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with me their general departments secretaries mary courtney and when the lawson very over here at the front desk and when to back your windows dr hanky ok lucky to meet dr frank parish is the head of the department of journalism and mass communications their new mexico state university dr hertz is ahead of this apartment what are some of the things that you see as advantages to students and working in an operation white haired beauty tv of course one of the gang we have used our radio and television stations as practical i am smart we've either great advantages to this service is a proportional department or weeks but first things familiar to perform as professionals that we find that they are having this type of training are graduates are much more employable than they would be if they were involved in a typical academic study by providing partial inspiration for many years there were
only five of their employer the world i like to find this a marvelous experience in an inn in working and what i actually want to do like the show as an example it is true we find our students were doing exactly the jobs here in their training experience will be done when they leave here in a professional operation that we consider ourself to be punished broadcast operation would you also well thank you very much for talking with us and that i think will go down now and be their general manager care the view gee mr james crime mr bratton i was wondering if you explain to our viewers some the differences that you notice between working in this instead station and in a station as professional athlete you're thinking
i think for someone to be aware of the fact that probably ninety nine percent of the television stations around the comparable commercial or noncommercial do not have a student steps of any kind they might have one or two students working on a part time basis but not in the same sense that we do your job one and two we are unique situation of course in that our station operation is closely integrated with an academic program here at university which train students in broadcast production and we feel that tel twenty two offers a unique opportunity to students in the department to learn on the job skills and eight and operating broadcast situation that serve students would not have
if they were simply to receive training outside of the station environment of course the fact that we have students working in the station is also an advantage to the station operation and that we have positions held which would not otherwise be killed because of a limited budget and so we have to count heavily on students to perform some of the key jobs at the station and where we're grateful for this working relationship there are however some disadvantages which should be mentioned in all candor one of these is that said because station because students rather common goal in now the program we do not have a steady labor supply of students that are old that a consistent level because of his turnover we have to train students
that are coming into the program to do the jobs that need to be done and this is obviously a disadvantage okay thank you very much mr garden i think we'll go in now and meet some of our engineers on the engineering shop which is in the north wanting of alcohol before we get to engineering will be passing through a car shop very reason we don't want to set set to see and care and takes place this is the engineering shop where many of the repairs of broken equipment take place very carefully this is also the office of the engineers who help keep us on the air the other ones and take care of the transmitter supervise studio operations in june to make sure the city that everything isn't working conditions are over here at his desk as howard wagner he's in charge of studio operations here care of it and early might seem again later on that for now i
think we should have gone out to steal way so we can see what howard is actually in charge of here we are in studio a steal is one of the largest coal or studios of the rocky mountain west and put a lot of pretty good use rather hear care w g looking around the studio you can see a couple of the sets had have been set up will be used one of them for instance a and monday nights the one over there in the corner is up for the record i'm in your show then now over here is news you twenty two the smoky sienna and that's the hair color new show which is on every weekday night at six pm ricardo was on a nine pm on monday nights and then now the rest of the studio space is reserved for other sets which you can see at this time for instance the prism set which is right out there in the middle and there you can see it now what you'll see at later on in the show as is production control
where a show like prisoners he focuses controlled from and sitting at the switching panel as art director june fifth one and sitting next to him is our assistant director michael fitzpatrick both of them hold other positions here care the beauty mr fick when is the production manager and mr fitzpatrick is operations manager what are some of the things that go on behind the scenes at carrot of eugene long run television is one of those things that you can do with just one person takes several people and so there's a lot that goes on your home state for example if your body and at the present time out in the studio which he saw few moments ago empty the center has been set up in the finishing touches are being put on the lighting that involves several people when we actually get the show rolling beside myself i'll have an associate director is matt an audio man who is working with the audio board here in my lap there'll be a cameraman on each of the two cameras that will be
working with another former leader whose job it is to do the talent to tell people on the floor how much time is left to keep cables on the way out a multitude of things to make the titles move up and down the screen tvs show in addition to that there are more people is a law called the master control or those responsible for putting our show actually on the air the scheduled time and there's also an engineering staff some of the men who have to take care of things like getting videotapes on like videotaped stings started blocking all the technical investments on the cameras than one of the engineers right now it's saving our cameras or making the technical investments or color or a picture of brightness and so forth for the show will be doing here in men's robot find in just few moments he will
move those cameras away from trying at and we'll begin the start of the show and maybe the easiest way for the viewer to see what goes on behind the scenes is for them to watch as we get the show started ok roy you never know when the cameras are really pleased and let's get mike's on bread and irene please we have about two minutes till show which changes the opening tape on please at our pre check a crawl ok cameras are immature open
shot please you have about one minute camera to dolly and will please injected focus camera one thousand men will open on a closeup on bradley's ok standby role videotape standby to take it on videotape three ready to come up on videotape roll tape five seconds upon taste audio on tape standby for krall standby for mike sandwich you really mix apples are
super all crawl ready camera too stand by the fed the audio only tr and open mike standby queue tower played it on the two are on camera to end too now we're going to talk to some of the people that we've already seen this is master control and i think the first person she talked to some nasa control or another sunday right now is to marry good so it's not running very carefully at the us and you find that it's pretty difficult job of hilarious of your responsibility is as far as responsible for to lobby for
what we call the period between videotapes is what i need to live among the parks are unloaded and then marry just come on top of the bottom of the hour and respond to ensure that it slides sliding chords on the air at the same time and making sure the videotape of mormon going on here and i'm just following this law that we have the time to go for the fun and then the brake and in different parts of everything every year and that's on this law they'll think your image and now we'll talk to john cohn
who's the trends are transporter engineer on duty tonight are giant i interrupt you for a minute you know what is exactly what are you doing right now it's been okay and it i think wallace rewarding later on but what are your other responsibilities besides running that egyptians will primarily through translator and also okay well what we see do something with the transit market on our transmitters remote control it's located about twenty miles away from their state fairgrounds so sensitive that i could put our hands on a cooperative it's necessary to drop here and that means the
fence whether operating around and this log which are keeping here know this is entirely different from a program on is that investors have to be sent to the fcc files and the fcc wants to say they aren't as is ok well thank you very much for your time and for letting us interrupt you we're now let's move into traffic and continuity where out the law but she saw before is produced and also we take care of all the videotapes which also saw previously well here we are in my home away from home the trafficking continuity office here cared of eugene is my desk over here and it's where i produce that's a way station program one that she sought him out there on the desk is just right here is for
trafficking continuity well rather just traffic this is where we can control the mailing in shipping of different videotapes like that you see there on the desk and this whole bank of videotapes that we keep over here against the wall these are all programs that you either seen uncared of each year will see in the future and that we keep them for a week or so and then send them back to the public broadcasting service or on to another station on our network since we're not going that we're connected station owner network affiliate in hope to get that now work in the near future so let's move on out to the newsroom in the center's steinberg the producer and editor of newsweek twenty tu and her student and professionals that this is the newsroom or newsweek twenty two is produced in the fall solution for a character nietzsche fm pass on the site really isn't in the news right now so we'll be talking with her associate director and producer ed sweeney and we interrupt you for just a second
i how long you been working here you know and you appear on the air was so were your responsibilities as the assistant producer for this system and also i mean as an assignment that generally get asked you also was have a responsibility as reported and she writes about the absence of others are i think ok well thank you very much either some students working in his right now are getting ready for the next newsweek twenty two over our in the corner there's victor marrow he's the sports director your character peachy and we didn't go over and ask him a few questions before he rushes off for another sportscaster
it and they're okay or even doing sports care and sports science neighbors you know six months or something like that and waters of the problems you encounter or do you encounter new problems as a student working in the professional world and let's talk now with video director of newsweek twenty two a student here care of the g and then an issue randy bailey rainey can interrupt you for a minute carl what what exactly are you doing right now linguist grant or some kind of get cameras on the right people in the right and trying to get the right insurance with the story that the right eye sees some initials like ck what does that mean that means committee at a certain point all along what we call the soul and that's what you're seeing on the screen pictures something
i'll wear your other responsibilities besides doing what you're doing right now well yeah i mean as far as directing that i have to make sure that well like i say i make sure that each picture each camera to record like i have to make sure all the graphics are what with four men all right that in order to make your longtime an adventure well i think about a lot and think ok i just started in the last week are regular wreck isn't something that you want to continue doing it after you graduate thank you ready
now let's go talk to be a spanish newspapers and hear a carrot of utica to know the intimate all want you tell us what you have to do as the spanish newscast you to put together your part of those oscar winning twenty two well first of all i didn't want to make the national nation's years ago apparently people will be writing and how much how much time are you a lot on the show are i mean do you have trouble getting all that news compressed into five minutes with the time long long not really well what about the graphics and visual stuff that go at that gathering many
spanish graphics that people know and understand it and spent years these the unions i've been asking around right now to me it's about what they say and how about how even doing this mission is going it has since maybe that's what you'd like to do you think they'll think you're a much for talking with me you heard pedro talk about closing graphics allows were going next photograph that era that the royal court workers produce here we are in graphic graphic artist were beaches are you right now our for graphics artist who's here for three and half years and scared indeed use of what the right cable station with your soul and she's now graduated so she's not here either but
this is where the crow accuser produce that we talked about the newsroom says were graphics for other shows are produced art a call for instance for trials end credits of the initiative this christmas i'd be which will be using i'm just very shortly so actually this is where everything that has to do with our work and it is and i guess that's about it censors unknown in a moment to talk to people i hadn't out to steal a again and before we leave concluding the show that is activists and others that with yogurt making world without waiting for you know
Early Days Tour Of KRWG-TV
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