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pope production funding for richmond memories is provided by the annual financial support from viewers like you what is it about henry harrison singer winners had more snow and summer days were longer that since his tv since richmond memories no
ma'am the neighborhoods where we grew up the corner drug store the movie theater our memory now they're stored away where images never fade and yesterday as always waiting for us hello on trial and adele i'll be your host through on the spell chicken very personal look at the richmond of years ago and that it's a selective history of the state and the times as told by the people who live soap opera rod that there's some richmond and for many others there's something missing from richmond streets to something that vanished without a trace
what happened to the street cops if you have been written before nineteen fourteen no closure of year the founders feel the rhythm that sound like them as far back as the mid eighteen hundreds richmond have a street rail system the original cars were horse drawn and the routes were limited but it was a start at eighteen at eight richmond had an electric powered street railway system that help shape the city we noted that many of today's bus routes still follow the original streetcar lines there was still a need for expanding into other areas and there were experimental electric streetcar systems in other cities but each had a major design flaw that kept it from being really successful and this is the
point at which some fun at sears in new york this summer and richmond that their heads together and said we've been hearing about this fight for a guy in his electric motor and he claims that he can build a streetcar system that will overcome all these shortcomings of the others in the other cities let's get him to sign him up isn't that strange except thinks the party feel it will always be part of your life one day they're gone with the street carts hold it we rode a school in streetcars i rode in the streetcars to see the girl across town a couple of the street and i can remember being in traffic with my dad driving the car and we would be following a streetcar and particularly at night with the sparks shooting off a bit there element or the pulley at the top of the streetcar in there was no imminent danger and so they seemed sort of mysterious
to a small child's very young child at the time and that is that that element of a danger that made it exciting was always fun to ride one knowing that you were shooting sparks and they head sections at each block they have a little section right near the streetcar tracks that people would stand in and can you imagine standing in the street with cars going back to day but we do and we just stood there waiting for us you've brought along a friend of people and the air when garvey run for cargo are reported and the people are they are not the packages to call him dad were bumps this because the iran every morning kept up an armed to have to look for the look for that won their division
it was a rare person also thing you knew her about eighteen year about a and if you were sick he knew that you didn't is traveling in a new emotional heavy line you is like i say many fans pull up to a stop where i knew certain people were supposed to be there and put them stopped and maybe a miniseries in common touch your nose and that's what they really appreciate it growing up on plays three was a marvelous experience really owed then at number six east lake which is right across the street where we're standing and and that particular house which is three four days we would live for the times that the charlie houston on a long history and a chant would start at this corner right here you know but that was the thing they read would always wait for the thing that we really fought in the well
that's how it was with its no because he knew that the charges could not be run on the tracks until the speech became law so we would hear the sweep of come in and we would rush to the third floor and looked out the bay windows and wants to sleep with a big brush is steeped in the tracks until it disappeared and we would not leave the spiritual and tell the charlie came back as the other tracks on the way down and this was one of the greatest memories that showed only live for the steepest become law again we're the twentieth nineteen forty we have there is snow fall we do on record and streetcars even streetcars were stranded all with the city where they couldn't get in there for a living i would august know what if it's like a straight off on the track so you couldn't get any traction and there was just not always said and this weather can do a
lot of people spent the night three cars thank you calm down thirty three just go to general the streetcar the they used to for all transit points the day with polio probably why they own so you know you're a three car without the most part by the time you get a way to the back to the tobacco they put it back on them sales fall and i had trouble with all children not paying all they would
senator with their pants said they would get on first and then they would hand the pants at the window somebody else who has kids who would get all of the street car and raced to the back and this is all by design at hand our regular transfer have non transfers out the back and so that the kid we have a real race for before the last person was a board of that those ripples and he really part of course a lot of them was was so he was pretty savvy but so is the league that he would let us go lawsuit that whenever another they realize that somebody had been switching transfers and kate so it is with words there's one thing is they bring to streetcars back there's one thing i wish they would do away with and then oh that through food and forth on
that if i want some lahore us open all than that with wartime gasoline rationing in effect ridership was at an all time high due to a shortage of materials no no streetcars could be ordered during world war two the carbines were kept busy repairing older cars to keep them in service as the number of automobiles on the city streets increase the streetcars to seem to be too slow and cumbersome in traffic and so in november nineteen forty six buses were tested on the main street westhampton line for a ninety day period know street art ever ran their indian it was the beginning of me and for richmond street will insist in the following year the transit company announced plans or substituting buses for all a streetcar lines one by one the remaining lines shut down
then on november twenty five nineteen forty nine richmond street cars made their less revenue run for the whole streak highland park line bands played speeches were many crowds gathered to watch the procession as the streetcars rolled off to a storage yard to be burned they were burned because scrap iron cleaned scrap iron got a much better price and scrap iron that was contaminated with leather seats wooden floors some brass but mainly combustible says so it was advantageous to but gasoline or some fly were inside on the seats and on the wooden floors and the mahogany paneling and set them on fire and burn out all a combustible then describe why was considered clean and got a better price in fact i've tried very hard about what
the bodies were about two hundred dollars and the complete streetcar was somewhere in the fortified rebel range complete ready to run that we wish we had here sixteen service to the city of richmond street it's both don't know that everyone knows that the trolley systems in richmond was the first successful promises them in the united states and to make it more attractive these parks were developed as destinations for the crisis and the one that ran between holland park and forest hill was very
successful and in the early days before i was born i understand that they use to sum up cars and they were the open cars and they came across a night street parades which was a rickety wooden grades and people thought they were taking their lives in their hands to come across the bridge but it was worth it to get to the amusement park actually a debate three blocks from an amusement park and we could hear every evening on a hot summer night you know there was no air condition so allen as well and you get here in a case like this we didn't actually do things an airplane but i couldn't stand the dips oh it was fascinating when are still partisan
news and so i was quite small back in around monday taken the app they're in walking around writing the hobby horses in that particular love to go phish they had a thing with water running and you put a little lenny in a new book of fish and whatever the number was you got that products and all the hot dogs smell so good and tasted so good and always had to have a little of that onion smell in it and it was just a fabulous place and then after that the amusement park went away and we were older it was cleared our most would go out there's a marvelous place to go slow and whenever he would sell that's where we are now they are now i
can live on saturday nights in reserve for debby irving years old a minion by names from nineteen forty six to nineteen fifty seven its weekly performance is packed the olympic spirit nineteen broad street to capacity broadcast over libya the a's fifty thousand watt station thereby dance could be heard in thirty eight states and parts of canada it was also a regular segment of saturday night country style a program broke a us coast to coast it introduced the nation to country music jam pansy was that the rv a's general manager during those years but once it got going there was no stopping people were lined up originally year at the mosque which is i think at that time seeded about four
thousand people and now one of all of the wor be a theater and there were two shows one of seven thirty and my recollection is that it wasn't second show at nine thirty and they'd be lined up down lined streets around broad street waiting to get into the show families it was real down to earth family entertainment the barn dance was so much a part of richmond in later years it became a focal point for people mall of virginia and really from all of the country because at one time it was broadcast nationally coast to coast some of the great starts yesterday handed a plate of the alderman in buying ads appropriately it was at the old lyric theatre laden and the wor be a theater that night and brought it was often thought that these people were just country people that
came to see the older man environments but we used to marvel at the number of fur coats that we would say in the audience from the senate saturday nights so that night and brought him backstage at the old lyric theatre what with pure play time for me because i night as the celebrities who come through town i would get to be friends with them i have wonderful pictures with gene autry and annie oakley there was a gentleman who still in the business in our winery know it was my boyfriend for a whole weekend because he was there and gave me a walk so and that was close to my age the star of the barn dance and a driving force behind its success was mary workman better known to audiences as sun san suu kyi the person that you saw and dealt with
was a real person she was a very sweet although albeit very patient but its part which he stood by or word and she would just a lovely lady there was a quality about sue that remained in the minds of people who had worked with or people that she started she started many of the great country and western stars says she was a multi dimensional person sunshine sewage syrian are moving in when calico dresses when she go out and talk to everybody called a husband should reflect singing saw forero a phony in a minute she didn't allow that type of person to surround her and so from a from a business sense i believe she could have been just extremely successful had she been willing to move to nashville at the point in time in the late
fifties when this area was not supporting the country western music one of the biggest bands of the barn dance was governor bill tucker who officially crown sunshine sue queen or the hillbillies stories abound about virginia's colorful governor and his love of country music jam ten see remembers a story that was probably one of the year outstanding patrons the barn dance and we have a seat reserve for him or any time he decided to come over and he did frequently on saturday nights one story i recall was that he would invite members of the cast over the governor's mansion and he'd get his friend about that it was jimmie edwards who was then the hillbilly
governor of wheezing out and he'd get the members of the cast of the ottoman empire and as to play for germany on the dollar fall and louisiana and then the governor to wheezing and i would play it isn't guitar or starvation boxes they used prohibition of days that unintelligible to the virginia governor's mansion now going on several times richmond and the rest of the country we're not ready to accept country music in the mainstream in nineteen fifty seven made a workman owner has created and directed the original barn dance decided to retire and saturday nights enrichment have never been the same ted has
been a nice boy and there were essentially two commercial centers in downtown richmond north of broad street in jackson ward second street was a thriving commercial and cultural center that the african american community called its own
what's a lady whoa a battered reputation of song good thing you can find in our ears and that doesn't mean they are you didn't see preaches on the air everybody at second city so something had anything inedible to fall for what we wanted to know because they had to hold health and the rest with a head count they had jewish shop and the dentists are the doctors' offices and they head the furniture stores and ari you name it it was in it's a red impact of jackson board was so famous in nineteen hundred that empty an exposition in paris it was used as a model for a blackout on notice precisely was they also have this is more subversive in that area and votes
from thursday through sunday it is nice and you see jesus kill people and it was a big one when i came back here toward this was all but we did have restaurants samantha crisis in the that have to go we had put it so proud clubs peaceful about the glitch about iran is within about love that if they ever let them know they had for four five jews years of their city and their soda soda and dying there was of famous ebay's flamingos were easy to get around the serious and on trains and buses base not moving roof of our marines and their lowest other sellers and so fearful is a swiftly i am and
mistakes i see somebody not a very skilled second street was known as a job of entertainment dance salsa and there were several played an important role in the social life of the community if the guy doesn't at gm wes it is thought that demand that we remember this all had been building up it's a role that way well white you didn't seem to have the narrow villain
but now the borrowers thought it if the pope where that second one day is a man on a lead back and that big bang is dan back on the ear and so you had the whole night johnson's hall was an elongated so it went from the front of the street all of that to the alley and their leaders refuse to play basketball and paul to have an intermission in which is the price she was dean manager and the doma see it they'd say of the prices fall when advances for a day and she was very strict about how you couldn't that big yourself on the dying slowly than the horn a girl's june cross and he would say bravo
watching things like that a nearby respected her command respect that a very lovable person she was to stand across the street from the apollo theater or weeks years ago was known as the hippodrome the wily most is like it is in the city of richmond back in the day began with bear thought that parliament backed the nineteen fifty three this was this day the ultimate a day that this song movie and they haven't gotten those shows but there was another set of a second street projects place of churches and families and fond memories i would
sum up three years between the twenties and the thirties where i'm concerned as the years of revelation i begin to realize what it meant to be a member of a family to be a member of a plot to be a member of a community all of which was church related on sundays we would get up and go to sunday school group leaders sunday school record of church we would come on monday's show and change our clothes and maybe later go to a night service but almost always we would pretend to be why do you which was called the baptists young people stealing growing up in that particular time there was a time a what we call close family new relationships you didn't just live on the ocean live on the block and they're reviving
that blockhead an interest in everybody else that's the whole that's the key to the lookout for bad and better protected their children and someone asked him because aromatic you know always just like one one big family that's the way it was then but you can do that now one of the really interesting characters that sticks in my mind is mostly the rulers remote mother she had a reputation for having always had sue coleman stove and the park dr neighbors will always bring something in and to take care of the people who were sick would come over and taking a listen to someone who is ill and will always feel were in us market during all these lawyers was one was a magic ingredient in that soup and what we're really coming to conclusion that was the peninsula of human
lung and it will work well also there was a lot of care that was expressed that stupid one of it is the merchants who was the father of the control was a hot stand for me when he would come in the next room the polls you always raged on her children around and makes sure that the soup always stay on this and these are wooden stalls in the summertime they would they want one that would have made some ponds then lead and also second heat until the inmates at this sixties during the civil rights movement and they end up segregation it was a wonderful thing that happens in one
way and another for me it was disastrous red double or community of people who just got along so you have a lot of big businesses folded ballot that the colts said no but still there was a lot of the whole body of a subtle did it to make you forget of living room and this morning the things that have to get it but before television before suburban shopping malls and there was downtown are different everyone
people from as far away as north carolina richmond grant hotels downtown from people from the surrounding counties for the in the city even though the people who lived in this going was one of them shouting in richmond was the gold and can and aunt hannah as fine as most people in richmond and so no one rose and thomas then members of the all of downtown and when you went there you have intended to spend probably all day long you would sat between the two spellers and of course you know it wasn't seven hundred law that six street belongs to the department stores and two the people who lived in richmond if there was any
traffic on it it's not so that the pedestrians can go from one stop to the other end you know you went back and forth and back and forth and the nfl's time you always made a point of being in the rose tea room to see the fashion show one never went downtown without at least a white gloves as a child i could get away with with where it was going hapless but i had to wear white gloves and did you know that that it's easier to wash your white gloves while wearing them just a little tip but i passed along going to the launch is fine you can buy what you wanna by consuming various things but there's nothing special about it when downtown was special because you had to make a trip near had to get dressed and you had to just so i never run out smith jessup and this made it an occasion and that made it something i look forward
to it wasn't just our local buy something i've got a shot because we need something it was it to conshohocken that's exciting now it's not exciting and long to chill i also remember in tall timers is una and they pay a street entrance they had a day of doubt and later that nothing came out of constantly they smell so good when you walk through the air and when a estelle a nap took her little three year old daughter with us and we didn't pay any attention to her native and clutching her hand all away and richmond and as we walk back nancy stalker low hanging up underneath that bottle of perfume the perfume coming out of the fan and feel a little bottle and estelle was so embarrass out that she was tortured but she remembers she knew she was the log that advantage and
she wanted to get some of that and so no one road's tea room was really a part of our culture won't see right across from lowe's people would need each other and from a clock a tall bar most of them at lowe's or they go the movies and then vote no roads tea room the ladies would dress up and bring the daughters and they dress up in the hat since sarah's suits hats and their white gloves and they've gotten on with the room to see for their friends finding them and became so upset and set aside a little corner for humans corner for the men and men know the food was good delightful place all the celebrities would come and be on the runway along with the models every day and then of course at weaver began to play it notes to room for so many years it was a gathering place it was fun to model out there was i didn't play in paying to have a good time
which was nice and then he had people people in a empty room all the time and you saw the same ladies every single day and they sold became your friends and knew about their families and it was a fun exciting time but that was responsive than it being on that smile where everyone in the canadian represented a store that people would he instantly attracted an exciting or you land what's new this season's you always a way that she really represented this whole store the whole community in store that fashion and i believe he carried yourself accordingly it was a time where it was white was an arty mannerisms great civility to one another good manners graciousness it was a quieter time it was a slower time that was quite a one of a one of one of the mouth at now and that are on this
new roads so much i mean it was a time to arm a timed test of course i grew up in richmond so i had gone to the militant steven from the time i was a tiny child an act without a freshman member seventy weigh in on the models who has gone up a part of a blackout that for almost fifty years at week as much of experimental and roads of the room as it's called sandwiches that's what i'm telling this guy looked that way or to the derailment and said we just bought an organ we have no one in the plant would you do my brave a place that us and that's the way i thought i said yes i can play size of political more liberally as if you're and they had about a half hour before when oracle and i wanna wear them played titus they put the boys and they're using
your job as an o i got a gal i'm playing for joseph bail where it goes there hughes is not take no one war of whereas for and the more airplay but he wouldn't take no for an answer show business was a big honor my life from when i was about three four years old i think i started out singing on his radio program i believe the first ever sang was one day my prince will come from snow white so that tells you when it was in after that i just spent a lot of time in the theater watching listening and thoroughly enjoying all the people who came through the shows and the movies of course which were all wonderful at that time and later on we played together in the ornaments and arizona priceless he isn't in there on my knees into every time the
both world war to have a profound effect on life in richmond the attack on pearl harbor on the sabre seven nineteen forty one brought the reality of war home to the city it was no longer the allies war it was all war two less than a month after the attack on pearl harbor in the city of richmond least third airport to the army and at the rate of one dollar a year richmond army airbase became a training base for fighter pilots flying the republic p forty seven thunderbolt local industries a
landmark they have more money to spend less to spend it on i always had made his taste is how i always had you know had ration books i've got some of them and that's their ration stamps you have to have the vatican to make sure that we go ahead guess is that they're going to hit that it would get a fraction of the huge international ticket and not enough cholesterol or so again it had to be so careful and stranded for you know i guess when an animal to last until you get an allotment of tickets and milk products especially for you chop was very important so mothers of small children and whatever if one had hit milk and other one death and they
share a new manager ration stamps and as i said that it was just up a close knit community nobody followed each other everybody pull together and we were supporting only one man and women in uniform or a common sight on richmond straits cable we can't pick it the bill would army services depot and ap hill militaries of ocean surrounded the city us owes had to keep expanding to meet the growing number of servicemen for the first time women took on jobs traditionally held by a man in nineteen forty two the dupont plant began hang women on the night shift women drove taxis the women's auxiliary state police was in it was formed there was a memo woman barber in town
virginia von fulfilled a lifelong dream and became a street car operator to be alone among operator of history car was very special to me it was something that i had wanted to do for a long planned always been injured in things like they are an end and to be of service to the country that way i was i was a mini in with them and then they went into the service genevieve are inch a licensed pilot instructor served in the civil air patrol they were the ladies it flew in those days were most enthusiastic and we were anxious to do something and we decided to open as a ladies auxiliary of the civil air patrol and when erika sauer is building an actor never smell some and now with the thinking of the
civil air patrol its dollars bill there were not that many rivalries in the sale or go between the men and the women because the men didn't completely different things they head off your duty looking for submarines things of that nature that women we flew just a simple mission citing out to langley feel or would fly an officer somewhere that you want so that really was not that much rap over it but there was a lot of enthusiasm fb oh the places we went when we were younger and the times we had we all had our favorite places many of them are gone now but the memories of those good times lived all wanda very outstanding thing different from now is if you wanted to go to the movies in a day and we always like to go out for ice cream or something after them only if only at home in those days there where practically no
places you could go there was a place called the clover room and it was out on the now and yeah and so that was very popular and the people of richmond went to that cover that was open until midnight or maybe even later so you could go after the movies and you would see your friends because it was so popular and there was there was like a gathering place richmond in a way was very small town and there is hardly any place you could go you didn't see someone you knew which was fine her lowest math there was a cover and yes yes i went there many gaps and then there was chicken and a ruff an orange julius we used to go through all those places and not levi's julius his mom's name and it was at least go back there and dance then a place in the back that you could dance so all crab would go there and thats it was
lots of fun when it was really great writer so taylor suffered very special parliamentary inquiries and now our number one town we went and we took a little boy who's over four years old at the camp and that it couldn't read the menu that the summaries the past of saying a lobster and that's all he wanted the dow and that's how we can afford upscale so was he was rather unhappy for a few minutes but they're just being everyone's satisfaction i guess i really knew or realize how fortunate i was to have been part of that particular scene and richmond i can remember the hotel richmond when a garden and read brian and his orchestra he dressed and tails when he directed the orchestra out of the top of the month the sisters and sang with and i did so many shows up for an uptick in with our band at the winter garden
and then down stairs was the chatterbox if you have a little private dances was to go to dances their the chatterbox of a hotel richmond in the evening now the murphy hotel later the king carter we had private parties and things like i was a salesman soto and of course cross the street was the capitol hotel that's where all of the blog billions and all of the people play the national theatre at the lyric theatre and they stayed there the john marshall so elegant who can ever forget the marshall great great sort of the supper club it was just very special is the broadcast from all these places it down my throat hotel was in its heyday as i was going and it was in the hotel in the city except for that day now it a generational thing and a young marshall had a roof garden why i'm a minivan says we're hearing and that was
on a little alone clancy or they intend to let you the truth i mean the hotel was up less so as you got a little older but john marshall was a place to go and then they had a tea room r calf has happened is the content than on the gray street side grace franklin countries will nice place and in a survey done john marshall who have these delicious air about how they've been allowed to get a recipe and the young marshall was the place temples started all but equally important in our social life was the west would supper club recently a golf course than since miranda jimmy speranza habit he and his wife alice and it was a different kind of they are easily a supper
club eat spaghetti their own and they have an accordion as workaround but it was much more intimate much smaller but the big bands played there once a regional bands and produced a saturday afternoon show their westwood supper club was a favorite haunt of the hudson many people remember no canned and they always call each other cousins in hudson the florida klugman play their a lot of the top many of the local bands as well as tommy dorsey in the big bands played there too and marlon is trombone an orchestra but westwood that started in an old what had been the golf pro shop and part of the steelers it's the west would record but outside they like the air conditioning problem by having dancing under the stars highly different people love that so you'd go on than some stars at the westwood supper club law oh one of
the most embarrassing moments i had to do in westwood supper club i had a blind date that night and the man was from clear that the teenager was from connecticut and he was sound touted as a great dancer so i said sir way i'd love to get him and and they picked me up i just very carefully because this was an older very sophisticated worldly man out i was certain so i just very carefully enough i like stunning my black velvet and it was only after we got two westwood supper club and i happened to look down i realized i still have my bedroom slippers a familiar entertainer at many richmond night spots was a dancer named pleasants snowball crop he was known for his gravity defying chair dance and his unfailing devotion to the city so walk up to me was the epitome of a wonderful era foreign and frivolity and parties but i think more
than anything else i got to those noble crop because the water regularly was sort of belle would do in the war did so much for me on shows he would dance for anybody and everybody even when he got up close to the eighties he was still going to senior citizen centers and soulful smiling always positive a wonderful guy that i shared many shows and many wonderful moments with snowball prop a real credit to this community whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa oh yeah there's a solo star koreans made humans behave in that tight booty and at that that that had an era fingers cave in
saving mr lima per year in there you move and move in get get that moment in that i got to meet a deadline that it painting made clear that data and that character that all about last half pound stone in the radio and i have to say that an online now or are you in their firing or there they say for you turkey a high hat for a
channel special edition fb is big until a garden billed itself as the south's most beautiful ballroom from nineteen thirty one into its closing in nineteen sixty nine until it was a place for big band music and it was a different time for another play the perfect place to make it oh yes i have went to thomas jefferson has to and they can tell it to go or cantaloupe was the epitome of a date and so on special occasions last special boyfriend who
later married and i would go in a group and to go to cannes so it's just the very best thing that you could do in the city of richmond and it was quite an experience and it was very important to everybody it wasn't only album a social occasion but you make your france ended prove to them that you had a ride that there was nothing else found them to be intentional as far as i'm concerned and i think most people will agree temple was the center of entertainment back in the late thirties and forties dancing was coming and we danced everybody did a new dance every night people will be surprised today to remember the tantrums opening night was filtering the week held eleven hundred people and there they were like one hundred people they couldn't get in many nights all the salesman going to drugstores going to grocery stores have little passes
that they would pass out and for twenty or forty cents and that was twenty cents a little pink slip you could still get it it was the place where you celebrate nothing about ten till show you what a style setter it was in the early early days and for many years it was formal people danced for college and with eleven hundred people love packed in there almost every night you can imagine this is a small community that people have to go really gotten the country to get to ten tell well it was fun to get it can tell a gardens because i hadn't been to tend the gardens before an app and add a new as interested to see what his views can be like the first that those clothes always crowded and some could go out of those foreign no longer go about doing this georgians are being
<unk> the advantage he couldn't dance very well and so if you want a girl that unless the floor was crying kiddos well today you couldn't get together drink that there's a lot that would carry their brown bag and set it on the table and then you're set ups and it depicts a drink and then that its ear about a common and clutching a little brown bag bill zickefoose leader of the continentals a sixteen piece big band remembers the nights he played a tempo getting into ten dollars or a yard missed that a lot of steps by thirty feet up their total unknown back halfway was a platform and we had a carer music up those steps fires or about those back steps and it was really difficult especially at at the end of an evening would play all i would maybe three or four hours and when we
finished at yale is going to back into the car many a night yakking and i would be at the top of the steps like i'm down at the car and say well show we just drop amplifier down the graph in fact there was a lot of bowing out of a candy cane and that was very complicated but now i'm going to continue and it was funny because it was packed all through the warped inn oh you're so serious my most vivid memory of tangelo was when they auctioned off all the furniture was gone history records dates and places famous people in their great
deeds as a city rich man is rich in history and filled with monuments to the paris and its people are rich in the memories of a special place they call home and a town that lives on in their hearts thank you for sharing those memories with us yes yes
yes it has been and the
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Director: Berryhill, Bruce
Executive Producer: Funk, Helene
Executive Producer: Chown, Amy
Narrator: McDowell, Charles
Producing Organization: WCVE-TV (Television station : Richmond, Va.)
Writer: Warrington, Judith
AAPB Contributor Holdings
Identifier: cpb-aacip-9b5b57e26f7 (Filename)
Format: Betacam: SP
Generation: Dub
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