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there's beer america's black panthers are the descendants of sharecroppers and fields laboring jobs have sustained generations but many have been forced out of farming by the high cost of modern technology and others have migrated to the city's new who still cling to the plow the reports are scarce and every day is a test of their will and determination this program is the eighth month diary of john travelers and john ward these remarkable man represent the remaining few who work every day chasing their dream of a bountiful harvest the races
since the nineteen nineties major injuries the four fifth generation employment in the course of the fall and light that is on monday at bat in the sixth ward took over his operation of the pharmacist course lots of things that farming is basically the most part my greatest lab in
london and follow a bit which is not a field goal of the vote is hardly a man and being a man deal all day long live those who got some fat with which to go on the plan that we've laid out you know sixty eight year old travis and sixty year award to what historians call the last generation of african american farmers their family's farming legacy will and when they retire travis and warts children are part of a steady flow of young people leaving the south black belt seeking better educational and employment opportunities in the track of land that makes up the black belt expanse of east to west across central alabama and mississippi and the region was once known for its large cotton plantations
we started off with cotton and now we move from cod solemnly small cod phones how's that deputy goal in the fisheries gotten outcome of them cheri where to go after that we almost finished right now we can sell beings' contribution out for seven dollars and six cents in which i think this is pretty good as much better than we have seen in our across years will not have to win a problem cause we've been delayed until the arm without land progression but the women that were still intact this beat here the issue
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listed and now we have a means or three year period and so we just thought and start with me yesterday in the right course tammie is is this is there a significant and many as two to get you we're done old ted mitchell and it's true well what you'd go on and they gave a little nano and it won't that it do for her role on the area go before we leave with business cause when my memory about going since monday when they now owe the lowland progression week some of that we lose you win unless they each refill planning and now this song yet when we
get it we get it going and will go up and get it with planning and bissen been a pretty decent week when we've got quite a large complex and now these next two days we hope to get it with saying this but red planet at this point is can and try to let you know we would like to help us official motion put the seed in the ground so we were having a problem sees gone that due to the lack of motion were trying to be read it too stop planned immediately after the next lying in a well for that is that schools when the weekend and if it does then monday morning we'll would be relatively quick plan and feeling and still a planet and fs of
fs that no good move that would value in a moment a year with it as the obliterated the gears and ten more more more problematic with the event you get a more than pretty pretty famously to the point that today the war mostly their plea with his dad a cod that always go with them or we we're just so loose element to it and that's only event that about three weeks so spoiler they're not the money that'll put you will go stand till the wedding or you know even as a morgue poloma on the planet who are not
who they would get rid of this dog plan and we had a few repairs to do only all mentioned and they would get that done now and we're just listening to too often do athletes planet late they all feared the oil we don't go to the public health indices to see going well and we're gonna lie that's what we was waiting for clinton we thought would get some movement that's ryan a weekend but the ryan when the wellness ryan all of their birmingham an open gas demand and we listed but the one the one though when mr ryan
we made it gets bought a plan calls his plan to pack the atlanta for plants audience is is that there is in iran so the fbi is back to power
thank you remains a failure from the gop put a monday go down will work when you saw many as all you do is down you know they'll sleep in the low foam was talk to farmers though the fall that will exhibit more faith that fake eyes much and as in about it you know because if we do really is based upon faith because we really know we really don't know how we'd go how things go to a map speaking greek it's
been in the parade i like to a second is about a memo that planned season and we've just started we were reluctant to stop when we started because of the condition i'm checking the data plan and platinum in this condition you don't want to be you don't want to be panned and i was just checking to see how the way they figure into it that allow a range to three years away and that's called a problem lack of
ryan at this point is a major concern if we didn't wane in the next few days the ideal listen to if we have our jobs and with richardson's would have been let me and that the atlantic is like june fifteen years it's crucial that we get a crop in baghdad and if we don't then i shall become invalid that's what we don't want to finish this deal would go some places in boston next week maybe so
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are planning their land which is no you fifty to keep their thing goes well with a post ottoman late to stop their weekend two hundred fifth brightest day which is pretty good wu tang from like the fifteen june fifteen and thus we have not win with the success we've done too bad that that the rangers have been can cooperate with us because we're been good rein in one spot and nag him and know so well with the ryan is the same the alvin we just move that we'll so that have been working out playing and i try
to me that less than the cost of a forty week about to ramo good days we won't we won't in the plant we would have done that wealth or right we don't get that we don't get supplies it is bo's birthday a lot smaller than that we got an extension all their land is our june thirtieth instead of fifty so that makes most better that make that meant that like a whole lot better right now we have are no more few days which is good and if it doesn't rain i see no reason for us not to be done
it's big we don't take it too that this caller rotary whole angle ronald lewis in and now you say why hill where whether lying dead a pet and now he's trying to become the lead in this is that the top cotton or discounted tall thin and crossed over and we go run over and went there roeder whole and now can loosen it up and now that way given this city's they're trying to come up that will have a prom was coming the us can win though that women are going to go with c o lan ip
marc wortman that it oh and olivier who were gathered here to wait out the condition of the moods and lola as though the word abo el happened is that they opened an olive oil law the lives of the students with that although they don't live very young people to telephone all and therefore you couldn't get your telephone i didn't feel it it's been a really this gives you more than more than normal for this family and so that was also a bit of the way when we get some were as weeds now let me go happily away at mr martin o'malley who have some ways that the native
harvest the prices that are in crisis scandal and escalating in unison who are then we've made a good crop for one year i am a good five to make a love for happy certain to make make make of her life i see you know you see your soul warmth for florio i do want you to see one floridian enrolled be really going to be a blow to that thank you the solomon fail is your corner well no well then literally in effect for a great deal of pain to yemen where he might very well most damaging get the well though they would call it
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the girl wants it it's the stevia leaves close six weeks possible a preview we've experienced one thing that and the drop in price knew that we had not anticipated without nice home for you know full well bird the debt the markets fluctuate is up and down a big day and all through the day so i spotted built a great possibility all of that
price come back at issue has been this year that we've heard of course from russia is larger than the overall crop production production last week ahead of me in the city of anaheim excited about it and i'm just so thankful that we have we head to kennedy and then we head to a shia so than in late look at you differently so business
The Alabama Experience
A Season with the Forgotten Farmers
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University of Alabama Center for Public Television and Radio
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University of Alabama Center for Public Television and Radio (CPT&R) (Tuscaloosa, Alabama)
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Episode Description
Follows John Henry Travis from Hale County, Alabama and Rev. John Ward from Perry County, Alabama as they prepare and harvest their farms for the 1996 season. The piece highlights their life and work as African American farmers in the black belt, which stretches across Alabama and Mississippi. While they are each several generations into their farms, they credit all their hard work to faith and patience. The piece also covers what got them into farming, how farming works (equipment, planting, etc.), issues that comes with farming, harvesting, and more.
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A series that focuses on bringing to life the inspiring stores and empowering characters that have helped form Alabama's past and are working to shape its future.
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Editor: Ward, Rev. John
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