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ms burris burris but there are mayors the polls as beans beans if babies born you're welcome gm's
again automatically rise on it is of course knowing yourself and where one said a war novel for posterity level of backward to their ancestors they let me out foursquare is that they lose thank you the object of the game is to accumulate more points than any other player and thereby it the highest award win prizes containing knowledgeable that information with the biggest prize of all being the knowledge gained of ourselves the contest and the selected according to their astrological signs are there no two contestants of the same sign anyone around there to preliminary rounds one elimination round the
winners of those and a bonus round which the game winner wade the numbers and runs the risk of getting busted for it or winning at all during the preliminary round contestants will have to ring in trying to beat the other two contestants if the contestant does bring in person answered correctly here she will receive a ten point out you for the question if he or she is incorrect the other two contestants sweat ring and again there's no penalty during the preliminary rounds wrong answer and the contestants make interrupted for the question is completely unbound continues until time runs out of clarity in the round the highest court declared the winner till around the plate in the same manner at the end of the second from around their two winners the two winners of the preliminary rounds face each other in an elimination round but during this route or wrong answer means accountant the point value of the question is deducted from the players to the question of as a strategy whereby they can ring in early they feel they know yet but he's certain that is the correct answer to that will be
penalized the check is that the first and collette you image around continues until the end of the allotted time in case of a tie score one final question will be given to determine whether the winner at the end of the elimination round goes to the bonus round and plays the numbers on the bonus toward there are twelve numbers behind eleven of the numbers are names of famous blacks would assign what values totaling five hundred points however i'm one of the numbers as a sign of jeopardy getting bussed where can continue to call out numbers accumulate points that either use that all eleven famous blacks or the boss does get bussed here she will lose everything and after model predictions made at the beginning of each primary route this is not advocate astrology is a science just a form of it again gene and
in this election mrs reagan the selected by using this week unveils be then the question category will be things assigned to the
constellation really a pipe will be right back with others questions and one the piece hack it out let me remind you of the rules and the preliminary round when i asked the question you may interrupt before complete what you will not be penalized and let me at this moment remind you that i did say earlier that we had after logically predicted one of you as the favorite person who would win this round and i think now for the home audience we ought to let them look and at what our
stack astrologer has said about the outcome of this clinton era the contestants are favored in this round in this border the taurus kathy lincoln's the libor milton jackson the scorpio brenda wallace the peak animal the father of military strategy was from a happiness joy as far as greece right now labor member julie powell not that is the question whether georgia cottage africa have to get rid of my career do at least a point
by aids now this is new in the battle of candy exceed eight and eighty animals outnumber troops they gave the romans were what we went down in defeat see joe lieberman defeated the room and kill thirty seven thousand runners will be except the county the nation's highest military honor is a
little bit five black man burned the congressional medal of honor in the world war two i believe that with you know all the questions in the civil war big battle in american history french revolution to write anderson robert black comedies john lawson and chopin piece all earned a gold medal in the olympics' be the congressional medal because no matter mary
i'm neither the all black twenty four infantry regiment gave the united states its first a moral victory in the korean war right twenty four infantry regiment led by reputation dating a back to the civil war be the best looking girls see back to chris knows why every tree regiments victory stop a labor germans know at the korean war be dangerous communist offensive sea short of the goal and dangerous communist thing
crowder during the war two italian campaign to crack german divisions were on starring in the me restate the question the germans during the war to a giant campaign bullying that black man they could not stand up to them we were going to be with steeply swear superhuman women would and no that is not correct the more fun to be with the corrections is right for example apple all black nine second infantry division lost three thousand and he'll eight an automobile accident the fighting in the italian campaign during war to war to write for
jack white one sixty a silver stars seventy two bronze stars and one thousand is well scott we'll binge eating is no one thousand and thirty one or perhaps a to crack german divisions was a sussex arts in a second division that's right voice our see where we are twenty forty one the program we had the opportunity to know you individually by your astrological sign would now like to know more about you as individuals pharmacies actually calculate
the total about this whale and i'm twenty years old i'm from omaha nebraska and i'm presently live in washington dc what you do and what i work we debut at war which is the howard university only not really reveals did you do that and the sales director thank you very much better deals another political system when the walls and that all the lawyers are an elementary school teacher from boston massachusetts and return it as an inspiring model they can limit our jackson is a part of it and i was born here in brooklyn new york and currently in stockton brooklyn college in the mass media immensely teaching math nicholas which degree here have a massive signs were right the
poem john lee a black officer in napoleon's army was personally award the legion of honor by napoleon a forest swords i'm simon a state judge ruled that draws for it by his ability as a swordsman for his incredible courage and swordsmanship that's right jacki in under one hour of brilliance or play john lee a coin is packed aboard the wooden into napoleon's army see your neighbor say states or injured eleven handpicked sort of so immense slain or wounded by john lee and the things that we're a former rival regiment the english nobleman see responsible for inventing just about
this case right i'm not able to the musical question and we'll hear this tune i would like for you to tell me who was the composer of lift every voice and say it's rainy with the polls capricorn controls congress named the black congresspersons who serve on the house judiciary committee says labor univision question you know and it completely but we've lost or retire
who serve about how does your committee's impeachment investigation richard this rainbow and jordan eighteen years right the only the only black member of the us senate as a republican from athens nominated as president nineteen sixty eight his job a pool black men were ahead of the game with almost fifty years they and alabama be making thought of a better place to sleep establishing about is you
know the sea is just that he wrote his first colonial so thats right and i've been living in america's oldest city center is by aaron augustine florida since fifteen sixty five no question is a it was founded and fifteen sixty five the columbus founded by accident see george washington slept here for lessons that you know it was it was founded by nineteen sixty five that the things that were didn't walk china it's all the city is a far our augustine florida say that was a bar right within point laurie is
there aren't just going to lie and seventy nine three winning yellow fever epidemics the philadelphia a white population turned for help to the blacks whom they thought that the union the everyone became infected see chinese were moved out to store a is like prevent oil half the blacks knew they were no more union than the whites they so they packed up and left town be nevertheless they willingly opens is the beebe willingly up at the local governments that's right content once that fear of the faith but the city may never be until help paying smith will be no good
thing that rejoices services functioning during the christ never see steve reich and no question what well known actor who started in what the televisions is robert beachy i bet whistle signals the two minute warning and the next morning we hear will be the next sound we hear will be about to be the end of his route now the score is parsed one twenty scorpio seventy labor sixty thousand to categorically out as diane
thanks what was the first black to appear in a box they wear jeans brian's song is struggling and years but that's not the answer that question date where solitary battle for jerry is a never played be efficient oh
right another famous song written by james bland is a sunrise there may be in the evening by moonlight sea star spangled banner will be b is right for ten points is at the brand banjo is only popular instrument ever invented a in the nineteenth century to be in the world see and america says american writer stereo scorpio question but there's a slave act which a federal officials to write a restaurateur runaways is
really you know odd to return runaway slaves to their masters no matter where they were found obviously that was part of the day the lights the play see does it and the animal was sport will be up they are plausible when i want one unavoidable these ads you'll be yo playing the winner of the second going around and we will love the back of that around animal again i'm tony brown
what journals three shows in one this year first this evening all on impression that billy taylor in his office a fan and you dig and unusual game show finally the red black and green the music variety celebration you feel like you're different now going to play our second women are around and as we said before the winner of this round will play at the lincolns the area's one women around a lesbian contest is over the peak of the pass id at the polls now let me remind you in this round you can interrupt me before actually the question but if you are all you lose your
turn and then we go on up the question i go to the other two contestants and also well as we said earlier start your insistence on our staff astrologer is predicting in a very lighthearted way which of you gentlemen will be a survivor of the victor of this contest and now again who is our predicted when the contestants are favored in this round in this order the gemini benjamin cook the pisces it amy lee scott the scorpio less rebuttal i did and we'll start off by asking you all is the only
surviving wonder of the world is a city of cairo the great premises i see the great pyramids beat writer dan white the pyramid built in honor o t h u f you knew then that i mispronounce it was completed around a ten o'clock in the morning b thirty seven hundred ad see tree sloppier we say ce is thirty seven hundred bc thats right for ten point x a pyramid it took one hundred thousand man like to complete a light stands for a thirty years thirty years thirty years is right the attack right now we'll try some musical questions i know the euro is covered by
a chick webb right this year was portrayed on screen by diana was billie holiday right next question aoun would be free so it's not the question this song composed by billy taylor was recorded by the high priestess associates christians know if i make a musical question a path has
been man the original founder and organizer of the underground railroad was it like coffee but coffee right the backdrop when a white quaker for dishwasher the backdrop and lay it all work why why is a three thousand slaves right he backed off and was given the title of like of the underground railroad a engineer b and you know it and you know the last one it's a president the kid
is born general thomas new mass was the father of the famous was the principle of why didn't want thomas to moscow bureau are a barber he'll be the american revolution sea the sea is right the french revolution united states that actually be bad for us a bit there you were first general thomas who was commanded a three day fight the police kill or you know a big at the alps the amalgam for to see the army or the pyramids i can't write
those bills don't lie skeptical leprechaun controlled congress and congressional mandate was the chairman of the congressional black caucus you're right that is our warning was so we now have two minutes to play and not a sport as times got real twenty july seventy five seat fourteen quick to this attack now we look at any opportunity to know are our contestants by this sign now a strike isn't a little bit as individuals a scorpio is actually a lesser bol though my requests in total abundance the opportunity and editor new yorker all of you
and i right now i'm working for large cable tv company that was my first love was always perform an actor ian reveal going to do our fate of alabama ta ta ta next step contestant is benjamin cook was the demo in washington dc by way of kentucky ohio and chicago and presently chairman visions of our neighbors and i got high seas second test has brought out amy mom asked a new york and produce a program at the national black theater which you have appeared on for yet and the biggest yes my life has been around for rent in on brothers and sisters at the national black theater i'm a say in my mind my greatest to write to someone for time there and what what's the term you use getting into a person's ear isn't doing a good job despite sitting at each other
bases that do what national back in the er and the cap went out over four we spin the wheel what city has more than one black congressman pompeo you know ulysses is no answers detroit miners and eighties but but but congressman that meant kaplan and columns of chicago well that's a job for only languages is that western europe that's right metaphor is this will eliminate the question because of my own my last question then sadat the name the black congressman from lausanne is with member states
there's going on congress and congress may well questions hawkins hawkins and amber amber i cried after a little ambivalent about that question also a fire the south was rebuilt after the civil war mostly by a lazy black skilled workers right black wrestler chris added words about quite a post war south skilled craftsman were black that blank would be this percentage a seventy five cent be at first slightly right potential attack the south was rebuilt blacks were rarely permitted
a in sat the plantation be to learn skills it's slightly stilted as apprentices right the gregory and walt frazier was black athletes at what costs alone gemini solution i said what happened oh the yale university for quality and i started to write and i see it like jackson what is it how many of the following cities has a black mayor a fargo north
dakota wilmington delaware detroit michigan chicago illinois because we know who is right is right remember the dots seventy nine right
among the white population is actually greater opportunities and education economics and politics a young blacks can expect great success the seventies and eighties know in a completely other to a young black and a great success and she never in the past the more people are black sea blacks are in general young age right leo what was the first art reviews that the day before was made it an african explorer disease davies it was a kenyan
of you know you want your light of it but it was and it was named after and you're right as a ruler yankees river is a fear that you know they get the modern sixty miles along the nine hundred mile long sea fifteen and sixteen mouth wipe fight the most loyal right well at yankees the first but not the birth of the black eagle roar when it's bought these eggs a day then she's river b b y n g t z a river city is this right we did it as loud or rather didn't accurately predict the winner of
the first round of the tar speculate and that also like there's five to look like the school we did except the answer given by the gemini it cook off for the total composition is benny golson oh we had accepted quincy jones which is incorrect and we've made that changed when i had to the last two minutes of the young women around animals it's big and john abell at him all black slave was one of the greatest dollars in the history of us germany germany is right the convention hall university anton a mall mastered many subjects including white languages they want me to see
six sixes writer jim at anton a mall was appointed to a chair of philosophy at a miami university the university of wood and works nicely years you wouldn't hurt right and the scorpio st george's was a world famous a conductor and composer be french and plays the french maid and swordsmen know the sea is muscatine a plan or pay a conductor and composer chose
hate evolution st george's recruited a recruit when a black soldiers be an entire orchestra or c a party given a day at a regimen of black soldiers right at that is the end of the line not ruled four tie is that we asked one more question there's been a power oh yeah perform in holland on it was one of the few slaves in the united states to a station as a player while education write about it as an
actor arrange the elimination round that will take place between kathy laden's the cars and benjamin cook the gemini and we'll be right back with the elimination round of these two winners of preliminary rounds at la at them around whatever it's worth the astrologer to choose each of you when you're out of a disney astrology works it does mean it's interesting i am remember in this round that if you interrupt him for actually the question that you if you do
not get the question correctly you'll be penalized ten points for your interruption so you can on an acclaimed question likely mccoys inventions inspired the ways cause the real mccoy writer real mccoy our lives in a quiet risky mortgages quite important that with a device which aids the lubricating in new orleans remain welcoming gene wilder season is the
season when her mother's body was calls roses no it's not quite solid market that was called black moses because they he wanted people to go to the holy land the you want to lead people to the african homeland see it like the mae does he want to lead his people to the african homeland write critically analyze four not getting any credit markets got to say whoa black man they knew was great you shall be great again we are together see as you were with writer dan was appetite i organized the faith then a universal improvement association the best post not begin overturning roe
at outlets have a musical question it is with the world and that is a real question well yes and the next lines right you were to organize
dark knight scours timbuktu i had been one thousand dollars the chancellor at notre dame was ordered to set up university of paris by a union one of my ex be secretary of health education well firstly napoleon the birds in the early development of university lacks dollars to place a in africa he found the love and fifty to eleven seventy see in the twenty cents on civil rights and what our it is zooming number of thundercat record and this question is not jerome hollande was president correct answer at cornell university
that jerome hollande was twice a name to the all american football says that name twice about the right within the family jerome allen was named ages and that's the two took an investor this week at the home loan have been a president of a delaware county in hampton sticks he can during war won the ball by eighth infantry regiment know i received a more male than anyone else be more combat fights isis were
writing many other recommendation creating persuaded to commit a the eighth infantry regiment to the battle and planted the mayhem see within every tree to the battlestar eighty eight and redirect aid from illinois carry out the most dangerous assignments even though a they were not the fighting outfit be they will compel a noisy because they make us right like a surgeon most things about spanish american wars war was a similar sentiment you write about as black i'm
retired and got a you will be than once thought right then as president theodore teddy roosevelt was like to work a neat and what marchers be great men in battle the very brave men the writer didn't want to carry now that now through the mouth or is forces being with one hundred points and then i i'm in nineteen eighteen actually bought libor it was nonstop for the human body is a it's the remote really no i won't finish a guitar a ten thousand feet tall be ten to fifteen thousand years old see falling
apart seeing fifteen thousand years ago right there at night this patient's culture of the human body was carved by a river maas dr malia black eye like mali is known as a narrator molly be that'll be honestly that the us is leaving is that the usual until our neil uses eleven neil paul robeson was a famous a war protester the opera's center right content on your iphone ok
renee united states because of a sense that identity is no sea top guy his views as a communist his radical views and no i don't think that's acceptable on occasion for jim and i see a huge story i would be as healthy oil revenues up their revenues up oliver cromwell says dr ross the delaware which injured where's my family was involved delaware river so they went to join used to be you could get to the us that's the bigger attack on priests
across the delaware river nineteen seventy six yeah to have a bag that over the repeal the experience actually a question i mean is the quill or the end of a round and they live near the target of a dashing eighteen politically guy in a war where we can all now let me just for your own memory let me restate are going to play the numbers and one ad buy plays the numbers there's a danger that you might get bussed not under eleven of these twelve numbers is the
name of a famous black person and there are points that you will be given if you choose this number by that name however there is one that will bust do as long as you accumulate points and you may continue your seat as is commensurate with the number of pointed to the human brain i know if you get busted you lose all appointed accumulate have you get surprises from winning the first round it which number your drivers number two it's ten point an appetite number three number three is power it is to look at the points of argue one acquittal you what content you wanna get remember the night which ones you want to remember or number or is a power and yet all one hundred and thirty points you can lose all if
you continue and get busted or you can continue to accumulate prices which would you wear are like during a number one to complete a row number one is wow i we plan the numbers we don't wanna get busted don't have legal money so what's your one hundred night the point we're accumulating all kinds of the volumes of information about black america and back at you what people on both hang on number a number eight did an age i feel intimidating points and what that would you get to twenty points and do you want to continue or do you want to take a chance on losing it all by getting busted apart
alonzo you go for tonight which number you wanna go for seven and somebody that i do jazz six six is at our eyes now are ed to understanding that point all you could keep that and it isn't very handsome reading material or you could blow it and get bus which would you prefer to do the blind i would split within the number three and the new number is and eight and it is half before the number's lower you have two hundred and eighty points that's a handsome book on accumulation of very good information on black experience do you want to jeopardize that by potentially getting busted or do you
wanna keep accumulating perhaps even some nights of art is five hundred five hundred is your maximum number you have now a total love two hundred maybe my number eleven number eleven you know that your chances are slim or and number eleven air at now he's gonna keep on a neophyte now this is gonna be a very crucial very crucial decision which you want to try that might be the boss it he's
been to pass bill the creek euro and then move
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Can You Dig It?
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A game show featuring trivia questions about Black history.
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Black Journal began as a monthly series produced for, about, and – to a large extent – by black Americans, which used the magazine format to report on relevant issues to black Americans. Starting with the October 5, 1971 broadcast, the show switched to a half-hour weekly format that focused on one issue per week, with a brief segment on black news called “Grapevine.” Beginning in 1973, the series changed back into a hour long show and experimented with various formats, including a call-in portion. From its initial broadcast on June 12, 1968 through November 7, 1972, Black Journal was produced under the National Educational Television name. Starting on November 14, 1972, the series was produced solely by WNET/13. Only the episodes produced under the NET name are included in the NET Collection. For the first part of Black Journal, episodes are numbered sequential spanning broadcast seasons. After the 1971-72 season, which ended with episode #68, the series started using season specific episode numbers, beginning with #301. The 1972-73 season spans #301 - 332, and then the 1973-74 season starts with #401. This new numbering pattern continues through the end of the series.
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