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it began in a converted soaring house of the university of new mexico is the year nineteen fifty and two years later before an end he was able to buy its first videotape public television had gotten its start in new mexico and that's what from the beginning cayenne and he was named the national educational television station of the year in nineteen sixty one with science and continue to receive national awards in twenty twelve the nineteen sixties will programs like tv kindergarten with joyce manor an elementary science by robert george fisher well what today three years after its premiere and i mean when you would play the complexity the station's public broadcasting
system in the late sixties and it forms entertain enlightens entertains to the panamanians one of public television stations in the united states it also has one of the most loyal audience is as approved by the success of the fund raising efforts stations development department this one clean national membership rewards and five he's also an award for being interested and chattel five continues to produce a local programs
though florida's new mexico audience and for national distribution and these programs continue to involve national convention he'll never win but i was broke and i think serving are very strong physical pain is awful lot of mental anguish and the fact that you feel like you're just like john wayne or something forever and find yourself slipping in the nirvana books are traders mr
davis yes in nineteen eighty seven ok and then the conservative government reform the american prisons they're on assignment special monument to failure on a regional and eight was broadcast nationally by the pbs you can't take any hard and just keep pressing person without word about some point a critical mass is going to explode jocelyn ford
joe's versus and starting school years for bicycle us about their family uses our poll the audience enjoy programs like square one tv which makes science and math underlies the school's construction of lines of a liability for classroom instruction live the best quality programs lee
and it also provides a variety of adult education programs many affluent college credit from lenin's department of continuing education subjects include business computers writing history and more and public television's how to programs are filled with
medical information on a wide ranging assumptions today's can and he does more than just produce and broadcast television programs on tv five operates the western satellite uplink set transmitting programs around the country and even abroad by satellite enemy provides a community with satellite teleconferencing facilities as well and the freeway microwave which links enemy would satisfy were talisman loss cruises is used not only performer production before showing problems with new mexico's to other fatah television stations katie nw and they are going to hit an empty also helps maintain the instructional television picks service transmitters which lincoln when i'm sandy alliance at los alamos were instructional and six as a public television station head and he's haunted by its
viewers its licensees and the federal government okay enemy is proud of its partnership with its viewers community support individual contributions and local underwriting accounts for over half of enemies annual operating budget state funding administered through the university of new mexico and local support from albuquerque public schools provide approximately one third of the budget and the federal government provides about fifteen percent in the form of community service this in common jews by the main inspiration and of all of them that's today's indiana neon satellite services for the he
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This is KNME
Producing Organization
KNME-TV (Television station : Albuquerque, N.M.)
Contributing Organization
New Mexico PBS (Albuquerque, New Mexico)
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Program Description
A brief history of KNME Public Television station in New Mexico, from its start in 1958 through 1988. Includes clips of award winning programs like Above and Beyond, Black and White, and Monuments to Failure. The video also highlights KNME's children's, educational, and practical shows, and concludes with a general budget overview.
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Producing Organization: KNME-TV (Television station : Albuquerque, N.M.)
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