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like journalism reporting on personalities ideas and issues that affect black america it tends to achieve balance by reporting from a black perspective once again why journalism biting the national black community to dissipate in a two way conversation with as black leaders during a pre recorded a ninety minute special to be shown nationally at thirty pm on may fifteenth twelve major spokesman will answer your questions last year's program was a tremendously successful experiment in the use of television as an instrument for positive social reform and two way communications among i guess this year are stanley's got special assistant to president nixon congressman louis stokes chairman of the congressional black caucus judge william both
angela davis percy sutton girl president of manhattan stokely carmichael fannie lou hamer and others we invite you to call in your questions to this disdain was for him next tuesday night immediately after black journal called two one two five eight to nine nine for all with your questions those chosen will be answered on the air call to one to five eight to nine nine for oh that's two one two five eight to nine nine for oh sorry we cannot accept collect calls remember black leaders seventy three will be shown nationally and eight thirty pm eastern standard time on tuesday may fifteenth but we find any money than remaining remaining women are afraid to send its only visible means eliminating enemies but the
economy still control the city council doesn't have any distance me only a meal these are it is the patient
for most of its history the city of newark new jersey has represented little more than a busy industrial center across the river from new york city in the last fifteen years however merck has undergone drastic visible change that stretches of areas that wants to howls jews irish and italians are now totally black nearly seventy percent of york's population is black and it is sixty seven a frustrated black citizenry played with poor housing under education under and unemployment now exploded and rebellion losing its impact into virtually every home across america a mere three years later however a more politically sophisticated black caucus oppose same frustrations to the voting booth and
elected candidates in as the first black mayor of a major northern cities i do solemnly swear that i will support the constitution of the united states and the constitution of the state of new jersey that's john mayer i was at a family soon mayor of the city is cooperation
as billy you what do you do if teens in the black vote you can be you can you can nico
the gibson administration inherited more than the usual amount of hidden problems which are traditionally passed from one political family to another one are you an uneasy all was convicted on sixty four counts of extortion and conspiracy and the toll reality of his corrupt government was to be discovered long after the gibson inauguration couple this with the usual problems of most urban centers racial tensions a sagging tax base a rise in crime in a failing school system but with schools in north the victim of repeated teacher strikes won that stanley says the longest in the history of the country have consistently turned out under educated population black students attending they'll earn high school one of the last for donnelly white schools and the
city recently demanded the ouster of the school's disciplinary and james knowles that they charge was ella black man with severe an unfair practices white students immediately began a counter protest and initiated a six week boycott of all the schools the bill burr district a few years earlier it was white students who call for moselle ouster for similar reasons either what happens in many instances in the city of york is that some whites about the attitude that anything black people want they don't walk moselle was eventually relieve the duties as this one area and resigned as an assistant was no teaching problems but the issue is much deeper than one teacher has to do with white fears of black controlled racial tension is now at such a high level that our black journal film crew was verbally assaulted and threatened by whites were demonstrating against an alleged takeover of galesburg high school by blacks they turned their backs on our
cameras and defiant oh ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow the american flag and under this american flag they use the american flag for all of this ugliness so there are threats for their intimidation yesterday to see them children being
interrogated under the american flag to me was a desecration of their flag it was not in on a plan to try to get a group together we like parents are afraid their children are fighting on this week with police that would be it and this for five years and it's been i think that that is for every athlete there in paris when we were automatically it's like waving a red flag in front of all they know that in flight like the white people's become fearful they react to fear this may be my wallet the white people and why are they afraid of a black we have not received a
cancer extent that he is the law and i think that has nothing to do with that it has the only become a case against whitey and now we are in a situation like this because banks horrible because it's people that you know better waving flags and they're yelling things like this but even though they say it really makes you feel it sort of goes your trust in human nature always living in the ellsberg area do not support has been i
think it's been kind of these banks i feel personally there is a lot of racial healing for the area the us for a long time i just wanted to sort of sweep the rest of the village under the rug and the sufferings of the way and take someone like in theory alley honesty and a certain ordinary don't know yet black pride black pop nineteen euro anymore <unk> formally larry hamm is the youngest person in history to serve as a board of education member of ellsberg's cool situation as an unfortunate controversies i think that right now this controversy is being used as a vehicle for political opportunist by anthony and carry our johnson piece about tony and
his final book awards on the new york city council endo i think it's very unfortunate that they would use their own people to further their own political careers at right now the thing that i'm concerned about is the seeking welfare lessons that it entails marshlands aren't improving public schools has to now from the sense of a ministry directives and policies determined by our only our administration here with education with the listing themselves trying to inculcate instance new priorities in absence a large demonstration in the liberty high school what students into a neighborhood where protest had not just food and instead marched downtown in front of the board of education there
in the beginning the gibson election signified a new hope and direction for black nor after years of giving part to those who use it against them blacks felt they were getting a piece of the action that dream did not last long newark city government is so designed that the marriage as weak as powers of all under the city charter the mare may not make political appointments utilize a budget or on various projects without the approval of the city council and that's the relationship between gibson and his counsel has been rocking more often than not voting on major issues is down along racial lines with the three black city councilman on one side and the six white members on the other a constant walking of summit gives him the most important programs as repeatedly led him to publicly complain about the lack of support from the council it has been a bitter lesson for concern currently black youth in the city are conducting a recall campaign against the three white councilman at large who they claim it legally in office because they do
not represent the desires of the city's black majority blacks who had high hopes of change in nineteen seventy to come to grips with reality and three years later yeah and the air and over where people will come together to make this city a city of respect a city where you travel you can say with dignity that i am a resident of new york this is certainly going to come up on the narrative says an illustration we announce a new day in europe's history doesn't reward our second that the snow leopards that failed to deal with the problems that affect our community wasn't a war
because of our war contains the city's worst loans we are ready to reverse this trend in order to save the city of nowhere no irony so an order to be say michael and do patrols and that will be held against us will be held accountable for his is is this i say that mayor can grow and prosper ios eight europe candidacy of tomorrow a city rich and opportunity for all us at a quality education and its people from the owner of the luxury of playing politics are business as usual was under recall the most black americans and say you know i'm
really expected changes we talk about i don't like to election day terrorist our election day danson down broad street in advance about what that new port in seoul like so now i think also begin to say wow like marriage is not a panacea the promise is still here the streets are still very still have abandoned cars abandoned houses problems sanitation the question of quality education law school system we need for better housing and of course the job opportunity i am rather than meeting of the cries of the white population there were slim left that gives and has complained that these mail for people guy servin can understand that but i think we do have to address ourselves and needs of the population who are the majority of citizens feel i think we do have to do more for them now of manhattan is you know dig through his tenure law is the fact that i'm
a capitalist and it's very difficult cause to respond to or locally they may make that impossible a past that of course we have a continuing problem a nest that's basic of providing the services to the public that they in fact before by paying their taxes that is there that late april you notice the other garbage and providing police protection pulling out foreigners and that is a monstrous job with the kind of step that would have been a kind of structures that we've inherited i think we've improved the way the city government has option and i'll think that the solution to the city's problems will be that will come dramatically up until com where you will be and that we have a problem of attracting all current top step people too take the job simply because the job does not pay enough money for the kind of
qualifications that we demand the race director's job is always a problem because there are some people who want one reason other people who weren't riding her car were her rose bowl lieutenant ed whitacre a fifteen year police force veteran was nominated by marin gibson as the city's police director but the nomination has twice failed to be approved by the new york city council whose members voted along racial lines because of the
country doing the people saying we have a strong male plug anything like it in a utopian city of new and said they didn't like the flag thing's council has a lot to say about what is effective counsel high as they say in terms of what will be done to the city most of the issues of course not all but most of most of the important ones used to go down to sixty vote along those lines like someone's and black to me and so you need to control the counselor as well and i think like we were always live in a situation where i'm able to make a protest in moscow is always right
such a small relatively easily supply because you know like have those offices the mayor and police chief's even though you know they should be functional more responsibly in my estimation still it means that the whites usually feel very defensive because they think no blacks when in fact they still control the money economy and ideas that control a city council and so they're very defensive about it we want to change is the political consciousness but that doesn't change is the most likely to be disregarded and this may change and there are you know whites have always carry your trespass to survive a crisis they
can say brothers in silence easy unfortunately some papers and some television shows wilkins says and large the overall unemployment rate is fourteen percent nearly three times the national average and the year nineteen seventy one thirty percent of the black males between the ages of sixteen and twenty five one employee although moore leads the state as a commercial and financial center it was the first major city in the country to have more rich workforce made up of commuters from the suburbs and from its own residents most people have to go out for any decent job at last i have no mouth of the old idea of the jaffee that anything i help live in the suburbs they come in and they will do that and they go back to the seventies that battle flag is that he only speaks with
others but the people that we have to find out the workers there that maybe appeal for a mall walk into the plantations and we're trying to educate our fellow workers into the problem better to rebel this because
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Black Newark
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