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it's been you are the police by the police because he can you just need to like journalism on their magazine reporting on personalities ideas
and issues that affect black america it attempts to achieve balance by reporting from a black perspective if it is true that the continent of africa and the continent of south america were at once one land mass that separated then as the proponents of the continental drift theory believe south america and africa would fit together as two pieces of the puzzle in addition to land masses coming together it also follows that the cultures would be basically the same because of the presence of the european on the african continent the african culture has been modified and has incorporated many european customs it is just possible that the most pure intact african culture in the world exists and sarah nam south america it is also possible that allen founder and david evans to blacks from harvard university pioneered the discovery of this fact on this edition of black journal from boston through phone pictures and discussion back to counter a norell
biologist and mr evans an electrical engineer will share with the television audience their discovery of the original brother and here's the hospital there the point of it mm hmm once you get there you are right away struck by the fact that you step back several hundreds of years because the people are dressed just as they did in the sixteen ounce came over his legs
the musical rock me an annual premium people who theoretically have not had the mathematical sciences these people have an amazing capacity for designing instruments and designing boats to go to a regular set from boston like joe presents the origin or brother and one black journal educating various cities viewers in that area can participate by calling in this edition from boston features dr alan cutler professor of biology at harvard university and david levinson associate director of harvard college admissions office
and now our hosts the moderator tony brown you brothers of gone off on a bush it really is that you could try it again some forty or fifty miles but we went and i would say from three hundred miles into the south eastern section no i know you correct me if i'm wrong eyes as my research indicates oh i've read stories in the new york times new york daily news about the jupiter ii which is basically the group concerned and we don't you've got to explore how far from the phone call are you know in comparison to the other reports that i referred to most of the other reporters have taken her peripheral approach they've gone right at the edge of the city a primary no the capital of the country but we won several hundreds of miles into the bush and the farther we go into the bush but more like they were to come across a joke of people for african people's who are remotely involve the western world is for the jet to get that for well several years before that i've
been going to brazil to study voodoo and medicine and the heels and i've been told that as i go farther and farther into the bush and involve myself of the macondo people and others that there are these people farther into the bush were more african and africans themselves are today in a way that they were they're preserved much of their coach and i decided to go into the bush i came back from brazil spoken david evans about it we decided to embark upon a journey i'll pay for my cells by the way and to go as far as we could we were also gassed of the sermon government they provided to revisit western and then when you went to discern and so we weren't we knew one men are thought of and houston the retired professor and also associated with rage and george allen knew him through professional work and latino who retire even hearing deficient and we knew him and when we came to town he told us that he had been invited to the american consulate there they're in for a moment he said if we wanted to go you try to get invited to it was there that we met the minister of economics mean it just
renders we met the minister of development the director protocol walter slocum and their security people and their most cordial to us it was there that his excellency just winds up allow us to become is a guest and provided a great deal of unexpected financial another system that again isn't a kind of a provider to place two kinds of cooks barrows guides and very good guys had the tickets and the bush and also sent their nephew along walter's look india to assure his of his concern about our welfare didn't have a son new and also the other interesting that they are going to vote en die i'm a gun owner and once lived in the united states and you've brought here by marcus garvey as a maritime engineer from what was to be the black star ryan which never came to be and you know and he lived in the united states for ten years and he was a well cultured along those same path it took us some ten twelve years before
he had taken to give up and i have a number of questions and now and the public has a number a question so let's see at this moment if we can find out what one of yours my wanna know about this very gingerly well i'll go ahead to like know please like you know where they found that the people there were practically barred thank you well i can so that says i was primarily interested in their medicines and religions and how they have already up priests and medicine man and they believe him a divine being a single divine being with several lesser gods one of the main gods of the god called coral monti who expresses the spirit of the rebellious lanes and when they were in fact on plantations i and ran away and the people never became slaves who jumped off the bonuses aig got to america south america that is well known as a core among teens and they in fact represent the gods of the bush today the bad cora monkeys as they're called they're literally called bad because they were the most rebellious as you know many of the
slave owners are not want to bring in court monday people because they were known to rebel and overthrow they hid it might appear that the song that they have adopted in a limited sense of christianity but in times of stress they will go into their own religion which is the religion the west africa that what they have done i think is appropriate here to talk about the history of these states men and women were brought over just as americans blacks were to be slaves and some of them as eleanor said did not remain slave one day they fled into the bush some would think they were going to try to get back to africa and they went into the bush to temperature they the foreman of the floor of their own internal is very much like a poem and i so it was acceptable in physical acceptable to them and so they were able to establish a little africa there in america i think that a number of slides that it's a concern and really have quite a graphic description of the
trip well this is a slide of our journey we're just beginning to read from a certain question this plane was provided by the government officials has excellent suggest friends and a pilot was also provided for us here and they were heading down the sun on whether they're going into the heart of the bush country when it's stolen island which is a i guess it's a two hundred and fifty miles from farm i built the capitol and this is really important this is a picture of the minister development asset limit as it's shaking hands with grandma on a more cunning and graham on his arab word for great man are paramount chief and this is one of them that we had the rare honor being invited to parlay by these men that are shown here want a lot of bottles logan there's david of course and there is his excellent suggest wins they invited us to parlay between the bush leagues and the people of the young the parliament of suriname and out here i'm
talking with the great chief the grime on public ani who leads a large store a mark on you can try this is elena kagan apparently because of voters are known for the united states if they resisted johnston don't honestly was very cordial dusty we had as it is home to invite us to members of the government these are the two run one of the largest drivers of black conservatives on your love through the park on a longer ride as does arvin in the sun is about your captains protecting them and he is there as school is one of the village captains and here you see a typical scene of a child who is going to negotiate and navigate that build up the river ah the children aged three or so a top these skills they are not afraid to teach their children important skills such as navigating builds through the rapids of the south and here one of them who had gone to work and the aluminum industry and colonies come back is going to take just two years to resolve these sea and said if you recall in the western world and as you can see has his his guard has
been modified bad as he is embraced the western culture here we see now dancing children went into a village they're also the children would come up and we put it a record amount and began to dance and we were so impressed with the fact that they like western music very much and enjoyed dancing and finally the older people come out and dance the women and then the men and we'd all get together and try to establish rapport with the groups in each village down the river this typifies just the beauty of the children they're the bright eyes is stedman said when he wrote an ebook and seventy nine it's the the fine strong features were forced to admire and this is a very typical young black village girl customer inline our view that this visit americans they live in south america so they are ever americans now here's a this is a religious item here hanging at the entry to all villages and at the exit to the villages and what one passes through that it is supposed to cleanse your mind of utah
you can say that the rules top is made of the moment because bach's it isn't as one of the main those in the in the soil has exported by many industries in there this device to the art will discuss that later in the program but each each building is a door with the most fantastic wood carving wood carving and what our history it's cultivated very diligently in the juba society and these beautiful colors many of them to make themselves some of them they trade for but each is decorated in this fashion note you have the flag of the sort of the low fi flags on their red light brown white and yellow signifying the major ethnic groups and they're supposed to be the most integrated society that isn't throughout the land in the er and the memo does is what we had deep went downriver think that really significant that was our barbecue or smoked meats to take down there are i think unethical oh yes you're like your last question
and the reply one candidate he comes from america between the kind of traditional african religion and traditional african art now i'm wondering if you found an infant i'm rick and them in their music which you could definitely taste back and indeed they name that sure enough to the days of the week and just as they do and donna frickey quasi capability si is foreign born born on sunday quick to afford more born on wednesday and kwame is just as kwame and groom is for a boy born on sunday and now it is interesting quasi there was one man whose name was a quasi blocher which translate from that language into sunday blackmon and a writer for a major newspaper a white writer went down into this man and the and he came back and one of them is named are not as quasi blocker but as nesbit quasar black and then this typifies out distortions them take place turns out
to that their language is or the main language combines english french the dutch portuguese and several african languages and imagined of the demos question there's so much evidence african isn't and their art and their language and in fact lead on and history department was an issue that some evidence obama wants to claim them so they certainly represent west africa they preserve much of the culture better than it could be seen on the west coast of africa and some places today and that we're sure that they are actually the original brothers the africans are thinking of the original rally all right the youth today you feel that the people living there are the owner of a freer than people living here in america thank you very much they are indeed free they fought for nearly a hundred years ago or gas and i guess the dutch and against mercenaries sent in by the dutch and they they were a
petition by the by the dutch for peace the first peace treaty was signed and seventeen forty nine and all the judge agreed to send twice for europe of provisions two and what happened they did not sign as a vision treated with all of the drivers and on the way that first year some of the supplies were intercepted by cheese stands out who was at indiana and the canadian of the american black woman who was a bad dude he actually be intercepted this and then the ground none of the river thought that they had been deceived again another white as aldo war broke out again and they went on a second review a sigh and seventeen fifty seven it is clear that has tried but has always been beautiful it's something new bratton in the american eye for american scene but it's always been a very deep pride in their history and their culture in fact the odd bush captains and boy she's were taken back to africa last year and a gesture by the government and one of the terrorists the people were embarrassed because one of the bush she stood up and said the
drugs were drinking were probably paid for with the money you got from selling as many hundreds of years ago so they still remember their history they still feel free and remember they chose to live in the bush they ran away from slavery and shows some of the ways that was compatible with what they had known in africa and they've survived until this then i think that's remarkable in any sentence beloved mother to he wrote back what i think is in some very interesting film and so perhaps we'll take a look at you in action in the sermon with the jupiter he has a party which is wrong for that reason they had to do about five and the medicinal
fall you'll see it quite often rubbed on the faces of children and also you know you see it in their will they're religious we do know it was because of the rhetoric we got out of iraq right now and the bases or now that out of brazil we see reports from ghana coming up river to make trade with a different religious and with the indians and there and getting that when the dust at the black to translate into the void and i thought i'd have a treaty that
they would come out and look over at both french prisons i made that come into the fact that now that man cannot employ about the golden plate uno raven and if that something of apple think about it at the villages a bill at the head of these rapids because it's you know for the dutch refining the slave seize up or played out they could easily find that the job as they came up or until the villages that interesting names one of the names was one of our local which i feel all of our family taken yellen was vital subject which means god only knows me and no one else in common they would remain vivid that had no surrounding villages no other that well like many with means do this journey if you dare and you can see that the poetry and the defiance and all of the old names of the villages this is how they thought man and this is how they think now the
other immigrant who believe that the y a weapon and might at any moment tried to re inflate that and so they handle a lot of that they still respond to them as they did hundreds of years ago there with children would come out first the german commands of explorers and finally they all digital comics and the women would come when the men would come out leslie to meet and interact with us when you see the greatest deception or for majority yet you'll notice that in every village we went and we found that there was an appreciation for music people made their own music without weed insurance with the drums and only stayed at a lawn of
all proportion of the people who would bring out i keep recordings of western music and we found there were several hours that they tend to prefer one of all the music we played we played everything from portions of rockwell was rational thing to me too oh certain very popular contemporary solares and they tended to prefer the soul music and that our guide our one year veteran indicated to us that that soul music beat has been and they're known for over three hundred years david it
happens and caravans and dancer was a popular that section of the country and among different villages they come together to get the music and the reason why and allowed to overcome what religion now you can see how some of the what with david as clearly when i was the children are still get it let's take another towards the woods on the well you're my job pleads as the question i know why control which iran where it seems that the
area the foliage lately the flora fauna of the area of south america's very similar to that of the coast of west africa american art and lifted many of the plants and it seems that it does enable them to survive much better impression that would have had they been in america some other place or north america that is i saw investigators indirectly if you take their main carbohydrate stable which is the money at the summer the ghazal you listen it contains a some sign of genetic glycoside cole an american which induces iraq within the nervous system that attacks various aspects of the nerds and especially on a turner where there's been a solid plan or two where like plant is grown all the way down the west coast of south africa redraw line will be a large dark knight and it grows around the top of the love of a scrub the top of south america and the west coast of africa you could fit the two together by simply drawing lines and it seems as if this kind of explains to that there may have been some form come in addition to the culture being rioted as a transplanted cultures being personally clearly they survive in the jungle because it had some of the same features as the african forests fuel aren't so
low he's asking questions well i start out by saying that as i indicated earlier i was researching voodoo in madison throughout brazil and try to make my own little private investigations not funded by the way does my own interest and in fact once i spoke to david evans about this were returned from brazil we began to read john gabriel statements book which is a real authoritative book on the subject written in the seventeen hundreds and from there we began to research the ideas of the tribal existence to determine how much they are today like they were at that time we began to do as much research as we could there several books written about these people i think they might have some things about that week example mosul and the weakened but you are planning week whelan and this was a
preliminary visit to this was not considered for a scholarly research where we were less than that that we have a chance of politics and amateur filmmakers are we all we've planned next year to take a linguist today's cycads just an anthropologist themselves don't need to do we feel that these people are so important that thorough and rigorous scholarship what you feel it this encore i feel them on because they are the answer to the question what we had to have been enough we mean that one week we have been here if not then i had grown in two thousand didn't have been obviously had not been betrayed is this is that and i think they represent clearly a control group they represent a sort of an experimental control group international those dollars question we are just beginning to do research on these people are most important for two people such a hassle of your knowledge as an electrical engineer to say that we've done all of those are just beginning to soften the kerry saying that they're important because
this is the last four years you do it the most intact african culture i think that's true in addition to that they're slowly being eroded away by the input of industry there's the aluminum industry there and we feel that unless we get some information about the people now in their history that all of the ones that they're far to the bush will be surviving say ten years from now so we have done some research in the planning to do much more this is a great interest in and we're well we're here and our journey you know i'll vote among the people and the olive among them more but i know my favorite game when our python probably weren't confident and my question at the difference
between the carbon and the carbon that a lot of people forget a question about when there are oh no not all of them because you know they have to do when they go into a lot of you and i think like you know a look that you know when you have it they are the people in the city on the moment about these are these africans their movement because they see these africans were freed and they've set themselves free they signed a treaty with the gunman seventeen sixty one and the polls remain on the plantation were not emancipated until eighteen sixty three hundred and two years later so very ambivalent at best about the people in the bush and that we too were told such things as be very careful and what's this twice that what we found were some of the most friendly an unbelievable the beautiful people that i've never met i recall instead mounds
book and seventeen hundred he described them so vividly and i think they can describe the same way today he said the strong features they're bright black eyes or find white teeth we're forced to admit he said they are proud and sincere people who possess so much friendship with one another but they need not be taught to love their neighbor as themselves since he won the poor is black he said among them having only an ex cons to eat it along when war that doesn't present he would cut or break it into equally as many shares of it is a desire to people we met is a good or very humane group velo me that's the seed we can draw some and understanding there's a societal values etsy weekend as some questions in from the content for approx what about the concept of crime well they have they are there's no real crime they don't have a police force they don't police and so he's also there in the family and the most brutal crime that we heard of why we were there was a facade and as a hitter for poaching or maybe stealing fish and the
arguments that ensued typically involve when and it seems that that has historical low presence in the sense that women were armed so they shortened so to speak because when they won the plantations and the men would flee into the joints and so they would go back to get one off the plantation when i was lying to our are asking the bush she's the great grandma and ob la county us and how do you feel about white calling you and then people in the city a savage end up promoting any sense on the notion of rigatoni said them as i recall is that you know we are aware of the fact that the white tribes have taken machinery and gadgetry human technology is that they've gone far upriver with this is that we can begin to just a lot about this exhibit we have taken humanity and we have gone far upriver with humanity and he said there is a great deal that they can learn from us about humanity and for the first time in my life as i sit at the feet of this great wonderful black man this man fall of hours i said with significance right on the free world
yes it is please ask your question about a lot of the bible i'm wondering if you might be able to help a cover up that the people of our own african been wondering what about the how black and african american the left and to find their identity in the uk and were taken from africa west indian and black americans find their identity and so far the plot point that we can they are a mixed group largely the language as eleanor said is a combination of maybe five western languages and about eight or ten african languages there's only seventy nine when a band too i have been here before a vote maybe thirty words that are the same in the juke a language of south america and then say fun to knock on the wooing igloo in the west than to and so they are they have indeed maintain and
african culture right here in the americas and it would have held many of the west indian blacks in the north american black etc to give them a sense of perspective isn't thorough and rigorous college work done on these people and they did not mind you know be bold running off down a thing and they will be reading accepted we were not ready to accept that we referred to his biographers winter there were four whiteman leads in their words a white man his cultural identity is not color many of the african government shown an interest for years where the gun and his partner than the much quoted that the shia because they tend to want to claim the duke of people as being combined certainly as david pointed out there are many features of the culture the art the of the language that would suggest that many sort of a shanty or people ramadan an area in that particular such a major online journal please well yes the questions
we have you have a picture and i couldn't believe that question is do you can you give us a joke of they're really going to get new leadership our main message modest often say that i have looked at their drums it painted drum the bible a drum and these towns are played for religious ceremonies when they are playing to their great god they play the drums i cannot turn after the drum playing i was very impressed by it and i have some of the drums with me here at home but the higher levels of the music back you record an event we did record some of the examples and they were simply regular rhythmic padding with the hands or not the stakes as the engines of south america the iraq wmd and you they use their hands in his very typical of course
african drum playing any evidence in answer to the second question about mike vallely the gallows sure the statement drew these pictures really out of the picture you see here he adds them in the seventeen under to me think that they represent authentic sides this is what steadman saw and this is what he asked if you take a look in his book of mine to talk about that person hanging from the gallo on the book he was one of eleven and seventeen thirty two captured lead instrument captured by the day and you put together in public like that mr y with a wily it has been my impression that hanging was always by the neck which is this is this is new information to make on us all day long in such are in such a fashion so there was a story there was a sort of dignity considered and hanging a person by the next part of the visit is to believe and the slave had to be treated differently of course or the rebel version ran away that to be hanged by the iraqis so that they would simply suffer at a form of torture you see there's been added to having going over with
very quickly so to speak and the slaves are not accorded the dignity and hopefully you understand one sigh oh i'm talking to the counter and i want to know whether their way of the fact that i could offer code without power line on a gallon of island and about whether any similarity between a kale i think that you can give them any blood group that is on the people in our in our veto any correlation between the people there i have is some gullah language and ginger grand english and go into the language spoken by those articles of south carolina and barker is that word the river go where the white van and barker is a jew who are white men very close tender is a dollar word for pina p i and the er in the jungle word is p i n da and essentially pointing especially in light of the fact that many of the blacks on the south carolina coast we're isolated
during slavery because there was malaria in that area and wives tend to believe that that blacks were impervious to malaria and they also believe that it was natural for blacks to have consumption as they called them or tv so they were isolated and there because they had the subtle traits that allowed them to get rid of the malaria germ if you accept that up others as they were able to survive there and whites were not so they were isolated from life and get much of a culture that doesn't your second question about what groupings know we've not and that's one of the things we plan in fact next week i'll be working on one groupings as a neurologist and hopefully we'll do that and we go back the summers especially as asian cities would you intend to compare about groupies and with good groupings in in in the jirga driving concern and this may be one of our own so scientific treatments if you will of the kinds of they weren't on the other hand i can say exactly yeah you ran that be out of the league the sickle cell trait and the relationship there and i wish you would explain that again it's well let me just briefly say that not a great deal is known about it but it is known that at the sickle cell that blacks had in
africa serve the purpose and the purpose was a palette to fight off sleeping sickness and malaria so that the in the vagina that that penetrated so this big lever body was if you accept the sudden simple explanation was gobbled up by the so called red blood cell it was curved in such a way that it doubled up but that's a very superficially treated please go on it was no first of all about malnutrition then if you see a similarity of what's being done was a life expectancy well first of all we saw no real evidence of malnutrition these people are clearly healthy the few people who has
seen them and some people in the nineteen twenties were studying devil violent and came across these people began to write a few words about them they found too that even in those days the river healthy the pictures certainly did that very strong sturdy people and it appears that the father get away from western civilization the healthier they are they haven't died which consist of the number of troops they cooked their measly quite a bit of fish are they even know how to cook the brine your fish are they smoke their means they may catch a wild boar in the bush they eat yams they eat white potatoes they eat them a rise and they're certainly a healthy people fruits and nuts are an event in their lives and also hit the red monkey the monotony to the agenda which is a delicacy and we taste of that and i wanted to be true so in other words it's it's it's it's it's it's not true corps and what you observe that they are on it basically stars die they have no very good died in all of those around as one of the earlier call was alluded to a rally aluminum plant which are invading their territory
those owners of taken in by that are suffering in a way only those who died eleven points and things like that other than their own grass that's annabelle going to the second part of the question about the life span and about seventy have sixty france about seventy years and maybe thats because of our natural selection we don't know it could be that these are healthy because in actually selecting themselves and all of those who were not very healthy diet in an instant and we don't know that these are the kind of a newer through it and the next song you run by jowl please ask a question the plague thing that you know i think that the campaign to the other end of that this is the thirteen year old sister and you'd like to know how you were accepted my brothers and how large is the jupiter are thirty thousand in all it wasn't a mark of the
roof or is not ready to accept it they are wary of anybody from the outside and degrees of the arduous it with the language is you can understand how did i do that not to be kentucky if you can understand the dugout got to another level and it was only after sometimes in our interview that we explain to them who we were and that no other blacks in north america and that they then sold without a backup doesn't win all of that that handshake a sensor that handshake kaine learned with love then take that we see it was a different kind of antidote to change when they got to know so i think it's very interesting that thirteen your child would develop an interest in this not that pleases us because we're hoping to this kind of discussion to develop that kind of interest and especially black people especially scholars are looking at the throat and we thought it was so significant that like your own utility wrong would introduce this topic to the american people and to the american black people because we found from a small sample of harvard but probably ninety five percent of black america ninety five percent of what
people never heard of these people and a beautiful and interesting history that relates so much doubt having one interesting things that do the two of you were explaining to me was that they did it to see us basically whites because of your cultural background but we want you to play that your ancestor that we have for americans our ancestors also weren't slaves that they hadn't admitted it unsolicited as an incision i'd like to look at this more of this so fantastically your brother and it's more moving picture views of the joke instantly their own religion they've been away from the white men they have not however refuses to give some of these songs that is in the treaty that was signed at seventeen that the government would supply them with uncertain utensils including guns and gun powder in i tried to create
the us because the call saying that does not mean that they were given over to you where are they are not romantic drama they still trade they like their wood carvings and that was when things like an occasional sure that they do not wear what they were mainly political many people just pose on the riverbank just two a to watch people pass by they take baths in the river and again when you get the village's the children when you think about the first men and women typically very shy about coming out too interact with whoever's coming in a little it was so interesting because they're a lot freer and their interaction with the guy in the sense that we know that it would be very reluctant in wearing so he will comment with western press that these children that you're looking at really interesting sort of allies because many of them are selected generally to become one was for people who have a
special tax in the society was for example encouraged green long messages for a long time many days in many lillian miles and they can assist other parts of the bill that they also care the facial grimaces and other sorts of features that are important in the massive beautiful communication now jo march when a bride it's obvious to anyone who's thinking was the women trained in psychology an area and we felt that the psychologist who are talking about deficiencies and black mentality the only visit this area to meet some of these people to see how brilliant in these children are neither does matter of people can take an age of the village's has a beautiful name and it's there where it is protected from any intrusion by the rather than a modicum of the villages that the past the rapids they often are not people coming by using the drugs indicate they're coming through notice the dress of the women they mainly we're told is where the men would typically were simply loin cloths and no joke and i was as a one eyed while i was down there
today they may ask yeah yeah made many fruits and as well as a solid guy does generally very very pleased i mean you see very little malnutrition are evidence of it and even the early writers who went into studying and saw these people tell and incidentally they it was the fact that there's little infant mortality these people and julie hagelin take care of leon jordan pay for the ad they show us consumer web that valley that language and that combination of a difference that portuguese spanish and about five every way so
sometimes you'll get something that sounds very light in the city they call this pocket copy but into the bush where we were a section of people like to donate five we were dealing with speed bp talking and they say that's only as they refer to it that lights cannot understand what's happening that's right they refer to follow the film and i've only met him at all as barbara which is that terrible white man and this was totally an event although men shoulder recall that end he lacked intelligence that they're just referred to as why were they with a blank and even though we did it and
they are not referring to be asking you to call and there's a word in effect in the south carolina island goes uses a woodworker b u c k r a and lsu the term buckle roux which you know is even someone that they said that we dread at my bar corcoran we've had the cameras and some of those in the fall into that would have never heard of you have been saying depriving and they i thought of farming and nine you cut out mike steve and our final of the places they're preparing to plant crops there our summer long navy memory too because the the rainfall is so great at certain points it was really that he was the most loyal slave was very very they also shoot fish with more now they still do that and collect the fish out of the rivers with their bows this is they made up a radar locking
into roman tend to do the bush people have long recognized that their welfare i am meant to be some interaction with the western world and some attraction especially with the government and they have always trying special members of their grown children to be people who are going to end so mingle among the white collar to find out what was being thought what was about we were amazed at the stressing of the internet and so despite the discipline to be to be there into two comeback with information about how the people and i remember thinking this is the kind of thing that we got from these people that they were constantly aware of their own survival needs of their survival and costly singing special individuals and interact but i think one of the most significant things we can say about the people there actually is that these are people who came from africa in the sixteen dollars
and salacious just as we came from africa of course most of our people and the jamestown and there about these people in town until after they were not discussed these people represent what we call a financial controller we often wonder what would have happened in this country unable to run away from slate runs around the bush and i know we know that there are many people who didn't want to that but here we haven't thought a bit so there's no way for us to say you know that there is no evidence as to what blacks were debate been able to get off to someplace and sell an eyewitness later says this is what we call the control as i've said i don't want people to look at in light of laughter also represents a typical wood carving that you find among the duke of people and they have such a great sense of form and design these objects represent great line in unbalanced subtlety of line and every you know the most common utensils every piece of of the utensils caught a beautiful work of art this africa was very
typical of a lot of the pieces of arthur wood carving a man's b session in the community is enhanced by his ability to would carve so to speak and it turns out that family tradition is often passed down certain families about a woodcarver is another's and anybody who is capable of this is highly respected muslim into the wood carving and death i think he is that the older that looks a little boy of age eight and teaches him to do this and buy nine or ten or eleven they develop great proficiency and we'll save for decoration purpose and all they combine to be everything that we have it is functional as well as artistic they combine the aesthetic and the fungi care for comics decorated veteran you get you can actually pick your hair that's true because many of them and present these gifts to women when they're willing and other just so great that everything is decorated to vilify and
you're like general the backbone with a veil of a huge roman of them are either you really have to become very much they are they are not monogamous they are about twenty percent of the troopers are polygamous now and one time that was it was just the opposite and that was on that is many fewer women and of the woman had a great power and great choice because the men i would usually sleeve from the plantation into the bush and they fear they might have ten men and used to him and as it was when they were doing it out on the slave owners the drive and they would raid the plantations to get one again and so there we were equally
impressive i gave it that that women have clearly equal rights to men they're on the bus areas of the village councils where the disputes are arbitrated women especially older women had equal say are equal part to the manner to which captain's women also physicians women are allowed to be doctors are except if they're mad have children allies that they can be doctors and operate as a medicine people or medicine person's so to speak as a good deal of evidence for this is they says obey a memorial one of them and that's a word the nigerian it is also of the man who's also juke there is another similarity in new orleans did it means a medicine man or medicine priest and that we found through that regarding the women in medicine the they have a separate madison city and i was fascinated to find this it's also documented earlier about the city called the holy or village actually it's called the sacred medical village and no white person is allowed to come into the village because the god called uni so far holmes over the village to keep white out it feels early abortion fielder achieved until that they were
bringing bad luck to this village where most of the medical cases abroad sort of like bring a case to boston to see a certain condition in america traditionally played the bad guy wears dark clothes because there is such a thing as or black is used in a very negative connotation of folklore how was that handled in in the full black and white it is kind of an odd the caller from the morning among the dugas is why it is forbidden it is wrong to shoot a panther slip and it is considered sacred and big love them but they are just after that in the college game and think you know the word black as always they were small white cloth on on their arms are in a necklace or something to keep away the evil spirits this is clearly documented jury found itself as an uncle buck crew which is also a light and it's amazing how they develop their patterns i think that they'd surely again represent a sort of opposite of much of the thinking about for americans in the us and north america in the
united states but i've been interested in the you know in the yard when the fighting tendency or are there that is is basically groupies is known for a vigorous warfare is well how does what is the tradition of the julian and in that respect i have a long history of a day as i stated earlier one group world africans called the kora monthly they still worship and go into very harmful dances about the core monthly bush people the spirit of kora monthly they've always had a rebellious spirit and they will tell you know that they're not about to shut off i'm not obviously you have operational say that doesn't mean that the townspeople were slaves they were very uneven the townspeople day i might add clearly showing signs of trying to hold these people are now as models they recognize what the significance of their earlier doings my there will be today in terms of another development the third world in other words the einstein discern and government is making a very vigorous effort to bring the jews into intuitively
cooperation of the government they're one of the most unique site and in the end the countries drawn out and they are being displaced by philly alone the moon industry understands and ten thousand or so displaced in the late sixties to build a huge dam hydroelectric dam on the lake and prisons interested in them should write the german government about the wealth well hello as dolly in his book on the origin of the fees to natural selection is that if you took it left alive culture and you move in one direction or either direction a hundred miles from the larger form of native area the people would become girl they would sing and you would die out you've experienced of americans probably than the people normal bar and this was part of the action behind the forced marches with
independent country and you can think by moving the engines around the population has dropped tremendously now like people always wondering what they were like in africa before they did show that we came from a very wrong high that alleged culture we haven't moved in all corners of the world and we have the incumbent very distraught and i think that the elite group of people that getting here greatly and that i like to have my back garden there were thank you so much or you know like i think that some of the interpretations and rationalizations of darwin's work clearly they clearly borum the pathological i mean people look for things to use to work so destroyed one ethnic group a one nationality but it is obvious that these are strong people who went into the bush without a similar language went into the bush knowing nothing as such of the floor and they exploited the environment to the degree that they could take their medicines from some of the plants they could take
their food they could get their shelter and clothing and i think this is brilliance i mean i saw evidence they're brilliant and i felt so proud knowing that that is part of my history of brilliance and an end anyway you look at it and certainly native intelligence clearly is a battle ended since its growth would it have time given one more question and it all that's your question that you're going to really like about the book and go i want a nonpolitical event going back <unk> our time is out and understands very succinctly of the dead back to counter and no mr evans are planning to go back in the fall and i'm sorry i'm going to be a question
but the amazing jokers have preserved the concept that black has been beautiful for hundreds of years and it exists today in the bush country of sir ma'am and so that in south america those of us in search of our culture works might well look to our fellow after americans in cern and south america as well as africa thanks to brothers our counter and david evans we have rediscovered the original ruts in from boston blackie journal has presented leone regional brother with guests dr alan carter professor of biology at harvard university and david evans associate director of harvard college admissions office are host and moderator tell me robert you are
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Black Journal
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No. 407
The Original Brother
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A discussion about the Juka Tribe of Suriname, and a call-in session for viewers in Boston to ask the guests about their travels.
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Black Journal began as a monthly series produced for, about, and – to a large extent – by black Americans, which used the magazine format to report on relevant issues to black Americans. Starting with the October 5, 1971 broadcast, the show switched to a half-hour weekly format that focused on one issue per week, with a brief segment on black news called “Grapevine.” Beginning in 1973, the series changed back into a hour long show and experimented with various formats, including a call-in portion. From its initial broadcast on June 12, 1968 through November 7, 1972, Black Journal was produced under the National Educational Television name. Starting on November 14, 1972, the series was produced solely by WNET/13. Only the episodes produced under the NET name are included in the NET Collection. For the first part of Black Journal, episodes are numbered sequential spanning broadcast seasons. After the 1971-72 season, which ended with episode #68, the series started using season specific episode numbers, beginning with #301. The 1972-73 season spans #301 - 332, and then the 1973-74 season starts with #401. This new numbering pattern continues through the end of the series.
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Guest: Evans, David
Guest: Counter, Allen
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Producing Organization: WNET (Television station : New York, N.Y.)
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