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set hello and welcome to the game show of castings lgbt q plus game show where we discuss the news lgbt q prospects and more the format is very simple each contestant will prepare three questions from three separate topics and take turns opposing and eventually discussing these questions with other contestants the prison properly answers the most questions or makes the most puns is to win today's contestants fell out kaster truth and myself lucas hello truth and welcome to sayed a good arm drew fewer first i prepared some question about to go for so lucas the definition of demi sexuality is paying someone who was sexually attracted to demi lovato be someone who's attracted to non binary individuals or c someone who forms sexual attraction after forming a strong emotional bond see when he's a demi i was thinking like demi colored simon ago with its not been a lot on a minute with b that is unfortunately not correct
that is a duality is sexual attraction to someone only after forming a strong emotional bond with them its cows preachers can be dual but honestly some i turn to gaping wounds in as you and denmark did what they it made their own rainbow flag out of top beet they kidnapped a baby chicks are they could have chopped the kidnappers for a straight family or c they pecked apart a picture of mike pence speaking at an anti lgbt q summit on monday to go with b that they stole a check for families for penguin couple and not israel usually when you're selling a trick though next question so lucas how many states was gender identity and sexual orientation as a protected category a fourteen the twenty seats thirty seven i'm going to go with the blue ones there and anything about this because i know morse aka with twenty
that is correct cd and so i one point was one point but if we think about it that's a lot yeah it's a pretty big issue that only two fifths of the states was both gender identity and sexual orientation as protected categories as actually is that if you think about that so something needs to be done about that definitely would you like to tell us a little bit about what that means for discrimination before we want my next question this means that if someone chooses to discriminate against someone as a result of their gender identity in thirty states in the united states this would not be protected category and they would have no legal recourse there's no federal protection for the salsa will mistake this state legislatures have to decide on this and this is really worrying especially since the federal government is not willing to take a stand on the us and especially with the election of president trump he initially said that he was going to try to protect the lgbt community which is clearly not been the case so on that's a major issue and brett cavanaugh is confirmed to the supreme court we could see a role that
of many lgbt protections including even possibly marriage equality so it's a pretty major issue that needs to be addressed and i'm if we ever all one a truly move forward as a side a weekend not have legal protections for people just because of something that they can't control such as gender identity or sexual orientation damn i think i should get my point back to ice rink for no i'm not going to go and so my question on october first a gay man was arrested in london for allegedly tricking for straight men and having sex with him he was rebuffed by several others what was his response to being denied at spamming their phones with crime which eats the painting their houses with and i had or a sexual slogans or c reporting them to the police on the scene reporting them to the police interact body another chance did he expand the front of crime or jews or paint their houses with anti heterosexual slogans say he painted their houses with it that are essential slogans and
you hate to see that because the answer was in fact a huge spans you really hate to see it sold is actually really interesting case because he's clearly tried soon probably for all non consensual sex which is just really interesting way away he had six of these people with multiple of them with these heterosexual and yes supposedly tricked them and having sex with how how does this happen i only briefly flew over the article and supposedly there was some his lawyers say there was a role playing golf and tomfoolery but some shenanigans he says very unclear overall your tears attack final question that as you ready yes in which of these countries as homosexuality is punishable by death a yemen beat the democratic republic of the congo or c andress so i would have hoped and none of them go my first instinct is to say yemen but i'm going to go with honduras that is unfortunately not correct on another chance though is it a yemen or the
democratic republic of the congo the fact that you're giving me a second choice and the fact that i said name another beginning is very suspicious to me but i do think you might be double play me something to do with a yemen that is correct yes big man survived two points doug's you have one point so this could be the tie right here you're ready for a last question for unprepared oppose circulated on social media this october with a letter from a allegedly christian organization representing their lgbt q neighbors for what eight defying the bible and worshiping satan be being relentlessly gay or c protesting against mike pence too well please take your time there this is an important question for now i would say that it was the one about protests insane because russian christianity i feel it in china china tiny apple but china's double cross me so odd i think that's a bonus point for up on right there mistaken cross christianity week
so ominous it's for being relentlessly attacked and you are correct on social media this october eight letter was circulating from a christian neighborhood of organization representing their neighbors for being relentlessly gay and this was affecting their good christian neighborhood supposedly which again is very strange and kind of reflects back to your question about and sexual identity protection and not being able to or for people to be able to say something like this to lgbt q neighbors just going back to the couple in on or was it chicago didn't say but i think it was like it's just going back to the couple that was reprimanded for being quote relentlessly gay i just think that that's extremely hypocritical because so much of our modern media and our pop culture is aggressively heterosexual all of the world society is relentlessly heterosexual if you look at a lot of hip hop music and other like pop music country music or almost all of it is barry had or sexually
oriented and describes a lot of heterosexual acts in detail and yet what i see when i see any sort of homosexuality mentioned in music or in pop culture i always see people saying that their homosexuality is being forced upon us it's not being forced upon you in an equal way it's just to counterbalance the extreme barrage of heterosexuality that is experienced by pretty much everyone if they even go online and all during the day or if they watch any sort of mainstream media television websites you would they read like romance novels it's not really people forcing their their homosexuality in your face it's just taking pride in it to attempt to normalize it because it's been ostracized for so many years and i think that's a good thing and it should be in a way forced into people's faces to try and counteract the barrage of heterosexuality that we deal with thank you for joining me tonight truth that i think is a fair game we tried to truth even though i had
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OutCasters Lucas and Dhruv take a lighthearted look at LGBTQ issues. This month: definition of demisexuality; gay penguins; states that list sexual orientation and gender identity as protected categories; gay man tricks straight men; countries where homosexuality is punishable by death.
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