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major funding was provided by rti tci of washington the news tribune in washington state lottery additional funding provided by hugh in jane ferguson foundation i asked byrd family trust bottler charitable trust and viewers like you are you he's been places
this is yours for its historic nature of this issue it sounds like i mean there's no technical difficulties in another dangers of mountaineering so all these years that i've been here it's it's gotten me and i live it nine thousand five hundred feet from us the summer i can turn and sometimes just sitting there i look at the ridges and the glaciers and there's a real sense that i'm part of what's happening and it's part of my life i don't think of leaving the mountain going home
actually think of them as my home alone usually reason why living beings and it's exciting to help someone pull a person about a crevasse you find them alive we look into their eyes and you can encourage them it's a good feeling like i'm doing valuable work and check into thirds of fallen crashes two and i've come to learn that the mountain's plane doesn't care that just doesn't care about me or anyone else to
since the accident back in nineteen ninety five it became apparent to me that we did integrate climbing rangers and i was able to recruit a number of highly skilled and dynamic and then women that came here and i think he really added to the program thousands of rescue activity for a job from hamilton singing we'll take care of the problem right away leo sits my friends have asked me i do you resent
are people in england that resell but i don't think of it that way nor do it myself is it as a hero or anything great when i read these people it's something i've just do and i feel comfortable and happy to help today at over ten thousand i was fortunate enough to be able to get a permit to get on it and inside nine year and so for the last two years of my guide climbing on on that piece i think there's a lot of glacier trouble on the immense side so it provides first known ice climbers that all the
challenges of a fine on mount everest and i've climbed the offer last a decade and so the world's highest peaks including mount everest right than six times because because because because now yours is a huge part of my background wearing or skills the problem really though if they'll watch as a multitude of them have success least one hour year two hundred and sixty two times i've had a number of really close call south in particular of a rock fall and sometimes borders you know size of refrigerators i've been through a number of times can you say that
you know that sign has a much more expansive view for much higher where thousand feet higher than her absurdly adams we can reduce in washington it's a different experience at our yeah yeah native peoples across all the land into the mountainsides in the springtime and that's where we picked berries purple berries and so that and that's where we told her stories and later saw how much did and that's where a lot of our stories come from the mountains and the legends told an unlikely cyber the monthly at the monsoons that that land for their stories shared amongst all the native tribes and groups help it's a very traditional story is now nine year often assume they're all
day that angry woman my people the lemmings cast rainier as the dullest lives of mount baker who was the favorite of baker's two wives that she had an awful temper after a while the younger why not six and became the sign of baker's eyes says in that kinder intense were furious mount rainier threatened to leave unless baker sure they're more attention when they are ignored her she made good of her threats and she traveled south alone and slow after distance she kept looking back but baker did not call her home with a heavy heart she continued on and count on the night in the highest hill on the land she says threats and stretch to see baker and her children and still there's no sign he did not call her home and often on a clear day or a clear night not dresses and sparkling white looks longingly at baker and not
children we're the white man came to a shorter they wanted to explore the lands so they use native guides and they asked our people to direct him up the mountain first recorded sunday klein was led to the man by assisting who is the actor my native who guided general housing boom and then chopped it's even higher have this theory that well larry selman many years ago his grandfather a great seasoned lawyer and mit hunter had offended part way up the mountain and had encountered some of these changes will believe that these people never went
past a certain point that your stories we know that that's not true to me is the human big surprise without a doubt the most famous tunes june was the first american to climb mount everest and lew has led three expeditions there just enjoy most of the time
he's back now i think thank you this week
the team concludes could discern now the ice paul is the only real danger before them but the glacier has been stable since the last tragedy and the team estimates that the chance of another avalanches very remote the first rope team crosses safely but precisely as a second rope team enters the path of the ice bowl that glacier cracks again it's been and then against all reasonable hope before killing them all but stops inexplicably it just stops
we learn from those people are grouped in whispers in the moment can help us learn them lose guide service requires a day training for attempting a summit watch dogs thanks melissa in their weaknesses family affair with no in a cloud over thirty years that is very very well in
ways that makes a huge difference in people's lives fifth floor so yeah that i did enough to have like an opinion of men and women which genders have heard that and i thought it was interesting that one of his senior aides told me that women seemed very interesting there was a challenge of the second day of travel is long and our satellite fourteen hours tall tree lined the winding trail so strange elusive ancient buildings it is then one realizes the resources of the state's remote solution to yemen the next morning riding several miles of rock and then the long miles drains come into
you know it was an eighteen at lehman than trump and james long mr long my or afterward build dwellings and bath houses and establish a higher and higher elevation of about four thousand and the most beautiful thing years again and again august nine i donned heavy flannel hose wore mittens and daughters drove along talks of bragging to my shoes too old to single blankets containing the provisions for three days i grasped my up in stock
and resolve to climb into exhausted the peak after two days of toiling upwards of four thirty pm august tenth at ninety we stood on the top and race we were somewhat sheltered in the crater and examine the steam jets looking as if the road blaming tea kettles have been placed along the ridge and there with steamed side as we spread our blankets to go buy shoes a bare feet in whiskey and again the night cap says we humans owe challenge by mount
rainier and i can you can only eight had a running battle for bicycle paths did it ever strike the local roads supervisors that the old method of dumping a lot of big round of builders about the size of pumpkins into the models is not the modern way of making roads they might buy a pamphlet on modern road construction and profit thereby and explain logan county say the threat from fly dalia
al assad he'll fall and i try to read my sister and the la about ten years ago and i was actually fascinated and captivated by this man fashion and that my desk at the office i have a small postcard with a future of modern iran and made that much of an impression on many ideas so there was one comeback i look at it a couple times and will affect the day thinking what rather be who volunteered for him now maybe it's a lot of a humble feeling is they are the mona so large and beautiful and you're so small or that maybe puts things in perspective where certain solitude and beauty and majesty
james perhaps the greatest challenge rainier offers is to scientists they're trying to predict when this active volcano will have a massive mudslide known as a low heart or a major explosion they're twenty five names ages another year there's as much snow and ice creams know adventurous another year as are awed by the other tested what is the line so when you met downstream of that much water you have to recognize it and prove that there's a real hazard for planting or for cars are initiated a volcano and i think every time i come here i have the place now many different box and i come here in and heiken with a wild flowers and i forget about the dangers of a volcano or i come here and work and look at the hazards and i ignore the
flowers and destabilize a landslide blood flow and the cemetery now and perhaps without warning that we feel it's important to inform people to educate them as to all the possibilities to put in perspective there have unmanned flows into travel as far as peter's ll lanza filled a large parts of he just sounded what concerns us most is that there are large populations of invasive a latino man over a hundred thousand people living in areas that have been covered by the heart because that's how likely is it that will have some sort of arcane a crisis here at mount rainier are likely enough that i'm standing on for solo career talking people local communities about possibilities
now rainier is an active latino we have gas is rising there have been relatively recent interactions as recently as a nineteenth century it's not a matter of if mount rainier ups it's a matter of when this is against the national guard has set aside for something very unique onto itself mr ayres
division of setting aside three hundred and thirty thousand acres for mount rainier was a great dream a growing number of people came to realize that must be set aside not only for scientific research but to preserve its outstanding scenic in recreational values for generations most important to come now nearing clubs newspaper editors business news associations at the university of washington faculty put pressure on washington state's congressional delegation to establish a national park every year finally the bill passed both houses on march second at ninety nine seattle supporters were delighted not so in tacoma as the bill finalize the name of the mountain as rain year rather than tacoma
coleman's and native peoples it was an outrage that the great mountain was not caught by indian won instead and seventy nine to one exploring puget sound captain george vancouver caught sight of the snowy peak and christened mount rainier to honor calling the recent appointments the founding of a national for the first time the northwest land was set aside for inspiration educational recreational purposes rather than during the first years of the park roads and trails were built facilities expanded and approximately five hundred people headed for the mountains each summer season as
beakman the peak the railroad mr rainer possible touring cars near the train and took groups i mean in the hundred years since founding the park it has been a constant
battle to preserve its pristine natural in the early nineteen hundreds many concessionaire as were doing business even an ice cream stand at the base of the squirrelly glacier bears were fed now a definite no no tent camps covered fragile lebanese another a nine hole golf course was enough reason for a few years ago has hit the ball down the mountain every turn by bus paradise him was built in nineteen sixteen by the ringer national park and sessions were consolidated and limited to the company but over the years there've been dreams and schemes to expand the facilities at paradise to a huge destination resort a violation of the original mandate to preserve the park in its natural condition and for the inspirational quality of the landscape yes
i'm robert siegel for the last year is mount rainier has not only been a challenge that has been an inspiration for photographers poets painters and writers floyd schmoke was the first park naturalist rainier and wrote extensively about the mountain fourteen years ago the film was made baffling reissue and i don't have that sense of balance and it used to have secured it years ago investors army navy and said there are they shear and ash plume like a union of tv ruth in floyd started both their marriage and his career by snowshoe and a fifty four hundred feet up rainier where under the snow they were keepers of the in all winter
it was here that he wrote one of his best known books most of yemen could know it makes me a mission to share knowledge and drifting were revered when western faith almost a hundred and three years of activity and has become not only a magnificent place is we can make a sacred place so
noah's laurenson spiritually for a lot of people who come down or a near total number of people for whom rainier really does symbolize the physical presence of god and you know so many religions mountains are the place where the great leaders who up to receive wisdom around them about our narrative and basically to satisfy my own curiosity about the mountain and in a way this book is about this you know awkward bookish man going into the mountains finding out what he can win he can find and he finds it's not a terribly pleasant experience losses rainier serene years natural climate if you come down here day after day after day and most of what you find is this in his beautiful forests on but incredibly they're family and
saw the skies i was a section about termite trek beyond wonderland trail which is a ninety mile trail that circles the mountain and i have the bad fortune led to a hike in september which is wondering if times and helping build things the rain the rain the rain it didn't strike directly at found me and more insidious ways in the high levels of indian henry's hunting ground ankle the flu could wash my feet the green leather of the one issue where hiking sort of water with such enthusiasm that the boats turned themselves on the main door wider shoe today's into my track the suite number of my affection was turning nasty in court the mound has scared me sometimes especially when i first started going out on the trail alone loans are just convenient symbols the nearest point to hound from earth
on days like this they are truly spooky and at the fag the clouds like ghosts split between the law trumps dripping with beards of like it when the trees to solve an alpine meadows in the path climbs in the higher clouds it's easy to imagine yourself approaching the gates of heaven it would take but a moment to leap into the whiteness become one of the people who come to wring ear and vanish there are actually quite a few people for whom maori new year is the final resting place there and there must be close to a fifty people still rusting in the the actual physical mountain there are three two marines who went down in an air crash in nineteen forty six and the rescuers weren't a live to bring in the bodies out because it was just too dangerous of that high in the glacier geraniums and i don't know the word first in july and then they found the bodies in august we spent oh we got there and they went
into the bodies and only love politically dangerous place to work i think mountain rescue give your motivation i don't i wonder does climbing you'll go into an area that you wouldn't normally go climbing in and just try to save somebody the molinari as written the most comprehensive book thus far on a sense times and tragedies on mount rainier i've heard all about the various challenges that wasn't the nicest things about three years he immediately just passengers who if you can make the opportune dog ever comes in america with this on the mountain i know myself actually articulated be really really get a sense of that from the past and a thing that's untouched they disappear there and yeah definitely noticed that
one minute left the things that it one of the partners and decide to make them out of the park the park service was a fruit seller in the museums and if i do a lot of paintings the maori are from the reagan i usually take place with the trio boyz of the thing that they want to stay on sam well it's a five hundred on a day or a kind of apology and through the day movie road and they'll understand that surrounded why it so
that you can approach in the state of montana the strongest impression that i just like getting up in the morning i'm looking out and seeing mona know and kind of the shirt the rome ok i'm on the show that is i was a
clear gold so of opening autumn the dawn eagles signing himself from the highest tree the mountain revealing herself unclouded her snow tinted apricots as she looked west tolerant in whose steadfastness of the restless son for ever rising and setting that is it here's rainier as an icon has been utilized by promoters and advertisers concessionaire is a nineteen twenty publicized report by romanticizing indians
ten mary ann wells the name and the mountain continue to be extensively adopted by image makers mission at as molly i
have divided up with the flood for five different fate for the family and my grandson stays with well he's right there too and they always say location location we are in a location people come to us and james people from all over the world this forty million dollar we saw that they propose it's going to be devastating to al hariri that undercuts expel luke sixteen this year i'd rather ceo and call myself when you do see nine year it does take your breath away well that unity
has been a heart has created jobs during the depression of the thirties the civilian conservation corps created one thousand unskilled conservation jobs in the car weston out experience in cities in the deep south it's both but there were others see seasons which means our wintry mess of murdering neighbors in the new sport of princeton and recently introduced to
american by a flock of german and austrian skiers who fled hitler's germany austrian art a lang came to mount rainier it became hip to it and i just it was a mission and my mission was to preach the gospel propagated by hunters schneider how to ski in a controlled fashion at the same time be safe and secure and with a modicum of elegance and joe was a very talented man in many ways but i would love to make a film like to be disputed so he's decided who talked about a new things started for that which we did huh huh
once do you a stat that says this incredible number to open a ski school here and i was a nineteen thirties and nineteen thirty six before an open a fresh fish the first tell overture this autumn afternoon in nineteen thirty seven was loaded with them and something that fell and fell in the way of the acute secure behind them doing was still in its infancy in the american south although in the last less than the competitive they're more specific in other places and one of that one day a young lady showed up to join the ski school and her name was gretchen cooney and there's some heart isola for the feeling that there's something about this term that is different and they knew that someday she would be a very good skier good enough that she has become a number of the
risky teen and for some a performance in more it's in switzerland and to the surprise of everybody she wanted salam and they had enough advanced for the gold medal for solomon and the silver medal for the combined which was a tremendous boost for americans thinking of first time american men or women about this elicited as julie ask a moment ago that the climb from paradise in up to camp europe which is a goodly hours climb it's about four miles in the four thousand feet to dropping that but there were singapore the worst race the line up the sixties he is intense in one line every shot a primer it
is there had to be activated and it went to sort of died down and looking back in our i am so delighted that they never develop paradise him as a destination winters and that they didn't build a chair lift or a gondola up mount kenya it wouldn't ruin he's doing over to the very first us regiment of ski troops was formed at fort lewis in nineteen forties during nineteen forty one nineteen forty two
to one thousand strong eighty seven mountain regiment took over the large and train to paradise they went on to become part of the tenth mountain division average on a few troops of stereo of the first one the one beer here cummings goes marching down the street with her appointment is on the other which is over filibustering kagan and they ask iraq climber i thought was a place for me so i ran down to the captain now and he said well sergeant by contrast for you so i said do it and he did it so we were scheduled to train him climbing and survivalists know high altitude and we lived in a small time we forgot some stayed for nearly a week at a time and a part of your contingent went up to the top of our neural integrator observer what we
saw just no work and learning about new equipment and and they will love those were the occasion to wave my packet of one hundred and seven pounds and ski troops reportedly a small wheels cavalry and polling because you get the rucksack on and the skis is cited almost no to maybe see the tipsy or skis all day long that's because syria is one of the political affiliation has continually i think we spent maybe two months being shot up actually called the political support heavy we lost to just under a thousand people they were talking about building a clock on warner so i won't
you're doing good to pluck up just to build her worries him is he is heard that will no no no we're practically in the mountains says ninety percent of them in this knowledge gets to be bad for skiing the snowshoe the face of lauren and outnumbered skiing in the snowshoe we tried to stay healthy we don't know people like the medication as spring high but they share the name that we don't have in the month since the month and spiritual tourists it's a big it's a high time at one
but it seems like they had a wavy do it is you'd like your last longer deemed a war situation can there's a place in iceland to sweden and there i met my husband left that's fifty two years ago singing go up to the mountains to camp will soon be off to act his behind walks over there you know it sees a big a point for their innovations ten thousand feet are you asked to leave several thousand two hundred because the very difficult to breed they clearly haven't lived on every other day this twenty seven times ha
ha i've been volunteering for the sierra club service trips program now for about ten years and i have a white collar job during the lear and i give two weeks of my vacation time this year club to put a trip together and bring people from across the country all different walks of life blue collar white collar folks home to come and experience with that country what about our primary job or not clear that iran a work project is to bring sixteen countries appear in iraq retaining walls and telescope so that we have one trailer hikers likens the tigers creating a trails i'm a desert rat i live in phoenix arizona i lived there for twenty years and right now in arizona two hundred and ten degrees and coming up to mount rainier and seeing the glacier activity on the side of the mountain is incredible and actually just greenery in the area's incredible hobby i'll be doing in greenery with for all when i go back to phoenix and seal brown and one of
the interesting things on a trio project is that we have our back to mount rainier most of the day and an occasional turn around and you'll see not on your new what are struck by the beauty of it and you can have to pinch yourself to say we're right here right in his mouth and then you go back to work you're very near we have about two hundred and fifty miles of maintain trail give or take apart the wonderland trail is a ninety three mile summit of mount rainier right now the river valleys it's been music is a wonderful wry creation just getting out there along with everything you own is on your back hopefully with somebody you love it's just a great experience and some of those are
words you're given this all her that of boys from people walking down the trail during the day that the people that are using a trail that we're working on the trail for ever remember a nice i can honestly say i've never had a bad experience working with volunteers just individuals and the leadership or tremendous in japan they come every summer working there are from city university and other universities and essentially lover and that's
not sweat it's hot it's buggy and i can't wait to come and work here they got some applicants it's open not just with state university that most of the major universities in japan and he has a strain like hundreds of folks and it has to take fifteen to twenty actually come out here and they just were like please make a lot of fun most times are singing and talking and laughing water working hard and it just doesn't get in there and that there just are i really enjoyed what i say its christmas for me intern joe lykken of the publishing company in a bank and using computer all or to think nowadays so i think it's agreed that around likening this country major injuries in flowers so it really acts didn't comfortable saying that saint of nottingham is that's emitted that of countries is a pound thousand and almond trees in a
mannequin a month a man that it has the dvd and now oh yes of course it's a beautiful kind of a man everyone has to be a steward you know they're only a lonely few thousand national park rangers and three hundred and sixty some odd areas and all states in the nation and us trust territories we can't do it alone catered event here where is the lifeguard this is the fear of quote i've been a hole in the there are flowers and heather be replaced by this mystery will find people that he is
treated here and grounds and thinking merry foresta younger they are excuse me ranger how much has the mountains way we sometimes call it the stump the rangers people have have heard about this mountain they'll come up in alaska question the disabled where that presidents face is scarred and then you know of course are thinking of mount rushmore of this roadway was built in nineteen sixteen its narrow with large eight nine hundred year old western red cedar trees right on the fog line and they will ask ranger how do you get the trees to grow so close to the roadway vehicles are real problem for the parish parking lots for about a thousand cars it's been four for about five hours and people get very short tempered debate driven a long way that one apart solutions so maybe i shuttle service because i don't think it would be appropriate to
widen the roads were to build more cars ninety seven percent of the park as wilderness yet within the next ten fifteen years we will be surrounded by suburban and the pressure of people's incomes for monsignor that pressure pressure pressure in the eighty ninety nine the force a default from tacoma and seattle and looking up one hundred years down the road it is amazing to set this aside as a national park i would hate to envision what this would look like now without such a designation alligator now you want to
preserve i wish they'd written i think that every time that has a potential here i can imagine people not it's about and that so few people really know they keep her as beautiful as she is and it's a way to give something back this is your party is arafat error
air to order a video cassette copy of rainier the mountain call one eight hundred nine three seven five three eight seven or right key seat he has television for a one mercer street seattle washington ninety one or nine for more information about this program visit our web site and daddy daddy daddy you that casey ts dot org major funding was provided by rti tci of washington the news tribune in washington state lottery additional funding provided by hugh in jane ferguson foundation i asked byrd family trust bottler charitable trust and viewers like you
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