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this boy hello there this is katie and the beauty the channel report tell us new mexico are beginning its very first drug can join us we communicate with them you at sixty minutes because
and universities be good evening ladies and gentlemen this is the beginning of a new public broadcast asian or eastern new mexico and west texas all the satiric stream excited about the prospects of this new station we say it's a beginning because so we work hard thus far to establish the station the real challenge and the real art comes now i'm using this tremendous medium the benefit all of the people living in the eastern part of new mexico and west texas good afternoon ladies and gentlemen and welcome what you just
saw was a videotape clip ten years ago at five pm on september first nineteen seventy four the nw tv signed on with the logo that you saw on the screen the window with high hopes for creating a fine regional public television station i'm going i'm director broadcasting for eastern mexico university and i welcome you here this evening the temp commemorate the tenth anniversary of key and the beauty the and the fifth anniversary of k e and w fm we welcome those of you in the television audience and we're grateful to have people who've come to the station this night to help us celebrate celebrate the tenth anniversary and fifth anniversary with me tonight president robert metheny and jerry robinson will be talking to those german in just a moment lots of people helped make the station reality and continue to make it a reality that serves what we hope to be the needs
of people here on the high plains of eastern mexico and west texas one of that in nineteen seventy three when we were attempting to get funding for the station a harold reynolds who is our congressman in washington was one of the ones instrumental in getting the federal grant that made this station possible we journey down a few weeks ago to ludington and don christner thompson took a camera down there to interview her old rivals with all dorothy runnels this is what she had to say about public television i'm not the royals anything beat a pleasure for me to be with you at this time in celebration of this very eventful happening that took place ten years ago and i was so pleased to say i was here ten years ago with my husband in fact when this bill came up before the state legislature dr livio i
have a loving father and i know that if i wanted a day inside he's happy that he had a small part and i'm happy to say that the next thing you would think of the dedication tight at home a teen years thank you got a monster let me say out that the work that i did was just one of many local legislators from this area that was working very hard to make this a reality others it was in santa fe to give the appropriation from the state level because the federal government had already made a commitment and i'll say that senator or redundancies senator bob wood and others did their homework and we were just happy to do it and you know coming from worthington i've said for many years at south asia than it is normally forgotten and neglect but this
i believe will be real find for all the citizens of southeast mexico and also parts of west texas and i'm just happy to play porgy we're grateful to everyone to you out there who've made our first ten years very successful to all the people and businesses and government and the university administration was ten years ago and through the years who've continue to support public television and make it what it is today on the high planes and we'll get to speaking with dr mclean ii in just a few moments we would like to reminisce though we call this program ten years seeing is believing and we'd like to look backwards at some of the programs that were produced in the early days now this is just a small sampling there's lots of them we didn't have time to include but we thought we'd like to go back down memory lane and look at some of the early channel three television programs billy the kid was it
was a common robin hood the most despised big and people in his area pride i play my grandmother also was about twelve years old when she during the lincoln county war there was so much fighting and her father hamilton mails that cher had abandoned them and he had left the country may have had been so hard he married a mexican which in those days wasn't normal this country i was so over the wrong way i think by denying is that dave jordan brushed off guard and no mystery here oprah yesterday in
addition to the surge of the lecture is that we have we also announce that jack has been named distinguished research professor in english there will be associated with a new research institute thinks that was named danielle and fellow center for advanced study in the church over police to comment until now for one of the new they get a lot that college known for being here it's it's interesting area going talking to you for a long time i want to say that i didn't take classes and i think that it's it's a tremendous advantage for us to have had him irrigation that were sitting i think it's probably one of the best things that ever happened to the university were proud to have an associate with us here and we our province to associate with sin in the terms that is and we wish him a lot of luck in the future or that his new novel is out since i had just read thank you
as ben and the pain has been fb growing from childhood to adolescence from
adolescence to adulthood and i'm from old age this is the natural growth pattern each person has a potential for it's those dramatic changes from a healthy mind and body to handicap state can mobilize a person in the world what does it mean to young teenage girl feels unwanted and sees no reason to continue living or does it mean that a child born with a birth defect attempting to find it worthwhile place in line and what about the mother of young children and sometimes for a second wheelchair for the rest of her life it was the process of companies people find their place in a fulfilling life which we call rehabilitation in be it is pictorial be surrounded with legend mystery they say there is a lot of
people that are there and the people are certainly shown up to see if it's their own scout leader of expeditions and lebanon has come with advanced electronic equipment to look inside them out with them have come droves of other claimants who saves their goal and falling all them have been scores of reporters at the end of ten days we're going to see if there's gold in them hills among the many programs come far has undertaken is one called red light over a plan establish for the rig also area through com fire and this is the fourth group new mexico division of forestry the usda forest service to rebuild so fire department and the bonito volunteer far apart watch is the first
date of the red flags clients the national weather service in albuquerque continually observe developing climactic conditions the forecast which are made with the observed that are screened for several significant factors these are increases in the winds decreases in the relative humidity and rising temperatures those are clips from some early programs that we did the first was lincoln the people in the pageant a story about billy the kid from the from the cap cam area a tribute to jack williamson in america says professor here at the university the yep i'm alive and dates real problem that was done for rehabilitation in roswell the operation gold finder and finally the red flag america and the thing i think you can see from all those clips of some of the some of the film was a little scratchy we went from the days of a film really into where
everything now is shot on videotape but what you can see is that those programs are about people and programs in our own area and that's what we believe china frees should be about producing unique things for the people all of our service area like this and not just briefly because any program that continues to be successful fast be help from the top and the top tier of eastern mexico university the present time as dr murthy thank you for coming jeffrey as a public service our mouths of the university as a ski interview fm and the new station we'll talk about a little later to be built now tomorrow later this year can you tell us in your opinion how the broadcast center fits into the total service keim of the university certainly can appreciate <unk> common are they here tonight primarily because first i'd like to congratulate years that was fifth anniversary
certainly appropriate fiftieth anniversary of the interstate an anthem plays to mailer satyr step that this is my perspective this problem in the country and i think that that spirit here leadership as director and you've built this from virtually nothing and i remember that because i was watching it nearly de souza member the faculty and it's not a very significant setting out rip the university but also the surrounding country is to mexico university in particular has benefited from katy end of it because it's a a workshop for students' academic as well as medical training here and they have the opportunity to work and your lab in such a way that when they leave here as possible for them to go directly into a very good jobs and we have as you know many of our students have gone a very good chance for a country so that reputation of excellence is one that we appreciate
wine and i want you know that and they're stacked in alive because you're tired very good people where they were helping with the station i think the future of play and of this is obviously very bright singing someway that things are coming together very well with the billions a nerve in power which indicate when a little bit lighter at st germain their program and less common radio are certainly an increase in the sort of looks excellent i would say a couple of our legislative contingent and the good people out there who have been very supportive and generous with this program and we certainly look forward to improving and continuing excellence the jews well thanks for the kind words and for the nice lead in to our next guests seated by you it does take a great deal of support from the legislature to make this problem go just for everybody's information we get about
fifty percent of our support from the state of new mexico as a line item from the legislature were very grateful to them for that mexico can be proud of the support that they give public broadcasting the work we may be downloads per capita income we're very near the top of the list when it comes to support that public television received on a per capita basis from state government our guest with us today is gary robins and he's been very you've been a very fine friend of the station over the years gary we appreciate you taking the time comes lawyers published the route also what the wrestlers combat stage in the three stations on a version of thanks very much and ultimately neither mentioned the staff were were very i mean it's like a family and i'm very proud of each and every one of them we started with about that and people on the staff in nineteen seventy four and all those ten people seven of them are still with us today and we we appreciate their hard work and dedication and those who came after we have about twenty five full
time people working at a broadcast center now and both katie and other us them and tv and we need to remember is the fifth anniversary of the end of a new radio so we're we're celebrating to particular events today i also would like to mention just briefly and recapitulate in the history of the program here in nineteen sixty eight october first it doesn't fit in with the september date of october first of nineteen sixty eight we started broadcasting with a small can walk fm station from what we call the tower room of the administration building it was really the attic but we felt that the tower room with much more glamorous and we called it our room of the administration building at the same time we went on cable drama about five every evening until nine bumper tell us cable in glorious black and white on monday through friday we presented programs that wowed one was a focus on eastern type program and one was called the princes and the magic mirror and daily fifteen minute program done by the students here at the university from that
we've grown of course in seventy four the television station came along and at that time we were able to move into broadcast journalism and in a much bigger way than we ever could afford to before because our budget nineteen sixty eight was twenty five hundred dollars the university gave us each and every year that's what we built the entire ten watt station on it had a lot of donations from radio stations around the state particularly on there're burns at los alamos was a very fine contributor and helpful person and the real seeing stones turning circles joel burns now has purchased via commercial station here and propellers so he's been a good friend of the station for many years as have katie i see it actually i see a case he'll be donated equipment in the early days and that we certainly appreciate them for that said before though we were able finally to have a budget it was a hundred twenty five thousand dollars and after twenty five hundred dollars is a hundred twenty five thousand dollars we just couldn't
imagine ever needing anything more than that and over the years we'd like to see you to see how a news program which we're very proud of the causes of poor students get to get a real experience in broadcast journalism how it's kind of changed it's look over the years we have a clip now to show you this was there really set the book the boxes look little boxy and that's kind of what they were just boxes this was the high plains report lauren and care of the manatees sitting there on the right is currently anchoring newscast in san diego california doing very well and dr brad chuck joined us so on the uk academics side john dallas by the way was the first news director and a second news director is the current news director and gary kishi he's the one that trains the students over forty different students as you can see even in that you can see all those names of forty different
students help produce each one of these newscasts seated on the letters doctor bradshaw and scott stayton is on the right that was the current set was used last year we're proud of the work they do we have lots of people working all over the country not only in news but in advertising agencies and public relations firms in industry lots of industry using training films and public relations pieces we'd like to just that we mentioned a moment ago that it was the fifth anniversary of key in the view of them and we were going to sign more cast this program with the fm station but we were working right at this moment in the minute in the middle a prairie home companion and prairie home companion is not a program we felt that we could endure opt to bring this little simon council the folks listening the fm station right now are listening to a prairie home companion but we would like to show you what it looked like five years ago when we saw the sign kd and w f on fm on the air on september first
nineteen seventy nine you are going to go and we're coming to you live from the end of the tv and were calloused new mexico and this is a very special occasion for us were celebrating two events won five years old is katy end of the tv this coming up at five pm and just a few moments and we're also going to put on tv interview in just the few months that the president present armstrong of eastern mexico university and our chief engineer director broadcasting where y'all film are standing by indian transmitter room and they will turn the transmitter on at five o'clock for the ap and we welcome you here to are in the audience and we also welcome those of you who are joining us on television theater near fm set on eighty nine point five if you live in clovis or tell us why you can hear it on radio now we go to the track to the room for the
activation katy end of us and this is katy nw at them or tell us new mexico public radio for the pipeline's beginning its very first broadcast date welcome ladies and gentlemen both in the television and radio audience that was the scene some five years ago we had hoped i had hoped that many of us had hoped that we could turn on them outsmart station that we told you we talk about a little a little later in the program but that looks like it's going to be later this year before we can pull out altogether but that will enable those of you living in the roswell park hobbes or teacher called that loving and zhao hagerman all those areas down south of us in our television viewing area to receive public radio for the first time from a new station that where we haven't picked target date yet because we signed on two stations will preview compton watts station and we've been able to set our target
date every single time we don't want to spoil a record set a date yet but we think that it will be near the end of the year and we'll be letting you know about that before too long that will enable you to listen to simon tests from the end of the tv and of course find that classical music as well as a public affairs national public radio and the program the song right now a prairie home companion in talking about expansion the year after we put the radio station on the air in september of nineteen eighty we were preparing to put three translators on the air one in carlsbad one and ragland and wanting to can carry a translator picks up a television signal off the air and re transmitted on a higher frequency in the case of from the carlsbad translator i believe i'm a get these wrong but i think it's at sixty nine down in carlsbad sixty five and ragland and sixty three channel sixty three i may
have those rivers nevertheless the redlands signal kind of leapfrog sit on cute you can carry martin and we have some footage here we have to put the one on to conquer a mountain up with a helicopter ride up on top of the mouth and rebuild if at our laws with a light on a breezy this is right on top of the country martin we strap the translator there that's the rack that step to the side of the helicopter we strapped it on down below and then lifted it up to the top of this mady the people and caused that a knockout that for the first time to be able to pick up our signal because they're kind of down in the valley and the other one i think you can carry on top of the mountain pretty possible for us to have received there for the first time you need to be able to
get the snow was on the top of the mountain i remember that very pretty up their supply makes you think that your own flat landscape of the pathogens the climate it's about half an hour to forty five minutes on the younger a little faster than i do so that's what it looked like in nineteen eighty when we put the translators on the air were looking forward during this next ten years for kaye and other tv and five years to end of a new fm to a new fm station k n th which will be coming to station will be located i just up on the cap rock above the town of mount more new mexico the transmitter will be located on a six hundred foot tower are the other day and ten on a six hundred foot tower with the transmitter at the base of it our television transmitter for those of you who live in the courthouse area lot people say i live right next to the station and i
can pick up the signal well are transmitting station is actually forty six miles to the southwest i had that we have a thousand foot tower there with an ad put an antenna on top of that so we cover a wide area we look forward with great anticipation to the next years of service thanks for all your help i particularly would like to think their teeth kolb who's directing this program the day and on chris who had dug up all the footage for their help keith is going to be moving on to a new job but he was one of the the people who started with us at los alamos we'll miss him he's done a fine job and we thank him as i think all of the staff as i thank you for your support whether you're a private individual or a business person thank you for helping support public television thank you very much dr mckee neo on the apple whole this year to broadcast center for them all you do for us at the university and thank you miss robin's theory for coming to be with us thank you and we look forward to the next
ten years with great anticipation following scenes or from some other what we consider to be rather spectacular shots it had been taken over the years by the cameras of k e and w tv public television for high plains of eastern mosul in west texas coming to you on the broadcast based in mexico university of health mexico ages in a way it's been
disbarred to pay his bill it is both it's been it's been
fb fb welcome to the wood writes about
this and how it is there's nothing harder life than trying to go along without a good can hook and afro that you can depend on that is a relatively simple blacksmith in jobs or something which well you know right here in the shop when it lets take a bit
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