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ce ce the pope the horse a silent hero over history was conceived and has been generously supported by our third of munich air and all of the plains virginia production funding has been provided by the national
sporting library middleburg virginia and by the virginia horse industry board but in the end of his guns that no i didn't the latest effect that lingers in many warriors are packing the defendants ali all the models are all abortions and announce themselves slightly or distance of this and has posted on in war in the night the city you shot the horses first time a
memo that says the virus out of the us across the country mr soros that's right is it is it is that in another way i think even on the legs or floating your own government with low fat are you
america would've been a vastly different place without the horse the colonists another subtle jamestown george washington cannot of the british farmers for not about their crops to market at work pulling all charges he's the forces or a combination well in the history of our forces the horse was as critical to the omen of america as the steam engine was the industrial revolution in england we could not have done it without horses this is the story of the horse in america is the
story of horace can't tell them on the historians have neglected but it's a fascinating story and an interesting way to take a fresh water district and george ever since the first colonists arrived in jamestown we've understood how vital forces are to human survival forces focused on charter schools or the frontier and pooled onto barges wagons trying arsons carried on their backs the first great superstars of the american school jackets were predominantly african americans in the early years we'll see the will of course explain or warrants in the bill forces them to die in the civil war for the transportation revolution change some of the ways we use horses will meet people who still rely on horses to pull the logs out of the region we'll explore the close connections between military and show horses and will discover the unusual way to train wanting now for at least one olympics the spanish imported some horses into the area itself
florida fifty eight hundreds and it's likely that the native americans of the western plains rode horses even before that of those horses played little role in the european the celebrants of north america so we begin our story with a british importation of forces into jamestown the horses travel very badly especially on set seed and a lot of them would die on the journey and the spanish had great difficulty in giving horses introduced into a new world a tool obviously in the british when they came and they also introduced horses and to jamestown reverend it's named after the first landowner recollect birth of his
third minister and jeans of course is most likely came to the first sixteen thirty the horses at the bauxite or most likely lose transportation has tracked the animals and there's evidence at a horse across a big consumed during hard times were splashed was no longer taboo difficult times and hardships and people really go beyond what was considered social norms at the bomb site that elements that are doing fabulous the bipartisan commission's cut lack of identical to other domestic animals that it's a discount paper which has not been pretty regular basis but if they were ill and perhaps about an actual heart was flesh has not been wasting they're our ponies on the outer banks of the chesapeake bay islands
nobody's actually certain that the origin of these they could've been dropped off by sailors sellers often left horses and she had various islands in places where they might get a shipwreck in order that they would have these signs is whether the horse is just what happened to them or with a result of a shift for these actions centuries do the only way that the horse be harnessed to a chariot or something else was without with the honest and a breast than the horse would be able to draw the chariot and one man perhaps from up were pointed to this wasn't very efficient in reality of course with a harness good do the work of all four men and it was much cheaper to feed for mandolin it was to feed one was the chinese in about the first century ad
invented the postcards in her eighties or senegal draft horses right here this is called the point of draft or the sort of pull and get this this point of pulled needs to be and they're under load and nine every angle and so what you want is a scholar to pull evenly or feel what you get are either this country's workforce down here pulls a car down the wars in that pulls a car down and forcibly children will call the right shoulder and right then it important dresses to high in the car over there the horse is our way of this is the most important part of it for the artist or longing what we do because we're
asking people this is not to be righted comfortable like work all day become retail outlet at this spot right here they're the most futile flying in the word that we can do that we could find that we don't go through a purple all only really have the mall frail or infections life very likely there will be very carefully we are trying to make it in we believe
before the piece blue origin or wood the british in virginia pushed the active form two years west over the blue ridge dr matthew maclean smith tells us the horse enabled the royal governor alexander sponsor to enlarge the british mission in north america when governors thought to have arrived here in the seventeenth and he was the first of the royal governors to realize that the great future for the best part of the world lay west of the fall line over them blue ridge leading to imagine empire here robert mcculloch and he threw his first and his part in the process of moving things westward
were committed i'm going everywhere and it wasn't until seventeen fifteen that a way to certified to be negotiable by horse was determined to exist and he's determined to go and take a party responsible citizens over to seeing the ballot and within five years he had to re floating roads to be built he deftly went with forces went through the valley of course the valley became very important lakes of albany for this area have offered for the philadelphia and we see why don't those coming down through the valley from and so that was that linkage to the philadelphia philadelphia the largest population and market sources only what would move it with iron in this colony
and having felt invested in iron working at your man and one of the reasons that he pushed so hard to come west within an outlier and so he certainly expected iron working to be part of it and it did that come to fruition within his lifetime loads across the major intersecting gaps were developed over spirit of about fifty years and healing about seventeen twenty and has just look the whole lamb of western expansion and fruit spots went to have been a visionary george washington was about seventeen years old i believe we started surveying in west in the western part of the state since he was located in in the tidewater area to begin with they're the only way there was even walk or ride and writing was it was the way that he would have that hard yet managed to work to get a commission
in the virginia militias and then as conditions deteriorated on the frontier during the french and indian war audio finally joined up with black expedition that i wouldn't in western pennsylvania it was a really old founded expedition to begin with a general rise in a way writing a chariot a washington was about and other black didn't believe that there would be any us any resistance or supporters of having a resistance from our from the yemeni troops they ran into an area where sgt that was a completely wrong and i went on the fighting began i really forces are a working road gallantly in india for a having a water more horses shot from under that fighting in western pennsylvania was real washington's baptism by fire it was his first
experience in combat and audits that well in in subsequent years the type of characters very stratified by class any four wheeled vehicle to have the house a substantial income to afford one of these early eighteenth century these vehicles weren't being imported from mainly in and later they will be guilty of bethlehem as we move into these seventeen seventies well you know there was a tax and this was twenty shillings and two wheeled vehicles of tension so that there was also a penalty for only taxes for two wheeled vehicles the most common shares and those were some sort of fairly large numbers
an effort to end of all a more efficient way of fresh ingrained george washington designed by freddy martin grain tried and she was laying on the second floor over the slabs splattered florida beaches under and horses were brought in horses the mules or bought robin and run over top of the grain reaction of their goods on the grain then separated the sea from this evocative brought down to where it could be jumbled up an unused i'm really an why the school thomas jefferson called in the best orphanages appearing with him that age of the great horse
general because it was a very comfortable life on a trip from alexandria i believe that the escape the general is curled up from one place and it's probably the first time on record that they're orphans and was thrown off the course and it was very near the end of his life it was in the late seventies i use daily to now physical exercise in the day and in its early years walking was this exercise there's this famous quote out of all the exercises walking is the best course is to kind of half exercise and a carriage is no better than the cradle out that in his older years he is not able to walk and chrysler
the horse named as he said the horses my suffering dr land you referred to this in the day live jefferson's family remembered him as and this is a quote from his grandson of gold and fearless writer thomas jefferson and called him the master of his horse and jefferson had a very even tempered with his family the only time he was known for losing his temper or getting impatient with some of his sources so his grandson who's a fearless application the weapons ferguson to master control this was nevertheless there were many accidents that the family reported that jefferson had when writing since his last
one single one eagle was frightened by the idea that sprang up out of the underbrush and as jefferson went sailing off and says jesus seventies at the time and then when he was at eagle fell when they were floating ice cream here in elkhart county and jefferson went into the water and as he recorded himself nearly drown at that time we had just broken his arm was unsettling that he was able to grab onto google is dreidel and the drag to the show so these sorts of things were happening periodic played piano or practices great records from the early period to him instantly at one another part of western and people can harm than as well gradually we change through all its forces have pulled plows and carriages and carry people are getting one is they provide a force powerful boats barges up the canals
by getting thirties americans have begun to lay railroad tracks at first courses for growing crops consume the steam engine just forces to find passengers through the chinese no longer want along one painter showed the forest or aia workforces more people followed racehorse prof go on believing such views on history irish when
the scores steve inskeep host now i love that your average or flavor of the month at sports today we get tired of professional element the nineteen twenties not like steeplechase and some of the amateur only exists through the halls or even those that fashion and i professional jockeys and the trainers from lottery supportive of one another just over a good field of the holes or just about number six
second his views jefferson did have a phase of fox hunting and attend horse races he only actual race that we've heard about that was to take part he's in a race that never took place when he was at school hero counting challenge to raise his slogan against that because passports to jefferson accepted the challenge posed today thirtieth and everybody was taken in by this perception that they can actually raise scores otherwise he and his beloved horse racing and although he didn't participate himself the attended races all the time even as president there were saying the annual meeting for washington jockey club and some years later next to the president's house jefferson had attended all three days in the halls of congress with empty as well everybody went races
and surprises or isn't really worth race it was normally done in some three a variable in your house there were relatively few open areas as we would see that there were huge force there were scrubs scrub pines lots of pushes to people a lot of time to clear that people had a hand in the sentence and no columnist at the time energy mine to clear land specifically for something like race there was enough room to lay out a big mile long race like it was in long island
in virginia they had and this was a man that eventually where the trees before the trojan the place and get a quarter of a mile they were thirty seconds or less and on the way down to the jockeys will slate dot com not totally off course and it was two things where we get some good glimpses of this kind of sport is from the summer the court cases when people are trying to reclaim detroit
and this was all david a thirty second places they frequent trips to the cavernous store and all kinds democrats some of sizes when you're losing half your crop on your pores were sure he was going to win then you're going to go for any means you can do what your opponent in an effort to win a race that was not acceptable to the second part of that is there was always wagering on the outcome and facts throughout the colonial period you really can talk about support without talking about him so there weren't a number of disputes about the outcomes of races which affected the outcomes of the wages next when possible to telephone records
which is the chicken and which is the egg the court cases themselves were about disputed behaviors and disputed wagers sports promoters injected horses into the sexual rivalries that were beginning to dominate politics by eighteen twenty americans were bitterly divided over the issue of slave oh the famous compromise white edition for while within a few years americans and south africans themselves as from surplus voice is such an inspiration there were a series of races the great races they ran from eighteen points to found anything fortify these were intersection alice they were north south so in terms of the names they actually did near probably more
actively went out the section of the north and south were two marines who consults stood against the militants and there are conflicts greece who's going to be pushing this was the greatest while at a sporting event in the history of this country sixty thousand people from the twenty thousand i'm working the site they just jammed into that union rates for thirty one often when we went to the front of the flavor of the whole wide of the great american cops diamond was going wrong twenty six yes i've
gotten much lighter and then i'm like a lot of the dead weight of the federal government change dot the series after the first leak and the dead my name's sandra party on horse he was following in the second he came out of the world dried off after a mile the thirty years is all right in the same time what happens for a few months if we deliver my own way this part of the world jerome vaughn founded the officers authorities want is the land and in his own life in virginia on and what have you i absorbed a defeat on frazier was commissioned drama painting market records
frazier was very well known as the landscape artists he was non frequent subjects but a day paid a very charming painting horsley on the question which i can report it software that memory of simplistic decision or we can hurt either on the scale and so they asked the jockey who's the head of the horse if he didn't want to stand in fact it is in the paintings the last of these great races audie occurred in eighteen forty five sexual politics were becoming increasingly serious it and continuing to believe that it's sexual politics could either be played out on a racehorse more or less contained on race course they released us a false perception was something that was far more
dire now nice boots in more invasive than it says reporters play convey their wives and they thought the gods and they have the officers who didn't have the people fill them and warren the nineteen sixteen stop the horses cowboy we were packing up field a horse gets her man to man down on the sony hacking position in hilly awfully horses
because over one in line with others and a lot of guns a slave cabins with the science total science told me no one said it was in so many of these men left the war and to announce a huge losses on schiller's and you meet some heart rending the cat's about women left behind who let the children filling the well while the woman the model is finally got clients who've been fighting in cultivating was just very very difficult job for the war and what cutts donovan finest than five wins in a walk in which you describe jackson's man walking off the mountains of the culmination of snow sleet and ice man as well as the maps offer gonna from lexington virginia wrote one morning many of us will never forget the
sad plight of the horses they have fallen during the night march so often and had been shelved by the courage to sell their blood that flows in one poor horse have both knees cut and icicles in love extended all the way to the moment when the force massachusetts everybody was satisfied was that of the wounded whole and found the time to raise itself up on this fall with the look for the us in the most employment appealing for help with a loan like that human being most often and then the horse to fall back on itself slowly dying by paying starvation does and i'm sure this happens over and over again and all the chaplain of the pennsylvania unit was quote poor animals how they do suffer from exposure i have no doubt that this man was
actually collected seven hundred thousand soldiers who have died and so there this weekend alone made in annapolis is that there's not so much in sickness starvation and abuse political cartoons first appeared in large numbers because the industry was just getting started his startup firms within the press and horses and so very early on production margins there are approximately fourteen or fifteen years
old several hundred of us provided a metaphor for either political issues and that that they also provide some other candidates are other issues to right now sometimes horses before had the heads of candidates and other times for candidates weren't the writers the best ones are the ones when one of the riders is being thrown off the horse the cartoonist figured out early on that is if they
made multiple copies of the car to leave with different candidates being thrown off the horse and different copies than they could sell that also thought that horses sometimes appeared not to carry candidates need to actually represent the candidates themselves candidates face sometimes he pasted onto the hands are reports from time to time forces would be used as metaphors for issues or forces would be written by issues like slavery the issue is when the horses right right from time to time toward the end of the period with horses and consistent use horses with show
on train tracks with the trampoline and a trojan horse of the losing side morris ultimately wound up being passed by by or literally run over by the emerging transportation force which was the railroad there was a jockey named simon who came in on a slave ship costs of the line at a very early age he appeared on the cross and racetracks getting everything inside and the next turns up in tennessee and nashville it is also the headquarters of general andrew jackson hero of the battle of new orleans and had a great hero and a great great stable course racer simon became very sort of glib and this
monarchy you played banjo in the attack politicians right and left is a sign of his great play and he just competing businesses in paris simon and i said to him and simon a little jerky and he looked out and cynicism that rather than sloshing around and spit my jacket and simon looked up at him and said listen to you and never ever more stress and it's nice and he never did black jockeys as charles stewart and he wrote for a man named william ransom johnson who's raising operations based in virginia johnson won every piece i can take the call the napoleon johnson is winning in europe and nearly eighteen hundreds the way
johnson was winning amateur from virginia and up and down the east coast and that we wanted anything to seventy eight he won sixty one and sixty three erasers and it was enormously rich he was sort of a two horse racing with the new york yankees later became pervasive charles stuart became his best job in one and one and eventually made so much money off of johnson that he had i was only horse race in this country insisting for two hundred years in kentucky derby us today the us war began and it is the most brilliant and longest western tradition of american few people know the role that african americans played in kentucky derby in surrounding states they're in first
place widely considered a startling figure very good look at as character who have incredible winning percentage of forty four percent which is close but he also wrote us and he was among the writer he wrote of the stores getting very strong winning some very big racist and challenged african american challenge to wait for predominance in northern racing was the beginning of the end of the black jockeys wouldn't spell it
from aboard a three day boys without mcmahon up or the economy back to a particular form of a riding on a well floured legs while back going along with this for the la was charged with firmness in the olympic team but the horses led to hard because we have fourteen of california thousand and they're reading so we have all the facilities to train to train their lives so he had this basic training that thought like the way the europeans not without the fairways ruled france and used their training
techniques can help a live sporting events that were available posts lend itself towards olympic effort for instance we would play for twice yearly report showed on saturday we fight so that on sunday we had to carry out of steeplechase he means then that sell everything geared around the horsemen continuous competition today put together about twelve officers whose only duty was to represent the country in international competition that's all we've been seeing that there are scientists who won the gold medal won the gold level again and forty eight different matter i want to play there were thousands of
captured horses that the germans have money of captured from other countries france sort of like the rest of us oh we found these horses and we love of active on the german dressage horses everyone to go about that really is journalism so as a very successful inventor we went to out of the main difference on and out of them are going to run and frankly they were excited infringement lara you know my what's that it was a source of course the germans are thinking from him and we think there's a journey and we have of lithium with an army press and then he worked his sources like them and i thought well uncle sam owns source inconclusive
right forces are much stronger than than old vacant they can show you that very very dramatically when their confinement or if they want to do something like that on the horse trailer knew nothing of literal and people are certain wouldn't really have to show him how the women have a way of handling a situation as tactful and men tend to so long whether
maybe not in the wild and you get these or any radio and impermanence a meager existing law a wife's he let me ask the question that really is tonight thinking i'd say incentives and other way most added that when he is almighty oz which was then hired at all the way and to be physically able to do that and yet many have
mental that have the type of lice is whether they'll do what i do that at home walk away from a voice as you wanted it the plan some players make every three of one hundred thousand everyday sometimes it always why he never been seen there are notes in that i would say that the charges
and i think that's wonderful to hear that and share that have suggested that our purpose is to raise money for local charities clifton and obviously we enter a way that we can and last year we get a chance to see the news and jon and their support the charity made the whole village's sport in america forty five run for the chair into despair a volunteer in and cherry wound institutions david o'connor live near the representative united states when someone was so unevolved months it was fourth altria many
yet that you would have quite a little bit because the experts have a number of the men there's no there's no you can't be covering wars that went about the train with it and that was an act the first is deciding which is like brains and that for almost like the thing is purely on the communication was the ability for the horse without being able to go very fast to get to the battle and then very quiet waiting for his moment and then our cross country to really the meat of our being able to go
over hill and they'll jump in the water or jump over the edges of the known banks in most natural terrain there are around or go having done that in the military they are infested with rats then the third day the worst i've got to come back that are jumping around would not have begun when intrusive government or like that the catholic and i thought that it was so far out now we consider billboards are the same or worse than we were and
merchants he felt that it was more than one goal was to use what's our advice is just as good news of course is only two hundred thousand virginians who were born in wisconsin madison cleric tells us how one working for some sort of regions interested in the horse industry farms as bruce stoff cleaners exercise riders industry has that in areas hit in various people with insurance barnes he employs generates about thirty one million dollars annually to the average listener in virginia spends roughly twenty
eight hundred dollars per year per orders and this equates to about six hundred and eighty million dollars annually economy at virginia we have about six hundred and fifty thousand to surprise and our attendees at the econ of ants in virginia and this generates abruptly fifty two million dollars was the economic impact of the scope i think there's been a tradition of horse breeding and horse rearing in virginia going back in the colonial times washington and his friends had horse racing in virginia there was great interest in horses and of course it became one of the early centuries of civilization the force was everything it was a life of work animal it was pleasure animal it was something that people aspired to own and it was it was part of the fabric of life and it was not just in virginia i think it is in other places the virginia seems to have
held a high regard for the animals and this has always been in this state it's a wonderful state to live their lives got if you're a horse lover it makes it even better because of atmospheric forces forces have been in northern virginia for many many years countryside renee it's a telegram that says it it actually i've been all over the world and i never been the place the caribbean right here in the rolling fields and that's the ability for the horses too tricia mckinney to be able to to be raised on the beautiful virginia hills and in the grass that we have here it's terrific for the horses they've become very strong individuals
very athletic and it was today is it wasn't blowing all the activities of all sorts going on here that says the logical place to bathe not all of everything you get medals it was on fire and on that weekend you when that world and you join the club and then
that's it thank you fb
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