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We'll be right back after this important message. Well if you haven't figured it out yet those films that you just saw including the commercial were
made by kids about your own age. Maybe seven to 12 years old at a place called the Cellar Door Cinema in Lexington. And the technique that they used to make the films is called animation. Now animation is well it's actually a little complex to go into here. But I tell you what we hope to have a new series of programs in the fall for kids your own age about seven to 12. And on one of those programs what we'll do is take it down to the Cellar Door Cinema introduce you to the kids who made those films and let the kids themselves show you how they did it. Right. Good. Now animation isn't the only technique that you can use in making films. There's a thing called Live Action and all that is is just taking a live actor and filming him as he does real live things. And that's the technique used in the next film which was made in Charlestown by a group of 12 year old kids. Why.
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Those are the kids who made those films and you may remember having seen the films in our summer do program on Charles Town. Remember in our first summer dew program we showed you a plastic bubble and asked you to write in if you wanted the recipe for making the bubble. And also you also asked you to write in and tell us what you were doing this summer. Well we want to thank you we got some lovely letters and actually they gave us some very important information on what you were doing and what you wanted to do. It's interesting also we got some comments from some adults on those Charleston films and they were worried about the fact that it was violent. I mean that there was a gang fight that was going on. Well you know adults are a little uptight about violence these days and I think understandably so. So what we'd like to do in our fall series of programs if we do them
is to establish a dialogue between adults and you are between older kids and you. That is if the adults have a question to ask you great then you try to answer it if you have a question to ask the adults. Great. Then they try to answer your questions. Let's get back to another film this was made by a group of 12 year olds in Cambridge and it kind of fools around with time. You'll see what I mean when you see the film. OK. If you do your duty. As I told you before that film was made by a group of 12 year old kids in
Cambridge and they received help from an organization called recreation 70. Now it recreated 70 right at this time has four film workshops for kids like yourselves. So if you're interested in making a film why don't you give them a ring and their number is 4 9 2 2 900. Once again that's 4 9 2 2 9 0 0. Now you know they're not the only group around Boston which is teaching kids like yourselves how to make films or several other groups and we have the list. So if you're interested in making a film why don't you write us at some Urdu Channel 2 Boston 0 2 1 3 4. Now let's get back to some more of those animated films from the Cellar Door Cinema in Lexington. I'm eager now. I'm Carol driver and now either prefer the picture of me and I did it.
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A. You know when we went into Charles Town to make our Charles Town summer dew program we had a lot of what we
thought were very groovy ideas about what we wanted to do. But when we got there we met a group of kids who turned out they had better ideas than we had. So we use them and very successfully too. We also have gotten a lot of ideas from your letters about things that you want to find out about. Now for our proposed fall series we really need your help. You see we don't know what to put on these programs unless you tell us what you want. Well to keep our own thinking straight we have drawn up a list of four things that we think you might be interested in. Now what we want you to do is listen to them think about them then write us and tell them whether you're really interested in them or not OK. These are the four things. The first is how to do things like for instance in the program with a plastic bubble how to make a plastic bubble or how to make films you know things like that. The second is real life adventures for instance how would you like to spend an afternoon with a famous baseball or football or hockey star. Or how would you like to go flying in a glider with somebody who really knows how to fly a
glider. Things like that. The third thing is where it's from. Well for instance how do you make a television show or how do you make a recording or how do you make a piece of paper like this. You know things that you can't do but we can take you to the places where they make them and show you how they make them. And the fourth thing is very important. We call it where you're at. That is you may have things that you want to talk about that you're interested in that aren't usually talked about on television. So you have to write us and tell us what those things are and if you want to talk about them or not. OK. Now it's time once again for an important message but this important message is just the commercial that you saw before so I tell you what why did you run go get a pencil and paper while the commercial is playing then when you come back I'll repeat those four things so you can remember easier OK. Here's that important message. One of the last very singular green.
Where the plane broke. In on me. OK everybody got a pencil and paper. Good Here are the four things that you should write down. Number one how to do how to make a plastic bubble how to make a film anything else you want to learn how to do. Number one again how to do. Number two adventure. If you want to spend an afternoon gliding or
climbing a mountain with people who know how to do those things. Number two once again adventure. Number three how it's made. How is a television show made how is a recording made a piece of paper I was that made. Number three once again how it's made. The last one number four. Where are your ads. That is things you want to talk about that aren't usually talked about on television. Number four where your at all we also need a title for this show has anybody got any ideas. And if you can think of anything else that you want to write us about just put it down and send it to some Urdu Channel 2 Boston 0 2 1 3 4. Once again that summer do channel 2 Boston 0 2 1 3 4.
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