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the pittsburgh it's been the newspaper of course it had to report the crime news and ford think that citizen county governments doing all fires but the notion that aren't held things that are happening to her that are of interest that they are every newspaper has features rows of which for hard news
but all along that the metro harder to find things that are going to be of interest to people even though it may not be a great significance snakes in the attic suit them just fine by anthony campbell poisonous or not most folks just don't like snakes period naked and nancy mccarthy is in her family don't feel that way while snakes are frequent visitors to their home one spring creek drive them a car says have found that life is a lot more interesting with a serpent's around the cars family get togethers field two years ago from chicago shortly after living into their home they heard something rustling around an erratic <unk> when up to investigate and came back down with a half dozen she and snake skins some more than six feet long the fbi since then the family has seen several different varieties of states around their home they still here stakes rustling around in the attic from time to time
there today is that the snakes aren't bothering them so they don't bother the snakes the snakes that get in the attic are apparently tree snakes known for their climbing ability says the cards took a picture of the tree snake climbing the door of their shared i was just about to reach for the knob to open the door when i looked down and saw the snake <unk> carter said i'm glad i look first he admits to being a little more squeamish about snakes that is why they've also watched tree snakes climb the brakes on their home i've never seen anything like it was in the car i said this is the chorus is a big fan of the snakes they're good for the environment she said they keep down populations of rats and mice that one of the first things affected by pollution so their presence is an indicator of a healthy environment the home backs up to the foot of sand mountain and is a large expanse of rocky woods behind it the states apparently come down from the mountains but the cars family gets a kick out of all kinds of wildlife other critters they've seen near there i'll
include fox is turkey's endear the recorder been going for newspapers are back at it with the present but all present newspaper began in nineteen forty one when my father senator from birmingham he was they remember him punished and is it was darth vapor results of that came here while the tenants out of a car reading the second floor offered warmer waters hitched well have walked were relocated now and the start of the other news and adults can wage six my father an awfully good year for knowing what was going to be that he was a may sometimes it's a good one of the jurors often heard something to say you need to go get something on their own there were a lot of a lot of historical or stroll along why is dr
lisa young and her daughter sydney four percent of the other day to see an emu five or six feet tall strolling calmly in front of their home and why as dr the bird appeared very common spite of the barking by what sounded like all the dogs in the neighborhood there's this young the wife of dr craig young turned away briefly to call animal control and when she looked back he knew his gun she felt first it might have been an ostrich but david rohde wrote the lawyer said it was definitely and he knew he raises in years and alters springs things have mostly go forward with these trivial or even you could say as a mom that would be how it would be intriguing and you are a lot of things that were someone was part of your story rhonda call it gets to where it was born of a boat across the parking lot of live across the street in the fall and we're more than eleven of a
custard that's troy emu finds a new home you knew that lisa young soul strolling along live drive in front of her home is now living near askance at my campus in a city employee who works part time and animal control heard about the new and decided to adopt it is now at his home and really not been sharing space with a pig as announcer this of the second a new he's caught the first on mount laurel a year older springs that was a few years ago when i in your business was a bigger thing that it is now a good many people who started raising them gave it up at a price of chicks and eggs dropped <unk> workers voting booth one of the original versions or was a hero we will complain mother love wayne williams the custodian islam in primary school and that was there was this mother
killed lee singing faithfully mr nissen around and that's true reports say the board which depends on coal forge to survive who mr williams look closer when the mother was away he discovered she has been sitting on a prime she's turn and sell until its slick with the sauce are for this bird principal tracy pieces rather than sitting on a nest at least two weeks and still their last report kildee make the nest on the ground horizon out of gravel well it is if people say in the wall street journal we look a little that way are we don't have multiple of their lives are about the same size of their sabers small and loud but many years ago nearly all this report that way over the years other newspaper begin using larger lives and the lives of cover several columns all part of that was only to sell his big it was almost every ride but the first well
for reasons a lot of that what was that then mud like little more dramatic off with a widower so much reason to change who will fill the bailout is that enough to be saying at arm's length which is what was really the news coverage really know maybe older syllables one of all those are the room a hundred and ten thousand dollars cash dollars storekeepers say after howard jackson died may twenty first at the age of ninety some of his relatives have a safe an historic open to see if it contained a well they didn't buy well but they found something else about a hundred and ten thousand dollars and change nobody expected that a hill his father was a first cousin mr jackson the money has been put in a safety deposit box until there's a determination as to what to do with that ms jackson was a widower with no children is closest relatives are thought to be about ten first cousin in law sets out a procedure
for disposing of assets of people who die without whales with prayer at a sign to people according to their degrees of kinship the probate judge me as an administrator of the a state can be required to post about as a guarantee that things will be handled properly that point it can be made once forty days has elapsed and the whale has turned up in the nineteen nineties mr jackson got into the salvage grocery business in a pretty big way mr cahill lived with him for three years remembers going with him every friday didn't achieve cruncher a the wholesale plays in albert know and he by fifty or sixty damaged sacks of dog food to take back to his store he said mr jackson lives simply evidence can watch other pandas light beyond fonda his home was close to the store they told some people who had only on his relatives are still trying to find it caused chaos on
the great horned owl is the only animal that will be discovered our widowed several years of what we'll have what we would open air weddings on one section or are sports on such a i think we do that all the progression sport that are really outside the people arrested in weddings in social lavette well read an affair with him we like to think we never played in very privileged over the tour ever gotten more vital and fiverr pecan crop has and cracking like crazy there are pecans over the place at the feed supply and westerns the one line avenue here in buckets paper bags shopping bags garbage bags and boxes jobs and pillow cases with the remaking of going into that work on so far at all last year and will continue to go back into that place in your opinion it's clearly obama visited a waiting period for the
pecan started coming in late september but really got going after thanksgiving city billy jack finley we're getting all kinds of phone calls asking about the service the store is the only place in this area that's nuts it looks as it's one of a kind of lottery or youtube we've had nights brought in from festival in knoxville and atlanta's supposed to release a lady from knoxville say there was a deal and cracking of the parlay last year the store ran to cracking machines and did fine with a body and this year they're using three machines and have them going continuously they can crack four pounds of contraband has to reap said people are also calling about a bunch of shale pieces that had been left over they're used for mulch were a bloody business cracking up all they could this is candy we've heard way too many dirty jokes responded mr reeves the world's turned it our way the world's humans tend to align well it's a coarse
restructuring will only that we have will no more corrupt or another character more prominent than you think you would like to have and they all as we all we have the majority religion minute normally all sorts out officials want to do wrong oliver what it would take brown to take money off of those laser that went on for four year applebee's restaurant reported that a young man a ten dollars and thirty six cents a light lime chicken animist appeared and walked out without paying the show in which we'll report from privilege and that will become what we got into the report on the files of the lesions yourself of charger toured in general we've got all of them underground piercing things that well i can predict what live just ask our
johnson owner of the country to find a cult seven thirteen sunday morning preferable to watching rock the navy commander of investment smoke coming out of the ground from the store sensation was a rumor about the stores closed because of sunday morning with a line he left guatemala twelve inch cast iron phone was missing from the top four thousand gallon tank there's a fireman could locate won't cover anywhere denver nuggets guard them don't know the sun stole concrete floor covered area the goal of the building and come down through the roof there's no telling how that go to calm down the hall is that live inland on the roof over the interior the building impressed and stealing merchandise affect his life of aligning them and not the carousel most of all his life within hit one free gasoline tanks next to the piercing each one hundred six thousand gallons of a few much more volatile and hearsay they hit the gas tanks this whole
place would probably just be one big hole grabs him like we say it became predict what line and lose the store never even last hour the us by the un more than a heavy portraits and other photographs by the late leon kennamer are on display through december thirty first encounters field museum and visitors can look through hundreds more the art on the walls most of the voters were in leon studio which has now been cleared out people who find pictures of themselves can keep them <unk> cameras wife betty said media better cameras awards are also in the exhibit he was down in the photographic circles around the world and a number of the pictures on display were taken in other countries your work four years old nine years after the valium will to talk about a veteran work more vulnerable to worry
about buying it as a patient came slowly out of the anesthetic he said worldwide strong dr well as a fire across the street and we didn't want you to think that the operation was a failure well you know we'll do a record for what you do is not i was probably the publisher of the education ruling out in the talk and people are working a record or listening to testimony are the big things that meeting her bike riding fought for the rights of it was like religion or for the federal form of work there were actually in summers when i was in that job working as a full time work and a portion of those different some people think that if you want to really succeed in in droves and you really have to work for a large character and there's probably something to be said that
that you will get better supervision their guns in their training though are forever then you will most small but what you do is is is that most of the years george jones don't get information and tell you know where the people of olive oil rig bigfoot researcher finds a home court and eight foot tall tulip counterfeiters turning his nose thinking of one sort and road just across from a rocker sure james watson is in laws than katie stock of downer foreign trip and mississippi when they saw the fireworks route are for sale at a place that makes them sit on the chicken business they all thought that i need that restrict his place that he said they did it by richard going back later to get a pickup truck which he was off on his visit family for a year for more and chicken farming for the last seven years the sun but that surrounds the farm said the gyrations if it pays off the road it's very visible passing motorists this next tuesday's driveway assault in football is open up about a weightlifting said of art had several people mentioned it to me they really got a lot of
strong allowing with a ranger in the back his chevrolet pickup on what health mississippi river taking pictures of us as one down the road he said instructor at a downtown been having trouble getting you know they had a couple of months but just slightly their other two reporters are archetypal macintoshes in place to use a metal typewriter and were comfortable with tar balls a little more comfortable every copy of the paper that it's all a computer model we got a quarter of computers and i will keep your circulation desk in front of a computer or sublime so job of those are ever ever traveling only used to rebuild to build wealth of the view that we were proud to do our work for work and your uncle the farmer's wife went to the fire the farmers fascinated airplane rides that balk at the tim bartik it was my videos of the pilot if you're walking around without michael a single sound all
charger a tie otherwise he pointed to mars good deal for senate so i went for the ride they got back parts if i had been there and never believed you never miss out it wasn't easy either said the farmer almost the obama waffle out this treasured by mothers who like my father also told he had the feeling that yeah i'm almost everybody has it most people have an interesting story and that it's our job and we tell about families don't tell was less upset about the person's life and not just the bare information than ever because they're rigorous regional to survive the word right it's not very well endowed so which we contact with everyday we contact the families of the people who died and try to get them to tell us something about the person they were looted
and we flew it will unleash do what we can't know about people were very glenn all dropped eighty three he was one of the last mail and to deliver mail and purchased called a bicycle he was named jelly when he was a halfback on the ear of high school football team because he gets lifted as attackers like jelly a retired electrician at the old rivero aluminum plant in scouts were all for a klan waldrop of whether time died tuesday july tenth two thousand and one and martial arts hospital he was eighty three he had been a resident at the marshall manor nursing home for the past two years his wife lillian live there with him they had been married for sixty two years and had lived at rapid town since nineteen forty eight mr waldrup was the youngest and last surviving son archie in pearls smith walter and was born in union grove he had five brothers and sister who preceded
him in power this is ronnie people usually pretty willing to tell me about something as a sense of the what anything in the paper was there was a lot of talk about the people of the world think of interest and it's amazing how often you can find one people who may not be an educator larded with that didn't include things during their lives were were successful in their own way the average family and she led can sell will draw a line thirty five miles long the master gardener class family of kneeling donna miller crossed for judy so words or days or find a ram corrections sarah long of horton was a really smoking a cigarette when the new master gardeners group had its picture taken a mechanical glitch in the printing process just made it look that way
no other road that straight for that wall by anthony campbell a glance a canny roadmap you quickly notice the practically all the roads have lots of snake occurs in terms one word stands out because it strays in there over a long course it's a section which runs from how a semi fat now will the braille the mountain overlooking big spring valley some eight point five miles an hour was all straight it's all over the road rules a gently up and now from one end to the other really care for ships trains of the road for all the hills and i think there were kurds if you didn't know better i'm standing there to only about twenty three was most horses mares to one line for the good for morale woodrow the road from how it's only father now be able to read it into the top of the mountain charles russ as chicken kale for real social and rosenberg it shaped ralph foreboding which took a final camera to write pretty dress judge thirty years and present prisoner the judge all of that long trudge the word
or japan if you can imagine all the polls all the space in a newspaper in every one of those columns got an unlikely and you can't leave a hole in there are so years ago all newspapers have been forced and they would be restored flows of some historical major audit of the idea i thought i know the advantage of using jokes it's awful hard over five a joke that that short and plain and forty and we do use them they're not as many jokes and as we have space for saw over time people will say the same joke for the paper and then somehow my wife gets on the floor and suddenly you're the joke to resign a way of building before concrete blocks by angela arts a good many homes and buildings that were built around the nineteen twenties and nineteen thirties actually fit the definition of being a rock solid they're built of rocks gathered from fields and
ridges with waltzes that there's twelve inches some buildings have the rocks as part of their porches or foundations others are completely covered with on some good examples iowa the whole backstage or the old rock school plays phil school of rock house flowers and get signed gunter avenue mclachlan and martial law offices and want the original da our school and the new life methodist church a grant it seems all of these were built in the nineteen twenties or thirties and the rocks were collected the same way you know stores as they were called were flat in broth they were cut into small pieces with a mallet in shape to be somewhat uniformed these were quite evident in the old rock school and plays the old school when it plays for school construction started in august nineteen twenty eight people in the community work together to pick up the rock out into fields and pastures according to some all records showing of cornelius has about clay still a
prime example the original da are still a grant was built in nineteen twenty four is a former roommate of rock sealed and sing out school officials why gus are read to build the school but he was busy putting out the old city school now the whole backstage and rayburn ever known they got their age copeland and his brother ira from st clair county to do the work to keep the cost to construction reason of all the people of grand gathered the rocks by hand in aprons and wagons and every possible fashion and place them at the site grant historian jean trooper said the type of naysayers sue a school soon dropped out of favor probably because there were too many man who knew how to do it and we're construction practices were introduced it's kind of an art that has disappeared she said i think the least important thing about labor global want it and i was like i think are readers are
filed word of the reason was probably going to find things to read big pecan shattered glass a freak incident at ray sanchez is home on nixon chapel road led to the back window of his nineteen ninety three toyota corolla being shattered he said he parked underneath a pecan tree in his yard and an unusually large pecan fell out of a tree hits the back and shattered it deputies and mr sanchez surmise that the high heat and size of the pecan combined to cause the damage the path to prison it's because it's been the
point the path to peace three three thousand ths that irritate copies of this program maybe purchased by calling one eight hundred four six three eighty eight to five to learn more about programs from the album experience series on the world wide web visit the leader reid of you got alabama tv dot
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