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well the program is made possible by support from viewers like you this is very important because bases and paying off the seattle chinese suppose from seattle washington dc today in esquire magazine she was just when the top ten women and therefore you maryann she was born in china raised in a very feminine charms are to newspaper i think she's a good example of a young modern china's first asian women to be taken to yellen's herself have i been in hong kong i would not be able to stop the newspaper of michael for a very few very important reasons one you need a huge amount of capital to start a newspaper in hong kong
secondly are you think that you'll be able to start you know that social connections parents nobody in hong kong so you don't have that kind of social spending it will be very difficult from the city says that anything that's correct and i think only in america you can do that is due to start the immigrant dream you know that he built from nothing and then have some sort of calm empire you know and as it gets too big a word for me to use that in a way it's true and creating a little am i thinking about just that very much want a lot more than
i tried to process the last ouch ouch ouch ouch ouch ouch ouch ouch i know you know you have to face it for more than you have to put on this didn't need the skirt suit and presenters powerful image to put on this front but i don't even like my navy news anymore i mean i i used to wear it but i like beautiful clothes i like actually to have the people who think he's a dozen professional
constant rises a lot of money so i feel really honored when she asked me to be in one of his feet are honoring her as the first citizen sometimes i feel like i was the girl when i was in hong kong i don't want to fight fight fight the two families personal friend constantly call her role model because of her security has her tenacity one of the youngest brightest stars in that king county area today she is the editor and publisher of the northwest asian weekly and has brought the asian community in its all of fans together now another fourteen years old the problem man of constant rise whenever she tells me to do
something i do want to listen i do it constantine me something she's that don't do it because you expect you got the roses for it do it because it's the right thing to do the pianist well i admire you we lived on the peninsula the patients
and then after that race in hong kong and then i came over in nineteen seventy one you don't have a birth certificate born in china in those days you were born in hong kong you have a red state like that you know what that means that piece of paper you know because you don't have that piece of paper you know have a nationality you know because it's a very strange situation is no space between china and hong kong i wrestled on the hong kong arrested and who would not be just such a tough needle down on my life in hong kong was sort of like the young middle class but there were times when we were poor and we needed money and then we start talking about going to college when i told my mom that maybe i should go to america he was shocking to my parents because
very few of our friends we're talking about even going to call it locally and surprisingly my mother she didn't even finish junior high schools but all three of her kids have a college degree we work three jobs to pay for all women borden and books and everything we never had to write a letter and say he oh oh be able to feel proud of my chinese heritage but in america things changing you were very proud of who you are your identity you ask to be an american as well as keep the part that is in fine new thrillers very different from the way i was raised as opposed to the way i play for my american born children
go when i was there it was through a very traditional way of looking at things they really seeing the woman as someone always behind and second class citizen and basically it's got a life i love and i care about is that the law if we were to lose the part because of the strength of your feeling that usually that ferry guilty very very early very secure millions and they feel good about what i've enjoyed my contributions i don't even know they have example more or home or whatever like i can't i mean i came home and i
thought that what if they say mom you need to discuss with me which the bay program is better for me i'll sit down and talk to me i don't go to the school that much because they do very well in school so therefore i don't feel the need of checking with their futures and on their progress but i do it counter teachers i said you know i have very low the time you need any money let me know what if you need me to chaperone the home is there a lot of people living on her assignment that a housewife and eight they can least have feathers sharper of the nineties flares started a new think i started a long and my husband was working full time in his computer job five years later my hat that our newspaper has grown a lot and my newspaper needed to
computerize so i ask him if he want to come in my company a little bit difficult for us because it was difficult for hours employees to him related to a loss so basically and the number one person doing all the management thing and he was the technical expert with all the operations i don't think i was cleaning my house and he feels very insecure to find his position and he doesn't want to be in the spotlight and now it's funny he worked more than i do he you know he looks like a dark for the news we've got the day seventeen may send a message which of course there's a murder case a bronx games spokane democratic white board member calls hotel owners changes and then the feds
abandon plans for a detention center in it being the idea being the international district there's every reason and the fact that your community has had a lot of problems between those are you know they'll come right though some problems asian gangs power is the problem in the day or many asian use at this because when they first came to this country they do have adjustment problems you know they are in school and in society employment problems the need for surviving in a new land in a new culture and on that a lot of the new immigrants coming over here which are very different from the pine the years that came in the nineteen century building railroads or service workers many of the new immigrants from taiwan and hong kong down very well off old fashioned they wanted their children to have the american education than the parents to
be in the workplace in america so therefore they have to leave their children in this country so their children maybe fourteen thirteen fifteen sixteen these immigrants children are left alone here in many of those big empty house opposes about parents our newspaper is presenting the reality of the community where you don't want to say he wouldn't have any problems that's your approach in the asian community or because of losing face they don't want to tell the mainstream society that you know this this is what they are facing we need help and i want to be honest to people so that people will be on this to me during the won the massacre the pressed the mainstream press they were frying take because they had no previous contact with the asian community so one wonders the crime occurred they were panicking really
close call and so by helping the other mainstream press we are helping them to get the information to let the community know that they think will all follow her job to follow i'm a journalist i want people to face reality assets and so i want my employees to the decide if they feel that i'm doing something awful happens like how many times he would say something that the audience engaged gender race and ethnicity and you know i don't know this it's in this might be too too too much of the other story the volunteer than people they worked very hard to get sleep the night before to get
their lives and i think that i don't want is the only thing i know like i don't know he's mr lee i have two different editor's the chinese addition the chinese adventure that takes care of the chinese the polls and then i have a wheelchair that first with a cassavetes care of the lay offs and the only person that chinese addition and which will go to the english patient and allies if you have to editors telling them that because pitchers they fight over each other it's important we have that diversified respect because many times you see things from the asian prospective you know really exist it is fine to work together you know we
learned so much from one another we need to cultivate them multiply perspective in order to make the news reached down you know straw poll to help me out of the newspaper and distributed newspaper write stories get business get apps because of rawhide too many people are broke so i have to do a lot of odd jobs and i sung it up this morning and get a huge reaction and then i went to shake off there are some interesting things and new things you know people always tell me over that by the way have you heard and then to cairo pick up her picture of connie chung because we have a little more on the earth today today is a deadline day and then i also start to get
some flowers and put it on top of the god of justice he is he has a tv god of justice to a chinese dog that takes care of him just as things for me because that's the idea like that you believe the illuminati is because very risky very tough school he says he helps them because of justice for instance every day and fresh flowers and fruits of us today is going to be late because it takes time to check in for you know the big picture of the paper i can go over line by line and very good at sketching things you use at a reception up to go to that i can only get a bomb or not i'm not sure depending on the progress of the paper today
having me i live with everyday a lot of fun five novels one time when he was victorious election still community who together two hundred and fifty people into tv we relied a lot of volunteers and by three committees and at the same time in our experiences we discovered that these marches toys they really enjoyed working in these communities because it was the first time for many of the aisle for example copies is to have an opportunity for people to caucus and they were very interested to find out the justice
league of people they know you're in real life that we like to connect the source of the complaint of the clinton administration that i never never appointed an asian american ness of this is the one that he just appointed as the head of the office of civil rights cases just a few hours you know we want to continue on the asian americans in the clinton administration alumni is a customer last quarter they always invite us you know except for my wrong name threw you put my name in my husband's undermine me oh i used to because the yankees do imitations ellington is there in that
sustain my maiden name with radio that's what he thought ah i like china and how we have japanese americans with owens billions filipinos chinese and even asian pacific islanders we have so many clothes in america so you cannot say that we're just one voice we have many needs we have many many many many cultures is there a similarity to most asians be feel a camaraderie because you're a jew who
is the common experience because of our immigration history we were discriminated so the only one we came to this country our forefathers outsourced generations they were usually two laborers and that's why they were in this country they were broadened his country and his first song of railroad geeks unions the farm laborers are brought us together because of our common history you do have come and go our common goals is to bring together this community unified them to serve our children that are going to present now voices to the government to bring a quality to this community and have
equal opportunity from this community can really make them see us as leaders rather than just sector tories are second class citizens as the bottom line of the organisation and then the other thing we have to educate the community as that we're not all model minorities ok don't look at the few asian americans who receive house ok students into classrooms that would be very bad for our children what dropouts and the source it because wherever they would not be able to get those kind of his assistant at sir i was one of the first female employee rotary club in washington state in fact i think it was a chinese woman the killing of ronald reagan at the time the rotary club that it wasn't a gentle woman in this
country is going to be a majority in the class legally sophisticated and maybe this is just before you know it is just one section and now i think we're bringing a different perspective to the top and excessive woman business owner and the last he has been
this week american woman lot because the foothills with your time they can't rely on one one another just because we use chopsticks are therefore you have someone that someone doesn't bother me that i try to use a very humorous situation in the middle of one billion people in china but everyone is distinctly american idol in seattle the asian community over here is two hundred and i don't find the same person that looks like one of the things that americans need to study voice that your people always asked mrs i was somehow politically
is that his hometown in japan the other thing that god occasions prices that certain terms they should not describe or coerce certain names because that is very expensive like beijing's china men or young told he liked to be called his asian americans chinese americans japanese americans it's a little bit long but actually you know that's a good word so few comfortable to use the word oriental is usually describing you can use that you know for food oriental fruit but not oriental feet tall because that is craving turned to it's been my life
Remarkable People: Making a Difference in the Northwest
Assunta Ng
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Assunta Ng – Immigrant who has become an important Chinese American community organizer and the publisher of Northwest Asian Weekly and Seattle Chinese Post based in Seattle's Chinatown/International District. Ng joined the Seattle chapter of Rotary International, before the parent organization allowed women to join. Program was part of a series of half-hour profiles.
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