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joe pa i was just this program was made possible in part by mr in assistance from the ocean and those who support public television it ha ha not like your major role in the law it's called an icon that he is an important part of our culture cameras cameras is best known these books selling hundreds of thousands and people lined up out the door to see him every sunday and take the financial wholly original is wild playful outrageous political what is up with that just hope you just knew what he would say the
womb are books is and i was meant in an aphrodisiac a mood elevator again intellectual garage door opener and metaphysical trash compactor they'll do everything is that rotate your tires i was in tripoli attracted worth all still in and sell because i thought could hear and feel the reigning from there my internal climate regime and i think i've always been raining in my headphones for and here in the deepest darkest part of winter when the sky resembles ben banana baby food for months only and in the witch measles that meteorologists called gravel
or a chronic grain rations and a land folks all around the state into a dismal fall many are depressed you actually suicidal but i in an unlikely place what's so hard about the song somethings are all actor as insured and when they don't belong to promote in laws before thanksgiving introverted pharoah his thickly who behaved as which of course standing wind driven rain composes music inside whispers and super mario rain will pause the city's solidarity we'll ever made in every color of his income or a family audience
of the satirical it rained both days and since employment screening and only wants disorder and hair raising this is you know the snake in world languages on the freeways it's an only in america khan's foray into sense of celebration of the philistine guests and he went on marty last into account the war was among couples thurman's camp beneath my skull on my head mr reed it rain on his parade and he was way tom
is politically wise and he's a wizard of words and day out putting prognosticators and pay your eccentric and a snappy dresser and he's also i think of my taste one most important american writers have any time i think he's written some of the most amazing sentences ever committed a pretty english language and he has this way ever since i was earlier books of just describing the landscape of northwest which sort of couldn't write about reigning northwest and i don't know if anybody has done this as well as tom robbins and now i think it just feels this this out this kind of landscape with an energy and he's from the south and that's a very different kind of there very different landscape mcconville on
cops and preachers a look at the comment i have to divest myself off why did you decide it registers the world handle really remember was five years all of the phone so i've been at this for fifty five years my penmanship left a lot to be desired and age five i saw a detailed story from amour but been frustrated writer herself she would sometimes make little changes in what i had dictated and she would read it back to me and i always near future and so much as a single word for temperamental issue traced back the way i had it and i told this story to my editor the new yorker some years ago and he said my god romans yemen change in forty years i spent more time alone in a completely secret intelligence war with a young
male growing up in small towns in rural south had to be secretive about saddam alone the slide and then i went on races mattel as possible with only a redneck have brats but i felt repressed there and i looked at the map and the solvency of thought that unknown ago when the count friday afternoon sadly the next day i went down the times on saturday and an engineer was just there and they could lose myself and go to the us or to work we came to play
thank you gave me my voice after many years of writing and reading was the phenomenon of the cultural phenomenon of the sixties you're with a number of quite competent our lives because of you or people are a particular change nowadays as a bed
and point five month my first novel was set in those gears of la because i've always been attracted to the landscape and i thought it would make the perfect backdrop for roadside zuma who's chief attraction was the mummified body of jesus christ happens he is leaving our religion is an attempt to organize spirituality and spirituality does not lend itself cannot organize spirituality without killing five year in terms of the mine is pantheistic i
suppose because i think they're in their gods everywhere was to sell or inhabited by god some of clouds of rocks a member of the divide herb earth here in he thinks and then there's an hour of energy you can get from that sound for granted and so is making the lab is alice singing who may have
his own dancing for me and he just he delights in a week he just truly does there isn't anything that he's ever done that i know that hasn't in the end of it no matter what the circumstance or hasn't had a humorous take our or a hopeful note he is not being a pollyanna way but in a way that would remind to fly spirit basically i mean general hassan until to one another how fun i've used these drone tells the life is a lot more work and a joke than we think it is and i think i had a plan for the fish it's fantastic the big as the most intense coverage the votes the radish admittedly is more favors with the fire of the radishes a coal fire the fire of discontent much passion tomatoes or lust enough yet their answer tomatoes an undercurrent of frivolity beets
are deadly serious slavic people get their physical characteristics from potatoes their smoldering in quietude from radishes their seriousness from beets the beat was rasputin's favorite vegetable you could see it in his eyes in europe there is grown widely a large beat they call the mental virtual perhaps it is a man offers all that we see and rescued and certainly there is mangled reform the music of wagner although it is another composer whose name begins b e e t of course they're wide biggest feats that is sugar water instead of blood but is the red tape with which we are concerned the variety that bush's and swells order him ride a hemorrhoid for which there is no cure
it's been a day i think the value of the psychedelic say foreigners is this medicaid down because this is it no cigarettes no coffee no a pipe no english sheepdog know you're right wife in the next room writing a dissertation on the symbolism of hair color and in alexander pope no props no computer error
ballpoint pen so you know we've got to pay one way the time or not worth the playboy who are always sits down to write the hangover wears off our work every day in an extremely disciplined you have you have to memorize are immature menuhin room resembles the nearest these scrolls choked o'malley walz well mongolia monster boys and disney had a change of venue here's a little something i wrote when i was a
sometime a scholar yale for a day each of miles says as its fundamental things liberation transformation and celebration i'm pretty much convinced that were in this life to enlarge the sole one of the brain and liberate the spirit the challenge for me has been how to reflect this purpose or contribute to this purpose and novelistic fiction without producing work that is fluffy abstract or corny bartolo say in a sense ll to myself because your right we're here as well as iraq a sublime picture juan orlando also have to hear rosa and sentenced i was extremely important to me that each sentence the metered correctly looking for local border won't be able to do meaning
on through the mix fantasy spirituality sexuality human eroticism and combinations that i haven't seen previously it's b to combine my work every day and not cookie are extra coffee in the freezer in prison compartment were for their case their house burned down and then i found out that in a house fire or friends because of the gases in the refrigerator
and they're young and they actually are i guess mars me a little bit to be used for a bomb referred to as a walk on our riders get a valid drivers only one my novels was set in the scariest valley but several of them had been set in the city of seattle factors i think their scenes from seattle and almost every book ever written go for the seattle world's fair in nineteen sixty two the pacific science center remains one the most handsome as too masculine with its reflecting pools and soaring praised panned and arches of swan like phil agree with the science center resembles the taj mahal of the taj mahal and the way from inside the trillions of marveling termites so that only a lace and she only main line self reflection
snowing i mean i'm a writer and you well know the sciences panel know monolith monsters elizabeth you're not to the taste of billions in ancient old hotel think of my cellar northwest writer or even necessarily think of myself of american writer my books are becoming just the past few years it's quite popular abroad i have very strong clairvoyant skills abilities that i was born with and i use the word with individuals and businesses how years at a time i think thirty seven point
five i've been married for three years together for seven people do get older will caramelize them only are we still at ninety hope i get in now on how the gatekeeper know i had a very very long secession killing three year relationship and the fact that i've been with alex for over ten years had nothing to do with me finally settled down what it had to do with was made in my match in psalm eight meeting someone that it was just too good to let go i was also an hour is no longer in the kitchen relief program i think
people need to be told that their lives are not as limited as they think they are that all things are possible and love really works but fair says if i could live off the sandwich is one of the reasons is because where you make a sandwich a typical male is a maze is my favorite lyric right about least and we have the core we fight so much manager augusta maine in the mail and your assailant unrest that was going up with another man is in its customer in the middle but doesn't do wrong
and sandwich making you have to cover every square centimeters corners and no secret ingredient can see plenty of course is a cammie is an onion and garlic people in brian aged was a korean dishes on the national dish in korea isn't quite confident mean you need to stop your breath run a train weekend a close power plants in this country of his home of people in kimchi and help them out the generators it came naturally had confusing because the thick kimchi iran to turn on its national debt
one fifth visit or thumbs and we remember it is her thumbs and set her apart ultimately those monsters who haunted an otherwise undistinguished pair of hands or to become her glory a personal super bowl a private grand canyon an intimate world trade center whose twin towers in that only the miraculous and when they fall to pretend that never caused her misery or generated shame even new sophisticated sensitive close to an emotional freakish deformity even knew when the final analysis in the sanctuary of your own minds i would be forced to regard or thumbs as an intrusion on the exquisite lines of an otherwise graceful
thing here as the leonardo that leftist and the spaghetti banned them from the corner of mona lisa's mouth the general republican recently wonderfully the stone literati there's a huge amount of india thing for my success yeah that's most probably a fair criticism i think the hometown the violist of its own the reason tom would have been that critics would have difficulty with cheers because they can't pin him down the main problem with robin's for me is that he's still perfectly captures the moment of nineteen seventy in a lot of ways i think a lot of his characters and is reasonable it's arne are still sort of searching for the same things they were back in nineteen seventy and thirty years the past a lot of things have changed
i think the problem with with that is truly serious about his work that has to be an entertaining i think where that gets in trouble with the critic says his ears he's got these visas just fantastic services and i think they tend to sometimes overwhelm the plot they visit these places take you away from what sent you would call the plot but why you're going away at the other party was saying and how it fits into the story and as always a striking a chord with a lot of people i would love to make one of these films are always felt i wanted to pay even cowgirls get the blues and that job properly as they call them has more directors who've passed through her one or sniffed around it that i think any single book and in recent
times rodney toney it is because of the pain the key to pay off big
the film and the retailers that the blues from a was an entirely positive experience i still think are better than its critical reception i'm not an actor how could i be with his voice and my voice sounds like it was staring through daniel boone underwear but i have appeared in four of five feature films and small parts in my most recent twelve step before the cameras was part of a documentary that to really young women completed recently called anthem and they travel around the united states speaking to people whom they thought had a vision for the future of america
today change society for the better i think the golf that this is a stop planned big families limiting procreation and stop concerned that home i have to be close and they handle it now i thought oh boy yeah neikirk saying
Tom Robbins: A Writer in the Rain
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