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that few long term residents of seattle who seem always to live on the cutting and such a person is floyd smile he was the first park naturalist at mount rainier a professor at the university of washington during world war two he was among the first to resign his job and go work full time with japanese in the relocation centers are highly unpopular thing to do at the time he conceded the notion and raise the money to send himself and others to hiroshima to build houses as a token of good will after the bomb was dropped it was during that time that this film was maybe the continued this work in korea and egypt all of this plus pre dates the peace corps and his was one of the models from which their programs created has written any books the best known of which are and hearing impaired he and his wife had five children and he has twenty nine grandchildren representing nine different
racial backgrounds his sons and daughters adopted more babies of mixed racial heritage than his much loved why he returned to japan and renewed his acquaintance with his own student virginia where twenty years previously tomato she was the one song riding bicycling through a few years ago they married in paris france and now lives in seattle thirty years ago today and this is something that person or feelings to
help millions of the senate and all the children nygren shoes in addition to not taking the place of a feeling of very very gap in their lives when i write i may spend hours on one sentence and they spend the road dating doing paragraph and to try to express myself or vegas almost impossible for one of the one of the simplest things in the world today is to find young people who are born with like when there is no to an opportunity to find exciting things we're asking to be
done i was seventy seven and recently it doesn't seem possible right now i regret that there's simply will never be enough time to do the things that i would like to do and which may have been i suppose been interested in art sculpture never been very good at it it was to serve of my own books and i get away with them simply because illustrations by the author hubbard and now i'm doing quite a lot of curbing and modeling at the chunk would appear in cd or rich and pershing ii almost life size st francis
have been doing birds and dolphins and fish on that surfing mainly that to relate to people it's hard to say what women's source of these creativity there has been low of all things it's been living with it it gives a person a feeling of realization that we're all part of the sense that this is something he came out of the game you must not get too far away from a feeling of being at home with serious nature it's a comforting feeling i think man has done more damaged losers in the last thousand years and
all the other animals that ever lived for a hundred million years of them were beginning to realize what we are doing so on the not too pessimistic here's another million years and we may you may get back where we belong the man is an evolutionary mistake but so far he hasn't found his proper place in the world and some men see that that destiny but most mundane of the total land the spiritual man has just begun to evolve you have to you know and that is very important
and in this instance tremendous open spaces and i feel sorry for the people and the length of the smog which is can you or seattle or i didn't say that all the time that they consider longing for her mission or even then memphis versus goodyear the election we are convinced that if someone this
Faces of the City
Floyd Schmoe
Producing Organization
KCTS (Television station : Seattle, Wash.)
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SCCtv (Seattle, Washington)
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Episode Description
A profile of Floyd Schmoe, artist, activist for peace, and former park ranger.
Series Description
Faces of the City: A series of individual shows with short profiles finding the extraordinary in the ordinary based on Studs Terkel’s approach. 1972 and 1973. Profiles include: a taxi driver, a divorcee, a garbage man, an Afro American airline stewardess, a nun, a grocery checker, a member of the Elks Club, a teen-age Korean emigree, and a female office janitor. Selected programs shown on PBS. Received local Emmy for Outstanding Program Achievement and PMN “Best of the West” Award, Television Information category, 1975.
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Host: Byrd, Roberta
Producer: Walkinshaw, Jean
Producing Organization: KCTS (Television station : Seattle, Wash.)
Speaker: Schmoe, Floyd
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Seattle Colleges Cable Television
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