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wow this program is made possible in part by a grant from the washington state arts commission additional funding is provided by the subscribers of key cds nine and the public broadcast foundation of southwest washington when helen half past half hour you his job well done this is big
it was really a shock to go from the last three years and has been holed up in my apartment just really the morning and writing for a debate the first time and they're at the top it's here and now it's been nice and a surgeon at st lawrence and students grades she has essentially a mystical experience in a very unlikely place in territory or the territory an interesting oh
nice but he's one person harris is an attempt to take someone who is saying reselling aaron michael rather a hairy chest and laughter accidentally stumble into low points of awareness something much much larger than the particular something quite universal something you sleep too big for us to handle and that is extinction a nuclear war i'm a professional in the end the meeting that now eighty years or radiation how to compact apartments are no one else does it in the writing go anything that i write reflects to an audience or to
read or how to see and how your the world and not only that but how i feel and think about how i see in here the world so you it and you're inevitably going to get information he's right experience nice
work thank you ted going into all sorts of places he shoots the
pipe speaking in the pacific but i will do the mediterranean thinks business i just don't get anything i just want to know why the
point but the thing with a wonderful world and it's the weekend and that really was the sound of the rain falling outside the window so we just started to just fiction because he was going to be more of a picture of the these guys were sick they even though he'd actually after the business failed prison that it's a picture of the babies was a fun begala i didn't have a name mom was there that he felt said that baby to be over they don't show
it there's this i mean the klan's there is though no economic and indicted not a thing some evenings crime he's halfway through the fence off of homeowners so so it's like that big garment stands outside a special power that comes
through in ancestor spirits can you really embodied and which to give your audience kathleen curry sauce ted you're right hello
eileen do you can pinpoint tarnished by the kind of us would have written this in the audience nearly all day it's been good to pass by as
bell it's b i mean working in talking about old people and unresolved sadness you fill with ambivalence about lines that sense of i cannot bear this anymore about eleven dead and we'd about any money that's ice cream it's a very scary thing and then i have my own fear of death good morning
last year's car i grew up in the endless absolutely stumbled into this last year on the nuclear radiation on human body in there pregnant and that's right and i don't know much about politics or i was forced to tag problems that democracy over twice and passed through and the beat to his own shop out of state media has been actually about ten years and i had been i was ever since my husband lovingly turned out to watch and not place to be now
president yeltsin a nyt innately i use it live on the faith that they'll very well can't i think as a beautician when i asked to write what we do you know live as a bow couple wanted to have on the air thank you and this planet is not a pack meaning i want wind not new and it only thing you get made out of twenty ten i liked to doll like and now i'm cooking and doing harm another person for us please thank their loans
their way in the character one of the reasons why from alaska fastenings because it reminds me how close we are to russia as the red end lifton fragmenting that places in alaska a really gives it to the soviet union and someone could stand on the issue has been badly yeah she could see an american birds don't know the difference and for it to air in their land and ground and the presence of russians arm and especially russian orthodox church in alaska was very strong and still has very strong when i was last here on tour that was the day that she no one tragedy occurred and alaska was afraid for traveler carried that the cloud radioactive fallout from the news direction that's very frightening time for anybody chapin <unk>
were you get a sense of are in a lightness with the russian culture we this is bob that's ok now always embarrassing for me to going into that role of minorities that have that and it's not just them precious you have there aren't women do is line we swim be angry and get all sides have to work out how to stretch her having to the other i don't want to know i can do it and sometimes unraveling that schedule gets cut into its cruising it and i i really hate to have to tell
people no i'm sorry i really love to themselves and i would love to be there for you that you in the day and i know that with him and a special sound esoteric here but i do have a deep movie bully an artist is a channel among us have self conscious that we believe when we know how good you really are and still working for that every day it know that i'm good to know that i am lovable it struggled with those things in the us government but i do believe that the us that company are especially and this is station cajun as serving haynes up on and stairway and they're going to now public radio what do we do it right and i perform for the state and city radio commentary and my nonfiction and he writes short fiction and i'm going to give you a short story today well it's a perfect place to do it but those tales of june's is built around music and short
stories and over really pleased to have you here and it began to jail sentence so well without any further ado let's hear your start a name in this story is grand opening the moment before jim malone was hit by the day's been there maurice cheney had been crying she come out of another situation as she called herself with her sister a long time and time again she asked herself why in god's name to her brother db o'doherty tj mannix i can't answer to southern landscape that bringing that sort of background into the most arctic of landscapes was extraordinary it's been anything but if you
don't your instruments visit we needed a debt burden week we thought that your last night maggie praised immediate been spent and you'll hear why we fell into the research resume this is really a mixed with sweets next government issued similar data in town you know it's really funny is that our commentary these guys are sitting there with a video camera shooting he was as clean one of beer at the moment every time thing now that's right it's
b sometimes inhabit places this is bad without my family it's business it's
nice i'm really interested in the currents and in names and so there's some doubt in as allies recognize just how oppressive spring is home in sports and birds and gardenias plants growing on this walkway there's things on which would be lost if we let it go that far i think they want a job and that they're unwilling to be taken away with the prison about an a i'm hung her head and mccain's and then that hacking
i can feel it made it this land there in the palms of her second i am an inherent unfitness seen in a lot this in reducing democrats enter the western secular husband you know as they say in show at a winning season and so it now he's
been there it's b i think they said is not knowing when we knew that he was in moscow and heightens italian mama uncommon that mean who is that way and you know i get that and i think that was the whole time for ten hours acquainted same now to my own grandmother just wishing nine
to help people of other cultures to get the kind of specificity because i saw things that my eyes will never saying yeah yeah i come from a family from farming family but my mother is extremely creative and very very wild and original and we were little she would get isn't kitchen dancing dancing and should be yelling out of it when i was popular and i was ever putting alice fell plants alice kauai i was resigning from new tune in now to earth i've never experienced that
and i think that yeah i'm kind of really highly stratified cancer rob cain and then you have to say this is so you know that's right
i'm renee montagne and makes everything that i've said a fifth season won't say i grew up fringe catholic in louisiana but i grew up in a place where there were also baptisms by immersion in line behind the house i grew up and i think that colored a lot of how i see the world in terms of oh it is
yes i did oh i know there's a certain except in some kind of faith to keep walking and you know you really you could die today writer died today my mentor who is sane birthday four years older than disco married again a couple years ago consumers your own conclusions are now under isis and
how can love him you know and just couldn't find facts and says it's set in a midtown look at their own hands this moment nico steve baccus in an accident is standing right before influences in pain i think we are closer singing
and anderson says they are i spend a lot of time in my work trying to walk into darkness that doesn't feel self accepting that never hats and that sometimes feels it never reluctant amplifying that and giving him going deliberately and is fully intact and feeling that pain as i can and especially with korean dictator one of the things that is so wonderful is to see the vision that was given to me become articulating through so many hands grab their own narrow
or is it i'm steve inskeep these many years can make these polls doable enough i'm going to climb on it and play with the way it really created an attack on mayor
when director this is a wonderful moment to moment director and has ingrained general sense of humor and i love working with him yet there's no sense of herself much of the time it's as trash just trash and gloria was a shoplifter at age thirteen she got pregnant by only two evangelist when she was seventeen she got kicked out of her aunt's house or modern shark when she was nine years old by rebel violence and it takes in grain to american struggle for her to integrate the two sides of her sense of herself as eliot says of herself as being able to see god's grace and receive love ohio is the state where he's answering questions visit us
all this is going to be a great singer of the secular so strong religious statement said the purpose of the chemicals in concert in congress in the thirties when he used a lot of that assistance yet i don't know how it seems to be garbage can be transformed that what seems to be really getting the immediate tool in turning ordinary garbage into sacred art she really is on one level about what happens in korea it's just a poor white trash into have to find this intense fight for the divine insider i do very different work per se but i had been doing in the winter some level spiritual sense in the remaining natural materials and rebecca had been a remote studio sing those very excited jimmie
redistricting decided to and just says in the world i think it'd be something at the bar it's been informed and well i just felt like it took a movement and we and us citizens to use me that i don't want a rally riemer and its mystique here have begun and the us i mean our time opening into my aunt just as she and drummer are some anonymous good to realize that also happened very heavily and reverend mothers would wake up in the morning yeah got just about to martin much into that i think is still solutions just keep that in place often look for patterns that are forced to do because your text it's just as musical convergence my guest is a clue
really i guess it all and large hat rights work as reverend mother on her singing in ferguson oh yeah the first time that i was there for the tv caught their time and i'm glorious wei dance out there that i love feathers i was like i guess this is just feed it to be home for it as
tom i'm scott simon caesar's palace yay oh
i didn't think it would be a big deal that i was terrified by director of particular tune singing now unless she stalking is from shaking that photographer will have to adjust its cameras too it's b shout who plays clyde and i went to great deal improvisation me to flesh out what glory and god's love is all about which is a nation of turning regular old your dress into a sacred art is now i know you know the glory of a real companion and awe you're coming into your own spiritual path the
plan he didn't want to be as there are glorious and sampling glory as i can possibly be he said it's not just like a party was they are but the entire night mayor raul and you know i have don't don't tell me this right now because i don't want him to get nervous but there are people from la new york coming next and i'm thrilled about that that's like focusing on his transformation as bell lindsay says in
sentencing have to hear justin's says as the accident tears and soon as that the stairs does toes so and so i can just focus on that i says
my hands were self loathing or herself on the different elements i was watching as a tyrant is experiencing as an actor kind of orientation and dying for an audience for it good looking flat you're welcome yeah i know and how is the
innocent stains name and then it's now probably going out she waded and the president aj laughter jesus that is just i was i'm rachel martin
mm hmm yes it is it's just a show and hey he
is it's funny you know st louis yes oh no well as opposed to the
latin name on a nude man nah ah you see me in a day he's the ss us oh
yeah i find it scary oh yeah
he was talking about it and no many and so i didn't
really when it's because bees because big sisters many
many instances because the pipes is
it these things oh geez it is dancing the dance right
oh no i would say first for thrift is probably the most fun and at the same time she's very busy and has very good austin lot of advice from people like me i've had troubles with family or of things she's using drones to kill me it's been nice
it's b that has been announced it's an iranian disquieting thing we still are trying to get to know a character in an imagined world armed men on the side and then literally slammed up against the fact that when i'm stuck in the middle after only having played a role in one projection i'm really a process of character development right now where i'm still like every day making little gloria notes on his turf so watching her movies
and dance jazz i'll serve god confusing to gloria i think i'm a fairly eccentric person does the best i can to balance all of the different personalities that i had within me i think in the kinds of my work i think even more of a demand to work toward consciousness of those roles sense because i do such radical real sense nice
nice in iraq comes back to matter and that if you believe that there is a divine presence in the universe you are given strain that is beyond that of your own will be a feeling confused image itself and that's when i play and that's when i tried to work oh yeah oh nice oh
man this program is made possible in part by a grant from the washington state arts commission additional funding is provided by the subscribers of key cds nine and the public broadcast foundation of southwest washington allow
The Many Roles of Rebecca
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