicated columnist and former editor of the richmond virginia news leader and congressman charles mathias jr republican congressman from maryland and candidate for the united states senate for the romance our guests in new york city what do you think of the bill passed today signed today i don't think he will
the only play wealthy wow like to know how kimala benefit by the passage of this bill fenlon is viola some housing of our day i got yeah i got some money to some open house the cbo will benefit possible a ten percent of the black people in this country who seek really integrated housing and for that portion of the bees of these people that would benefit the hidden forces are hitting gender part in this bill isn't just like swapping mr shimek when you look and ceo of the word wrought is defining it was state commerce and what you know and as actually a lot of sadness and new codes constitutional rights the freedom of speech and many human animals and
we owe that we're concerned with this not given black people on your citizenship you talk about development at all of the paradigm works in a parody as i am in a plot that duke ellington on the spot with a black man walks of citizenship you don't want citizenship in degrees and the congress you're not you haven't really affected the pot and eugene fama lot of bills and built called civil rights because we've just got a moment which owners believe we got a lot of a hidden underneath it and i think i'll stop the bus terminal there is a third section of the bill to protect civil rights workers that the farmers when we'd been civil rights workers a little difficult situation without you think that provision the usual you know i don't think that the values allow think a very useful you we've made tremendous allow laws passed by the congress for and they have not
been implemented there are still areas of the deep south with a no federal registrars but one point is that this deal moves this country more and more on the vote for hitler's germany recalls everything that hitler did was legal president johnson wishes us to live under law legislature and the only way that dr fascism germany will prosecute them unknown birds trials and those procedures but yet when people will also warned vietnam appealed to the known very provisions and of course that's in violation because that's not in accordance with the moon along the united states and back when the congress is done in his bill is to make it possible for the state and for the city police and for the federal government to put black people and in concentration camps because they've planned a riot as listeners of three m or persons and the attorney general ramsey clark has already said that the insight into the idea which was first a dc has put many black people in the city of dc in jail already some four thousand i don't know how
many under that visions and what they're trying to do is to use military solutions for this an awkward political problems in this country and so that what we have any future at the debates in the history of his real reason that it was press we came out is just an open housing beale about all of these amendments the civil disorder section which your announcer didn't mention there was another section about civil disorders in the sectional riots a southern congressman fact is that of louisiana jumped on this whole situation and said ok you know i have open housing that we don't give stokely carmichael we'll get that route we've gotten fatter now these two men the scapegoat for all of the evils of this particular kudzu they're not the scapegoats wrapped around his illegally can plan now in virginia a hundred and twenty five cds they'll after the assassination of dr king rub route was in jail held illegally back in the state of maryland and i wish this plan as one would speak to the fact why is it that the cable's report dealing wooden railing was suppression of the president's commission on civil disorders which clearly vindicated rap rap which clearly stated
that the riots all robin values in the city of all right those that that lappe situation and gave it was called by a white sheriff who shot rep raul is he was turning a corner that in the suppression pool of the american electorate on the issue of what does the knowledge that is this now because we understand that like fascism is the key problem in this country and it's not a housing bill and when the president was making a duet because of the bite fascism which is impaired in the congress and in the presidents health we begin to deal with that problem then we can talk about some kind of human rights real when it sixty were injured your market recovery were negative i'm ready in dealing with fields of this country it's probably i give it an elephant who is suffering from malnutrition opinion
are the congress ms younes actually is more interesting videos and the duma this country are fooling it's interesting and has done something for the problem which didn't file employees are called distributed bottom line like well what you'll find i think personally it since it's since they have been getting that clutches about again be annoyed about that would be a lot of players are not bucking been a fascinating avenue went into service and announce second time but i hope this culture will to congress and not the colors than that people should be tired of murders murdering people unjustly and then taken that fame atrocity and give it back to them in a different province in meteorites and this is our members to make it right you know i don't have it is to immigration
has captured the results they get the cell phone as you write that all the clashes of that like people get it you're just going out of their way because that's a huge effect he gave us some for a deal will likely just feels even and robbery and i have not been a lot of the letters oh yes it's very unique you a lot of you know here with a back again was that voice that when he was four against this bill and when he replied yesterday we discussed at that time and it says dr king's concerns for the soul of the first musical has chosen this ability that aspirin folk outfit
about nothing is it's too late the deal was obsolete before the little bottles that people have the concern now basically is a basic needs to run on a white neighbor were obviously the barriers to our neighborhoods and even beauty major problem back in a moment we do every get here we've not heard from the prize may have to share with you like a reply to the specific question though the myth of woman and also how you react to these criticisms of the bill is one word for yesterday let me respond to that first of all i find that is a certain element of encouragement here because i think they're beginning to focus in on the same problems and this is a very desirable thing in other words i think what comes through from the comments that we've
heard from new york is that housing is the problem and not just open house now this is is a specific thing that we can all get hold of it's true the president has proposed a ten year program of housing the sad thing is that in the fiscal year and sixty nine budget the proposal is only for one point one billion which compares unfavorably with the current budget which is two point nine billion billion for housing now this is i think the kind of thing that we can so all of those work together on and there's no disagreement though certainly not with me on this this is the kind of thing that we can build on and move forward on now there is a problem of money and that we kick each other about that i i personally hope we get there one vietnam over well and we can begin to use the strength of the economy to deal with this housing problem the growth of the economy over in the extended cut ten billion dollars in the current year ago would of course be a tremendous left for the city's problems
years of this nation we go over in the report is that you don't you talk about the threat that has proposed it applying for house which is totally inadequate even if it was worried that you're going to flat out of money do planes elevate it should have been you know on the grounds of the gospel was six eleven million dollars you can find money to fight that war in vietnam and the people express them sailed explicitly that they feared an unjust war it's a civil war if you can find money to put metal among if you can find money to brian yes you the rabbit howard my god when you're here to speak what does joe torre won't let mr addition to get in short mr medley other guest did not answer
the question about mr brown the city would actually right after that some point did he speak to the question rob rouse a two hour drive no know why was it that section was eliminated from the president's commission on civil disorders why was that section then digitally mapped out vindicated an all round rounds action in cambridge and show that he was not a criminal but in fact was the white sheer than one dramatic question before the program proceeds let me say that i was not a member of the president's commission on riots if i had been i could answer that not having been a member i can't answer it of a better way to express their viewpoint and i'd like to address myself i'm a generally to the bill will know when the act that the president signed this afternoon is entitled an act of prescribed penalties for certain acts of violent or intimidation and for other purposes that misleading and inadequate title is a fair beginning to a very misleading and i think an adequate meal i never thought i would agree
with one because it said he didn't think very much of this bill i found myself an absolute agreement with him so when mr foreman suggested that the bill has all for carrion aspects i certainly agree with him also for very different reasons and one has to him said that it was thinking of sort of role of one under federal fund i was interviewing with him also as i say for different reasons the bill has i think as a conservative it's good as that i know very little about the american indian but this section of the bill that deals with prostitution works for american indians i think is probably constructive that section of the bill that deals with riots contrary to what was suggested earlier seemed to be fairly clear a related question would you say you are limited eventually i feel like senator mondale being filibustered show fargo among women than ever leave one or
two were cited ford rebuild legitimate physical the usual not object to that the actor finds a ride as a public disturbance by one or more person's part of an assemblage of three m or persons who's acts constituting clear or present danger of or show rizzoli and damage or injury to the property of any other person or through the person of any other individual that is certainly by no stretch of the imagination an encroachment on free speech and factory bill specifically except the advocacy of ideas and expressions believes from its definition of all right leave other part of the bill that would reference was made a moment ago dealing with civil disorders makes it unlawful for any person to teach or demonstrate to any other personally use application or making any firearm or explosive or incendiary device or technique capable of causing injury or death the person's actually don't see how much objection to be taken that message my own injection mcnevin is in the body of the bill the main feature the
title a fair housing part of the bill the congress has now undertaken in my own opinion to enact the most sweeping encroachment upon rights of private property that it ever has undertaken to do and it has done this without the usual committee consideration which is vital to an orderly legislative process it has done is in my own view it in violation of those constitutional provisions on which the actors and to really his base that is to say the commerce clause of the fourteenth amendment so i think it is a bad bill i'm sorry was asked for quite different reason from those events so far i would oppose is no just as much as the government in new york your title at the us conference of mayors is the director of community relations that we have a bill which now about the us representatives in the end parisian unusual circumstances and all three of our guests in your court agreed that it is certainly not an advance in some respect perhaps about progression
what future do you see for community relations in this country given this a total impasse well we've heard that the bill is too little and after kilpatrick think that some of this too much but i think quite clearly or bollywood actor greets to like oh we i'm the only needed to clarification on public policy for a long time but the context in which we are now discussing this measure is one that has had three long hot summers very recent distressing and disastrous events and if we don't fully understand in this country that it is too late not to address ourselves to the question of national priorities and to rearrange them significantly on a scale equal to the need and we cannot expect a continuation of the kind of frustration and the kind of fears that they will in turn generate in all the committees of this country and this is an urban nation that we have not
recognized that the urban condition is sick or i don't like to say some of that may have been funneled back like to say that we must reads this conclusion that the government has in the richest nation on the face of the earth money is not going to solve this problem than white people with all the money in the world eggless solve the problem as far i'm concerned as one black guns are we going to solve our problem and why people cannot tell us what's wrong with us we know we know what we want and we saw that when you start talking about opinion programs for housing for black people you just off base you want to talk about what the relevant today when we're talking about your money get to an annual developer programs was given what we know oh well we've gotten about and what we really got to understand we've been talking about of all along we talk about so many of the
people and we set up like people come into a community trying to tell us what do and how to do it and we've reached a point where we don't like about it is like monaco tell us what to do and i don't think white people really get a message ago they don't have the capacity to listen we've been going right now and we'll send a powell must be in the hands of black people to make up their homelands are no decisions and all the world and at all three of us kind of what kind of power to make you take any kind of move through existing control of our own community is a book about the trial about communities of talk about the role of talk about the draw of westborough massachusetts a book about control of the district of columbia adopted about control of the areas where we constitute where we constantly paolo that you make in the shifting political procedures we would hope that that's how did jessica it could be if the white men were not so it's always says it is not a even if you'd best leave well i don't
know how to go to be a few hours ago the movement what about white men within the black community that work in an affair for dinner tonight i would like right now is that when i will love like the federal that federal got there the federal truthful that's the moment we talk about white racism and white fascism which is being nominated have been loaded in the black community by the police the stolen gun that made one in detroit which has been outlawed by international law so that mothers fell and that didn't want their and also north and also in the job i mean i'm in philadelphia we're talking about the kind of police action we know is being directed toward the black community is as purely racism and fascism which is developing an iranian or not been quiet and you know you don't know that name you got a friend it takes the troops that come in from vietnam after they have no business a lot of sentiment to the black community that law about people
is as a man and what passes and we have to understand that that's the key problem the police you got communities that law may be outed in oakland california where young man was shot now called it his name was bobby bowden twenty two years old but to leave as he walked out of the borders and that sand awesome and i haven't done anything but please allow build three hundred canisters of tear gas fifty millimeters shotguns had been blown away the minister of information for blackout the plot itself isn't without limits to foreign affairs probably say that is inoperable and in a hospital and as for all is being validated we have to understand that the problem is racism and fascism which is being perpetuated in this country about a please allow these federal troops which johnson calls the awe a lot of the white elected less precise it was that he wanted to widen that make a volunteer to get here that when people riot and luke and commit arson that the policemen and firemen and federer from should take no action whenever i am not suggesting that i am saying that the united states of
america is so sick and infested with racism and we call this a sad thing that he cannot save itself because of racism is like a cancer which is right before doomsday before the person that that was that thing that here in this area just is that we talked a moment ago about how the housing is a problem for whites and blacks alike and then our housing the housing is inadequate it's very inadequate for blacks it's very untraditional are many ways and i want to raise your router house let me just show you on the air in this question of local local community controlled know this is an area we do happy to be here one where another there are many communities at all like they're many all black there are many mexican want more local control they all have more local control and i'm glad to say that the congress is beginning and i've been urging this for years and congress is beginning to realize that nobody is going to get
anywhere in the urban centers of america unless there is local initiative local responsibility local action and local control i think this is one of the major steps one of the archers that we have made in the last couple of years a lot of factors and there's no color line in there everybody and you got hardly known as they argued its two new wife will go to ann arbor and you do how far the usual hugo is that as white folks the house and like forty thousand and the lack of christian legal evidence that an eagle him honestly it's not about local control and understand all the double entendre we're talkin bout we want to but in those two rewarded that's what actually write we wanted action on that george washington obviously the
family and not be able to meet women in a narrow window we will punch almost too and you can show black people and keep them in slavery not enjoy and asked who is going to like and you did not responsive to the right people in that we knew that it was like one medication downtown that control and i think that we are going through an indiana with his visit while black people and that the only able to enable look at white for all of what we talk about we haven't been away but yes don't you market how you label it really is we are the police
you can take their families and put it in the black community and cops beating you when a prison so as all hell are you going to get it out of my community and as i'm asking you to fly we lost power michael white neighborhood thank you i thought it was really good with a black people responding to all of the black people of the salespeople at this arkansas taken out of storage this nation is our second is that we're not a victim of energy we go to pray to the god i think about that part of the things they just oh
you kids would get you take years with this video that you've got to have that has the tale that has to get the idea what on dave's way what happened is a y may not even have them know that i was going to mow because you know the white men have completely i'm a well we'd like people i'm also not that knows it was better that it might be used to respond are we going to use of non violence after you to do just asking you to implement that law to try to put on the book i was like light weapons and alabama and it's about a black man
at a benefit but when a black people will be hearing a little bit about you we've heard so much to try to respond to in a few minutes early but i haven't heard from what segregation of all religions really really roberts board of education and terrific for obama recruited online is this net under the ones who were saying you want black power within your community and you see it you want black power within your identities and that was fine when i you want no part i didn't have any white capital to help forced other stores build buildings now that the part of why capital no part of off white advisor says it's nothing well i think it i think it was fine you also want to teach your own schools
and decide what is to be taught in your schools hard but i wonder at a farm if this isnt quite a reversal of the position that you had to be thinking about other white school board it used to be a terrible objection to southern white school board deciding what would be taught to white children which is precisely the power and the authority that they're asking for those who vote i'm like well what the teacher asked who we would like for the teaching american history is that we live in that you know we're asking why don't you tell us what that even asking a good example i still want to do when they want to have a map of a program and a white school board to balance now saying no black children couldn't have a mouth of a program merlin ferguson was kicked out because of other stood up and was talking about birds you made just one run down one point do you gentlemen in washington very clearly and make no mistake about it not one of us and the nationalists i believe that i'm as
good as anybody i believe that i don't have to live next door to a white man and i believe the economic way you don't normally have mixed leave you can be lowering your mail is to give me the right to try to run live next door to some white man i don't make me one way of i believe that if you don't want me in the society good cook also how did you weren't you know the violinist assad inside the attorney general of the united states said that their sunday round the clock that there were no concentration camps in those united states i'm a lawyer and i slammed right here not that the attorney general like to look at those doubled the us and how legislative we just
knew right now not a lot you got it whether the growing number of negro male your school board mayors members in the well counseling is not a step at least the direction which are advocating it's just the shots and often the people the white people and then just business that lasted the citizenship where you give it to somebody when i drop or there was a the white man can remember direction and he doesn't know how to solve a problem you got
it here get along with john cale i want to take us in a slightly different direction i wanted probably take us back to the well is under the confusion even wealthy you are part of me that didn't have any member to show up near the two of you got the sound a new york lawmaker feel good one well the peak this week we mourn
and when they get more hardened sweats ready to actually say this is that you have a father and apple the menu board i don't interrupt anybody call it is one of the drivers say we couldn't add some other items to the agenda for this discussion and make it a discussion i don't i don't mind going through the bridge to my little projects when i i would like to try to get a couple items to a discussion like my feeling is and it says it may be different anybody else's maybe the same it has to do with racism i think it's quite clear that the reason our priorities are as they are is because we have not really addressed ourselves in the degree that we should do the kind of needs that we have in this nation the disparities in the style of the quality of life of people in this country because of their origin of the race are really fantastic and they always have been and what a great start of this country's trying to go through all these years of trying to keep closing these disparities always
late for every every last group that came in here were integrated in the middle of a great divide at this point in the race issue in this country is taken as a hundred years to get to that divide no the puerto ricans puerto ricans are a little later ice for the mexican americans than the software three are still alive and that they're gonna have disparities to the key questions i think all of us would agree to resolve themselves around public policy that is the question whether we're going to use white money or black money it's a question whether we're going to use that public money which we have for every other grouping of the disadvantaged and tonight people in this country almost all the canaries of this country had been developed out of the public good of the public largesse the tax policies the investment policies are government policy there not with the rockefeller policies biggest land around was the one that congress to i'm sure you've you more aware that the night with a key question is our guide about some public policies that would help us reconstruct the city's close the disparity between the chronic condition of housing that negroes live in as against the larger white community which is that
if a congressman glasses and well aware that israel has as a rest of us with a key question is everybody has the public dollars on a scale about time scale that equal to the problem our show is racist is racist because where we're dealing differently between what we're doing generally what we ought to be doing to close this gap and i think this is the kind of what perspective that we can bring into this problem we're gonna make some progress on it is to light that i believe in redemption and i do think that we ought to redeem some of this time we lost the fires were when it's well i always knew i think they i think the congress is gonna those are much better in this area than has been a fear i think there is a tremendous get to be closed on my i agree completely and i think we're not our dressers else's problem under that as i say i sited the housing thing as an example of where we're behind issuer from where
early autumn day behind even the current year ago a majority of your constituents and maryland favorite in the village and work for yesterday while i would hope that through a majority of them will accept that though i i think so and you keep wondering what's going to happen in the streets it's the radio and listen to what the impressions and when women presence a decade and the song says if it means that we don't believe this week as we don't know it and you don't hear anyone listen does knowledge about it and trying to say something and that lets everything constructed around a volatile not the product idea that you're not tied nelson the problem and how to solve a problem many people saw the size and really john stapleton the gap
racial generation ago calls an indefinite hold a note down with the wherewithal to do it gemma gemma gemma see that nobody in washington has addressed them sales to the question of the racism with his pants and the police that robin and in the federal gotten international got nobody is willing to say the rembrandt to be out of jail when the president's commission clearly reports that nobody's when as they felt like carmichael is not public enemy number one he's not responsible for what's happening in this country in terms of the uprising as i know silver platter that beep rap conditions nobody is willing to say that the police should be the model rather these countries know i mean you've got stolen guns and tanks and so forth and that kind of repression which they're bringing down into like being retaliated against you
your idea little bit with our guns were wobbly drug police department you must be leaving the most white newspaper you're reading the white folks and only used all the guns out there now or not doesn't look that that's not to say we don't have plenty of frozen image in the delivery in a bit with police department we have plenty of problems with the worst of them are going to do anybody any good to your body here's bill's dear black people when they can shoot through janet is a steel blast in the end in other words a black man could be in his house is filled with that tension about belle jolie we don't have that in this country we all on television they're talking about the spill announcement in the jar please a bad back we are
we talk about what you're going to do because if we talk about it i'm against it we are this is the evidence of failure of communication you which is grab somebody no problem i understand it is a really that it didn't like people take over their school board initially council will be able to do their job and joe what is the obstacle they're taking over racism white racism problem the inability to visit that might be a lot like people saw their own problems you can shell out on monday unlike willkie arms in think that we have fought for our support not that you mention the sort of political it may you may you may want to know you know you
lose weight do you worry about you know you've got to do what you want to rock you and also that rubble given an answer your question about how we can control with apple owning up to get an estimate we reject that that's not quite what it was that dominated by the right and also not only that when it was not only four days i had a baby like near and women were part of a fixer fact already has controlled the blacks do
it possible that that job is one of those white folk up to and not one or black pants with a sudden this event that direction that a black man that can hit with the brain that would not put back and actually the black lodge at my jewish with a jewish just depression and aggression you have to understand you're the greatest you're right what it literally means even the box the textbooks that the texas not textbooks a lot about white race and unintelligible and that only relationship like we are but there
are some dedicated ability to gauge what we would like to do we would like for the parent that's still with you do you think we got it we are getting comments your comment on racism generally referred to voice it seems to me that every season as defined as the spring are willfully of hatred of another race but the most rabid gracious in the united states in the past few months or several years about them white segregationist crackers at all they have on the contrary the negro leaders such as missed them because it touches wraparound from michael ms abbas foreign mission and it will give you a definition of racism or a definition of reasonable given the definition of racism
definition of racism in the american context is when some leaves in a multi united states and since its ships that in africa because they have the period that holler and you able to enslave us who love them as a period of dollars not anything which is unfair because of fifteen thousand years back people is her managing that we have a white interviewed in terms of like western civilization would have been on the up in the dallas about rita for me as a new term is up it's just the question that is sixty and allow it to heal and matthew he'll wrap around as matthew he was built without like a lady of the leader the point is that black people all around his world in south africa and mozambique in zimbabwe in vietnam and chat and so for a bass turned into exploitation that the white western civilization has been putting out alerts about the refinery for them for me i work in the commission you got it i would like to say you know we
met right right i don't know what they want all right mcmahon this gold we get that question of why college radio in the question is it your view that in a geographical area of political and the word negroes are in the majority they can gain the major political offices and then do what needs to be done by
themselves i think that black people when one morning alerting every year ok let's stop and that was the unit the fact in the eyes of black people in this country our nation black people in this country of o'neal subjects within the united states we have a right to form a nation on this particular territory and we can have taken the leisure you have a whole series of islands of all of the questionable about that now we have a right to say for self determination as any oppressed people anywhere around the world in weakened form our nation and we will form a nation like within the context of this particular country and isn't that says the control of
our communities have to be that we must be prepared to defend most new deal with our lives we must be prepared to travel to foreign occupation army such as the white house and that's what happened not know but that's why you live in jail in as well but was murdered by the police out there because the black man what is that there's still black people that is fair for us to start lending that oh the violas let's not to talk about all the hundreds of thousand have been killed in this country not to talk about the fifteen million black people didn't feel so sixteen it every white person in this country is horrified when we talk about six million jews cuba we don't talk about the fifty to a hundred million black people that've been keil says we had been ruptured and taken away from africa and this generation understand that historical context we understand what white racism or racism goes no black people or racism and what racism is and all of it is why it is a product of white
well you bet paula needed the thing renee here advocating a nation needed a linking of negro community and the black community wanted to stop you achieving black power in community care in my life that's the theory of all you have federal law says federal troops at this particular moment that you got superior firepower which you don't have the period matches and that's what is going to build right up above that use of macs what we are reading here i knew it is monday and make it a very make it very very difficult to resolve the problems in this country now you either got to decide maybe you owed on your death toll on up their mannequins are now at you guys decide what's right now your body builders or whether you're going to be destroyed and that's that's a decision
that we always have been my lifeline really allows local knowledge <unk> like people can't control the community within the job number one entity that became was going program that will allow us to punch a woman about that maybe you want to give a mexican americans to work together in tmz put together i'll why don't you work together especially at the table at the mathematics that time our time is up our time is up i'm for the lesson of this art is strongly that to expose russian problems the united states in nineteen sixty eight it to exacerbate them rather than help solve ms
bell ms bee national educational television
Civil Rights: What Next?
Producing Organization
National Educational Television and Radio Center
Contributing Organization
WGBH (Boston, Massachusetts)
Library of Congress (Washington, District of Columbia)
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This hour-long interconnected public affairs special emanated live from New York City and Washington, D.C., on Thursday, April 11, 1968 at 9 p.m. EST. It studied the meaning of the newly passed Civil Rights Bill in the aftermath of national mourning for Dr. Martin Luther King. Paul Niven was the moderator. Guest on the panel in New York were James Forman, director of international affairs for the Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee (SNCC); Hosea Williams, national director of political education for the Southern Christian Leadership Conference; and Floyd McKissick, executive director of the Congress of Racial Equality (Core). In Washington were John Field, director of community relations of the U.S. Conference of Mayors; James J. Kilpatrick, nationally syndicated columnist and former editor of the Richmond, Va. News leader; and Congressman Charles Mathias, Jr. (R-MD). Presenting details of the bill was Neal Pearce of the Congressional Quarterly. (Description adapted from documents in the NET Microfiche)
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Talk Show
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Race and Ethnicity
Public Affairs
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Moderator: Niven, Paul
Panelist: Williams, Hosea
Panelist: Forman, James
Panelist: Field, John
Panelist: Kilpatrick, James J.
Panelist: McKissick, Floyd
Panelist: Mathias, Charles, Jr.
Producing Organization: National Educational Television and Radio Center
Reporter: Pearce, Neal
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