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major funding for this program was provided by the hosts about the foundation additional funding was provided by dolores m lloyd jones he is mm hmm in western africa are developing country where japanese americans and the nation shared friendships and technical term learn from villagers not to lose hope in the face of difficulty is a country where volunteers from to industrialize giants japan and the united states
and the local people in a land where the average annual income is three hundred ninety dollars i decided as i want to help help themselves is it like i definitely a lot more out of it you realize that since nineteen sixty five the japanese have their own organization based american peace corps and often do you see the volunteers work side by side with americans japanese volunteers in this country
i am formerly known as the fifteenth and sixteenth century for its film for the british portuguese dutch and james alderman incident on his path when up to ten thousand slaves in europe changed and kept waiting and weapons to be shipped to the new world in the shadow of the port of oxy hats and consequently to an industrial arts expert and american volunteer new climate accord cooperate with villagers to develop small business enterprises that can cost her neighbors and mutually supportive for the past two years i am i want a
society that's why competition one week us a founder help with by sharing his knowledge of how to repair outboard motors and i'd seen fishermen used outboard motors but often have no one to repair them so cars appeal to young men to learn they opened repair business right beside the couch for free at highway they need money that money will impact on saturdays and sundays made a profit we have technically not hands and we can repay the loan and we rebut at how did you know since then kasich has conducted workshops in other villages and before he leaves he's determined to get all the repair shops running on their own and with solid management i teach them how to manage that they can get enough when the new
book of knowledge of money we see in these candidates with the political media news media that he's taken those people are causing many political parties the studies in anatomy joseph understood are you a hundred percent russian how about one would think about gun and like the japanese society where if you want to get something done so many people involved in making decisions but you can have anything what is why japanese societal restrictions it wasn't always easy for concert in gotta do something to talk to make a promise and do that so i think an hour we can do that we have to understand their way of thinking what do they want what do they want sometimes their mind and there were these different crews
sorted the financing difficult for us and so sometimes i used to be on tv but now i can understand what they want to now there is not such a public some people in gao cd jeremy did they couldn't find jobs and at times are they going to be an eis incentive for use would be a non combat role but in the past to a city as i experienced a lot but i don't know if it would amount to very much when it turned to the japanese society i certainly hope i can utilize my overseas experience nasa deputy on two or more bears and i live right next door each other my first idea even been here you're ready so i get in the middle and i went in and then you like
to be my house a couple that we work together on some things with with the motor for the disease an outboard motor if they're innocent work on motorcycles and have the more subtle of the south casa has helped nick was a real roller type contractions for the carpenter equipment used by nick students assad been sitting in the rain for about six years they cleaned it up and with cars as hell they attached an abandoned motorcycle which drives this option out it's been this piece of mr rubin prostitution and added to bicycle parts in vitro for him peaceful lot of self love within it a prom i can think of it and build something it's the problem and that's the whole
point here here in semen brains are preschool but it's also a small business are now getting outside funding tools are donating an episode of how birds any offer any money generated by the law that they come in as finn would loathe it as an innate design and build them on their own and would be a really exciting some it's especially summit now we often they're done in any money they make that's themselves so i can build up some capital that way for it even if you're making a big difference on houston failed bombing is one small and that one person that's going to go well it's not just my impact on that
person is not in the new film my major from their peers and transport mature than an hour at a new bedford truck some government official and even somebody can be a real thing as tropical medicine and then and not saddam is awesome and small was reading and misrata during think people smell bad omens a great batter is going offensively too intrusive into the country's proven to
extend to you two and three years and this is true of many juneau see the volunteers while concert has definitely decided to stay another year as he's determined that the motor boat repair business he started really well managed and will survive once in the neck on the other hand has not yet decided whether to extend for another year english speaking god i was the first country to receive a peace corps recruiter nineteen sixty one and certainly volunteers and help improve circumstances for many canadians but just as important is the impact of the experience on the volunteers themselves once known mostly attorneys continue to be actively concerned about conditions
no juice we've had now see on how the city is only been in the village are gone now is to get to know the people learn the local diner and work with the women in the village to develop a cell phone project it often takes over six months in the village and a lot of patience and initiative before a product has agreed on some days they can be rough and i i think my violin and i doing here loesser had to spend my time going out pretty typical talking to people and it may seem like wasting time but really it's kind of a necessary work that you need to do in the beginning and it yourself aren't situated in to the village and getting to know not just another foreigner views kind of coming in to make a fast buck and leaving them but as someone who really cares and wants to help
so once they got their confidence then you can start to work on ok what looked beyond surface what what do you all feel are problems how can we work together to help you help yourselves we're going for a ride oh right now i'm still getting to know then it's personal ones speaking with so that i can set talking with them for hire i mean it was just james
different place the city quickly i stress i have to say cheney were going to pass in a day and riding subways to work and come back and unsettling thing i want to do it anymore i remember everything i mean we really have to stretch their own kind of a lack of control for one thing of my environment not really knowing what i'm doing i kind of feel like i'm loading it should not having a lot of these families green luxuries really that that we have a home that we just take for granted like running wires like electricity
it's being sandwiched right there on the line speaking of people know how to speak to keep their wares here and there are a lot of unwritten rules and things that you don't know about and a lot of times not learn about them until you break your interview offend someone it's a great way to spend its own business mm hmm it's complicated usually i think it has a name in the cell
phone history and it doesn't bother me but it bothers him sometimes when i'm with my dad and he's usually when asked why an unfair cheated romance oh this white person or foreign and i don't even like a name for instance during training i went out to a bar went on the white man and now i'm a man i'm a man of courage and someone that talk and on and now that that process because i was a black woman who will write that that one i was sitting with a white man and that was the first time that that sense because it's it's it's like love come here i'm trying to tell people here trying to get to know my ancestors have passed and then you won't sell
color because i look like you a lot in and that i've met in the spillage don't even know that they are black state it's an in cape coast and along the coast there are all these slave castles and i think i kind of expected them to know that i know so so it's like i'm a stranger to them and their militant strange to me it is very very early gay women have to work depending on when they have a well or not they use a van and sullivan depending on reading really can be a long walk and they have made more than one of his business so much secretary and then when the file and i have as many lives as they can but i think in this village most men have just
one line made and two speaking greek neon one day active year and they're always doing some time in labor every week they get together in something it's funny when i am trying to join in oh no you just got to get another well i'm kind of just like you know i'm just another woman he likened if you can lower then we're going to i want i kind of expressed that i throw in a couple of years then they say he's ok and not so he's one of us it's okay what
is going on behind the peace corps philosophy is finding appropriate an example of inappropriate technology ventures is a tractor that was given to the village and when i hear it worked for a little while broke down as much everything is so expensive place no one here can afford to get the parts to replace them so which actually just kind of sits there rusting not doing anyone we should do that that will have that he's on a much better view of your drain off all boys well what i got but we beat the old man of the other will or religion will be acted upon it we are patient
puig for years americans are their parents like that their va va va va humor is very important part of a very integral part of the culture we're portraying how the demands were say fifteen years ago and it's a great way to be able to
say like a baton and i'm a human and it also teach a little bit of distance please rise people are very friendly people always really supportive and really friendly even though i can always talk to them on their eye and most in the days since been ok will hello whereas american volunteers are trained in the host country in twenty seventeen do
health education manufacturing industry forestry and fisheries until training john crow's segregation and to make coats got at each live at home with their parents and neither and try to hatch before the japanese emphasized they consider recruits jr experts classes in to help trees being a broader world of increase their knowledge of other cultures and prepare for the change of lifestyle and the host country but by far the most demanding of the hours and hours of english classes fisher
students are just one family from the cotes de a dental technician lived in a village near the gun on her mother and father were very apprehensive about are traveling so far away when a couple is going for a famous speech with a lot of course they were concerned about my health after you make that tend to convey is very negative to them like without supplies support center conditions a lot of illnesses and diseases in many of the all they could think about it hasn't been hell and i thought it said it's so far away it really going that we will prove that this in turn
decided to join forces will last night to do your best and only steeped in central government now famous and shoving lemurs in the village after year old was assigned as a health technician for geo singing and the peace corps but then in which reporters working with the tribal chiefs and the committees there to create better health and prosperity for the village we use today hello you know the
first the volunteers shook hands around the circle and then villagers should answer i'm especially welcoming speeches boston was and this was all time but a round of homerun champ everyone took a city and toss the remains in the ground a lot of the year as with the jews' success
existing conditions remember him but as some african americans who lived in play julius before station or how diseases like appropriate technical equipment skills and sixty percent illiteracy in nineteen fifty seven severing its ties with great britain gonna became the first colony in black africa to achieve independence early nineteen eighties an economic recovery program was an issue in which the centralized government and strengthens the village organizations the indians hope to advanced technologically and economically without compromising their own national culture supporting the new economic policy of the government the previous peace corps community
development volunteers and peppered throughout to start a sewing machine to make simple rest of the storm surrounding villages a carpentry shop for furniture a poultry farm for better nutrition for everyone at an adjacent water catchment system from property numerous masonry training in construction projects which have resulted in a health care clinic in new housing for the volunteers among other buildings and perhaps the most important of reforestation projects is still august fifth are on the air to sing well about this takes flight attendant towel plus iman that thousand five hundred off ideas pieces like to sing out and cassie out and about gun laws and august when powered of the stars of the peace corps
when a strong commitment to support the cd also has received strong community support for the past few years the focus has been on healthcare such as this baby corn i was a big deal is to have enough men step of the town both ride away sides and also society that are left out the hour sometimes you're fine she's trying to learn fast about and so today centering and then find yourself and wave them varied in their lap
banks have been doing and i think that's going to help prevent the kind of translates when you can tell them and it was going for it is better to have basically character for them they stay request pregnant and connect fifteen speed and heartbeat of the baby when you knew and remembered to her condition of the final night at the nation's exporters can think for me anyways and they get together on how to improve the condition there will be no hope you kids to have an integrated but anthony as an experiment to see and i don't know anybody and when there is an idea of the gravity and always do
the whole life and i thought i have been doing their best to try to sweep the best inline to be a constant one was going to fail and when they might have been feeling and i think that was my thing too many people and i have the wedding was that it is something that has been in full but the coin you can buy being true to respect our from igo participated in this documentary even though she had suffered from malaria just two days before this video taping their effect and had vomited and diarrhea and fever so i was very i was very concerned and not a nurse and anne don't know less about medical things and it's clearly sometimes if people are sick and how to grow because there's not i was available here
you know there's two motorcycles in town and that's that and it if if she were to be very serious that worries me i feel relieved when i fear feeling better when he said thank you i am very concerned i saw it i love my fungal a quarter pound there's something really paying respect i don't want to go back to their power rami cohen panel become close friends they live next door to one another confided in them considers it an extra bonus to learn about japan in addition the gun as with event and main goal right now is to get to know the community so she accompanies the demand health worker and for me girl as they go into the village comes to ask questions for a health survey
they don't want it there's another day on a lie so this is unbelievable seven has believed that if i had to send my friends in japan wouldn't believe it either but insisted to start right now and eva can their families would not an online to up to me in this country there's been a ninety four teams are going into family and pets to be taken care of all the children all the time the auditor they normally take campaign and the brothers and sisters at spain and the brothers and sisters and they take care of them by the time at that and just to have been worn was in
japanese society jenny and women went so why'd you want to write and really amazing that any man i don't want to you know down by the day so i can win and they have to run so high i respected the most it all the people and all the name for them even jones did a man's as another been in villages when young women reach maturity the villagers celebrate the pew research on lee menuhin had a princeton
at the lectern and the money to a regular people that it and i think what the picture white and black have been with the whole thing in the world they want it right now and sometimes even uncomfortable very thin women like very he asked me about my health all the time the canadians are not like that at our web site in any acting what's bothering you and you feel anew i kind of imagined you know i am
do you really i'm renee montagne he's both i was
and the people the volunteer job was second to an x ray technician mother and father are concerned about job prospects for marriage and more like a fan stephen is important things that i began playing in my life i did business with nearby arranged marriages that they just asking when i think i'm an accountant a person it's part of the question is in goma junco was sent to a rural
hospital in jackie brown so a village quite close to echo's village of tougher for the dutch had given the hospital and x ray machine but no technician who operated i'm responsible for maintenance and it's a very old model and had never seen it before you know i got some experts from japan and i studied about the mission before it finally as ansel of the names generally speaking been an expensive and they have no concern whatsoever about being exposed they know it was you know they cannot make the connections were associations an amazing amazing here at the clinic and little by little i would like to let them know bae when things that musicians are having seven sisters itself is very difficult because i can speak english and i can speak their language sometimes i i
make them to be unwieldy to fusion they've kindly are and singer and thirty eight they hire and does that have to tune called kink in today's haul us in this has been so last episode and mounted on shows to do active act nicer for her to do and the more men ted think though the award to be some seats a good name for a team gets a new instrument to help us very much having come from the antiseptic technologically sophisticated environment in tokyo hospitals junco was found it hard to adjust to the conditions she finds in this poverty stricken small rural hospital they don't seem to get that one agent is this a crisis mean i heard
about these incentives and the first an excuse isn't it surprised me as well it's a disaster area so rather than myself their health workers to go into the villages and shifter the religious not ditching certain kinds of water to avoid getting certain kinds of sickness is i think that kind of organization or association after i came here i realized that i learned doing is important but these local health workers to be fostered and center while the villages right now japanese volunteers receive two hundred dollars more a month then do peace corps volunteers received one hundred fifty dollars for a living allowances in god like john koen mostly receiving volunteers
at the invitation of the host countries to fill a specific technically the peace corps also at the invitation of the demands is turning more toward innovative and creative world community development oh these are usually less defined they often result of actually needed long lasting projects which are carried on by villagers once the volunteer leaves put your business uses i want to see you so you had a cancer it was a week and then look for that every week and i read that that in one city
it's often called the independence consensus let's work in japan and it's very hard to finance what a hobby when the climate you slide in this village there's only one sentence myself and there's no white person i want to hear a japanese i want to speak japanese especially the white house in the dark watching the stars and the moon is beautiful emily hughes at twenty three tracy small in his younger than the average peace corps volunteer since there's no operator and the many older americans are now join tracy had recently graduated from college when she
came on the grants pass oregon to prepare for two years and i'm out as a math teacher mike has been very supportive of me my mother feels really excited for mrs gotten taken this opportunity to do what i want to see us is very nervous we're managing fifty aired it when i may have to phase in it's the fanatical followers then the physical hardships than they have in there that i think she's she's glad that i'm doing what i want to do it is i am very quickly the village life and what it was by trying it
wider if i try and wives and a child of the law is to think of the line that they could ever i'm doing out of my hand into orleans a leveling out so i've heard say it is saying no no no no i'm living outside go okay i know i guess you'd be more homesick than i am and then of course i've been homesick i miss my family my friends they navy franklin imagine being back at home right now i'd never time for it even though as a whole environment of trying to teach and i have a ritual and stating that it was i think he said in the schools some other victims have to travel maybe five miles of avoiding forget the basics baby clean the school bands before classes classes that a sedentary
their classes all the way through to fly unmanned drone five miles and then it gets really really dismaying the whole day here on the compound and never leave which tend to happen sometimes because i teach all day and then he hadn't gone to combat extra glass of native or five and it will fight any you think there need to live so i mean i went inside my favorite their lanterns and i've been only lasts eleven though it in their daily alias there's times always seems like i've been really lonely and it helps if you go out and light go and implant embedding their family they within talk with you and they don't even know you know my duty the engineer who i write about it and i wanted to get involved with women's groups or something with women other than my teaching and i still hope to do this in the future
reading things like i didn't plan and fitting and typing with nato allies and alive at that man speaking voice we're seven the women dancing with the man and maybe they're being willing to live in them at bay so an advisor and what they're saying about the day i get that has only way since then a foreigner at one hundred degree weather to get to every move into these towns name because
this is assumed that that is the case mavis i'm really almost on their own but despite all that we have some people would vote to be enough now green says isn't an enlightenment to be one of them or force it yet he never been in qatar there was a that within a few years has been to yemen was that the logo that language to learn about four color in just one us peace corps came in and made every launch a comfortable it would never adjust to the country part of the adjustment is going through all those emotional
processing your anger disgust and misunderstandings and so beyond giving this minor comforts and support getting people whose on how they could deal with it is very little peace corps can do to support the volunteers a consequence you're naturally have the full length of human behavior because these people are under great stress doing their own thing and you know the population that people deal with stress the states you'll find in here people going you know screaming rampages from people people getting drunk and and it's not the role and doesn't happen very often but all of us have moments that we would just wish never happened you know that you have it's just the most amazing thing when you first get here and all the kids are just love you in that but after a couple months the kids are still saying no rhymes it you know and always cost turnaround you
sometimes on a killing me what it does leave no longer minute please that kind of thing and i have a lot of sympathy for those people who would decide that if not for them because it's it's really stressful sometimes and in many ways those of us who are stuck out are basically lucky because we managed to find ways of balancing many volunteers and i have a young person to help them with insurers could use fossil was the caretaker of fulfillment and how could your work steadily for paul they've become good friends each learning from the other i sort of taking him is my ideal pew is trying to teach the students in classes whether over sixty is no quick man my teaching instinct was always frustrated when i came here you guys really know how to read it you know anything about science and that
i took it on myself to write now here i've got me writing ten dollars to an onstage and that you really are right when i get letters now i mean i've had the privilege winding down and enjoy more than this one new culture i worked for since i've been here with japanese workers who've also been volunteering at the school one thing that i really admire about japanese is that he had incredible stick to it over the stubbornness states they are in a much worse situation we're just because the language problem now at least i can talk to most canadians they can and friends and i have a house made my first japanese classmate and he got malaria as well and get a very severe form and because it took so long to get to a hospital in the libyan uncommon for two weeks
and after that he spent a month in the corporation and he had to be sent back to japan for neurology and yet after all that three months later he was back in the school teaching mm hmm all other native language by spending almost three hours and we just immersed in a small village three miles from edinburgh and this village winery of owning he became a close friend of the high priest who everyone called nana you know every year at this time of year all of knives disciple people who really has trained all come back again but it's a lot of fun they spend just about the whole week dancing in certain point they
looked like any religion i think that research is trying to explain people that one of the natural world and find expert to explain all the terrible things the nature doesn't always want to dance what advance when i do very very very very serious and after a few minutes of family and an energetic have come up in the mail we are taking away because there they are convinced that their when you're dancing god is liable to common interview and in that situation they're afraid that you hurt yourself you try to get some words or a new strain yourself and because you're not you haven't because i haven't been trained and the priest i don't have the skills to control that was their favorite all become psychotic or burdensome mm
hmm jen we're talking about people and so that was great except that during january anyone wanting an about half the village and warmth and this parasite he remains a microscopic parasite in the water and when you drink it it's that grows in your body until it's over a meter and line and lodges in a lamb and it our twelve months later after these talks and burned where to release water is incredibly painful disease causes incredible hardship people are on their backs
for months and other farms to create the village is different and the amazing thing is with all the trouble it easily preventable there is that to keep people with anyone one of the main cases you raise get into the water than everyone else just to run water through a single piece of our contestants with us to steps you can solve the va for the past two years all this work tirelessly to get the people in the villages to filter their water and thus prevent the guinea worm since women are the main ones who collect the water is made a special effort to talk with them and it's got more promising results were very encouraging that time over two years i have seen improvements we're in the first village where i kind of modeled my way around we had a quite a large drop the first year on from sixty four pages i mentioned to last
year the man for five cases owsley a nerd it yet to the ground right quantity of that i mean i helped supply the filters which they used to filter water dionne is a deeper doma the polka so we are very great friends to set up well when i don't believe it will yet he says more than more than friends were brothers are you adding about one day at the atlantic he's eighty it's been and it can mean struggling in some of the most impoverished conditions in the room
at a solution to make a big difference in their lives for instance paul's project that anyone interested in the ministry of health and global two thousand to increase their efforts to women beginning women africa in the next five minutes the peace corps plans to increase its six thousand volunteers now on the field to ten thousand by midnight tonight and the japanese have experienced a fourfold increase in gao see the volunteers in the past decade all this in the spirit of cooperation it has been
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