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the ted thank you man he's been to pay traveling west from florida highway ninety crosses into alabama over the perdido river once the boundary between french teens here in spanish florida
it's a country in stories everything from cattle to that the country's pride and years ago after the bald eagles gear and still a profitable business and on any given afternoon you're likely to find some of the locals gathered at a favorite roadside store these fellows told us that four really good story we should visit the home of the locally renee and horse trainer who lives just down the road provided of course that we could find and forty one greek
the horses are strange animals a lot of people their health insurer says its own personality here three that personality that you try or so while you learn well you can tell if they don't know what they're gonna be it's a mess that makes the deficit with wayne are trying to stay in business you go and have to read them but you and they're going to trust you were not to be scared of me in this nomination not that the vote and maybe his spirit don't have a confidence in an orchard below and they're going and they get for it and the new theater reporter kurtis lee is right well i think the law forces by hits don't have it go and really don't
tell policy over the page they employ about twenty minutes has been steve cole is well known around here for the way he seems to just understand horses and for his particular brand of wisdom in training them sometimes though it's hard to tell just feel he's talking about the horses or the people who ride them i disagree with that personally i don't want a real smart whole model as a war of a smart horse would try to fade away at a work of the same name a real highly intelligent people that work through a whole you got a bass smart enough to learn the dominant the day that's my philosophy
that you can change of that haven't a bad habit on hold for mccain and thirty day weekend in italy in the song and you can change and thirty days this horse will be a completely his personality will have changed says for the human that was only fight ronald time own interviews long wall or post a wall or on a lonely room it's that unique way to steve seems to just know how to communicate to the worst that earns him the animals trust and the owners loyalty so you try to stretch squirrel head out of trying to get a lower worker it will overheat laid back that's amazing new york has written on
things like that i visited the old town hall if you can't legislate people here they go to school so it was an enemy that's fine but breaking in a new town offered some horses news i'm thigh you can just keep the wrong people drilling the acquittal you do get the feeling that no horse with water with on steve's foley kind of like a child he doesnt want to disappoint his parrot hm's welcome ellen meister that was the indian navy is a lot of hard work reflected the aisles of a lot of hard work to settle twelve fourteen horses and they are adamant do a good job you have done a day's work that the baby or later but i
enjoyed and i love it and allied working with some special young people with their health they had an opportunity i really didn't have one of the real id and i mean i'm glad that that they can do this and was it appreciated how much you were in iran when a world that they got were you know it was handed to him on a silver platter and i don't really appreciate that as latino votes out there that they're not going to see in their eyes that they love it in a ward do this and those are the folks that are really cut it our morays honest probably read you have low key and i used to run these moods and hopefully are running properly out of this property and on their living it plays out this is isn't my roots though when i got out military when i got to the alabama while i got out of the current system yeah yeah there was a
follow the highway west through baldwin county and it's easy to spot the evidence of the growing tourism industry physicist living along the route to the beach one place in particular caught our attention just two is norm retirement is balance the six brains beat norm retire man only in business a little more than a year born the time and is already getting an inflated reputation they would tell me that i got the most use as in bowling alley and this is part of my long hair with i hope they're right but i have over a thousand is threatened or five hundred new cars and i felt even stop over time the peak he's bright
willis without chisels or loans through their faces too supplies do some cases the sort of bone of the lead vocals so that the us border you go to the polls
the public highway ninety that crosses immobile bay is known to locals as the causeway it's preceded by this stretch of road called the old spanish trail early explorers blaze the trail through tropical jungles to the edge of the bed now the old highway connects the eastern shore to the city of movie and though it runs in the shadow of interstate ten the causeway was first to offer easy access to move beyond anything easier access to a favorite local pastor at we persuade mr lewis to lettuce join him although we may not help is what drives the services katz before we showed up and you're going to listen to see at the bottom of the building
the pope but did that's ok to soften stories about the one that got away is sometimes more fun anyhow although the stories aren't the only ones you'll hear on the causeway jack kerouac and his crew and dean moriarty in a novel on the road among others came through bo b o and caroline talk about approaching moby all across the longtime a highway which of course was the calls worry it's grandly soaring golf clubs and other stop at a gas station while two of his friends played chase around the elevated gas tanks it in his other comrade manage to steal as he put it with no problem three packs of cigarettes it
in what's inside the city highway ninety changes are made to government streets arguably one of the most beautiful stretches of road in the entire country airline pilots often comment on the giant oak trees which from the year seemed to obscure part of the city on the ground that they create a natural on in for some of the oldest most beautiful historic homes in the second not only do these houses provide a lovely community they tell us who we are so what sense is stand there economically moby was an aging port city without the bright prospects of of a seattle or even a birmingham which is made the transition from oil blue collar to white collar economy shipping is is in decline while wyden that's an important part of our economy so we've had some struggle to find ourselves in the twenty century and
historic preservationist than party handsome people will come here for his store comes to resort to visit a historic sites heritage tourism cells any one such home offers a unique story of economic adaptation being brought back from its commercial use as a retirement center to its original status as a family that's one of the big pushes in this neighborhood we've been doing so much trying to take on buildings that having commercial for so long to bring them back to renting residential sounding and this was when you look around and it's almost hard to envision how it was once a nursing home now that some of the renovation to bring it back to residential has been done if you look at the buildings on government home many of them or turn of the century or a little bit lighter colonial revival classical revival on but the ones before that were these grand victorian queen and mansions as we call them with lots of
turrets and towers and the proper term is gingerbread they were busy they're very asymmetrical miller painted a lot of different colors that to sink in house is one of the lighter examples of that it was built in nineteen oh one authentic it personifies all that fussy exuberance that that those kinds of houses so they will call them painted ladies a number of the other houses like it had been torn down on government replaced by newer styles of vengeance but that isn't and still stands as an example of what how victorian will be all right the house was built to nineteen were on farmers to tack on he was the president of the multilateral rail my husband's grandparents founded in nineteen ninety and that was dr robert siegel in a number of the furnishings in the house have been in here since it in fact infected so for that i'm sitting on his cot rosewood and it was in my grandfather's dental office band
and the wildlife in this reading from the second row is original is a number of pieces of furniture and pictures that you've been here though stangle eyes that you say on the landing is south koreans that's the eastern and generally them on and the sun comes the park you know i do think the downtown area is coming back in a lot of interesting exciting things happening in this particular part of town which is really how to maintain its own and a very nice neighborhood in a nice place to live a lot of young families and a lot of the homes in this very much pleased with the progress that is taking place fb
also our government street another historic site associated with mo beals oldest families church treats cemetery buried here are revolutionary war veterans eighteenth century immigrants even though bill's most famous native son joe cain who brought the rowdy mardi gras celebrations immobile after the civil war but it's a lesser known gravesite that is perhaps even more intriguing it sits just outside the cemetery walls and what was once a potter's field charles billington was arrested in eighteen thirty five for the murder of his friend nathaniel frost whose body had been found mangled near the church treat graveyard winton went to the gallows proclaiming his innocence he made a dramatic statement that if he were executed but an oak tree grow from his grave as a symbol of his innocence he was hanged and now the giant oaks stands over the place where he was said to be buried three years after his death someone else confessed to the crime we
this fortunately for them started traveling all businesses along highway ninety haven't suffered as much as in some places where state highways have been replaced by interstates taurus traffic still keeps many old roadside motels and business and some other historic establishments are as popular as ever no weather establishment on highway ninety represents a bygone era any better than the what a burger restaurant it started like a frame is a well known landmark and was the last of its kind built by the restaurant chain in nineteen seventy three but as new are small photographs again the history of water bird goes back much farther back to texas in the nineteen eighties where harland arts and opened his first restaurant in the mom and pop chains and that mom still owns the company and they try not to change anything else to mention all those years prices on the menu or may have gone out just a little bit the most requested item is still the same
nesbitt says the secret to success is a reputation for the highest quality service a long history of committed civic involvement and well a really good burger longtime customers seem to agree is back and it looks like a new generation of patrons will too after that kind of endorsement we can resist either greek economy fbi yes yes
the pope then set up on gulf coast as they get here i'm raising for my star my race and the ten alabama that i spend and then it's a new twelve years ago none of the high standard the saints and that i think is just a the people i like it goes down or racist word is someplace else at night with many say about men's cleanest than with online at there are a number of different race tracks along the highway ninety really ask around here unnerving ten and most anybody will tell you that frankly there's just not much else to do on a saturday night i go to the races that's one reason the speedway is such a popular family attraction we need to be
it's b most small time racing teams can afford the big time sponsors that their nascar counterparts enjoy these drivers have to count on family support in fact there's usually a place on the pit crew for everybody the plant kelly today
it's bleak it's been the peace but it's been it's both this band has been you know it's been a few
days the postal service is bleeding most buzz has been hearing the same you know by the time highway ninety reaches grand bay it begins to take a backseat to the more popular interstate traffic may move a little faster on the superhighway that maybe that's not always the best measure of a good way to travel good
day in nineteen seventy nine there's been really no it's been many many many meanings
The Alabama Experience
Triptik: Traveling Alabama's Highway 90
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Traveling along highway 90 there are a variety of things to see and people to meet. Some stops along the way include Steve Foley's place where he works as a horse trainer, Norm the Tireman, fishing on the Causeway in Mobile Bay, historic homes in Mobile, Church Street Cemetery, Whataburger, Mobile International Speedway, and Freeland Produce.
A series that focuses on bringing to life the inspiring stores and empowering characters that have helped form Alabama's past and are working to shape its future.
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