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you were i think the reason people i wouldn't go to the end of it they don't come out of the moment don't look like everybody else a lot of personality who would remember the first time with the idea of the one to pensacola within you know the number of cars and fallen over and taking pictures of it yeah just a delicious something you know a lot of people think it's about sampling of the nile you know you know from the oven within ten years after columbus his first voyage wooden ship sailed into immobile bay as it was not by portuguese explorers but was not named until seventy know two when a frenchman be and they'll build a stockades for an immobile river and called at fort louis de la louisiana was uncalled for only minimal be one merely will be this little village was the capital of the
vast territory of louisiana which included the entire interior of north america stretching from the gulf of mexico and canada wherever people live near water there will inevitably bilbo with miles of coastline rivers and bayous combined with rich timbre resources or building quickly came to coastal alabama and developed into a fine art prior to the civil war building funnel deal that was rather limited that the little boat yards from the great turning out those gifts that boats and fishing but by the turn of the century many are it's an evolving thing out wooden schooners and steelers to meet the growing demand says passengers and freight trains and in the twentieth century wooden ships gave way to steel hulls and wooden pleasure boats were replaced by a new building material fiberglass
today they're still remain a few wooden boat enthusiast who continue to build the store and sail last week the craftsmen who built the halls for them it ships share a common trait with those who fashioned a gentle sleep lines of the small sailing slope they show appreciation for the power of the sea and for the sturdy beauty of a well built boat to harness that power many of these traits are still visible today hello i'm tom holladay join us as we visit with present day wooden boat owners and builders who may represent the end of an era when so much into it were nine years ago patricia and dave baker gave up a condo in cincinnati ohio and bought a thirty six foot houseboat to live in on the ohio river today will find them on dog river
immobile with their wooden boat patti share we were looking whether we sold about the cincinnati within the atlanta weekend that you're looking for a boat ride away and we found that over on fish river neither one of us had had and well before without love with it and it needed to be restored so we started the project little over three and a half years ago and they finished it about a year ago it's a nineteen thirty three wheel are likely it was made in new york in a boatyard long island it was made for the governor of new york are retiring governor i never have been able to put his name was i guess a lot of us but there he was wheelchair bound and their heads that's on the back with a bulky silver would step into the back take them around since the day that when a boat was made with that when there was a lot of pride and another thing that they didn't get all the lights everything about it so as it was nobody there is not many boats sixty years old we can say that now most wooden boats now that didn't quite unclear on
that is still evident the region are going to do a scrape them take things off the man at the top of what the builders but it is still our most of one of that would you see aunt was painted white back in the forties i think that egypt every white instead of the unnatural would so we used to nineteen or twenty gallons of pepper start out with just a strip mall like a martin and sanded varnished out we had pulled out and neon is a trombonist who's called electrolysis it's as if they are it's actual electricity in the water what it is in this cause from various things that are charges that the wrong both the end maybe i'm wrong but go across the city twenty three hundred of the best answer well actually holds like some weird replace every one of those one of the time when someone and he was out a lot of five months is divided so it has its drawbacks but obviously for us the drawbacks though about whether a positive are you really that we like to go out on friday friday means an anchor out the base someplace and there's no phone calls no but it comes to business they come the
business and slipped or gone you know our sunrises sunsets and beautiful is very very peaceful and that we can have arguments in the va calls a police jen williams is the captain of another old wooden boat an immobile area only his dates back even farther than the bakkers back to nineteen forty ms boeckel of resale a wife and or innocence gentlemen coming down and it was or for saddam will appear <unk> the boat and got older he came and i want to know what we should speak to him and so i spoke spoke on the soviet think the forerunners to open up where would later shortened that bind and you write in how they do business is no more thing i do when i have laid awake at night thinking about it all about how to do something
but also want to keep a new character that we don't think about anywhere i go onto our comments are powerful one about the book or to have the eyes and that at the applicable outside leaf outcome without ago bo bo course one might funnel that they don't like it but if you could go right to restore his nineteen thirty three chris kraft it took bob pass a day's nights weekends and vacation days for ten and half months well the first thomas thought it was nineteen eighty and it was orange and five years later a senate that the product of the abandoned buildings put to feel and all look like an erotic more thoughtful to the voyage so it was given to
recognize eliza be available for taking home the bottom of replacing point well then turn it right side and one by one when the wife's use of the battery voters hoffman's seven thousand food and now all freshman harvard she was commissioned in nineteen eighty six and three marshall senior defense of our small thrill to it might even to prescribe and during the depression and manuel valls the bill i would imagine so even though wooden boats have only been powered for a few decades sailing vessels date back centuries and they're still increasingly popular than that mote was one of
osama bin laden that we both same thing for both the airline only engages large that trial an arab world turned over were worth that will allow him to resist the interest was and in just say she took up raising fish boats fish boats with a golf yachting associations official racing boat at back to nineteen ninety and then they decided to sell and this was in the seventies and then and solve a lot of the club's decided they didn't want to impose they would sell and the individual so that's one about it in several other people that we raise them a lot so they don't live like they belong
there that has long flights as well and spent that work alone so it's fifty years ago that is so forward that girl it's been completely revamped of its debts in the rebuilt i should say that a lot of new friends and repress and when they were young love won't interact of head of duke the numbers will be an act of head wants or that and other young love's at in the twenties its own so this was really out of no moon above in the number eight vote that we had out that they're picking came from neil all right now i'd say i was thinking that i've added like being sentimental about my guess wendy johnson began sailing in nineteen twenty nine and more deals buccaneer got close but wasn't until
after world war two moving to feral that i really got into sailing seriously then in nineteen sixty six he began building his one quarter scale model of the yacht america that he named spooner or later with guy's name was of people kept their skin when we're being the rating olivier who fail and dance fan so i have that who is still that point i think it is you don't have to change the sale of dominion for them up no matter what the fate now i have and a well well a boy a boy about it to the fourth and you're filming during an era of my life that was like every
point they were like a man and the fourth or the maids come back to the cockpit is yo yo made a new forceful and maybe ortiz siege come back to wait wait levy but cornell voted to good thing because you're obligated to somebody up there and would go out where the volatile out on worn out i just came to the area i had a windsor for that was my sailing experience in the founding fathers thought derelict here and i knew that it was dying and then i converted but that i might be on the do's and do it and it would be a woodworking projects richmond in just three thousand five hundred of the honorary know and now he wanted you know i just do it at a delicate with dancing on the idea of the marines wounded taken over and restore it really appealed to him
so he may be a very good deal on both with the understanding that we restored and i got in and seventy nine just before the hurricane and i collected up hurting words an agenda now finished it out rejected on on took about three years before that this particular about was built during the depression in his family in the veil behind them and three colonel george retired air force colonel and his influence and in nineteen thirty five percent of our four hill and that had read a checkered history and they fan out during world war two and to disarm and dried out pretty badly so that the felon restored after world war to put that runs between each of the cracks in him down it was made of cypress and cyprus is notorious for shrinking of rheumatic it's real dry so he played in the
bands and then carter with cotton and now put it back in the water and not so for that reason it's him very tight now that cellphone up again now and that's where we were two weeks and forty five until i've gotten seven and i am headed out more than three or four weeks at a time even in all the restoration center were added in the water the original vote is primarily rather many things founded and when he brought out his magazine he determined that that small craft simply designed to be simply bill could be built the amateurs so in nineteen oh one thomas fleming day the founder editor of running theme brought the snow out in his day in the pages of runner magazine as unsuitable handy
simply built above for amateurs making a way that the plants built its own hypothetical listeners north of that time in three weeks and a couple of friends and it was all that was written up in the amazing and not so as the americans favored levy that's the kind but this is the very kind of collective of volatile issues copies of those old articles and some people write to us in on choir that lie we can send in a reading left fans they went about anything that interested in that we published the plan in the early eighties the others don't think there's been dealt and that none of online connection while one of hung out both the frames are all on to their fourth straight to the force that with the bike until it out of a dream would known vendors
well i had a pet owners know this bouncy they grew up with that and thirties so everybody has had some kind of story to tell about this point so i'm just the current caretaker they developed for forty years stauber built boats have been an institution immobile initial owner lots powder once lived in the marche of the tents are dealt just about bobby and there he fished for a living and build wooden boats in his spare time a bit of a fight both of them in a mosh pit in the ozone layer of a little more land
or the fishermen told the temple university to withdraw the bill that won a facile to be one of our fourth world what if all vocal during world war two blots powdered took a construction job because the pay was good he soon discovered that he was not happy and decided to try and build wooden boats for a living oh that really and then you know about or yellow
lights that are now say he was in the wooden boat building business after world war two is twelve and fourteen foot boat for bringing him even more money twelve nineteen forty and i had a deal so a look at a new intensive that view of snow five states while forgot was living all my now that all of the castle want to hear and it got way out also a lot of votes and mr so you the london and they all they want wolves or want and destroying than one hundred million people going on twenty five percent or so but it goes down to fifteen and i couldn't get any autobahn with with the fifties and the usage of the new material in both
building fiberglass but this didn't affect stout are built boats know about the global more than one start or build boats have been thriving for over thirty years then in nineteen seventy nine disaster struck hurricane frederic a lot of fans of trying to sell a candidate out of sixteen years all their old fuel by the most of your weight and sixty eight years old and can print them out by then the mixed blessing of lordstown are losing his business to the hurricane brought new blood to stauber built boats arvid was going up the river with my
grandfather at the time activist allman was talking about different things that happen in this all porn of the old shop wars don't alter the callers weigh in and mentioned to my grandfather you know it's the same in a boat like this that's about with this ball so therefore when it's too over a conversation on how to go about talking the law as if it was going to stop the business back up again in this void with only when we did it we got that with him and he's so interested in those taken the family as you have been and that produces a lot of those not saying i'm a whole lot in and keep his name to one that was mine stout are built boats was in production again and as mark stout or would have it they were being made traditionally with wood well as your status to our clients of its own then been that they were a poor mole
build his bid for a long time that though we just felt like the world wasn't way to spare you know they had that was nostalgic that we stay with building a wooden boat they got a lot of characteristics that when both have different characteristics their bike and have one bill to send a little bit of bone inside of these got a unique product oh we have well they're from both have been out on it for years but the advantage of a wooden boat is that is why takes less horsepower the size of the bill to push it through water you do more with an important weapon is we start with the roar materials which a philippine army and of the armory while wood paneled and though they have a good fear and that's another fine at the palm we have the recall vote
and luckily enough label to find enough of the older both relief had called for the vote will have a hat and find out what they were years ago last week if i go to work stuart says pham of regular paint and so walt is a crowded working with that vote the baseballs don't i it's built a harmony find more plywood families all philip roth after the rapid bow movement resource in all blue all mostly and though we do so that's out of the wing parties say that so we haven't read with eleven wounded got a man of a lot of people are lessons that we get such a smooth plains yeah well it will take him a pinball was a movie that spent sometimes length it's rather in
our interview and there's been a region and over the last ten years we were farmers to match ever man and we have a lot of people that do sell a boat and that's another fine with the boat is that most people that have bought boats and surprisingly enough maybe accountant in the twelve years that scientists ellen they get more for the vote and what the faithful grandin that's right and they we do have a lot of repeat customers a high note room for five years old to come out by minute start or build aren't the only wooden boat builders on the coast down around the bayou there are two builders there's are not built works and land rebuilt works who build much larger custom boats we started there's been shot up the north to the nineteen forty mile per la when the navy and when we got all we're not very well with all the
building right now with the number of them are only in inwood on that and we have one that has a lot of fear that plan worked they plan to keep the boatyard going on up the road from lampreys is a large boatyard nathaniel czar lot has been building wooden boats for nearly forty years well really good morning both about those blue fifty three likely that they'll vote for you're working with people to go who both worked on
the morning to work on what we had to pick a task and then you're working on to younger sean dom moment voting laws this is the first one that i've ever had to do that i never have done that had the same sound of somebody of this material it might not prevent reporting i think that it's going to be this wooden boat being built belongs to have peripheral lands to spend the next six to eight years sailing around the world what kind it is with
you do you agree it almost have to be out of fanatic or character one thing eleanor going build wooden boat this day and age it using the wooden boat there is nothing in a wooden boat that you can be anywhere in the world an upward wage in the end the brothers by one in the past or a room at the end of anything you start talking and if you know where you don't have to do and that i wouldn't vote for a jacuzzi get a bb gun for its site
and if anything are wooden boats really obsolete as the end of wooden construction or for as long as there's an appreciation for the strength and beauty of wood or we continue to build and sail wooden boats if you have any questions or comments concerning tonight's program please write last of the wooden boats me feel boxed a seven zero one five zero tuscaloosa alabama three five four eight seven or you may call one eight hundred two three nine five to three three on top holiday the night singing
Last of the Wooden Boats
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The piece firsts looks at the development of Mobile and Mobile Bay. It then shifts into a discussion on different types of wooden boats and their owner's individual histories with them. Lastly, the piece features Stauter Built Boats and discusses some of the process of building a wooden boat.
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