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Good evening. The reason you saw a bit of funky film that to start off the show it was sort of a parody of a new show business I'm sick and tired of ordinary new shows and this one is my thing. I have with me. What are you doing you're going to get in and chat. David David you know I'm here because the management frankly has been disturbed with the direction that some of your show's been taking and there's a new ruling that someone over 30 has to be present on the set. That's. OK well we can manage this week something happened Eartha Kitt made a big statement in the White House it's funny how people who make bad statements or what the public thinks about us or mediately getting published but there are some positive black people around and we talk to them and that's one of them incidentally the man I talked to was Bill Cosby and I talk. Bill Cosby is a really sweet guy and I enjoyed talking to him. He knows what he thinks is made in the white superstructure. But nevertheless she and a woman will say what she means. And what she
feels works with those children. And watch. She knows how they feel. And it was on her mind. I do imagine so on her mind because she's right down there with those kids teaching them today and she's giving them lessons and acting so forth and so on you should see that class by the way and the whole building that she's working with. And. You know when you try to teach kids and get them to educate themselves then you really find out the problems the problems the pressures of the mother and the father don't particularly even care to lift a hand to help a kid because they feel that nothing is really going to come about. It's all just a bunch of. Crap that's all. So why are you teaching them to do something and getting their hopes up for something later on when they go to get a job. Somebody is going to say no you can't because you know your black. Parents don't want their kids to work for you and as a result of this many many black kids are listening to people
in the streets listening to their parents who say that this is not our country. You know why are we pressing ourselves on the white man or we shouldn't even be out there fighting. You know an awful lot of kids are put because they go into the service where they join the service and when they come back home there are many soldiers black soldiers that have been fighting in Vietnam taking putting their lives on the line when they come home. You know like it isn't the old Welcome like World War 2 or whatever he may feel like he was so well you know. For a lot of turmoil going on and this is probably why Earth is hard and the problems hanging on her now you have Lady Bird Johnson in the very we're trying to take that away from him. But I'm here. Whatever to do. We're meeting to give the wives don't drink too much and they want to bring
flowers and things like that or that wasn't what was on earth. I'm here that you must've listened to a woman talking about and stood up and said what she said. Good guy like him. The Maharishi Mahesh Yogi was also in town I was lucky enough to meet him too. He arrived to Logan Airport in Boston and I was along with a lot of other savages trying to talk to him. Amazing thing about the Maharishi a man who was derided by the press is that he's the only one who manages to remain remain calm and sane amidst a load of absolute lunatic reporters and people like me were trying to push things onto him. We nearly knocked the table into his face as soon as he walked into the VIP room. This is typical and not his serene he's calm and he's pushing a message so terrible of peace and love and sanity so terrible so bad they should be doing this. There he is. Trying to talk to them. And that if he gave the work he. Was not gotten his it was in moderation even of Bob Dylan's new album.
Has come out like I think it was last week. John Wesley Harding. You can hear it now. It's a very strange thing because some people have expressed wonder at the fact that Dylan's style has reverted to what it was before he went into it for rock expressionistic electronic sound. But it isn't really so unusual. Artists have been reversing their own trends for years and years and years. One of them who did this a long time ago or off a century ago was a poet W.B. Yeats. And I think a point he wrote called a quote is kind of appropriate. But Jim's reversal in trends I made my song a coat. Covered with embroiderers a lot of old mythologies from heel to front. For the full school to wards in the world's eyes as though they'd rule to a song let them take it. For those more enterprise. And walking nature.
But that was a nice little program sorry. For Bob Dylan. I hope you agree with. He never followed through and let you know a good there are no errors. Think of what you are saying. We tend to talk and write. OK Well next we have for you I what we were calling the apartment of the week. Now. All the funny things are told about apartments and this particular city Boston. Home is a but usually if you're a student you have to go to really badly but we found one that was really bad. It was terrible it was falling to pieces. Here it is you can have a look at some film that we took. All around the house people of Iraq as a dog. As a dog sleeping. He didn't like the house too much based upon the concept kind of like. Women and they you know that's my bit of perception for the for the one that you know to help people through the you know. 60 to ship. One. That's in some of
the. Notes and some. Of. Them. As you can see this of this apartment. Building is. Not exactly. The best. If you're a. Hippie in Cambridge is being busted going live in some of the Not place. Or just plain poor. I suppose you. Don't live in it too. I could have had I suppose a kind of Braunger at one time. There's graffiti Yes. Well. It isn't very often that you get a chance to see a work of my graffiti. On this scale. I've never seen you've seen your graffiti when he first came to this country from Italy. And. For a while he was working with Oriental political politically and then it shifts. Back to a Western tradition. Reader of course he is in session with Rita and with Fats
a curious is not serious and someone working on a doctorate is already trying to. Figure out what the fans are doing there but it's. Right. There in the receiving line from playing. My cello graffiti again in the art world. These things are the mysterious and they're evocative and poetic. And. Thing is that he's so prolific. You know we just didn't hear where he worked. Did you know the Boston has been rated the second most expensive city in the United States by the National Consumers council I don't know what the First it is some of the most expensive As far as groceries goes. But we support on an under a pull amount from soldiers. Who's done this when it comes on. It's not coming home anyway. It's a thing saying. Many
Scots plain price there it is. What about the some kind of a noble gesture. And you're right it is because he does a desk or the something else. The worst record I've just been told by my beautiful mother we must not only of course record of the fourth or fifth course we're going to wait for what is fair. She's not left. I know what it looks like 15. I don't know. This. Was where I was in Tampa.
Get rid of the dancers must have been going to great expense and oh yeah we spend no expense on the show. In fact we sent one reporter out into the field this week. Believe it or not we actually let them of your recorders and they should be on the field. Here's one she's Miss Joyce Mrs. Joyce Harrington who went for an in-depth interview with the Greek. This is Joyce Harrington at Harry the Great Lakes. Harry What will we get up. To rank all that I give it with.
You because we're not right back. Oh that's magnificent. Beautiful. We go so well together. Where's her coat. I got a beautiful you got to take this off first I. Wanted to wear your camp gold over the rainbow. Now maybe on and. Off. Love you all has a beauty Gray. In the sleeves. How much is this harry. No it's.
Quite turned off. Great watch out nation overall look at that. Can you put that up. Yeah which I didn't write down why did you put that on we go out together. Thank God. That is all right let's. Go. Just about me don't you think I don't know. Didn't you know. That this is Joyce Harrington from Harry the Greeks and now back to David Silver. What is a time Time him. BELGRADE Yugoslavia.
4:30 a.m.. OK I have a bit of a thing here to review. It says you and asks Ellis diba Geneva the United Nations Commission on narcotics today issued an appeal for a world wide ban against the 24 nation commission of the adopt a resolution saying abuse of LSD is increasing and harming more and more young people. But don't like there's a lot going on in North Korea what the hell are they doing talking about narcotics LSD when the so much want to be we're paying money to the U.N. Remember that. I think we are a joke. But I'm going on about why bother about amnesty is it that dangerous it's not dangerous is it the government is dangerous they will strike tonight anyway. I am in the moderate rush of youth went to a head shop this week for another in-depth interview. And the head shops as you know legal and there are plenty. This is one and I mean I had Shall I want to know a few things about Jeff. Give me a rundown on what you saw here. Sell pipes papers.
All kind of. Optical freak out goodies. Don't look to see a stone pipes. Of all different types. This is an alabaster stone. You know. Where can you smoke and. You can smoke pot no one would have you want to call it. This is another story. And understand and love. And wear around your neck you could look peace and. Miss 15 only 15 cents. $15 $15 what about this big one here. And where did this come from. This time from India. It's a water pipe. It's quite large this is a flexible stuff that comes out. As a very large boa has quite a lot of water. It's quite easy to draw from. It's very effective so much as it comes. Thirty two
dollars twenty two dollars. That's the most expensive item in the store. Do what you so many of those do. Oh yes I've sold. The last month and sold 7 News. What about the books in the comic books do you think so well because it's so much fun. They're not serious. To think that you can look you can read those comics straight and still appreciate. I'm sure they're fun to read all the incredible things these superheroes can do they're amazing. What about the other books. We have interests. Avatar certainly coloring books. American church catechisms. You have got William Brooks his National Review there actually may be minimal and some records here. We've got a few blues band Donovan Ravishankar St. Peter's. What's it what's it like to work and Jeffrey. It's really a lot of fun. You sit behind the counter and so many troops
come to you and you just watch them go and then. You really direct the mood the atmosphere in the store and it's kind of fun because it's almost a god like thing you can really you can make the store happy or whatever. And it's kind of fun to get people smiling. That's really what life's all about. Is that why you're doing it and do you do a lot of business. Tell me are you in any way harnessed or harassed I should put your watch. On him which. They're interested in. I suppose he comes and goes certainly. What we do. But the very nature of the shop. They don't like that much was it was in here and. This is the flat like. Girl of black life posters except. What is the real meaning of psychedelic Jeff if you want to. Talk.
To me anyway the real meaning of psychedelic has to do with. The five sense of sight and hearing smelling tasting feeling. On. We sell articles in the store data and all the senses except. For taste. We have heard you and other up to go. Freaked out posters all of which work on visions. Of pipes and so forth all work off field until all your records are your body you'll. Incenses your snow. And that's pretty much what psychedelics is all about is. Awareness of things of everything you think is a look at you That is the future of this. Oh no I believe there is a future there. I said Oh sure.
Are you having the shows. Yeah it's true. What's number four. Almost. None. That was by Nancy Sinatra. Well I think it's going on even like those kids anymore. Not only because of the notes I say Vanessa is not it's not really what I said in order to show you I'm just going to go. It was really Helen Higgins books. There really was no nasty mean break here is there are things going against her in life and I think you want to be a bit more gentle. Ok ok just try to break through the night time. All right I won't
say anything else but insistent once is enough. Oh no. On to serious things we have Professor Howard Zinn has got a guest editorial. Nominated for Woman of the year. Eartha Kitt and for Man of the year Dr. Benjamin Spock because both refused to play the game the game is be courteous law abiding obedient never raise your voice even in the midst of hypocrisy. The game is be willing to die oh send your sons to die whenever the number one leader of the nation says so and whether the cause is just or unjust. Eartha Kitt refused to play. She spoke her mind. She said the government is snatching young men from their families to fight in a war that no one has been able to explain or justify. And indeed how can we justify giant powerful America bombarding every day the presence of a small nation country to force them to accept a corrupt and cruel government which they themselves are unwilling to fight for.
When I was a kid spoke out Ladybird Johnson was crying a little. I think it was good that she was moved that she will move LBJ she is a charming and gracious woman who loves beauty but I think she's been sheltered from the ugliness that emanates from the White House and LBJ he loves his children and his grandchildren. But I wonder how much he loves the children and grandchildren of Vietnam. The other day I saw on film a little North Vietnamese boy who was a lying whimpering crying while doctors removed from his body one by one. The pellets from an anti-personnel bomb had been dropped by American planes and every day we drop such bombs on North and South Vietnam. Bombs designed not for steel bridges but for human flesh. How can we justify this. Only by lying to ourselves or by having our leaders lie to us. And I have LBJ lied to us. July thirteen thousand nine hundred sixty five when he said
he hadn't any indication the other side was willing to negotiate when he knew of three distinct offers one in the summer of 64 one in the fall of 64 one in the beginning of 1965. He's lied to us about the recent elections in South Vietnam which were rigged with American tonight to make sure that the military men won and that anti-war candidates would not win. We become fanatic about the word communism and this is part of the game it's the game nations have played all through history of people killing one another every 10 or 20 years because the men in power tell us that the Catholics are the Huns the Jews or the Communists are about to take over the world. And I think the name will go on and our children and our grandchildren will suffer from it. Unless we do like Eartha Kitt and break through the hypocritical silence until we do like Dr Spock and say it is right to refuse to fight in an unjust war. I don't want to play that game. Our country was founded on a basic democratic principle which is far more sacred than
the Selective Service Act or the Book of table manners. The principle that many of us have forgotten but the Jefferson put into the Declaration of Independence and this is that government and laws are not sacred. That they are set up for certain in life liberty the pursuit of happiness. But when they destroy these ends we have a right to disobey. And so I will say to everyone who can hear me. If your conscience tells you that it is wrong to cross the sea to make war on the people of Vietnam and if you refuse to fight in this war I support you I admire you as I admire on this earth a kit as I admire Dr. Benjamin Spock and all those other people who refused to play the game of silence in the midst of murder. Everybody said here's my youthful rush week. Job. You put these things up here. Do you do that a lot
of times you know. Easy with the sexy red. Light On busy days 1870. Some of the stuff we're going to get a group do get a great sense of pride having the money to do that I'm looking to move. I feel good to know you know I'm going to not resort. Yes I do feel a little that like almost a right to roam and they're doing you know. This is like a day. That just look how bad my work there was a really look at this. We. Don't like the feel good fun with on the whole look this is awful. You know I'm not really going. To. Listen. To this. I do
what I do. Rock Band host of. Late. Night. Notice this large member of great excuse me. Plus. This is a pizza found on top treasure the week and we found it at Tufts University believe don't know who found it. I think about a hundred years going to be knocked over by a truck. Look at the consternation there but really isn't it a bit weird that anyone should have an elephant or go driving else is a mascot. What we need to fix for this we're going to. Be giving us almost. Like on general actually handling. I think that's what.
OK. We're having we have the word billion thrown at us every single day of the week and do we really know what it means. I don't think we do. I don't like this because I don't really know the truth because a billion is a word I should not know if you were born in 100 imma give a billion dollars and ten thousand dollars a day to spend. This is what would have put it about three hundred sixty five. Get a figure which will come on the second. This is just to show you what a billion means we have no comes to comes to Freeman Freeman just three million six hundred fifty thousand dollars multiplied by sixty eight which is your age and present and you'll find out how much current so. Remember this is only two hundred million two hundred thousand dollars when you're in a home with you. Spent how much is spent. That's right I think there's a figure me take 248 million 200000
phone lines and you come up with one you would have. Left. And it comes to seven hundred fifty one million eight hundred. It only. It's about I don't like this but the reason we put it on is because the bill in the whole billion thing. Worries me. We're being brainwashed because we just don't understand the we're now into something else. Just don't fall on the radical right track flights last year with riots stance stops. Right. What about after Che Frawley Jr. head of shock over sharp Technicolor enterprises from me emerged as singles single biggest contributor to her of course George Lincoln Rockwell self-styled. Party. Sass chairman elemental rivers of the House Armed Services Committee defended the Birchers when they were first
attacked appear on the form of pirates man in church council have sold. One of the old time us tickets was back in action this time at liberty lobby in Washington D.C. all time movie actor Walter Brennan peered out of Birch Society radio show attacking. Poverty the biggest product of the new name. During 1967 it was Reverend Daniel Lyons a Catholic priest on leave from Saga and guess who gave him the money. It started to change from the juniors and don't believe everything you read about what happened. Like 67 several national stories indicated the Birch Society was falling apart. It's not number one. Last summer when the rally. Family tree was a success for two Birch Society stepped up and strive to win in Vietnam or get out mass petitions cost six hundred seventy five thousand names to Congress. Third verse society set up fronts like attack truth about civil turmoil
which had been very successful tactic Clare's civil rights as communistic and. His sponsors take care thanks. Portugal purchased most recent campaign against the war. Little Known Facts About the Right. Or rearmament acquired the Commission for its local property city. Show me your. Protestant ministers on the right did pretty well by Charles River. James Harkness dedicated half a million dollar cathedral orders which stated also that he announced the purchase of the joining land prize of $5000 reverent harvesters world winning it around the country in Boston Jan. 29 7:30 p.m. start for help. However rather foul of zoning laws Spartans announced he would build a new structure field for $40000. Past is any indication he'll get never called back. Purchased the other.
Half of the year as Cape May New Jersey real estate complex back a car s 20th century Reformation. Our Christian preacher probably. Positive. Latest. Radical Right. Or any other is organized. By William park pictured here Ted Cruz to horsewhip peers. In the West. But if you know it I don't know it's just almost. I did want to bring to your attention David O why some magazines that have been covered in dentist. Offices lately and I think they're the kind of thing that people don't generally get to see and I think we have public service here how to invest. In Angola is telling you to move it. To move. Yes
well this is this is one of opportunity that people don't think about what Marilyn angle is very it's very important to jump in now while you can while there still is an angle that you know sandbags are going very big and Lynton see marketing board in the United Republic of Tanzania is very big. Have. Their three fold out the middle is. The killer. There's one here on hits to cocoa farmers it's in English and Ashanti if put out any press in Ghana and here this is. Just I mean for example. There is. He who adult rates of permits are causal. No see that's the kind of book they are a couple if. This one is a tropical products into the market for castor oil and the United Kingdom that's put up by the Ministry of Overseas Development hearings today and this one is dear to my heart. For all you people out there who are really interested in this kind of crap here is West Point a way of life. I'm sure you must want that. I'm talking about doctors which we weren't. I couldn't help this week but phone up a reputable Boston doctor and ask him just what possible disease
Benghazi can have and run for your life. I mean let's face it the guy's been running for so long what county you have that can keep him going. Jumping off cliffs looking out for floods in the back of a car I don't know the answer I got was that he must have either a stupid doctor telling voters and only got a year to live or he's got some kind of an affront to us which is pretty bad. But what do you thing about love must live. No I don't agree I think this very strong hint in the title of the show he's got to run. OK let's move on. We got a foot here for President a man who's going to run for president. Your. Candidate for the office of president of the United States. I make these solemn pledges. I will end the Viet Nam war in 72 hours. And upon being elected. I will immediately without any hesitation employing the proper safeguards. Withdraw the American army from the shores of Viet Nam.
I will eliminate the draft. America will export 30 billion dollars. In foreign aid yearly well up any cost to the American taxpayer. And the profit from this program. Will pay off the national debt in 10 years. I will resolve the racial problem. To the satisfaction of all America. I will eliminate legal prostitution in the federal cause. All lawyers conduct ethics and fees. Will be rigidly control. I will absolutely and without question. Eliminate organized crime in 30 days I will eliminate political prostitution in Congress. Retired American couples. Will receive $300 minimum monthly pensions while out any cost to the American
taxpayer. Federal taxes will be cut in have. By eliminating fraudulent tax benefits for the chosen field. I will eliminate inflation and reorganize the entire banking system. I will arrest and bring to trial. All conspirators and now in a high government position who participated in the assassination of John F. Kennedy. I will restore the Constitution. And the free enterprise system. To the people of the United States. I will organize a three year food reserve. So that this nation could absolutely survive any atomic wall. I will completely reorganize and wreak whip and retrain. The ground forces of the American army. Making them 1000
percent more efficient. So that another ruble miserable showing. As has been shown in Viet Nam will never happen again to an American army. I will eliminate communist infiltration in our government. And the rocket program. And every American family. Under my. Program. Will be well well and well. The sorrow that was Jacob Gordy Democratic candidate for presidency from Worcester Massachusetts. The first thing he's going to do is buy some diet pills. No for the time what is the time. When you're not. Going on. Three. Is it. An. OK. Have you heard any more from the candidates written. Yes I'm been keeping in touch with campaign headquarters of the various candidates David and I'm happy to contribute tonight that some of the new
slogan that has begun to emerge from the campaign. OK let's hope LBJ is putting a lot of confidence in this one don't change horses in midstream. Reagan of course is attacking vigorously the problem of of youth and overpopulation and hippies and he's got something here called making birth control retroactive. Yes it is. I'm going to 35 I think it was the day he had money. OK. Romney hitting heavily on the morality issue. Comes up with this washed brain. Means a clean mind with a Romney Romney George draw. Romney must win on the Midwest. OK. The Nixon horse it's time to make up with Nixon. They hope that's going to carry them a long way. And A Man For All Seasons on. Earth sort of demonstrates diplomatic. WALLACE they're building him up at the White House. And he is coming on strong with this one venturous plane with me and learn late. Night Journey Back to you David.
Oh you know I have just got a message to hundred entries from Spencer Indiana on the AP Carl McMillan former prime minister of Great Britain returns today to visit the birthplace of his mother for the third time the junk mail. We get junk mail is just get on someone's list. The way to get on someone's list is subscribe to something they get it. They use the name they sell it to mailing services who in turn sell to other prospective sellers of different periodicals and while you name it. Some was less this. There's nothing you can do. They've done you forever. On the side of them something about it. And I think that the world. Is sending something back. I mean they've gone through a lot of trouble to send out nice brochures explaining what wonderful services magazines etc. they can provide. Why not return the compliment when has done something for their troubles. And so I thought I saved.
The tin cans juice cans soup cans and probably wine you can insert them into the envelopes and you can mail it back. Sort of formal. Well they've given you something you give them something to eat and on. One hand washes the other. The good ones are. The airmail envelopes. These They usually come large for some reason and. If you can stuff. To three pounds worth of metal in the years no sweat. There is just to give you an idea of why the big one was the better. When you can really start. These things.
Usually released them. And so the package is a little larger. Let. Me Take You To Europe. And all is well thank you think after a while they get the message. Some of them do. I don't get much junk mail from some. Areas but others that are stuck. In a lower end. Undoubtedly if there is a war against this then what I'm doing there will be. But that's neither here nor there. Everybody benefits least of all the post office because they collect. Who knows how much you do. On. Air mail. I got one off the Honolulu
once when I musta got 3000 up on the site that was billed as one special reporter. Don't worry about it if they send your postcards Bill says just simply tie a brick to the post on what is the worst third worst record of them would. Hold. Up their. Number. He. Can. Do it again. Today she broke the record but solo I'm getting real with it OK. Look. Coming up. I want to. Hear A. Quick. That's not so good. I want to talk to a special group of fellas out there and you know want to we're talking about because these are the guys who stole about one hundred twenty thousand dollars from all the trust. A few weeks ago. Now I know you're watching because I know the kind of people that watch this show. But I want to talk to you. What do you do. You dressed up.
In Brinks uniform. Got into a Brinks van. That was meant to be delivering money to Polaroid. And went down to the Harvard trust. OK that was very clever. But isn't it terrible not being able to tell anybody at all. And isn't it terrible just having the money and not legal to spend one of the really cool thing to do. Wouldn't be. To dress up in the Brinks uniforms again. To get into the Brinks band. And to deliver the stuff the Polaroid 10 minutes before the real bomb comes and stand around round while the real people arrested is just an idea to probably get in great trouble. Russ you know I think the the pictures that will be taken of them with a very good quality to it. Right. There would have been. There wouldn't it. All right good one not one of my doing under Tell me loft in the city. Art in the city. Well it's interesting you should ask me that. The latest flash here we are at. 180 Beacon Street. And it's a remarkable apartment house. By Mr. Mrs.. Max. Wasserman. And they have filled it.
Throughout the lobby and the. Corridors with some of the best modern art that can be seen. In the area. The selection was made. That's. A modern sculpture. I feel the electricity going want to pour cold. That's not what's up. That's plain Larry Rivers I think it's hard to tell from here. There's a tingling sculpture. But I just think David would be like if you lived here new in you. Came home to this every night. There's a painting called the opening. You know in the old days it would have been a painting of. The miniature of the donors. There's Mr. Watson and him selfe in the midst of a glittering New York. Art scene. Trying to. Find God. You know I'm going to play some of the human Lord here he's not. None of the washing machines and smells the market. Will sort of that's an elevator there his is what you see when you come off the elevator. Oh. You know.
Some people have been known. To write back in again. There is a. Vegetable garden the feature then and. There's a book on. A kind of. A rustic thank you very restful. Thank you very rough for much in the thing. Thank you very much. I was song level 2 on the Silver West. If for example but Leon they don't break the record and there. Is No. Less pop record number. Of the book to maintain. OK. Maybe even. Longer. On sung to say you from the song Hard news. But that won't stop the mom stuff. You. Just can't. Run. Again. We. Will
get by for you. Yes I could find something about. The. Phone Line you. Can Use. Here. Let's move on to something a bit better. I have with me tonight on my left I have Mr. Lee Lockwood who has been in North Vietnam for. Photographing photography. And he's been fighting this week to review the film Inside North Vietnam by Feeley screen. What do you think of it. Well the feeling screens filmed inside North Vietnam is a documentary in color. About the North Vietnamese people. And it shows. Essentially their life under the United States bombardment of that country. The color photography is excellent. Especially considering the conditions under which three work was there three of them have nicely
photographed. Everything by himself and ran the sound and. Produced the film. Under very trying conditions. Often in action. Film shows a North Vietnam that is not the highly industrialized country that our government. Perhaps you'd like to have us believe. But. Mainly an agricultural. Rural. Country. With a. High primarily peasant population. What comes across as it is a great sense of the land of the suffering people. Who Live heroically and. Surprisingly tranquilly under the incessant bombing by the American airplane. Also. What I found particularly moving was. The patience with which the North Vietnamese. Go about repairing the roads. Usually by hand. Often with large boulders filling the gaping front homes. And the transport transportation of the
material and ammunition by. Longtime hordes of trucks and even. Bicycles which can carry up to about 400 pounds of transport which are wheeled along by women. Boys and girls and old men. Unfortunately the film is also larded with so heavy handed editorial comment about the crimes of Yankee imperialism. Which those who oppose the war might actually might agree with it but which is not especially calculated to change the minds of those who are modest or even on the fence. Those numbers in other words who presumably are the one audience that this film should reach. There also wasn't much of a sense of conflict anywhere there's conflict amongst the people. Surely the North Vietnamese are shown as a truly united people but. Unity has its limits. And this was a rather blissful presentation of North Vietnamese society
quite uncomplicated. You might have seen the NE T Journal the other night which presented a 45 minute version that is roughly half of the original film. Also in color followed by a very stimulating discussion between David Schoen grunters an American correspondent was recently in North Vietnam. And Professor Robert scallop Pino of the University of California. Who is. Well known these days as a John sone and intellectual. Scholar Pino who was a kind of Dean Rusk an academic robes made the point that the film is superficial because it doesn't mention the word communism or the fact that North Vietnam is a communist country anywhere in this 45 minute. Revised length. Now I agree with scallop Pino but not for his reasons I think that to be effective. Green ought to have touched all the bases just to allay the suspicions of those who might have come into a theater of turn on the television. With a
chip on their shoulders and suspicion in their minds about how this fellow got into North Vietnam in the first place. You should've given some sense of the regimentation of north of the ME society and of the of their great efforts on behalf of their brothers in South Vietnam. It is say they are at war and he doesn't. Not only against the American airplanes but they are helping us those in the south. Those convoys of trucks after all are taking ammunition and supplies down south to the NLF into the North Vietnamese troops in South Vietnam. All this to the contrary notwithstanding I think that in general the film is quite objective especially as shown in any. Mr scalloping also said Felix Greene's film it was a perfect propaganda weapon for the North Vietnamese and he made a great deal out of this point. I agree with this too. But I like to say that I was in North Vietnam myself. And I spent four weeks. As a matter of fact the same time that Felix Greene was there. I traveled about a thousand miles in that
time. And. I think it would be practically impossible for any objective journalist to make a documentary film about life in North Vietnam that would not be a propaganda film for the North Vietnamese. Terrible continuous bombardment including the deliberate bombing of civilian areas. The use of anti-personnel colored bombs. Together with the courage patience. And ultimately the heroism of the North Vietnamese people. All of which I witnessed personally are impossible to avoid because they are everywhere to be seen. Facts themselves are eloquent but once persuasive and pointed. All commentary suppressed was. Felix Greene's inside North Vietnam. Tells us that we are waging a wasteful and unwinnable and melancholy war. Thank you very much. Also where they stand on the recent news a journalist from The Patriot Ledger went to see his new film hard won the war which I still don't know what to think of it.
DAVID I think Richard Lester is a very funny ego in need of a straight jacket. With his genuine creative energies and harness soon you will find his audience as well as his reputation wandering lonely as a mushroom cloud. In his how I won the war he has dug foxholes of failure and inevitably a spawn into each one. Once again what should have been a showcase of onscreen comic talent becomes part launch of off screen directorial whims. Once again he ignores the differences between control and power between order chaos and chaotic order. Between visual Burlesque the burlesque visualization. In A Hard Day's Night and the knack the characters inspired to go to gimmickry and help in A Funny Thing Happened on the way to the form they were enslaved by it. In his latest effort they are pulverized by it. Lester set out or so he says to make both a film against war and a film against war films. A black comedy designed to turn up mouth corners and turn over stomachs has done nothing of the sort. Instead he's made throat's dry in Fiji. Lester is guilty of apostasy initiates a final war and
then goes AWOL. He makes his point in the opening minutes of the film and then cinematically takes off for places unknown. In his noble attempt to glorify war. The filmmaker ignobly ends up glorifying the dig or vacation reveling in his revelations. People may leave the theater laughing. More likely yawning but certainly not cringing. So hard and often the humor is buried in the layer cake style of this talking running jumping standing still film. There are a few silent moments of green tinted footage. Followed later by purple frames of actual war. Written by Charles would this is a crazy quilt of lunatic characters cutting guns zany interplay vaudevillian tactics flashforwards and flashbacks. Some of the works most of it I don't. Think you and I couldn't agree with your less so I thought it was an absolutely fantastic film. I'm showing comedy and horror at the same time but anyway. So opinion in my opinion. We I think just about coming to the end. But one thing we must do before we end this show you the worst of all he is.
Left out that good number one of the bunch. And the most tasteless thing ever. The out. Skin. Skin. Was children while the. Gun the funny one. So you skip the room. Dedicates Mommy Mommy needs. Last night to find a place. Says the bad dream. She wrote the song. With a terrible scream the skipper on.
Skid Row. Oh listen when you are all the way. Down lonely would you say to steer the wrong. Sheet on your taxes don't mean food. Now what was that said about the Golden Rule. Never mind. You're just. Go away. From school. Night.
What's Happening Mr. Silver
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David Silver and Russ Connor anchor an irreverent newsmagazine-style show that includes an interview with Bill Cosby regarding Eartha Kitt's recent anti Vietnam war sentiments, anti Vietnam war commentary by Howard Zinn, remote interviews featuring vintage clothing store owner "Harry the Greek," a visit to a Boston head shop, art and film reviews, and a countdown of the five worst pop songs of the week.
This series experiments with new form and new ways of handling its subject matter by incorporating a youthful style and sense of concern. Series release date: 1967
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