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Palm Sunday March 22nd Nineteen sixty four. The bells of St. Augustine Florida called citizens and tourists alike to witness the blessing of the Trump book. A colorful annual event in the oldest city in America. Soon to celebrate its four 100th anniversary. Thousands of people lined the shore along Bay Street. And along the bridge of Lyons which separates the city from Anastasia Island to the east. To watch a solemn procession file down the long catwalk to the city pier. Where holy water is sprinkled on the passing boats. And as a climax a floral reef in the shape of an anchor is cast in tribute into the water. Bay street is lined with bombs. And in this predominantly Catholic city many of the spectators carry in their hands the traditional Palm Sunday fronds from the same trees. And still others
following a long tradition display in their lapels crosses fashion from the palm leaf. Later. I saw a different sort of cross and this is a cross that's burned. By the Ku Klux Klan. There's a cross burned at their meetings as part of the ritual. And the particular cross you're looking at is a burlap Red Cross or about seven feet high. This room is burned in the area of Dr. healing's house the adviser to the local chess Youth Council of the NAACP. This cross was soaked in curious singing and planted about on 9 o'clock one night. It was burned and we arrived at the scene. Whoa. Maybe within a half an hour
after the cross was planted. And by this time the police had kicked it down. However nobody had seen it. Who had seen a call on the area and we picked the cross up and brought it back to the office and say within a week. A rash of violence broke out in St. Augustine. Burning a home. Shooting and two home model toff cocktails being in front of homes and so forth and also a few beatings. This was a sort of kickoff campaign that a kind of warning would you say. I believe it was a warning at the time the. Picketing and the strive for racial equality was in full swing in St. Augustine. What time of year was this was about August early August of last year and since then there have been bombings and burnings and so
forth most recently I understand one of the local ministers had his car burned up a second. This is correct. Someone had pushed what was believed to be a gasoline felt tired from across the US under a gas tank it was chronic night at it and it was a total loss. Was. There an investigation and our arrest and what class of investigation at least the police said there was one but there were no arrests no suspects in the case of Dr healing's house. I understand that there was shots a number of them fired into his house. However Have there been any arrests in that case as you well know about in the case of the burning of the house. Same answer now and in the others. Now now. As we stand here with many thousands of other people who are observing across the short expanse of water to the city here we see the Catholic procession
which has come. Down the pike here. The priest and his acolytes and. Others are waiting now for the shrimp boat. But you may be able to hear in the background right now there are one two three four five six seven eight which can be seen all gaily decked and flags. They're proceeding towards the bridge and I assume Well you know and around toward the ceremonial area and the first of the boats is now coming down in front of us here it is a Coast Guard boat which is leading the Marine procession but a Coast Guard boat is now approaching Lee here. There are four Coast Guard men aboard they salute both had and as a sailor on the pier is about to throw a floral wreath in the shape of an anchor into the water in front of the
city yacht here here at St. Augustine Florida. The priest is throwing holy water. Blessing. With a Coast Guard boat as it goes by now the draw of the Bridge of Lions has opened and the first boats are now passing to the north out to sea bearing the wreaths. In the shape of an anchor which was cast into the waters here just a few moments ago by. A young sailor from the United States Navy singing continues with three young girls. Eat the bag.
That was not only singing to be heard in St. Augustine. A small group of Northern whites and Southern negroes met in the First Baptist Church in the colored part of town. The good the. Good the.
Light on Sunday evening a group of New Englanders arrived in St. Augustine in response to a plea from Dr. Robert hailing a negro dentist and advisor to the local and double ACP Youth Council. Dr. Hayling was one of four negroes who were as he puts it specially invited guests at a recent local meeting of the Ku Klux Klan. After 14 days he was sufficiently recovered from head and other wounds to be discharged from the hospital. His story is told by an eyewitness will be heard on a later broadcast on Monday following Palm Sunday. Dr. Hayling welcomed his white northern supporters at the First Baptist Church. You know what I am reading like you said your minister or your leader in Washington will actually
be interested in our services. On the marching tower actually which is being conducted by the state level ECB office for all rights on Good Friday and we will have to formalize our plans on that. So now while the heads of state stay here and every meeting after this meeting as many of us if you feel so compelled to return to the office read us and start out on fashion without a little instruction course. After that we will feel free to go about. We meet some of those that go on contact in our religious town parks in the hills with Jewish ties that would do is give you those with Catholic ties you know to establish some of the words you're not wearing a label you're not wearing a banner. Why are
you here and what you're doing. You feel your way of life you know enemy territory then you will be a segregationist at least not committed. But if you're getting somebody that you're talking to and so then you be the judge that will the next be true while you're going to go out on that. So for the record back home the community and we see the reception you get in the war and we will know just with direction. Plus the ministers hear the wisdom and the forbearance in the Christian background so all to really go there. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. This will be on me on what's going on here and really interesting the nation go but we're back you know Jane out there the whole civil
rights movement throughout the country and the little one thing that our nations always found sitting still stands pat. Nothing is being done to me. No words. Negroes negroes so also prove what are you doing about racial communicate. We're so pleased that it's biracial or Barry's a comedian Division during the worst of the next meeting with you know people think our to go with this final
communique actually revenue was coming so in other words like so. I'm sure their commitments will be like wow I feel free and or insane to last me. Between the negro ministers and the white ministers that go by me they were told by the white president that there was he was going to be me. Well anyway at this time there were no interdenominational into radio communication between the ministers and this is one of the breakthrough that we have. We can establish to the average individual it would be common ground for religious leaders to have some communication even in South Africa and many of us would think of South Africa and the policies of all of their
needs and goals. In the county jail at this time we have seven persons who were convicted last fall for lying and due to our legal difficulties and so for our county judge saw fit and had the opportunity and if there was something wrong with the appeals as presented to the court and they reverted and all our viewers had the opportunity to enforce the law so we have a high school senior colleagues even the one young lady would drop with a 3 month old baby in county jail serving sentences of at least 30 days for lying down and we had four do most to serve six months and we have another one of those juveniles singleton in the back who did an admirable job knocked down power down to outdo the judge's wishes are assigned to whom Burke writes away back saying that they would not get a demonstrator dissipating any racial
demonstration. Do away with least 21 years of the observer 30 curfew. So so then Dr. Hayling introduced the coordinator of the New England group. Reverend William England associate chaplain at Boston University. Yeah. We were very glad to be here. We are here we feel because of the SDLC in Dr. Vivian and life of your future. We want to be at your disposal. Doctor my doctor and where or what I've done tonight. That all of us and to seclude I'm sure want to do everything we can. This is a inner city. We want to be yours to use the way you want to
we don't have any plan or program of our own. We are not coming down to tell the people of St. Augustine how to run their fish. We're coming down with people who say no. So we're happy to be maybe some of my own like Teresa. I've got three cats. Not that I know from western Massachusetts chaplain Richard on's worth of Smith and Dr. Lewis Mudge Joplin of Amherst also made brief statements. Joplin and we're we're all here. I don't like the heat and I had it milder than I really did. They all have the right who will plant where every little light I get it. As I said you know you're right. However what they are going to be get are
an area that really anything really. Really like bring me here. No you're not going to say I was seeing that I saw that it was salt are hollows where you know we have a long way and I are our daughter is today I got her back home a sack for her I had a minute of it here. They say that where they. Have it the. Higher they are. Home. Counted. Are seated United guider Oh. And they are all that are quite
a bit you know like fart. We were really concerned with ours. We really got here we thought it very hard with what we said as a matter of with our clients our feet in the colleges and universities we do really well really get it but there are those coming where we can get ourselves some day but I visited Russia. Really yours. Oh you know I would like to underline that simple for the mere human beings the simple fact that I wonder and yet when you do you know just yet you know that. I'll use this to go back for X more work than all things that are in one house and say oh
you're here with you for a few days at least. More. So. Good morning before you hear this we're going to do well in which you did an OK yeah OK. Mrs. Casey. Yeah well do you want to get it is it I mean you know what I mean was what you called it. There's 0 0 9 3 0 0 0 census house was fired upon killing Dr. Hillings dog and narrowly missing his wife and two small daughters. The dentist says send his family out of town and has moved into his office on Bridge Street there on Sunday evening. A young college student volunteers from the north were working with Glen Murray executive officer of the Youth Council and the Lacey paid. Arranging accommodations among members of the Negro community for the rest of the visitors expected from New England.
That's right given the work he did here usually regularly. OK I was going to go. I'm going. To. Moderate my youthful and energetic negro from White Plains New York holds what he calls a white collar job in a local factory after Dr. Hayling took it over. The picketing started and along with the picketing we start having a rest. Among the first group of children arrested were four children under the ages of 18. Pickets all members of the youth. Very true. We have for you. You had Council members arrested who were under 18 both two high school seniors and I believe two in the eleventh grade. These are boys two girls and two boys. And why were they arrested. According to the for participating in a sit in demonstration at St. George
pharmacy one of one of the laws here in the end is that in St. Augustine as a well they were arrested under a Florida Code trespassing after warning. It states that if you have been in a place that asked to leave and then return they arrest you for trespassing. These children have not been in the place before that although another group had been in. They were arrested and charged with trespassing after warning but thrown in a county jail. The common criminals rather were detained for about a month. They were then shipped out the boys to a Mariana a training school for boys and two of the girls to a training school down near Ocala Florida. They were convicted they were convicted and there were a dozen conviction that they used. I'm trying to think any way they wind up
being detained and the correctional schools for a period of six months before we were able to get them released for trespassing. And they have been released now about a month. And that was the among the group of the first arrests the pic if you could turn your to. And. We had another group picked up in jail. For zigzagging and this was supposedly walking a picket line and not walking in a straight direction. Maybe they step six inches out a line of whatever it was. I have pretty strict rules and so on this thing. Yeah they make them as they go. And this is the truth. Believe it or not they make them as they go. And what happened this instant and they were put in jail and released on how many sacks. I think there were four on that age and
all of them were in the vicinity of 18 and 19 and they were released and they are still they were tried convicted and still. On appeal so far we have met had any answer from that appeal Traveston mind of that there was some object of objection by some of the people who were picketed that the signs were not appropriately worded and we got and I didn't even remember what the sign said some of the signs said they claim that your signs were inflammatory. Well inflammatory in a way of speaking only if I was white and they say they were inflammatory such as if Cubans and Mexicans that can eat here why can't I let my dollars go to the drug out of wine out of the lunch counter. Segregation must die. We want freedom
we will walk outside until we can walk inside with dignity. And if this is inflammatory then I guess I must call them inflammatory. Day off in the morning I say get me on Labor Day we had a rally in the old slave market in St. Augustine. That's right the center of town it's the square and right it's right in the center of town. What a pretty place part of the plaza too isn't yes there was shops sort of like in I think our New Englanders listening would call it a small bird version of the village green. It would be comparable to a village green. It's called the city park of the town plaza and we had tried for several days to get a permit to hold a public rally which is which in accordance with the city ordinance and we were either if she was flatly or shuffle from official to official. The old I mean special pass of the book and
we were granted to them that so we want to head how the rally anyway and as a rally was going on it had been in progress about 45 minutes. Policemen start converging on the place with dogs and guns and the rest of paraphernalia and it was not a loud speakers blaring break up the rally and go home. And finally they claimed that they said everybody was under arrest. They called it off 27 people to jail. That particular time and it may be noted revenue Banks was one of the most more outspoken. Now to a segregationist in the city was struck by a deputy sheriff Everett Haney. Over the eye with a cop arrived and he hadn't done anything. What would you explain what a cow yes a cow brought as a little cylinder or about a foot and a half long it's
charged with a high powered battery and it gives you an electric shock when it's stuck to you which has been described as strong enough to make an elephant jump ribbon Eubanks a negroid lighted here in our revenue banks as a negro member of the adult chapter of the NAACP and he was attending a rally that particular day. You also mentioned in that there were dogs involved. We've seen a number of dogs in police cars here in fact they were they were attending the blessing of the shrimp boats which was about one thirty this afternoon there were two cars parked there right next to the river and on each police car it was a big police dog. At that time they had just brought the dogs and the dogs were inadequately trained and for this reason I believe they did not use any
This record is featured in “Voices from the Southern Civil Rights Movement.”
Dateline St. Augustine
Part 2
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This is the second in a series of news broadcasts covering the struggle for civil rights in St. Augustine, Florida during March and April 1964. Clergy and students from New England, who have arrived in the city following a request of Dr. Robert Hayling, a local dentist and advisor to the local youth council of the NAACP, are welcomed by Dr. Hayling at a church. A number of clergy speak. Glen Murray, an officer of the youth council, relates sit-ins and picketing that occurred since the previous summer resulting in the arrests of students. For information on the St. Augustine movement, see David J. Garrow, ed., St. Augustine, Florida, 1963-1964: Mass Protest and Racial Violence (Brooklyn: Carlson Publishing, 1989).
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