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air this program was made possible by thurston charitable foundation an oregon public broadcasting with additional support from pails foundation and viewers like you long can your area especially just because it's it's such an incredibly beautiful spot the most powerful majestic part of the whole region and the river slid sells hundreds a tremendous asset state it stupendous really fascinating was tom life of our people there's no place like this in the world return to protect their will at
the end of the head of the columbia river near the foot of the steep secondary mountain surrounded by on a grassy plain light source and find lake solitary wild covered with eternal snow and mountains connected to mountains with immense glacier is a collection of the ages the most fantastic part of the canal that then it comes into the columbia later men from very diligently when the mayor and then the bottoms out and now as it comes down the forty miles of comes to hear about forty miles and that's the end of my top line is where that boat is i have five miles of a trap line was down to the end of that i think
or are the systems here's a beemer on right here going my back in the bush and mary's come out of the river right there i think also in a trap right here should be a good police we've been tapping are that wine for at eighty two years and for the last two years i haven't caught any baby jesus and this is because they've been shooting the mayor weaver it also and i think it was nine female beaver last year and not one of them had a baby inside of them so for my
feet i mean do those things every day to make on earth today gotta do what a new duet that's what i did in the digging out through farm and updates it but i said come in now and i said i got to do it they've offered me five hundred and fifty thousand dollars for this place what do i need that much money for i like it here i like i like you i just i just love them there
are to two to say some things to the community hundreds of people came up to me as the waters of the lake rose around this tv inquiry into his mind and wanted to know if the lakers can overwhelm the tv so that created a sort of social tension as the waters of the wait grows closer and closer to his tv the liberals controlled by damon counselor landed him in colorful girls used to be controlled by someone's when it doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason only goes up and on camera stores water in three storage dams in british columbia and operates a surge onto with the us to deliver that water to the border that is then used in downstream problems basically we have sold the water to the united states so they can use it only please candidate receives half the increase in energy capability of those dust it's difficult
to maintain any kind of a short list for so the river's only entirely goes up and on forty or fifty feet we have a storage reservoir some likened it to a battery so it up and bring it out they are established the high watermark every living thing between the high water actually quotes which meant that all of the homes reforms building's roof in my house was put on four logs and i dragged a boy a cat when these deals were done thirty years ago because of those who were taken from quite different sentences are so prominent today but it's not the power that it is the rest of the concerns or two we were about our fisheries and wildlife and recreation the extremely short shrift twenty years later local people were constantly changes things as
many as sixty rupees a year my employees were all local people we try to keep as much of the money as possible so we tend to sell globally and produced locally so tb is in japan germany and the united states all over canada i'm always amazed that where we get orders from i couldn't imagine at this point living in a world of nowhere that i have gone even begins to compare his new cd instead it this is just these trappers spent the better part of their lives and indeed many married
even through informal arrangements with the bride's father perhaps the forests are down without offending public opinion could also divorced her as casually as he very recently told her to go home and she went to spike lee's of marriage and separation many marriages developed and lasting things it's the dress of homeless wait until serious mr liu indian tribe is brought to before she went through a cleansing rituals designed to render her more pleasing to like party she was cowered recently garments were exchanged those of more european style gentleman of the fur trade were sensitive to any suggestions they might be behaving in and civilized manner by marrying
colville their cattle falls was a major for a trading center and an eighteen forty trappers began introducing their wives to the table cheese factory john worker married the daughter of a french voyager in spokane indian felt fortunate in his choice of a wife a little wife and i get on well she has to meet an affectionate partner is imported been instructed that she is and take good care of my children and myself a lot of the odd french canadian fur trappers did mary have a lot of raw indian women so we have a lot of our tribal members with a french canadian ancestry the cold falls area was one of the great biggest trading areas in the northwest the salmon grows utilize by our local indian tribes for bartering with other indian tribes saw the columbia river really was kind of the lifeblood of other unions in the northwest it was a free flowing river before the
dams were built it represented a part of or our tribal culture because of the a salmon runs i came up the river a lot of them say that they could almost walk across or on the backs of the salmon dr tribal members in those pre a grand coulee days were concerned about the loss of the salmon fishery but i think at that time it was decided that it was wasn't cost effective to put in a fish ladder grand coulee dam could be of course the highest the largest them the world at the time both reached out beyond grand coulee dam and now they're one bar fishery at this issue says about all those that were living on the
river that have been moved to higher ground and they even had to move a two communities on the reservation it completely changed the way of life of our tribal members you see i guess this is after fifty seven years we have finally the friendly than the news that was our reservation this is
it's true and water flows from north dakota is to give people were under president will get that moment in the morning it to me projects is a distant
relative to retire in two thousand it was about seventy some days to confirm what is the thing that has surprised many people buried in the concrete know and nobody will and the drone war to those of an air to
air it's because he's been one of the interesting things about the basalt columns out here is that there are massive law before at one point in the column school and now you can see
broad based and going down with ric alliance going through them oh that's really beautiful one of the negative things about that is that volcanic rock is generally fairly unstable so it tends to break away and chip away so you have to be careful that you don't pull off removable handles and i think partially it's that attracts people who like to be in control mandate you'd want to control you fear and you want to control the environment the curia the interesting thing when you come out through here is this trail down through the rock and i know of no other place around like this free climbing area usually you're climbing on some of the topography relieved he reaches reaches downwards and i once you down they can start to climb it feels like some of these
blocs loose theft theft from concentrations of folks really think iraq it's been twenty three years knowing that it was in or
fortunate enough to raise a world that kevin ware iran to form an excellent point resort it provides a good story so we just try to kind of small operation begin with get a few orchards in unused are doing two things with regard to training and racing and breeding them and ultimately will approve the idea of the remains of leeway almost everybody that comes your comments was the look of the river as beans he
says morrison supporters certainly the sense that same sense of strength and free will even though we have done quite a job of trying to hold it back in many ways and we have i recognized the appropriateness of the site as being authentic wild horse country and the sense of horses that are untamed and running free i have always inspired in many people inspired just think that it's a metaphor about our own lives or free spirited for the river to be given back some of its freedom
i hope that that can happen in the future we may be able to harness the power of the sun in such a way that we can take out the dams our health as a culture is going to be reflected in how we treat the river if the river as wholesalers then we fail both realized salmon issue is important but hey we all feel that they're there needs to be a rational balance in we've seen all of this bouncy road all of the farmers i know the columbia basin are very concerned about stability of their water elegy each
will it without that allocation we wouldn't be here on the base in projects or water comes from grand coulee dam and is distributed through the five hundred plus thousand acres of the congo basin known heroes all broken and sagebrush and obviously we think of the real disaster of agricultural sure that i don't think anyone is asking for a more water is asking for guaranteed protection in this particular a ranch we have modern forty acres in the organic certification program and it does serve those particularly well here because really wary of there are a lot of a lot of the past problems that some of the older growing district would have to face
the river is a tremendous resource is probably been the single most important attribute a resource to the to the state's economy i'm from our money to be ambitious do i would like to have and my own militias some they end history for a resident and right now bumps it i mean think about the common it as a citizen and on that story in a column about ten dollars a day or someone got an r you can rank them fix this then the opinion at oregon involves a day it's a reality especially intriguing they were on their shoulders or nine hours eight nine hours yeah i mean this is you know honestly at white people or asians or someone
else to come to figure out roles i only been seeing these very fateful daily will be pleased the ones that are making gasoline or we can discriminate in and buy because everybody shows so caro you win not the coffers and even so we have to hire those guys anyway we have we have to get the angles further assurance something that they are aware of anyway you're likely not only of his long manifesto mexican people i love nature <unk> your marriage and so when my kids playing when my life on the river is he's just realized with these pieces general more to
the first italian hostages to have it now has the largest accumulation of radioactive waste in the western world fifty five million gallons of highly radioactive waste are stored in the one hundred and seventy seven underground tanks sixty seven of which are known or suspected to have leaked waste into surrounding soil one thousand one hundred individual contaminated areas are identified some leaching into the river basins close to the river need to be moved it will take four years to clean up with an estimated cost of sixty billion dollars jamie in hearing nolan and damning long dances whole area off and now that air is long gone we got some ways to clean up now but is an assumption because of that we're sitting on some the greatest wildlife habitat left
mean this is that you can try to come up with not see deer coyotes and badgers here we are now making an oddball new course they feed on the salmon yep to understand this probably only maybe six percent nearly six hundred square miles of this real estate that was ever really contaminate so there's three miles and miles and miles one contaminated areas here for what we've had a federal government protect innocent person that's gonna go away some of these plans are only access and access to water who were not sure and now and we're going to really try to protect that fourteen dams on this river this is the last stretch we got this last free flowing stretch and i'm sixty one
years old and a scary part about that has been majority of all those dams have been built since i've been here this is the only thing we have left to look back in the past and actually realize what the river looks like we've got fifty one miles fear of flowing river some awesome puerto spawning grounds left in the common room it's a wholesome farms fine brown left the united states for fortune and norway should this area people you know this is public land that were not taken this land away from anybody cause we already own this a people's or in seattle as the people in oregon will only a slim and we need to protect that for the future generations it's
the worst we are there in great numbers tell us past three large large is on the starboard side there which great numbers of salmon was drying and scaffold near the entrance of one of those math lodges i saw many squads engaged in splitting and drying salmon those people appears to live in a state of comparative happiness to take a greater share in the labor of the women and i am informed our content with one wife those people are also those of the flat heads they appear of mild disposition and friendly disposed at four
o'clock we set out down the great colombian accompanied by or two old cheese some mountain bearing southwest comical form covered with snow soon after we landed which was at a few willow trees unions came from the different lodges and a number of them brought word which they gave us we smoked with him and two of our party played on the violin which delighted them greatly dress are similar to those of the four except the rooms are smaller and do not reach lower than we used to be a quarter of them have scarcely new robes at all air
that's right for a woman it has started is a random survey that only suddenly on what they're talking about but if it gets better or the plans doesn't start your words and now my second husband works here at less than our fear and stetson awards fear i have is that we're here is very family oriented most of the people living of elderly if they work as planned opening of the shutdown though is did you get your parallel months or not it's an awful silver is an electricity they also supply lot of jobs to this area this year energy that sam hill was captured
in building on this location that the energy of his vision seeing that this part of the united states both were in washington would be a tremendous interest to tourists it stupendous really sam neil married the daughter of james j hill of the great northern railway her name was mary and they had a daughter mary and leslie have a name mary hill for the cesium when he designed a home he decided as a mansion prior to his actually living here his friends in the art community persuaded him to turn it into a museum one of those ladies with queen marie of romania and she in turn was able to introduce him to a lot of the titled people who had art collections and she herself with her retinue traveled by train across the united states to this very very remote location in nineteen twenty six and dedicated the museum for a very good friend
it's always with a sense of amazement visitors walk in harvard and gallery and some of them because of our remote location or have even been known to ask are you sure these were dams are real or i can assure you that they are you know we had been brought up a quaker a very firm believer that peace between human beings he was terribly apart by the carnage were while he was visiting stonehenge on salisbury plain in england and one of the legends surrounding stonehenge or that it was a sacrificial location he realized that a young man is still being sacrificed at this time to retire so he determined to build stonehenge
after throwing away a good many things and bringing up most of the dead boards of our awakened so is to lighten them got my washing and cooking done and started on again cross two branches of streams have camp near the gate of the cascade mountains where i was sick all night cause by my washing and working too hard eight years scott i
would go across the river bridge sometimes i just stop and the other side and i looked down and kind of draw a deep breath all up and down the river and there are these fantastic magnificent vistas that you just don't have any other river that i've been associated with but something about it why would come up and look over various parts of the formula and it gave me the inspiration to write another section and i'm in the river another mood is as it is today you know when the sale board of the kind of really really spectacular you know my grandparents but i think that a lot of people didn't realize like close
the floodgates on the beltway and that would be the endless ally will fall and i think one of the things that as a writer i try to do with think about that change that happen and then and then capture on paper a memory of that people realized there was a great fear the greatest pitcher in the north american continent where native american people from far away from the sort of trade and the gamble the gossip young men young women will jack looked over the flat waters its ally like towards the belt than there used to be some wild river roared through the old gentleman said involving thing for an ad that you saw the water even with those warnings so many people around them he said that when you have the caveat to keep away from the river my his parents were in the bed might learn there
wallace is a miniature version of a lot of vaults around here in the fast whitewater and this is the last and were keeping like they get in line and we go where if they get asked sure that we get the notion that somebody falls in and drowns and then the water in the fish comes up five runs on it might affect her body and so a lot of our fishbowl bishop there's a body then now we believe a martyr in our religion our culture and that's people say is well it's a superstition superstition to you it's not to us the pink robots you know just said
there's not too many of us that come to the quick that the fish because it's a mix of me never and don't want to do it and not where the river will take you some a list of providers for many fans and this is a way of life that we share everything that kept lawns are really really down her to live there main thing is sam takes part of our sportsmen take part of our fish you know are you and they pay for their fish they don't like that because we don't pay for an average right around skins are people done it for centuries on centuries the spring fishes mostly for animal in our culture he goes
through all kinds of obstacles ocean fisheries are coastal fisheries natural predators and come back he represents our life our style we fight we fight to survive just like the fish bites to survive in the conditions that he's put in it with all the people at the mouth of the river and stolen our fish back into the deeper main stem of the bombing of their home not there and they wait for the dark time to get some vacant when the people get on the river from the mouth of the river then our fish for a criminal set old the
mouth of rivers to wind surfers and nowadays the stress on a river has become more and more a lot of the fights the wind surfing sites along the river are in jeopardy of being closed in certain areas where a apparently is entirely a fishing for the county of danger or if you can i've been everywhere i'd say it's the windsor example of north america but there's a whole other life going on your site from wind surfing without a latina goes on an ally of that three industry here in thousands of orchards up in the hills it's not just a win certain place that was a little tension sometimes because ceo when serving as a relatively new sport and he going old downtown red river which one's ways hardware stores and railroads and now every store the windsor and
shot because a lot of attention there is kind of like i don't know nirvana or haven't held in servers i guess they realize they live for and i really want my filly first time you're on the floor and you know why the people caught in tan it all unravel what people experience as being right on the edge of control you know like one lander i finished law school last spring in maine and to the bar in july how oreos and then i came up here for a break and let the person they're now going to be marrying a fellow windsor i mean it's a lifestyle
climb your area especially just because it's such an incredibly beautiful spot i mean it's it's nestled in between out there and not a lot of these parties going back on words coming from the way of lending going out to remain a new kind of steer the lifeline allows the wife blood of everything the big river dries of transportation lanes of water that creates a huge agricultural center in the desert fart jokes comes from tributaries north and south east and west
four hundred thousand square miles it's the lifeblood we came through new york's twenty years ago we fought it a cattle ranch and after about three years of drought sandbag prices my wife and i invented a board game about farmer all the farming several thousand copies of that it's part of a variety of ways that we learn how to make a living here in we've run a two thousand acre cattle ranch it would be hard pressed to find anywhere in the world to be a finer place both socially and environmentally to raise fees but we as parents have done a lot of work with them inside and outside of school we settle for the
school agrees are our oldest son went from our little high school in poland they'll washington to yale university band that i'd say that still ok what about the publicity thank you ok are lined with to protect the pope the oil importers that one factor in there that everyone is always saying here is as a place the world a living in nineteen eighty six congress passed
national scenic area to prevent a scenic natural cultural and recreation resources of an area thats about eighty miles long and it encompasses about three hundred thousand acres i represent the county and the commission and there's no place like this in the world and it's it's our job both on the commission the columbia gorge commission and it's also our job as citizens to leave this place better than we found it it fits it's
been every gorgeous adventure unlike others want to go anywhere else i'm sorry that it have its way through the record that was just a spike that the band of them is your freeway construction of a never been repaired just want to rock so one day in nineteen eighty eight i went by and somebody had cut down a couple of the pine trees are the only living things in our area and i thought gee bows regardless of the right so with the cooperation of the of the oregon department of education video started three of rotations than reports seed from this area the gorge and all eight plants that grow within one mile radius of the place receded in november re command and then wade through that with that certainly looks
better than it is true as part of the scene here ahead now there are several thousand acres of public plan for people to enjoy and next year twenty five years you know fifty years from now most of the other lands we're going to get you know one where another so these public plans that we have now in these two torture refreshes mr scott gordon i find a new species the biggest points of the remarkable nature of this of this ninety mile sea level pastor of the cascade mountains is only grows in this vicinity of the current authorities in northern world gorge pretty remarkable place historic wetlands have rain forest and forty miles further east you go a desert remain displeased and balances or eleven inches
of rain a year and just west of bottom notes at and so that's quite a contrast this is as is his business one fortas a very large first arriving
strangers almost app to imagine himself in the civilized world as the fur trades aside it for vancouver flourished the arrival of the church of england clergy have far reaching impact on the domestic affairs of interracial families the post first clergyman herbert beaver was totally unsympathetic to fur trade custom of common law marriages between fur traders an indian women i am determined never to acknowledge such un christian marriage is an old gentleman of honor can submit to see is lawful white associate with these females nor the grade himself and hurt by severing her to be put on and equality with other bands for mars they're not married but a besotted sensuality attaches are cheaper and this is on obviously state or fornication that cannot be denied the fiery temper john mclaughlin cheese factor for
vancouver was outraged by this most insulting an unfair assessment he himself had married and remained devoted to his mixed blood wife the intrusion of mr beavers public report of my private affairs is decidedly in bad taste and i deeply regret such an unsung reflections upon my wife always deservedly respected for numerous charities and many excellent qualities of the heart furthermore the deprivation of native women from associate in public buildings the denial of regimes of gratuitous medical attendant is clearly a most insulting and own fair assessment of the well regulated domestic situation at before beaver and his wife created such friction that all we're gratified when he was relieved of his post and the couple departed and eighteen thirty eight it's been nice but
the indians over two large as we passed today communities with sundry articles to sell we purchased a water to salmon trout and i purchased to beaver skin sphere which i gave five small fish hooks you can't under a high hill and with difficulty found a place where the tide great joy and cap we're in view of the ocean this great pacific ocean which we've been so long anxious to see shelly where the disagreeable we would've spent thursday the nativity of christ in feasting as we anything either to raise their spirits or even gratify your appetite our dinner consisted of poor elk so much oil that we made it through me or necessity some spoiled pounded fish and a
few groups rained and blue hard last night some hard thunder rained last night as usual on the greater part of this day this morning crews so rainy that we were i'm determined for some time whether we had the best set out the rains seized and it became fair about radium it which time we loaded our canoes left for clots upon our homeward bound journey at this place we had wagered and have lived as well as we had any right to expect the piece is by this
band it's been nice he's been the pittsburgh has been disbarred it is considered one of the three roughest parts in the world the challenge of running a ship across the bar it's really an unmatched i think by any other port in the united states and the object of the game is to get
on board the pilot ladder which is hanging over the side of the ship at the crest of a wave that certain circumstances it's difficult to judge exactly where the crest is particularly when you have a situation where the wind is coming from one direction in the ocean swells are coming from another the agenda conflict with each other and it creates for really hazardous and difficult board misjudging at or having just a little bad luck is what has caused accidents in the past fires have broken knees it's a little scary we generally work about twenty five to thirty foot waves of overlooked by look like deep water the depth of the water is only about fifty five or sixty five feet so shep drawing forty foot of draft only has about fifteen feet of water beneath that which is about the depth of a swimming pool that's a little shocking when a ship is pitching and rolling in this kind of these conditions there are hundreds of literally hundreds of shipwrecks over the
years i was saying as far as the loss of life which is heard on the barre through shipwreck the number would be around fifteen hundred the columbia river is absolutely a magnificent piece of water the history of it is surrounds it the beauty of the natural beauty is incredible spectacular because of rioting disaster power and lead in july first art is the salmon is such a low this farm in the world are very excited about it and some low fisheries and wildlife recreation the windsor in every tiny coverage is a tremendously beautiful park and we need to protect our generation for years
or is bad this program was made possible by thirst and charitable foundation an oregon public broadcasting with additional support from fails foundation and viewers iq an
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