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emptied tilden of the homeless is made possible in part by the mess on family foundation and by the financial support of viewers like you when most of us are aware of the homeless that you realize that children are now one out of every four of the homeless in seattle innocent victims of these children are cast hospitals in the sessions last week on and others in temporary shelters across the nation this dislocation it's impacting hundreds of thousands of youngsters and those in their formative years will be the jobs of tomorrow ms eliza says
palestinians when our video crew first met the rotenberg family they're not traveling with seven people and was a cousin mikey joined now they've found temporary shelter at the seattle emergency housing of their six week max wednesday was the fbi director for it unless they extend those which god or not to get on them to be more even the lessons are more occasionally check back has no uncertain hour drive within us a living with rosenberg's came to seattle seeking
vocational training and opportunity unavailable to them in the small community of gold into several years ago issa rotenberg injured his shoulder and unable to do heavy labor the families frequently move hoping to find work ultimately they decided they needed more training it stops specialist saying it
to try to prevent these deep down hurts the seattle public schools offer special help for children of the homeless kids organized and learning in school is now in six schools where there are special counselors to work with the homeless children their parents and desensitize the faculty food clean clothing paper and books and provided volunteers tutor and there is a fund to help families with permanent housing best of all homeless boys and girls can stay in one school despite being forced to frequently moved to another temporary shelter or transitional housing in the city according to teachers plays brother curtis is potentially be found in less able the uk to express himself and talking with his counselor robert mann so what about doing your studies the
things that been hard with on how come we want to go though so you do like school and they are pretty good student so would you like to just stay in one place now basically what you see is that these homeless kids either withdraw them and close themselves off or they tend to be to act out and these kids are approved again and again and again and it's you know it's like it is like an impending storm cloud you feel it you know it's going to rain you don't know when i mean that's a lot of what these kids feel they know they know that the only a
game but when his authentic on the house again a common and where's the shelter were such prominence in maine jason had a good friend who was also living in the seattle emergency housing curtis on the other hand seem to pretty much a load to help him homeless kids a sense of belonging to fill the gap and parents are distracted by pressures and joblessness cause to search for a place to live in seattle emergency housing has another school program this is a place where children can socialize or have a rap session with chancellor cellist stallworth one of the big is om apprehensions at the kids have is that other people find out they're really afraid of other people finding out there our mom or dad is having problems on that they're being moved around a
lot that they've lost clothing or for things that are important to them and i just that they are not living the same way that they think other people around them are living out of eleven i think that helps ease some of that transition period where the kids and they don't look back on that period and there was one person who is loving and kind of the whole situation won't be as negative as it could have been if that person had been done look at this friday you know that'll happen you just fed images the
non discounted airfare of the us was that sometimes you can make your clients my cousin her diary cry cry and denmark has a crack so far what kinds of the driver surrenders doesn't turn something and turn the current political stance
on the last day our video crew was with the protesters they felt another temporary shelter for a month and both parents and why did you see a key program which trains the homeless regular electronics and clara wants to be a secretary thank you once that means peace because if it's like an intense knowledge can a house so we actually have many opening the kids can come to this team owners can chew maybe this time the road and birds will complete their training and find jobs
but there's still the hurdle of finding permanent affordable housing in seattle so the bread of life mission can accommodate thirteen children no matter the boys up to ten are allowed to live together in crowded conditions is one shower cooking is limited to a microwave oven and top senate it was here that we met michelle turner who just arrived from california with her three children nsa surveillance the show's thirteen year old
daughter was faced with taking care of the two younger children as michelle immediately found two at our jobs plan to work from seven am until one in the morning aho out of the plants and it's embarrassing to get tape in attendance fell to the decoding of quasi different they often leads to more subtle advantages to elevate i want to friends anything they can come in our world that's that's insane this can make his company's can't wait to get iranian well as savvy
and it acts and mike gets out alive is that and then you know we knew about one year so you can't handle it does cleveland and we've got ike and then he let you can be allowed the mob outside suppose you know it said is no i dressed unless i can i can i can do the divine i experienced it i am in a situation in a shelter says you can get to shield is it you know good staff working behind and so that was very helpful
that i know when i was done to iran among its five thousand apartment then i have a private how can i know i am i just installed from it is it airs live in the summertime like it's a gun and want to be remembered and this is there's a dozen young addiction i don't know if it's because brain tomorrow
during the week or you spend time of eternal family the show was such a success working at mcdonald's franchise she was quickly promoted into management training this enabled her to drop her second job which are l was left with a major responsibility for ebony and jonathan after school and the family still have to find permanent housing it's bad the patient another mother rena at the bread of life mission was to providers before coming to the shelter she had her two boys were exposed to daily traumatic experiences living in an inexpensive downtown apartment was tied to the drug raids going
on priming the only images than it's found that was unnerved fast there's been involved a man and next murder was a couple weeks later on a frantic store that are predominately it's and that fernando was an artist fernand i had seen that incident and they didn't give prosecutors are his hand a show where we met in these pages it is that just happened with this man that what'd you met an anonymous to sink in line now is going to live out his team of why anonymous and nightmares and stand hans do you still talk about it dad's been solved in computer gamers sometimes they move from that situation and against our common man
in a bar with gritz to find an economist and you know long analysis always something now it's good to see that i had taken and that's another equally dramatic incidents of the family for one day when her voice was never went to a nearby restaurant cash check on the way home she was followed by two men and political ms tisdale sant found winter game a kid seems to hurry up was there's something wrong with you know insight and got very upset and lyin you don't like the situation i was bad it is this hearing to
turn that ran out to their dire their war the iron fist they weren't scared it seemed too much money now so david's never had a chance to be a kid his father telling him you're the man of the house now one away you take a family and mass killings in jail for sale signs that its intentions and that's how a note mr david france announces his age in my hand and i mean i was protecting right now
and i just said i am being beaten up in the hostile company continue landed a strong very depressed regions and poison and science you have to live like i am planning on last weekend in nineteen ninety three rosenow is there a center about twenty years ago on my own gotten into this will blame unnamed know didn't turn them into a shelter in some
kids some kids in wonderland for a memoir why this time are mainly confirmed so that's going to take a man wert came to our live play an income iraqi tv sets james taylor's in archery bow and let it turns to me a video post her new says he wants to come back in time i think they welcome david back and he did i make an upward surge in any deal with the class and that you're becoming a part of the class and i fell and he in this little experience gained some real self confidence and some self worth which our leader but i did too but david had to leave his dignity and class when they would move on to yet another school they love sports unlike to participate in more but he has to come home on the bus and is confined to shelters and his mom
doesnt want him on the streets where there are no regular programs to get the kids out of the shelter but one real plus and david's life is that he's enthusiastic about the school he now attends both michelle son jonathan and david go to the first place called a play specifically for children who live in seattle's temporary shelters school they can attend regardless of how often they move ms bee first place was started two years ago by a visionary young woman carol and pringle who with a handful of other educators and social workers wanted to do something for the children of the homeless private funders responded to their dream about the school was partially helped by the seattle public schools as a model for the rest of the country we're
hoping that you know keeping your interest to keep encouraging them that you know there the way out is for the education released on that and the family hopefully will make a difference there's a lot of hunger we had children that had been promised their really ravenous really not even probably not getting hurt nutrition who are very young and so we supplement on xtra breakfast with excellence fruits any other for that we get we recently sent home the families that we know are not getting in run the same situation so there on the sand the mind women shouting chanting hamas now one of the matter of all played in it needed from nineteen eighty nine on it and to me you know we're coming from the kid
standpoint and regardless of what happened to their mom or their dad or their family or this or innocent bystanders in their long for the right and it's probably very crummy rat and that's become a riot started very young indians guys that sacred heart shelter with him on that this fire is something like affecting kids i think some of the kids seem to be effective a lot harder than others have seen kids get a liar and i don't think it's a social as far as the biting scratching and punching i think they're lashing out because they're angry and ceo here it's not just little kids play it's like they're really angry they're upset you see us honestly parents though you don't wake up in an online streaming know having a nightmare or never which alaska by john
this is not fair or anybody hearken they cope with the stress of god where my home go into well my parents go or what are also going to do kann is a carpenter whose employer cut now let us work and then paid can with a bad check for two months the family tried to save money by living in a tent but finally came to shelter actually to start with those and so this like the us again for an end for the first week she can actually enjoy that the reason you think about your situation i'm renee montagne with my children and assistant say they're trying to do it without getting caught up in that and the feelings that runs a summer to find that was sitting out or raising their kids in a ten minute i'm taken away are some things about a frightening to me i've spent a lifetime how it changes our father worked here and it to
me the rational i go so you know we didn't get paid we choose to raise our own children's to put them in daycare but i now we're bad people a lot of it is just the system and society it's not it's not economically feasible the other one and sometimes even two incomes and making minimum wage to minimum wages it's not accessible to somehow anything and at times acknowledged me and i get a shame that i like talking to you people here is really as with rotenberg family at the start of this program cannon tamarin moved from their shelter will our video crew was with them your spirit
they to it and so why did you see a training been provided with six months of temporary housing so sky is once more on the move and insurers and she should feel about five to say that i feel like now in fact not moving until all of that is giving a fidgety about things and she's trying to find solace and you can come see a sunset of the bases just trying to crown herself i think they raised has another change memo observed low end camera and cans new apartment
was donated to the wider view ca by the private owner of that both it'll be used by a homeless family from six months to year as they become more self sufficient and complete their job training people of those closely articles you know most people if they're out of work for three months the financial system situation the children and their parents to jesse are more fortunate than most babies found temporary housing but for every one family in seattle which gets into a shelter it's estimated there are to live in cars and tents split up into the shelters are crowded with friends and relatives there is a pressing need to support him expand shelters and programs that train parents and help the children says only a temporary solution however the real solution is for all of us for political action and
private efforts to provide permanent affordable housing for all the homeless to restore a sense of stability and childhood to the children of the homeless nino moving moving moving no children of the homeless was made possible in part by the national family foundation and by the financial
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