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we are here with terry gross this portion of the broadcast day is made possible in part by genworth financial a new fortune five hundred company headquartered in richmond virginia serving the financial needs of fifteen million customers genworth financial built on g e heritage online at genworth dot com james bond it says because sometimes be with you
again fb you are today think it's somewhat desolate really up until the nineteen hundred if they care bill on watson reports a really good
go out there are trying to grasp from the flowers you're going to regulate with a highly trafficked ways it wasn't something that was viewed as it hi liz people going to funerals all the time people going into visit him walking and walking the dogs taken his first coming to visit we're all cemeteries were not designed to be just warehouse near places living a lot happens and people don't need reviews these are places with a family law visit london and the trees and it's actually at the river
it is what about government to richmond any particular to hollywood cemetery and just walking tour through hollywood cemetery has become a spiritual adventurer rene i can apply here in hollywood center and i read recently that if you walk through a cemetery in a community it gives you a great feel for the period in history of that particular city and hollywood cemetery in dairy cows you a period in the history of our city in the early eighteen hundreds richmond virginia was bringing to life as a new urban center in a largely agricultural
state for the first time industry choke the landscape and people climb dirty city streets the population grew and eventually the population died the time charges with a primary burial grounds in the city and they bore the brunt of the surging demand traditionally burials occurred in city cemeteries they were associated with the anglican church after the american revolution the church is removed themselves from ownership of the cemeteries that the city would acquire and the church remained there but the city within maintain the cemetery and in what occurred in richmond is that by the time say john started to fill up they started to move to other areas of town where they could indeed her just landed star burials there are cemeteries for blacks there are
cemeteries for the well to do baltimore as well most urban centers up to that point for literature to closure were treated fairly dense with death what's in the form of tried to do was to create a sanitary says when there's a lot of talk in theory about their oxygen that in florida yeah there's a year alisa became audience and all this correctly there are all sorts of scientific advances going on that have been codified but there's a growing sense that it is much more sanitary held seats would move these things away from the city within the of rural cemetery movement comes out of an early nineteenth century interest in it and purification says exact same time and when you've ever since roe extolling the virtues of nature that says this growing sense that you're really accomplishing two things that you're not
just solving the burials but also creating a green space partly usually not a strong tradition of urban parks before this this is really where the park tradition comes from in eighteen forty seven two businessmen and philanthropic collaborators from richmond virginia were each visit in boston massachusetts by chance their paths crossed the two men conversed and soon got the notion to visit a nearby cambridge they want to experience mount auburn the first world war a garden cemetery in the united states which itself was fashioned after the original role cemetery care law shakes in paris france they strolled among ornate monuments resting within a setting of trees shrubs and cons natural elements that live in what would normally be a somber backdrop the two men recognize that they were looking at a way to help alleviate the problems back home
william henry a hacksaw and joshua jefferson tried introducing foreign cemetery concept of it the two of them when they return to richmond met with some of the other business leaders in the area and have a discussion about could we indeed create a second that alternately in richmond and really modeling along that concept they have wonderful opportunity looking at army woods it would lose about a quarter mile outside the boundaries of this at richmond and at this point in the early nineteenth century was used for recreational purposes and hunting by rich neighbors to the south of it is the james river and the canal from a glop you can then look and see downtown to the city of richmond and it makes it accessible but somewhat removed from where most of the residents are indeed living hacksaw and fry secure the land and assembled the board of directors and
form the privately owned cemetery company and they hired a local architect to design the landscape but his proposal prove to elaborate and costly thomas ellis the cemeteries founding president discovered that a talented northern architect had received a landscape commission not far from richmond and i was approached him about laying out a cemetery arnott who had developed a strong reputation for his romantic landscape designs eagerly agreed to serve a hardee's would live in the area would present the ideal choice for the job and nasa plans to reveal plans do not think that the you know that
part of the tragic events in truth they're very different abu ahmed even walk up the walk that walk up and turn right and walk to turn left but it's a fairly limited experience the only thing about a way out of hollywood is essentially you'd have to short this is terminated by other trees he actually experiencing hundreds of small spaces ryan predicts that will be kind of take in the whole cemetery hollywood have moved through experience that there's no point we can get over the cemetery in the galaxy
and that's one of the geniuses of what he was trying to do was just a downside traces were found a way to stitch them all together gentlemen arranged in the plan at the cemetery i have adopted a position of the entrance i suggested on the northeast corner as most convenient to say it is also the most hollywood suitors there's also a second full of lots of trees with what it's like to begin no question the first name because for hollywood was not burn center in hollywood films because everything's the hollies so when all seasons you'd be full really full of extremes and it was not a
holiday road once not established plan we believe that more or less control an invasion there'd been some changes to it certainly but more or less that was what was done although not mince design was welcomed by allison the company public reaction was divided and usually the press was among those in favor the gentleman expresses the cemetery so emotional and so we don't really seem to be the spokesperson to future you know and build the supply water and intersected in every direction last seventeen rooms and labyrinthine but the voices of opposition seem intensified
residents complained that the cemetery was too close to the city and that it would ruin westward expansion by using a prime riverfront realistic in addition peter mayle the brother of a city councilman own adjacent land and clean that is access would be cut off for years he pestered the cemetery with the accusation sometimes using his brother's influence to make his voice her peter mayle even went so far as to have a sheriff shut down a public option for cemetery plots unless he could sell his atlanta hollen is another objection was the belief that decaying bodies would infiltrate the water pipes that ran underneath the cemetery less polluting the city's water supply but perhaps the fiercest opposition and a rose from a seemingly unrelated event richmond supported
multiple newspapers two of them are fierce rivals john hinton pleasants was editor for the richmond way and thomas rid she was editor of the inquirer both men were harshly divided by politics and each launcher and personal assaults on one another for animosity came to a head on the field of honor when richie accuse pleasants of being a coward and abolitionists facing off on a bank of the james river has its advanced on richie who fired volley after volley and when this moment we're only a few yards apart pleasants fire his first time and they really weren't in the game and even managed to strike richie and henry james worth the scenes and three cousins died two days later flush for a few years several people who were involved in the planet hollywood are on an associated with the
inquirer well i thought talk and the the way just turned on him there was some thought that imposing bodies would enter into the city's water supply or the way just latched on to this and just ran with it clearly mayer i want him to be in for a moment in nineteen eighty nine volatile gases so that you've become above ground is they must be one imagined that they are swallowing the remains of a friend or enemy would not that be sufficient reason the
incorporation of this but many years region there's one is the grounds of hollywood and on the way we have you enjoyed recently a visit to hollywood we came away impressed by mr remains when we show up past from times that hollywood would need more than just occasional praise to solve its troubles and we'll probably had was that nobody wanted to bury there to try to get the city to try to work things out of the city were things that legislature get chartered lots of charring of the cemetery to just one charter hollywood and they were only seeking a charter to prove they didn't need a charra they were going after charter to prove to people that this is not some adventure and make money just a terrible time literally idea that when a successful senator you've
got a very famous people for james monroe's our nation's fifth president and the fourth president from virginia he was part of almost lifetime friendship are between himself thomas jefferson james madison and i had a life and a career really of public service which ended up at rachel and financially by the time he left the presidency in at twenty five he had estimated his total debt brought on by public service to be about seventy five thousand dollars retired from the white house to heal and so those last year suspended until drivers on this major difficulties writing his memoirs but it wasn't un great sadness and loss for him in september of at thirteen his wife a little mental health sometimes died very cruel monroe went into a deep period
will he left virginia for dior his daughter and son in law ryan simon want to be near were living in new york city and the nose gently turned out to be the last nine months of his life with his daughter and son and all that because of the location of his city and if eighteen fifty eight over twenty years after his death a movement began in virginia to bring the remains the native sons to be sinful plays are there isn't one point a movement to bring george washington's remains from mount vernon to the state capitol the engine and the seat of government are and monroe was one virginia president did get moved actually nobody was a place called on july third
on july fourth it was a grand ceremony a great publication and in fact monroe was buried with full military honors there was a favorite music of troops as part of the ceremony probably one of richmond's largest that people's governor haley alexander won just one of the visionaries of realtors body that virginia governor was also the way for a large rock renovated public because of his association with the wise ministration was chosen to design and fabricate a tune that would be the
cemetery watchdog designed this incredible confection of cast iron it is a great piece of got the confection with o g arched <unk> and spiers it is a wonderful expression of exuberance and arrogance that the gothic revival could have but our recruiters didn't universally share that opinion when it was first made public and in fact quite a few people refer to it as the birdcage having the remains one of the founding father of presidents not only in hollywood cemetery went on essentially one of the highest commentaries of hollywood center and to be adorned in such a way i think all of that in some way played into enhancing the legitimacy and the attractiveness once monroe's body was placed in hollywood all opposition whether into
the cemetery and overcome many hurdles and was now free to pursue the original intentions of its design but richmond tears would soon find that a casual stroll through hollywood cemetery was much less important to their daily duties compared to a great looming crisis that eventually would demand their lives richmond's garden cemetery with a pyramid memorial day and famous residents in and it felt great to be able to bring you this terrific program this evening this is one of our local productions hear your community idea station hollywood cemetery i'd moved to richmond twelve years ago and didn't understand why senator in and hollywood was in richmond i learned that it's
named after watching this program i really wanna go and stroll through and i have heard so many people telling me how and or in hollywood cemetery is their lives family picnics and strolling through and going there during foliage season or this spring or this community a terrific accept that we are so happy to bring to you this evening on your community idea station if you appreciate what you're seeing tonight i hope that you will go to the phone and call one eight hundred four seven sixty four four zero and pledge your support we do have a wonderful thank you gift of the videotape of this program and we'll hear more about that in just a minute but your support makes local programming possible and we hope that you will join folks today we are going for a goal of eighty calls remembers during this program and you can be the first one or two by calling and now one of a four four zero
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ok everybody has their presidents monroe and tyler are buried at hollywood cemetery but here are a few facts about hollywood cemetery that maybe he didn't know did you know that justice lewis powell is buried at hollywood cemetery and when he died he was so well respected by the supreme court at all nine justices escorted him into hollywood cemetery douglas novel freeman is buried at hollywood cemetery mary mumford who is one of the leaders in establishing our state public school system is buried at hollywood cemetery less concern that's a name we all know and love is buried at hollywood cemetery and william barr an irish school teacher who's hot edgar allan poe is also buried at hollywood cemetery this program provides such a wealth of information and such a beautifully photographed setting what's not to love about this program this is the best of what we do here at your community idea stations give us a car now become remember
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it's thought that the first virginian who died in the civil war was buried in hollywood's and he was a young man he didn't one was cut down in the battle has gotten a ceremonial he escorted across the countryside and placed in hollywood during the song the reverend at first a more seemed to have little effect on the region of the conflict soon flow over the land and people lost the luxury of reaching for their country in the early phases of the civil war hollywood certainly had grown and developed it had been incorporated for a number of years having several hospitals in richmond really impacted the level of work and burials that were needed in richmond they were here in hollywood they were an oak wood they were
being interred on the battlefield with an overwhelming number of death and it really became a problem later on in your way and there was a need for workers to dig a grave fears that you can carry shovels can carry a gun you're off to war the most continuous raft american presence a whole different areas were digging graves great detail were cut of enslaved converts because there wasn't any an ambulance just began brain casualties and stacking them up at the cemetery lawn and religion and no one's problem just that the strains of the dead coming in and nowhere to put them specifically they start doing such a mass burial many of the enlisted member who were buried in trenches action and then you know went to the states in certain collector mark savage the dead from certain points
just an attempt to keep up and it was later in the war that materials to really mark the sites there was a blockade and the marble and stone and all that it's yours and to mark occasions going on were no longer available and they recently just going to ruin la cruz says there's some evidence of what was going on they also wasn't for additional property is the boundaries of hollywood did move outside of the official violence and there was discussions with confederate government and with the city as to where it should go nachos always done quite properly and that they always have permission to move in the direction is that they did that they were trying to enter the dead
wood cemetery did indeed support the confederacy and the words of the confederate government in richmond their money's were invested in war bonds in government bonds burial plots did increase in value and inflation was rampant and with ever increasing so what was three dollars before the war for a plot thinking forty and then became even higher than it's they did become a successful but what happened after the war is that they are basically in ruin and collapsed because the market has fallen and their confederate bonds and their confederate daughters are worth nothing after a white richmond there's such comfort within the confines of reconstruction with little or no money in hand they try to regain your composure any way they can and many citizens turn their attention to is how you
fall in the war there was a hollywood memorial association that truck on refurbishing ends the burial and the honoring of those soldiers that indeed lost their lives this organization was similar to those that were around the country of women who would band together to handle their lost sons and fathers and uncles and brothers they raised money through bazaars through benefits trying to make sure all the individual graves were unmarked and they then took on larger issues of honoring with memorial events and eventually with the permission of the pyramid the pyramid in hollywood senators and ninety foot pyramid made of james river granite that is one of the most prominent features in the cemetery and i think was positioned as such that it would be one of the first things that you would
see and it would be an eye catching on in nature as you are moving around the cemetery on enough to be in it you just me driving by it is a massive walker to those who are interred in hollywood and certainly richmond at the confederate capital had a significant role to play in honoring the last more and more people still graveside remembering family and friends who are victims of the war and what started as a personal endeavor tune in someone like anything for talking with us mara words is i think the more they come from just the need to
get the woman visiting the cemetery to clean up gravesite take care of them the mortgage or jerusalem richmond come from thirty first of may which was unbelievably the first day that can fire a curtain with in terms of war it was not uncommon to have ten thousand people calming wall they come into massive cleanup and decorations introduction now the world is in many ways
their condition when we start to see the whole day you coming into place her brain disease martin was meaningful and then moving into new attire century actually sued the creation of large numbers of water feature the cemetery records and it's really disappointing when and they're enough areas there are enough people coming going that really is taking on a life really becoming an icon in real estate the first political tourist destination this beautiful necropolis was first
opened for the tendency of that data about you from this going to sponsor parent teacher has done her part in the hill is belize relent skating races every variety for its plastic strewn hills ground and artisanal agent about rendering for the beauties of nature and almost eighty feet and the graceful curve of a broad canal how wood cemetery also promotes itself as a business and you are indeed interested in bringing people to your location cameras were not quite as popular in the polls so he could remember where you didn't tell your family where you've been and you can spread the word and concept of postcards happened in richmond that happened across the country so there's a number that were developed for hollywood cemetery featuring the confederate memorial areas morgan are in areas as well as news from the river if you're going to go to richmond
that was certainly one of the places you were going to stop and see that was a highlight of the trip you may have a family or friends or someone in turkey there this was again a memento and a way to remember what you have lost lead over seventy five thousand people are buried at hollywood cemetery before the middle of the twentieth century the vast majority of private burials were from white and well to do citizens most ordinary people but national figures also resigned john tyler is the other us president at rest in hollywood he ran as vice president for william henry harrison and took the canoe and tyler too and he ascended to the presidency when harrison died after only thirty two days in office teddy roosevelt called tyler a man of monumental moments that jefferson davis was the only president of the confederacy after the civil war he was
jailed as a traitor by the north and shunned by the sound who blame him for losing the war today is great was frequently visit a confederate general and calvary and then jeb stuart was considered the eyes and ears of robert blinded his commander with the late arrival at the battle of gettysburg he was mortally wounded a payload have been wonderful and from the union again general george pickett's name has been attached to the ill fated frontal assault on new line of his defeat on cemetery ridge is considered the high watermark of the confederate states after the war he returned to his hometown return unsold insurance governor henri a wise found himself embroiled in john brown's brown was hanged for treason against virginia at a wise refused to please the brown supporters to stay his execution during the nineteen fifties chairman of the richmond school board lewis powell
barely integrated public schools during massive resistance as a us supreme court justice he sat in the middle of the square li divided court and was himself often divided on issues like affirmative action many of the residents of hollywood were well known in their time but have since faded from their names now appear on local buildings schools and foundations lewis ginter help make richmond the tobacco capital of the world and he personally made a fortune by marketing and selling pre rolled cigarettes before and after his death he bestowed millions of dollars back to the community and still had plenty left to build the largest miles away in a hollywood complete with tiffany stain glass windows in nineteen ten merry month her fought to establish a college for women linked to thomas jefferson the university of virginia she sailed to convince the college of william and mary to admit women in nineteen eighty no uva opened its doors to women over fifty years later
newspaper editor virginia staton was a sudden little who fervently called for the advancement of african americans throughout the nineteen thirties and fifties although within the confines of segregation a brave stands for the south at that time that earned him praise by both blacks and once but also intense criticism downey's barnes douglas l paul freedman wrote the definitive multi volume biographies of robert e lee and george washington those one of poets and eisenhower were saying that it was friedman for suggested that run for president of the united states is among the writers in hollywood two early twentieth century contemporaries international acclaim for their pulitzer prize winner elon glasgow was occasionally beleaguered by rivalry from her longtime literary friend james branch traveled there unsettled relationship continued even after death but as rice that was one of the major writers american writers of the early twentieth century was richmond native had a tremendously hill
all the lords reputation and the toys that was a highly symbolic write a romance writer all major us senators sent us here to his friends and he was close friends with scott fitzgerald very close friends till my hand well his city today most popular was not a culture that was published in nineteen ninety and animated it was seized upon by the sensors and one man in particular who is president of the society for the suppression of vice i think that for the law went down through parables of the season played school novel brought forth all the lewd lascivious and invincible and thoughts one tells the venice of the vote and
the judge said not only was a beautiful song but he definitely runs them anyway three camels reputation really animated of song where the line is that this is very serious about it in the traditional western mythology but they're not stopping him the snowden was another major twentieth century lalas this incredible happened the residents of the same city she was a writer who worked in the vandalism that she was interested in reporting the life of the common man as you said in virginia from the time of the civil war on the one person in her novels that point we have of camels are not available for the uninitiated going to happen it's a real intellectual journey
as hosea summers was not have a higher education this is awesome and those middle of her novels were not well received at least a certain large segment of society because many people thought that she should be using her talents to glorify the best in the american civil war is always call the war between states shigeo realistic people of women who have been spurned lover face of the monopoly and sheltered life there's a young woman has a say a man as you get
closer to the one that's when mccain sort of a in a sense a literary center with pavel of glasgow hear a filmmaking came down visited one of those came down to virginia gertrude stein came to richmond and the case the gavel unrest that would get together for dinner again the military little information as soon as they can so i suppose on the surface
in this instance in two thousand and seven about some us a dozen whistle they would have and then within a few months or your son back in the nurse's and this is set eleanor as know that in nineteen forty five after her death she plays the woman with him was his autobiography and travel reviewed that and said that ocean science fiction or let's slap activities that interview about her for some time but that time travel was somewhat embedded himself because he had an enormous literary reputation in the twenties began to disappear after the ferry's ottaway in at least i should say and by the time of his death in nineteen fifty eight he was not
being read there was no reason and so i've often wondered workers was going to follow us the words that was the fault of the vote richmond's gardens and symbolism in art
you know if you look in the richmond books were poor as hollywood cemetery is right there on top of the one of the biggest tourist destinations now i've got to say i've been a rich with about thirty years not driven down the downtown expressway never actually been a hollywood cemetery until i found out we were doing program on it and i'm really glad that i did not only did it surprise the city beautiful park was nestled in a writer nolle of the city and like well as kimchi which is the north of the city ansari not only if you leave it in the long lens of the history that is right here in downtown richmond right in your own backyard and we're pleased to bring a program like this to you and that you enjoy it and we hope it inspires you if you haven't visited hollywood cemetery to go take a look at it for the first time and if you happen to maybe see it in a different light and you remember dollars help bring that to make it all possible and the only way that we can bring it to you again is quite remember dollars membership is a big part of what we do and who we are and we're asking you tonight to become the number one eight hundred four seven six eight four four
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no man's land the people buried in hollywood each have provided insight into who they were and what they didn't like they employed artisans to build iron ore still reminders that cleverly tell small stories about the day and sometimes about the things in its own way each mine also contributes to an overall effect on the landscape or walk through hollywood is really a walk through a nature center it is a walk through an art museum you'll find many many very sentimental things here but see these markers were put
up at a time of great romanticism it and some of the two markers will have an open bible you will find many different types of crosses you'll also find many of the natural things like the roses and that would be you know in a sense you'll find here instead of steel plants on the marker you're gone but we will be together once again we're still chilling together you'll also find torture is that the torch is turned day and that newness the flame alight an army is a circle
it's a circle usually the race will have perennial flowers and flowers died in the fall they come back in the spring there's a lot of politics in the cemetery and the hamas is reaching out to the side and the novel is also means the person has reached a great heights but then sometimes you'll find a novel is that short that's probably had the rape of a child i wasn't given the opportunity to reach their full potential as she walks through you'll see symbols attorneys something about a person maybe their professional charters was the fire captain the juiciest hat you see all of the symbols of the firemen the who says it but you'll also see maybe organizations that they were part of especially the masonic symbol or
c the compass one that always fascinates people is the dog the dog stayed outside historian peter spark for many years and there was a little white named charlie who want the dog probably charlie would walk with his mother and he always wanted to pet the dog and ike in addition he probably even want to get on and ride the dark because if the new permanence of the daughtry charlie loved the dog so much his father or the doll for hillary and then charlie sloth sister died and it was permitting leaks and the dog was moved out here to the cemetery where local permitting his family and it's been standing guard for a long time now we at the time of the civil war the sound made it either so if you had a church
maliki and had a test on gay men that was given to be melted down for our moments of when they moved the talk to hollywood cemetery would always say visitors find artistic statues place throughout the cemetery near the great james monroe people are often drawn to a stone figure of a kneeling woman it is so in your face this monument three is easily recognized as much more than a typical gravestone is also the only gravestone designed by richmond sculptor valentine most of the folks who were having had stones carved or markers laid for the cemetery would not have commissioned and from an artist like him or valentine and
it would have been much much simpler than times work in general are included a lot more of these types of figures are mr valentine was born in eighteen thirty eight to a middle class family here in richmond and edward was the youngest of seven children as the youngest child who have the luxury of explain his interests perhaps more than his siblings and in the fifties traveled to europe to study art and spent quite a bit of time in germany to study with me for a long long time in august kids he had been embarrassed about all of the years of the civil war and ultimately though his father died at sixty five and that's what brought him back to richmond he returned to a city that had just recently suffered a long and terrible period of time which
concluded with a major fire in the city and so conditions are very hard and a lot of artists to try to find work when people are certainly more concerned with where they would finally clean water shelter and more important things after that the bread and butter of his career really was portraits in general within the body of work that he completed in his life and your valentine sculpted portraits of many confederate figures like he also spoke of portraits of many other people as well are they coming fairly steadily while they're not seeing large commissions it's so what keeps you and what on the other hand the projects that are perhaps
more meaningful to him more artistic works if you will would have been the ones that would have maybe been more year and dear to his heart but we're not the works that's all the recumbent way the life size figure that the chapel at washington and lee university college really in many respects his big break the references appeared in major newspapers quite frequently about projects that valentine was beginning work on or had just recently completed work on it and so the public was invited routinely to come by the studio to take a look at her work valentines studio became such a popular destination visitors to studio came from all over the world and many famous names today are listed on the gas register oscar wilde woodrow wilson
the grand daughter of queen victoria there was a steady stream of people coming to see him as he worked ever valentine his work or not terribly well known today is quite possible that this decision to stay and work in the south may have had something to do that by nineteen ten that edward valentine's set aside his career as a sculptor and spent the last twenty years of his life researching the stories and history of richmond it even become president of the valentine which is brother started from a personal collection of historical artifacts relating to the city today his name is perhaps better known locally for his work with a museum and a lifetime of work in school after his death edward valentine was put to rest in the family plot in hollywood cemetery there is no elaborate statuette as greta signifies like this morning it
is a simple majority only a small plaque hollywood's plants mature floor and decorative monuments hearken back to the nineteenth century but they've also become a modern backdrop for our college professors often send their students to wasilla simon's for photography class those among the stonework for cd cover artwork and musical artists and performers have used the cemetery as a setting for music video production hollywood has also become a destination and a subject for landscape artists painting is my primaries
and sorting out i've done some of the buildings in richmond hear that my overall preferences for more past oral sentence i painted near the entrance looking back up the hill and on the far side looking down and then you're very large trees and the one i'm working on is the fourth in that centered pictures i'm going to be working over at this southern bank of the canal in the hills they get that much more interesting is you can get the news looking down and have such wonderful picture of the moon some beautiful curves of the railroad tracks as well as the canal making her loan lined with trees and very lightly acidic nature
reserve or something doesn't get the retail called sea unseen muskrats and can now i seem to hear sounds like the tensions in the city it's not a typical cemetery getting more of it as a park where people happen to be buried in sand curious reversal or a feeling that you get from the cemetery and much of the soul of richmond is in how you still have that feel and that graceful landscape of that lush landscape as you walk through while there certainly didn't
change him a charity to it and it is not every element it's still captures that feel and that lushness of what the original designers were trying to create and his wife about the plays a special way and i think that's what it is i realize it's trains talking cemeteries this fourth wife visit there is the sort of great comfort in quality about the place but more than that it's about to visit a friend i went very story have a tv
it is the story of a people it's very people have every dollar or leave me here in theory or you make the wall painting why is out their own heads that this is my life in it it i'm not a
movie the road have you enjoyed about how you lead rich man's garden cemetery are your community idea station we are locally program to we introduced this program right here in richmond and we are enormously proud of it i hope you enjoyed it as much as we did and as much as we enjoyed bringing it to you now's the time to call in your support of this kind of production if you enjoyed hollywood cemetery if you enjoyed that wonderful
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so i'm done with the gap and others announced it is a surprise because of course they know these things and i find them on the community idea station workers saw that sears they told us that her quote more what the evolving of course they've been preparing their losses the party is over and on opening day there we were just kids
making memories can be won a life's greatest pleasures of capturing those memories can be just as much for i am cherry bad and i want you to join a lie right here in your community idea station for my brand new special making memories with watercolors it's been the pittsburgh has been hi i'm tom rosenthal you're watching your community idea station the
tell it on the mountain boys of alabama the grammy award winning in a very special featuring guest are there and that'll pretty high stable michael frances robert randolph the rubble art and john mcchesney go tell it on the mountain the line was an alabaman a special community this program was made possible in part by the financial contributions to your community idea station by viewers like you thank you they know the days where we lived on the farm an important part of getting ready for christmas was a trip to richmond to the shopping there was always a way
to dramatize sixteen train from paris oh i better meet its status in the us and it at home we're random each episode and railway station on the sounds that changed casey now across the region listening to wait wait where we stand now
Hollywood Richmond’s Garden Cemetery
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