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and nimoy seattle with her brother's is supported in part by the washington commission for the humanities a state program of the national endowment for the humanities additional funding seattle arts commission three and ivan doig i'm a writer a few winters ago i recall when her brothers which interweave is my own journal of the season with that historical words in the diaries of a remarkable pioneer of this west most edge of america his name was james gilchrist swat a man of massachusetts who in nineteen fifty nine a late to the pacific northwest across the next forty years along the stray won the hugo shoreline of washington's olympic peninsula swann became teacher an
address not just explore all year judge homesteader ships outfitter railroad speculator customs collector author small town bureaucrat artist and clerk and die rest for decades the diaries some two and a half million words retirees dazzling dazzling they simply by their total in variety opening these pages of swans years is like coming in a room full of jugglers and toddlers sort of flame performance driving performance mr fitzgerald of squint probably better known as skip local orphanage a custom house last night and ripped his neck and in most of his way to meet you this case is boundless will
soon and i got to drink scotch and squalor in a progressed into a couple of them had been arrested because i wouldn't yesteryear my cattle all my chickens so was born in i shot the who aligns with long diary so intriguing enough i learned across puget sound to spend the winter re tracing the footsteps of this frontier tribal barred because of the western pattern so stubbornly within my own life unfolds against long as the west comma and stay at your longest common language use both swan was born two decades or so before my own great grandfather but more and more i feel like we do well in a community of time a lot of people and so here is the letter that will be my season of swan rather a swan and the most constant diaries of his left port townsend at five pm and
swirls committee in crimea mayor daley's long time had its place as me why this graphical pinpoint an american map final tribal all polls before the north martins a plan to take over entirely the grand juror seemed reluctant partner in a strange contortions and fantastic shapes and witches types of them thrown but some formal convulsion of them why have a commission they're on their corporate rock rock okay flattery the macaws hathaway want to weigh in canoes to go out there and one thing prepared for and in time on earth gray whale disposed to do it but we can use
engagement will officially these because part of the indian population of the inhabitants of nantucket people of the atlantic coast as wanda sa or one whales while north past a flattering on their spring migration and applause would push out lecy giants with methods and tools they had home to stiletto peanuts their canoes carry six batters of a harpoon this last performance the gladiator one trigger death for the whale stood above the cruising creature with a harpoon man lunged at home yes bandstand tow to show or a whale begins to become build fair or hand swarm around the caucus with them and in a very short time the boat was stripped off a box of the recruits quit that autumn when a macarthur newman in prison and swan a chunk of whale meat
swan thoughtfully welded and chopped the top in apples raisins wild cranberries currents salt clothes not know the old spice in a room at a port of rome and in krakow works in stone jar months later juan offers his guests slivers of a hake result the eyes of the gas light up a malaysian and they were on further helping the whale named paul ii when to believe potter's house unfinished the front of the list was the hardest day german undertook the largest dyke the board covered with smoke and rescinded by boxers and baskets of fruit the indians are movies and watch the board with your and then the only way i can decipher the painting was the mock drama drawn with a good crying calderon kept john again in the words of the winning song which originated with an impish indians in that fund the command rise of nickisch woman to go home
japan fifth grader in the us five are strong how far the island for present portraits of a few of the fourth dimension and that would be for me the intricate labyrinth swan have the rare knack of looking at the coastal indians as flesh and blood rather than the front to try to do his pages filled now with is rummaging curiosity about the wife of lima caught trying record store i covered a few
benefits for seniors and gathered at least fifty bushels an uncle in it because of the inequality of plans on the beach yesterday was a dead people entering the government and they put the plans that showed the french swan records that when the macaws would convey and down coast for the sheer hell bending fun of that they would threaten the canoe in the archways waves of the offshore sees that a flawed of revelations voyagers have an opportunity to listen to this and adjusted would not dissonance of talk about doctor's of it is an image that you should say that is an emergency unfortunately it without notation of trust as opinions with the canoe for the passage of but when this morning
indians were there before schoolhouse was not entirely a haven though it or for them cause for swan lake and sixty three it became the reservation's first teacher mindy i'm a schoolroom then became a wrestling site respond to ring and among cause resistance to what twenty children present today exercise than the male for that in the end in the pan full boil potatoes slow work kitchen as indians repair intelligent enough in most respects that appeared to take the little interest in latin alphabet this new white man's governance of good flattery with the plough in school halls of cutting machines that rebecca read from the mccauley of life we haven't been calls the pasha of
civilization as a working group of the answers to the white the remains of ancient he's been this attempt to for school is the most and satisfactory thing either by now line all ham that swans days in the land than people of them it's good news report less all his own interior yet within the browning darker currents this is the best they got into a trust with the remainder of my life in the past small and so far to news producers when i cut the hours roll right word stream of this winter turned them loose on the question of why the west takes hold of a james wan r ivan doig the
notions jostle one another the way the life forms of this rain forest they were together the west of america draws some of us not because it is the newest region of the country because it has the oldest in the sense that the landscape here the fundament leadership of things more resembles the original content martin's account for it they earned the oceans are virtually the last pieces of a clean off some way changes transformed of all we are striving for are we drawn west really deposited the way say stores dropping a forest some spot is found in the immense environment life is stubbornly established and clung to the fascination of these northwest forest to me is that everything flows into an all out war welles
nature here tries a lull every three million so on who can go from job to job to job was to like win hearts of a squirrel occasionally and they tried the sony an institution here i can sense how the eye tribe in northern british columbia swan went along their own cloud forest lou sartin which creatures swim in and out of each other the designs tom more notch together one couple and
compressed and surge one possible it has remained a profound academy of artists song drew a few of the stone carvings visiting hikers and brought within the port townsend miniatures of the current seat your columns which soaring their villages oh my days on the coffers for years the indian how lonely road test discover things maybe as always who knows at the end of the crabs prefer a little for his a freshwater the line work is as fluid as the logic no insurer cartons without some thrust of action something amazing about a billion a beaver could be some creature of neon argon their thrall he holds looks like some semi human doing a
handstand are wearing a gas mask there could be us aussies version of the jolly grisly wrestlers skilled mines move behind as deftly stack menagerie mines which took magic and the power to draw their coastal for wilderness into beings into the brain not all look at art for a time and reversing disease in from the forest question why must rivers have names and the answer for the same reason fans do these peninsula rivers their names they tumbled pohlman several tung's final clean potable vision sold a lot of dungeons reward our is holy to use
anything i know her always at ireland first and biggest the cable almost ruined collection see stacks really solvable and here's a tiny golf course community here was considered truly remote settlement will cause the trail commences a short distance south of the village and runs up to the top of the roof this rather steep swans trail between legos adam cable law has been built up into a boardwalk of cedars labs the size of stair steps and nailed on to have stringers in walla walla walla wong kar boots constantly resound in cedar but boardwalks height from the forest floor puts my head at an elevation seven feet or so and i feel like a zulu plodding along the dutch can choose the fourth and most unsettling to abortions so i was went through and weeks to set a world drenched as
accountable report i improved existence of lake michigan water as i strived north a mile or so from the archaeological dig i find that winter storms that maybe a lot of the chance to account for all the swagger now again among sunni and likely ocean some evolutionary institute for now the first one will squash and enjoying the balls and then sir suspicious steel buildings and here these are the north pacific conte
an invaluable polish of the cop asked washington state university archeologist in their student teams of the past year for ten years and a trove of artifacts on display in the museum the macaws and build a new day i know the importance of making these collections and writing the indian memoirs now while were among them and to get reliable facts at the time as not distant than these tribes or pass away and future generations from a few of the interest in the history of these people will wonder why we've been sending it
so on the garden is teaching job and me and they engage and sixty six is next frontier address last port townsend huge aspiring victorian houses and an example views across water shoulder side by side with a scruff of janus of a forest clearing behind the town they were taken out of the moon called told while it's still got to sleep standing up like horses the great ceo of deliberate ranger pick come down quite to the water's edge and present the wild forbidding aspect the town is divided between the abrupt waterfront an expansive region block behind that with a big old the trend houses rise like a baker shelves of wedding dates downtown is divided again between the blocks of britain korea was only eighteen eighties mistrial modern stores which look as if they've been squeezed into labeled instance shopping center call the news on the
tv and count on the bench than on the cops i went under the bridge to sue coleman i would say so many indians are those of us who grew up in the small western town to such lineage they become rare as mules in this edifying nation meanwhile four thousand of those elements in an apartment reminds us of what was about midnight wednesday a new linens cow came into the country and that group and i call him and get up to see what was cool as mrs beam over the era's swans
words on women and bandstand just before christmas of making seventy four in his diary editor i think on the inscription dolly dolly dolly poor gifted alejandra dolphins long live honeycomb the pitcher sewing he arranged collections of seashells one other reckoning does not review the order of eighteen seventy four years you swore and risk his fifty seventh birthday darling roberts was sixty one okay most long season of romantic hovering was just what could be expected letdown so then who would've thought the turkish was confided in powder and such wish such a seasoned any of us man or woman so long self law but the blaze
carper wants from within the bones i say emotional toll their duty alone and this world even if like swans bittersweet and i had to talk in jerusalem this evening in which you made threats that he would hold me responsible for my decision in the case of butler as popular lieutenant henry us top practical engineer called on major is engaged on steam whistle while they can a counterforce of content at various points on the sound of the purpose of that opinion if it is practicable to make use of torpedoes as a means of problems of france here in port townsend swan comes down that road favor it is a thing i would change first about the west rather not an apple number of westerners their conviction that in this new land just covered his new wealth somehow often
follow up out of the ground in europe in pockets the transcontinental railroad never came to port townsend and prosperity did not arrive to james swan hardship good and the courthouse here in port townsend house in history no i didn't thanks because it has been part of the political campaign it is ordered a judge been decreed that james g swan is an habitual drunkard as described in section sixty and
seventy four the code washington territory this year my further ordered every deal an intoxicating liquor not to oversell under any pretense and intoxicating liquor the surgeon jews want swan is now going into territory where i have a modern wander around at his age cannot recall is semi arches records a decline in the diary page it's at eighty nine is called a wide days of summers in alaska and the days later road treacherous show shows assuming that stripped down on the crossword and spend months how he records as ever letters received is called on them on the street
borrowed two dollars from but all the while be incidents of his life becoming smaller and smaller walk around town chronicled as a canoe trip to me and they want to be on sometime in the morning of the eighteenth of may of nineteen hundred swann lives in his room and listens for footsteps they're slow to come time needed for it to dawn on one or another downtown citizen in port townsend of the old man has not been seen to emerge to the street as usual he did blast are heard a knock questions through the door then silence ultimate answer the acquiring friend forces in to find swan with a stroke or spending life stays in swanson the paralyzing day but only half the night these pieces jennifer
winters last dozen hours today the sun crosses the line and it is the first day of spring long road on this date twenty five march eighteen at so much of swan i still do not know even after studying him through the fifteen thousand days in the two and half million words in these diaries but what i do take from this time amusing and swans west is for a transition to my own western us is going after we increasingly a direction of the mind or personal geography shifts restlessly in america much as plates of dad rock are said to grind and jostle against one another far under the surface is a mirror of my west or west's fujisawa montana inevitably are going to be smaller and more skewed and swans the more intensely hail
fell worried over for that reason yet separations between swans territory in my own mysteriously close at some office i see with less surprised than i would have three months ago the torpedo tests won watches in port townsend harbor will become trident nuclear submarines and root canal that's one's dream of railroad along his short of puget sound must band and become a transportation megalopolis along my opposite shore that song's introduction of the alphabet and the me of a school house and made in sixty three has led to a federal grant for the preservation of the macaw language that no more than swan knew of such of enjoying and i know what is in store for my west and there in that specific real of realization i suppose is the truest
long pattern i have just won old coastal no man canoeist in history time remember and serve so many diaries pages with her brother you sir race use
with her brother's is supported in part by the washington commission for the humanities a state program of the national endowment for the humanities additional funding seattle arts commission and now a cd of seattle
Winter Brothers
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Half-hour documentary based on the work of Northwest author Ivan Doig and his "brother" of yesteryear, Northwest pioneer James G. Swann. Broadcast November 24, 1982. Included in "Best of the Northwest Films" exhibition for Bumbershoot. Winner of the Critics Award for Cinematography at the 16th Annual Northwest Film and Video Seminar, 1983. Partial funding by Washington Commission for the Humanities.
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