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no right kindred spirits contemporary african american artist is funded by philip morris companies inc which supports the spirit of innovation in the visual and performing arts the great black says i may be smeared act and maybe misunderstood and maybe undervalued but i shall not be moved action the year i was hearing at the beginning of time when the first rocks looked up at the moon and i shall be ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
ha ha ha ha contemporary they can remove content with his ground and i think they're asking all of you think about that word is it no dancing in the ruling nine nine nine and the devil that's a naked that you see so it's a completely negative connotation now i stop this trust in those early years did make sense to me because i was a black person on human rights sensitivity sudden some solid information and so
i want to live in that was in nineteen seventy two and the thing that had the strongest anti and only i think was my feeling was the flight of the living art and to me the living art was the people all of the people themselves what sculpture movie living sculpture winning with their calls in as they would move in the exotic birds it was attacked us and the people joe biden look of assad decided that people look to take advantage of a man who may be baffled it but he confronted you with such presidents you forgot that he was barefoot it because
that was such a magic and four so i found that my inspiration purposes so ruth i fell apart to do and the people that's a lie as opposed to art sculpture in a case in a museum it's set out in china's vibrant it's on his most prominent in the song he gives a life after all the votes are clean she is more principle or not for long so it's a unity you could speak
and i realized it was originally called beyond the decline a description here was such a revelation of such great beauties of profound beauty in so profoundly well some way has actually consciousness is this permanent resident will it is out of consciousness that all of these world is really comfortable and there's a
reason i know this show this was really i thought that if i brought forth might purchase the kinds of some other types of imagery that that i would make some common cause of contribution to or continuation of american idol last realized that was the only way that i can really going to do something to halt the locker room situation our teacher was a school that tends to have a crowd stance chest will therefore would stroll its meaning so important and downs of
tall elegant and down on the world understand that i will protect you from work and i are one and the same oh they've got to say you know an issue spirits are just not presented this gas because we can be helped in a disguise our ancestors lived here as have the people with the
one loan we can layout and what we have been taught but deep down inside they travel experience there and then goes for the banks than two generations there's something about this in hiring and so you're you know so spiritual and i think it's he's in touch on with a kind of consciousness said that perhaps we don't even understand on that she has veered basically a small survey communities and he has been surrounded by black people vary by poisonous invented by charities these rodents that spiritual kind of interpretation
and that's flo you know that she has received from her community that gets a summons true but what if parliament are when i don't think they're going in and other even been making what money he yelled tissue bridges and most of those pieces that i do in any of the cars that we had the spirit of a bird bird set free and we have a free spirit became extinct in a calculation the troubles but when his remember that we had a spirited where you can fly away with me free of it is on in spirit but enough spirits we can each gate and that's what we find freedom it in the spirit not in may
seem to when one is black and he was thinking in terms of the history here in this country and what happens in the plantation south and also the system know that i know that whole institution of slavery and the end we have to pay i'm saying that we are sisters it's because of what happened during this time period that my blood lungs in studio as a heel its clothes in my south in the mirror and i have a way that i have more than one call to resign the point
do the people's business is brought to see is this statement the statement is i am a human being nothing human can be alien to me that if this day mac this represents the ultimate the artist released after going through the frustration and anger they are desolate and leaves another right now another level and they are only and this was the reason how our
daily money and then i say it was a wonderful own person professor of philosophy and will be created the harlem renaissance and then that was the introduction to black artists of the importance of their heritage and that their ancestral background the proposal to put the poem kate is because i'm thinking now the latest science it was obvious especially in the i
guess it was very very enticing to make use of the heritage that was really and so it was that i took his advice and even until this day i'm still using the influence as i feel it because i do think the feeling i have exposed myself to this image background of the ancestral arts in doing much of my present created ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha you know you were say had made an art is really giving a very important cultural to the world not the family where i've been talking to those who had
an experience have been that is their that whole notion of an omen the love of ancestors and olives another thing that's a little different in our country i mean they really respect and fair hearing that you would be the real and then we we would have been you are the utmost of respect because see you know placing on the legacy to even to me it certainly do when i do in my job is to try to bomb the african heritage as well as my american experience when creating is such a certain energy and such a flow of creativity to flow of awareness but i feel i heard a living thousand miles and as you can see you know from the things around the farmlands around and i thought the things from the pans so it's everything and everywhere one
time when i'm creating what it is doing is approaching africa a very personal point she has made herself a statement about this continent that she identifies with never having said ha ha ha ha ha ha i think is something the country shops in like ruth stories and things like that in boston is like something was telling me that somebody needed these places in order to be able to control yeah the circumstances of their lives they need to find answers so through looking at that sort of voodoo that you know african americans who that was in practice in this country that trace through that i found african art in a connection with
that and i just felt like a lot of your body and put it it found objects from miami to go back in the alley in back of my house and collect sounds that i found and i simply using materials because in these things are found this environment and i want to take them from this negative environment and turn them into something positive i felt like in creating a piece of i never created another light comedic role that needed to protect me from the rest what happened was some need in and through and not have enough money to buy the two europeans replace them
was able to access certain memories knowing that laid dormant for a long time and i began to recognize certain things that i had done over the years and more quality egyptian mythology and this material seemed to access all informed recognize that there was a level of reclamation and was reclaiming his imagery using this and temporary to it was a combination of the slain to nevada which i recognize of the fun of the plot which took the bumps and bruises of the car was in fact i saw that as a metaphor with black people in the eyes that indian i think these kinds of painting
which you do scenario burden inside that were there is the life and the work and their life is a burden that i just isn't a down in it and in the end that almost all people all the time it no longer belongs to one person or one race one culture or not even one time is very cool june i'm not just that is honest review all the he began to show me places and unless people even in the kremlin wall scene that they would speak
amanda relax not wanting me to find work and sleep now cause he blessed state and he gave it to me in the script is saying he'd been lifted up the overall mayhem can't skim iced exhibit and spawned by the work of drumming all ages i felt it was a kind of our expressions of public exposure public employees
this nation has been major problem in doing this creating a relationship proposition should students who are rising inspiration he is the last of which
is usually in the right now in history you may trod me in the very it was still like dust you can shoot me with your words you can cut me with your lines you can kill me with your people this but just like life out of the huts of history's shame i rise up from the past rooted in pain i rise is a black ocean leaping and wide winning and soy la bearing in time leaving behind nights of terror and fear i ran into a daybreak miraculously clear iran bringing the gifts that my ancestors guy i am the
hope and the dream of the fly and so loud the situation is you farm field and powerful explosions at the race is with vickers race the youth so when you see the shotguns to women reporters he's become a little
tokens these objects and these women they are the wisdom barons withdrew their wheel through their what they have given us an inheritance to close we so it was that lipsky the main thing is just my attention is the columns unification because i see myself in that and what i'm trying to what i'm trying to be a decent farmer people and become one so right to say what i'm about and i think oh man or find new jobs
and the name obviously it is not much it is not sentimentality it is not intelligence that it is love the most powerful concept in the universe it is their quantity which holds the atoms together it is that powerful thing which encourages us to develop coverage and teams that coverage to build bridges and to cross those bridges and attempts to reach each other and put a hand on each other and say i know i was there what i haven't been there yet thank you for having been there and showing me that i can live through it it is now that is what is angry that is what isn't greek debt is what is in green
green vans that seat to propel else this is because the people's business but the pay to play obama
paid at the peak of the people to keep the people kindred spirits contemporary african american artist was funded by philip morris companies inc which supports the spirit of innovation in the visual and performing arts if you would like a video cassette of kindred spirits please send a check for twenty seven ninety five the kindred spirits box six eight six one eight indianapolis indiana or call one eight hundred three sixty eight k e r a
Kindred Spirits: Contemporary African American Artists
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Program Description
Contemporary African-American artists tell how their art and lives have been affected by African influences and their own experiences living as Black Americans in today's world.
Program Description
Writer/Professor, Maya Angelou expresses the black experience in words and poetry.
This record is part of the Visual Art section of the Souls of Black Identity special collection.
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Fine Art; African American Artists and their influences
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