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fb the pain the program producers get over this time will not be shown so we never knew the following special programme hello
do public television and it presents in our washington studio but it just a year ago martin luther king jr was murdered in memphis within hours
the riots broke out in a number of american cities including this capital two months later presidential candidate robert kennedy was assassinated in los angeles than the democratic convention in chicago was the occasion for massive demonstrations and police retaliation two months ago american scuffled and shouted obscenities as a new president roh day his inauguration throughout the year rather than disturbances of other crimes among students ghetto residents and critics of the war in vietnam the sheer volume of variety and variety of violence in this land is inevitably given rise to a search for its course that some observers have pointed an accusing finger at television in particular they have asked whether the daily dosage of violence in entertainment programs was beginning to have an affect on the first generation to be exposed to the new and powerful medium from child that question has never been answered among those looking for the answer as
rhode island's democratic senator john pastore it was cameron's communications subcommittee is concerned with broadcast today the subcommittee someone to a hearing the heads of the commercial networks and of the industry's trade association the national association of broadcasters as dory reiterated his longstanding concern with television violence cited the divergence of views among psychologists and sociologists and said that the evidence was not yet definitive for all these reasons on march five iowa fishery request of the secretary of health education and welfare to direct the surgeon general to assemble on the use of a vision a committee comprised of distinguish men and women from whatever professions and disciplines he deems appropriate to devise techniques and to conduct a study using those techniques which was stabbed this scientifically in so far as is possible one harmful effect if any these programs have on children i hope
the report and its conclusions will be available as expeditiously as possible when it is we can all sit down together and determine what action if any is necessary to protect the american viewing public when i ask the surgeon general to address himself with respect to the letter that i sent to the secretary of health education and welfare and noble one as to what he thinks of the idea number two what he plans to do about a short statement which i will read mr chairman and members of the committee little doubt the television and televised violence have an impact on the viewing public adults as well as children still unanswered question is what kind of impact how to influence behavior more specifically out as tv violence and crime affect the mental
health and emotional and social development of the nation's children as is no small an inquiry why age sixteen the average american child has spent more hours in front of a television set and in the classroom to develop tools to help assess the effects of his classroom hours we need to develop comparable indicators for his television hours that will not be easy it cannot be accomplished by narrowly focused study's since the violence a child sees on television is a randomly interwoven into little skin of television for and just as violent cannot be stripped out and spend it alone a youthful audience cannot be isolated from the world and setting from which it watches television need to consider both the child's attitude about television and the role television plays in family life when ada related to unpack the various stages in child development
the challenge for all have a different perception of a program the need for real bullhorn react differently from the adult newer we also need to know how parents influence a child's tv viewing we cannot fight from the growing body of reports and studies on the effects of television violence on children investigators have shown under certain conditions children become more aggressive after viewing acts of television aggression other research suggests that a steady diet of televised violence may act as a social sanction do violent behavior and may increase in deference to violence in real life situations we examine this influence and to look at it just exactly how behavior is affected i will point within the next few weeks the advisory panel of experts in the behavioral sciences the mental health assessments and communications studies the effects of television televised violence their task will be
to review what is presently nolan and design and to recommend the long range research for help answer specific questions now under discussion television of course is a new medium for now the visual as well as the audio impact and that it's really the problem isn't so new isn't then i wonder they're against that even the area of our stories on violence that unfolded children for years and years will would gobble somebody up with fiddle with fairey i'm often little children are these various stories now i've often wondered if you're an early thirties made of the factors has only a young mind i guess it all cranston was untrue have them but i just don't know so i think one of the important things in my rather eritrean understanding of communications
that were telling a story of what a different way of communicating and vitality quite different than reveal the viewer to supplement it was fitting in quite a different way and we've never really had any formal communication quite like television before there was no agreement on how long the proposed it would take or how much it would cost the minimum estimates were a year and a million dollars there was agreement today that however serious the problem of television violence it should be solved by the industry itself nobody advocated government censorship each network president recited the list of steps he said he had already taken to curtail violence in his program schedule the first of them was dr frank stanton of cbs his policy is to let cbs is old affiliates be the prime rate judge of acceptability with the national association of broadcasters and its coach serving as a kind of backstop astoria sharply disagree dna be said was the industry's
own creation controlled by the industry for the sake of uniformity and to avoid headaches he said all the network should submit their programs to the la be code authority in advance and airway discussing the public interest i've always taken the position that the government should not be intimate this business of censorship that is my unequivocal position and i think that would open up a can a worm's and i doubt very much that would stand up under the first amendment if it ever got to the supreme court we don't have any right at all to censor as a matter of fact it's written in the communications act but we must admit at this point the communications act does not apply to the networks that applies only to the broadcast networks and not under supervision of the fcc only in so far as their ownership of the five stations that they have in the major cities
have a point is that the end result is that ultimately this matter can only be resolved by self regulation resolve it self regulation now how are you ever going to resolve this by self regulation if the industry itself refuses those who later points on the school board to preview of these programs you help reveal all it's let the tally up to the discretion of the management of the network itself to determine on its own of course they've taken the position that some bad this den of the more stringent as to is that maybe as to is that maybe you do not have an impartial showing which will crumble the public interest and that's where you and i have different for many many years on the set and my argument is today unless someone comes around to the thinking that's some baseball had to do it the moment they just had to do it that seems to be
a few people will set up their own organization and you have already done with the call there's nothing wrong with the cold if you read the code it's a very excellent bands from other trouble is that the procedures that are and make the koran also and you know that was the position of governor columns when you that they had only an ad he took that position he says how do you expect the broadcast where they gave themselves into his call to enforce the goal to get the networks reviews benghazi the production before it was on the air just as it was all about you take that position that there's a sort of restrained sensation well call the guy and eu law it still smells like a rose and it is none of those and ignored until the industry makes up its mind that it's going to regulate itself in a very effective way that i see so much
not all that i would take exception to the fact that you said that we had no self regulation because i think we have to try this kind of self regulation in that the license cc is the program and he has to make a judgment he knows the situation in his own community you know the feeling of the rubble all the audience research he knows the code by which you live and it's his neck that has to be on the line when he says something that isn't involved in the lab the other hand he's affiliated with the network and as a limitation on finally could go possible and always i would disagree is that well all right but the thing is it is that we're now using is becoming a hat no doubt renee that if you say you insist that your right that your self regulating industry there were wasting our time here today will only thing that died i mean if the
industry have properly regulated itself while we're identifying the american public around center while we're having this study that will cost a million dollars if you say that your self regulated and that our regulation is tight and legislate cannot time and when i put them on speaking formal organization here i'm not speaking for the industry one step further we hadn't submitted problems to the and eddie cole porter preview what they had minor problems and they have come back to us on three occasions and asked to see problems we cooperate with them and if they come back many times and asked to see programs and found some for problems the chances are very true that we would have turned to them for help in this matter and perhaps change the policy but the three programs that they asked to see three out of the entire schedule over a period of time and this isn't something that's
just elites perform i realize that nice housing and given specific program to maybe write about this talk about the overall situation that monitor a few weeks ago we took the time to monitor tv programs and three major networks and local independence day and we found scarcely a show in which the most blatant protein up seeing say statism or not an integral part of cotton production in the course of an at our exposure abc cbs and nbc as well as half one of a dozen local outlets were marked down ninety three specific incidents involving is that sadistic brutality know the cold blooded killing sexual crosby and related seeded so much in the mold of mass media nowadays in the cause of this a galveston we encountered seven different kinds of pistols and revolvers three varieties of rifle three distinct lands a shotgun half a dozen a
slaughter daggers in stilettos to type so much better now that is one which is cleveland a broad tax rate is the law an ancient brought so if i see a saber is an electric prod legality man and woman in human children were shot by going beyond that the state prompted all the light poles torsten be then relayed up in a molten sugar cut to ribbons and color repealing the vinegar on a beaten while the nfl defenses by of the hoodlums forcibly that the drought we do it with a lot of the doubt in many other ways before our very eyes and your timing is no violence and criticism server was thing is that i don't think even frequent subject of our accounting individual incidents let me just read you something as long as you write me something i'm all and it involves a competitor so i can support and we carry ourselves from time to time
this has a review dr holick has a review watching the nbc tv sunday night rewrite of the classic movie movie the wizard of oct one could see clearly that there's no simple solution to the problem while just about everyone agrees that it was that the law is one of the finest works for children ever turned out of opinion you're a person with arthur about the usual while instead argue that the scenes of the bad witches ferry engine uncertainty fear but the question overall is not really whether there should be violence on television or showing anyone of sense most agree that a certain amount of violence is bound to show up in drama will roll period the question is simply one of taste and judgment laden and violence to the time when it was justified dramatically and presented artfully
say if you drop some of those supposed weapons that you describe are listed i could make a case perhaps i don't know the schedule but within the hour but i could make this is the argument that some of those mutton chop an educational program with weaponry was the subject that's it isn't wise to individuals and i think you know the context and i'm not going to say that there isn't violence on pell was simply saying i think you've been in war or in the way you want a cotton angry with what way surgeon general said about the context that you got the exams and he's got a tough job to date and that i think if he's made a mistaken investment you gentlemen is that if that cost a lot more to take a lot longer time before it comes to something that you accept as a as a conclusion that expertise because he can marshal more horses than any individual and will cooperate the commercial networks are cooperating already with another study group the national commission on the
causes and prevention of violence set up by president johnson and headed by dr milton eyes now in a progress report two months ago that commission said that while most parisians will not heal after seeing a single violent television program it is possible that many parishioners learned some of their attitudes and values about violence from years of exposure to television and that they might be more likely to engage in violence as an indirect result of that line by michigan's democratic senator philip hoare cited the report and quoted from one thing that that report i think includes that is worth mentioning given only exposure we have this morning the had this suggestion always is made and every way understands that television influences all of us young and old alike and the high percentages of the hours of each day and so on
that the various age groups or find themselves in front of the violence commission notes here that don't the media habits of teenagers show that they are even even heavier users of television their parents moreover recent studies have indicated this i think is the aisle or forty percent of the poorer blacks and thirty percent of the poor white you compared to fifteen percent of middle class white believes that what they see on television represents an accurate portrayal of what life in america is all about now if that is true the responsibility that these gentlemen have and we did just the norms if forty percent of the poor black kid thirty percent of poor white
kids or think of what they say on that to me is the way it ought to be the way it is or is you got to stand said didn't reply to senator kirsten about diversity or bill hancock that you didn't represent it as an accurate portrayal of the past of an awful lot of kids apparently regret what they see there is an accurate portrayal of what it is that's why we have to be very careful or the eighties it's a very adult corgi the
fact that reported that have been made and that you might not think that if you ask questions well educated adults you get some strange differences between what they say they think their attitudes are and what they do you know i'm in a study many years ago in which i i asked people what they want they want it on television ads against the nih knew what they actually get done because we had a record of what although journal and many times the matter what they say they like to see and what they do when most things they'd like to see only antidote to do that's what i mean by the difference in attitude studies behaviors that when the pop documentaries and find music and things that we all agree are the better tiger program on the air and i turn away from it even though they said that's what they want and also westerns this is week agreed
to understand isn't it isn't one of the problems here of something it's hard to deal with but it seems the name of the problems is that competitive situation between the networks and then be a broadcast the broadcasters themselves in seniors who revealed in your reply all the questions over here when you put on cultural matters that it turned out i went to a western somewhere else and of course the you really saying that a competitor at a western on he would get viewers that now the reason i say this is a difficult thing to deal with is that i'm convinced now i'm sure everybody in most everybody's convinced that this has contributed to the degrees of excellence and the broadcasting industry you have a competitive situation and that's the way we proceed and
in our country and we've always been very proud of that but this perhaps in part that's the reason it's hard to learn to eliminate things that you say people want to turn to an end this competitive mr dupuy yeah hey ari oh yeah he asked he made a comeback use
this began mm hmm and i think that we would be if we sat at the schedules to the point actually in the last year have no right you have no conflict in your story jungle not the real question here is americans than done the state we have invaded
they're followed a discussion of television coverage of violent news events and whether such coverage help solve the problems that caused the violence in the first place or instead caused more violence but much of the discussion centered on entertainment programs and how the industry itself could best regulate those programs republican senator robert griffin michigan return to senator best stories they wanted and all the networks simply agree to submit their programs to the coat authority of their own trade association the national association of broadcasters and i came in in the middle of a discussion of pakistan's having lived the chairman concerning they the fact that the book called board did not preview programs and i got radio and frankly that there was a difference of opinion but i didn't get it couldn't understand actors spent what is the reason that the networks do not submit programs or revealing to the cold war why don't think
i see last summer the house and i suppose i should say does seem to me because we are not we had a nineteen sixty two live crew will win senate passed on weapons as intimate that in a closed society it was better to have a diversity of review than it was to have a single man or four man the final analysis the cold war is the representative of the licensee marketers senator kirsten it so that they're they are not going away so i have tried to take
the responsibility back to the licensee to the greatest extent possible so does that mean for men one man and for me that was written for the judgment as that what the problem was proving that's the difference that's a different kind of regulations would have us because they know we hope for the privilege of looking over our shoulder and these are indicated perhaps the oregon and as i'm saying and on occasion investors questions of awkward and if they ask questions and they were found to be valid and that we were wrong i think maybe aren't or that it's just that we don't
one medium as the army and reach an impact the television rant i get very nervous when i see it passing through warmer two or three men the wreckage of them i want to personally i want the affiliates to be a participant and they are just an anonymous letter that responsibility and exit at the local level and say well you know what basis and the law if there are questions of her response to it because it's our economic life at stake were furnishing the service and we don't
want that service trumps so we just a difference in philosophy and when we approached this mr connelly about this town for the past year aspen sometime on these once a week scouring through the movies section of a son was five years old my view will be fourteen july looking for movies that for him i must tell you in the seven up twenty movies for nursery school kids i should abandon the triple spending time for children but in my study of the movies section i've known as the body's movies of cymbals eight am wire and you have a super duper extra the exes for the lies only an old children would be permitted i have a television set at home i hope we get a new one because this was a vertical one we have an ultra high frequency so i don't get the other stations we're seeing crucial movies
that have been given these are bugged all title x type ratings follow why can't the television industry also write the programs in this fashion i'm not in the movie industry you know it's fine and forties attendance of these shows by young secular age of sixteen from oil and now why does the industry show these movies we do i really can't answer that question because we are not scheduling on the station that we don't as your question why don't we have a classification system i frankly don't think it would work i think it works is partially for the exhibitors of
motion picture home and i don't think the voice success for what stepping back remarkable moment we are committed by our song bully obligation responsibility and to a considerable extent by the akp itself to serve the entire public thought i think as long as you have a number of stations you have today it would be difficult for me to see one of them gone in the direction of a very specialized kind of program where but whereas you can stop a youngster from going into an exhibition hall or a movie theater that has caused by a problem because i don't want it in turning on the set and moreover i would submit but i think if you put the designation on that it was forbidden you have ratings like of which are you know we don't get all of this is the nature of a lot of your work i fully understand the answer
this question would you suggest that that type of shows be taken off the air i it only by what that was was given expensive that says logo to the top of also own way five us were shown at two o'clock in the morning i can understand that because some young kid won't be able to stay out of a double what it set a steady primetime first time a washington tv of those only are what i want to know is that this type of building that his staff his testimony and answers to questions continued to the end of the morning session there were several lighthearted aggressions including one about a shaving cream commercials featuring a lady wig sorts male viewers do
take it all off chairman the story was shocked by that commercial with senator hart confided that he'd rather enjoyed it so the hardest by story pointed out is a younger man the afternoon the heads of nbc and abc appeared nbc president julien goodman outlined his network's efforts to curb violence in both adult and children's programming he was followed by stockton health director of the television code of the an ad delegate network has also given special consideration the young audience into children's programming by restructuring its saturday morning scheduled for next season our program people are drastically revise the saturday morning schedule by a newly developed programs we believe will provide more rewarding and formative experience for young children out what led to that well one of the things that led to it was my own concern about the senator even before it was fashionable i am fortunately the father of six year old boy and he served as consultant
on this and i was concerned about what we have on saturday morning i asked that some changes be made them with the full cooperation of the executive talent in that were these changes haven't made a series of progressive step of which this is the third or fourth now i'm reading from the co writer responsibility college children the education of children involves giving them a sense of the world at large it is not enough that only those programs which are intended for you invite your initial be suitable to the young emmett till in addition those programs which might be reasonably expected to hold the attention of children which are broadcast during times of the day when children navy normally expect to constitute a substantial part of the audience should be presented with due regard for their effect on children now who decides whether or not that is the case you do don't jump in them i have a responsibility
in that area are of german accent subjects is violence and sex shall be presented without underwent this isn't only as required by plot development or character delineation it should not be presented as a tractor for is a solution to human problems and the inevitable retribution should be made clear i don't know determined that when there were very conscientiously live up to the intent of that line i'm going to do that unless you say it i can see if there isn't likely to have a problem if i don't anticipate a likely problem i am i am able through our monitoring activity determined that an action or a decision was made which has a question and my then immediately called on the network to discuss that question with me to avoid repetition as pakistan said this morning we do conceivably make mistakes but we do believe we learn by those mistakes we have a constant dialogue back and forth between the individual network and the cold well i know where
we're getting word that the ransom notes that affected me what you're saying that the innocence of this and all we do is make sure that it doesn't happen again that's what it amounts to and all i wanted to highlight wanted some kind of a system and i think that's what the public wants where will happen in the first place i don't think that's asking too much you have a beautiful color i'm telling you is like the ten commandments in these like the ten commandments no one can question the only trouble is that in the enforcement of the phones when we were in the property and there's been a reluctance on the part of the networks to make these programs available to the to the code of it to make sure that in the first place or nothing damaging is done to the youth of the country i know that they are i know that they are responsible people and other bedbug law abiding people and got therapy but the facts still remains that much of the public has disturbed
about some of these things that have happened anyone mr goodman had to go so far as to change these children programs because he didn't think there was satisfactory initiative and polished up and he did it on his own now i think that the core responsibility and the goal should've been in there in the first place no idea that you would wink the public by writing a beautiful beautiful called of rules and at the same time you have a subterfuge in enforcing these rules and that's all in a month i think that these men are responsible enough to stand up and say from now on a from now on it in order to make the public feel more comfortable we were not allowed to go to parties to preview these before they go on the air and i don't see any great harm been done to any network already program by using that procedure this is a typical morning
we are members of the code we feel is our responsibility as broadcasters who live up there and while we recognize them at that point well yeah we believe more of a possibility that that is the responsibility of the night or are we failed and as we said as i said earlier might think that this is not a self executing on the judgment they make effective but we intend to make it as effective as we can but we intend to hopefully on our own if julian goodman was a father as well as president of nbc several of these questionnaires were fathers as well as united states senate and they seemed less confident than the net worth man and the efficacy of current plans and proposals to curb television violence the senators had no panacea is of their own to offer and were not always agreement with one another but three of the monroe expressed
deep concern democrat vance what key of indiana wondered if studies financed by the networks and carried out by network employees would be generally accepted as objective i condemn anyone we're not asking you to come on in and interview deeply what we're asking is for someone to come on in and try to figure out something before we have fifteen twenty years of experience with maybe we can never undo were it will be presented at the television writer and all i ever knew it's television i mean so your whole new generation out why wait fifteen twenty years find out what stuns them to my children were not political will of course as i say in my state we will be glad we talk with john as will have in this country but i think that the fact that you want right now are those that the surgeon general thanks for his own study and will be black water and that way we can i don't think that should help
keep us from knowing who are selling only debate tonight do our job better well i hope that the surge in germany i was not much impressed with enthusiasm day along with cessation of the juices and i think that right here in the us and police at uk what a great what you say the public's concerns are concerns will always tried diligently to instill in our operation quality a response to what the public expects of us about the past year as understandably brought americans to wonder about the causes and the solution to the complex around this and deliver what role tech television might play ball television deals less complex and two separate dimensional in reporting the news and providing entertainment all i can tell you is that so much better said what i've been thinking about it really what you say i want to get to that announcement i think you're exactly on fire on that first day that i like to
stay i don't want to be in a position in which we're going to be arguing that you are so but protecting this tremendous financial investment and financial bonanza to have to the extent that to the extent that you cannot be critical of his self criticism is a rare trait that one the germans are i don't think questioned but i have a speech welling up to me a couple weeks ago i gave a speech on walking and so that i didn't think that congress would after pass legislation to restrict advertising cigarettes because i thought that a broadcast industry would police itself and would recognize that the
public is very much concerned about the situation and then hopefully the times would not to take the action like senator haiti and not to encourage by the presentation today and i agree that in the area of news program content and so forth nobody wants censorship or anything but when it comes to violence sachs the extent to which a moral standards i don't think we want competition in those areas we want standard than we would like to see the industry policed itself i'm not so sure that you know that you can count on the supreme court to say that legislation passed by the congress getting into these areas would necessarily be unconstitutional and i
don't know on what they would say i'm melissa pointed it i think that the industry ought to show us a little bit more interest in policing itself where you're just going to be driving congress to pass some of the bills that we should be passing and that's what senator perhaps without were gathered convention you that we have made progress in that you know i can even when laughing comes on i don't know whether that won't let my kids watch it or not and that's true of a number of other programs and everybody i talked to says are getting worse all the time as bell researcher i spent many hours on the violence commission following this ground or fall
and why hasn't i am to say anything very complex can even agree with my colleague from michigan that there are a lot of people who don't want censorship of news programs though on happily divorced or one prisoner's on venus if we just fix is the year who's going to decide what is the acceptable level of violence how do we learn as individuals that violence is acceptable is not accept it's acceptable in many situations on its actual mothers i always thought i would like to own a television set on a television station on a news increasingly i think it's even better being in the senate isn't as bad as either those
attending one thing they'd make more money the other way that they can work through that problem it is not expensive as more imprudent criminal is a vastly improved job unlike i think what we now have on the day is respectable and i'm happy to defend that even unproven you think of those jobs will for love jim invest or he frequently interrupted the questioning was small harmonies years the network executives to work together voluntarily to improve their media he paid tribute to the high achievements of television at its best it could send pictures bay shots
around the world and he said but it could also the grade as well as lyft do officials appeared for the american broadcasting company president won a golden some of the private corporation and president golden rule of the abc television network rule was asked about a specific programming decision the decision to drop a program called turn on after one showing we could get an explanation of why in your judgment turn on should've been turned off it i didn't save i mean what was the basis of what i believe that a one word description has already mentioned today an imitation one of the most successful programs on television to be an issue in the last several years is also been mentioned several times the producers of that program came
to us with the concept all the program which was not imitative in our minds nor there's what was an extension of what they had developed in this in this one idea we i think missed and they missed that for one reason and we have done a great deal of soul searching as you might do well understand since that moment in time there was no cattle a stir there was no person to hold it all together it was a computer was the was the mainstay around which the entire theme of the year of the program which was very fast paced almost says so fast as to be subliminal we felt the quite frankly that in the beginning when we you know we had seen the concept studies before
we had seen in the film but this program had that had quite a chance it had the chance of being an extreme success or an extreme on the latter group to be a while i still don't believe and in the setting of this hearing was that the commercial bomb or was it offensive to watch you judged to be obviously was offensive sir it was due to a number of people we have it didn't pass the scrutiny of our standards and practices it did nothing more than is on the air every week week and we got the small there was not material in that day in that particular program that that is not seen on television every week and possibly a boat with comment but has seen and successful when it had been seen
that was first screen i believe for the year and we didn't receive it until that friday before the ones he's telecast we have not seen it it was live tape and the tape had to be flown in from hollywood we had no way of missing it was not a film fail and herb one when we first knew that it was put on the line for the stations to preview some of them i decided that there are very few undecided they would not care and opinion we thought that to that we should deflect the rest of our affiliates and their viewers to exercise their own auction and we did that at the conclusion of the first telecast it was quite clear to me mr posen those out of the hat was out of the country and it was in concert with my own immediate associates the decision was made this immediately to cancel
because we felt that the foreigner had failed not the content that the form and failed a sense to do its role then you're just not possible by words to explain why in your judgment you had been wrong yes that i would be i'd be happy to end while romney said we dropped out i was wrong and unglued and i'm saying well what what is it that what was there in that show that in your judgment required that you not the character well i think that it was so the interpretation of the individual interpretation of propriety the things that have been mentioned today taste i think that they may have fallen to say this is a little bit on the risk a sign of oysters are the answer and i mean they usually get even
in taking it often and i compliment them for dylan there again opposed to the other shows talking about his life and this is in competition with laughter and in other people want that i'm actually because they had to make it a little more risque that's what i've been talking about iraq and then it's the competitiveness in the business and i can see it from their standpoint stockholders and revenue but on the other hand how what the public would a popular show if it had been when jury decision nonetheless been at all if it had been made if it had been arguing that had become a popular show if it if that clip when it came on not withstanding the overtone of the risk years earlier where you wanna call it would you and nonetheless they do all those have been proved to be your best
seller that's right oh i believe that that there that the people would have to have been brought to the extent that it was accepted who is that one establishes morality or taste or quality to write i think that i think that individual propriety perhaps i'm sure that we would have had we heard from a number of people as we did that this that this was not to their best interest that they didn't enjoy seeing this i think that we probably would it would've taken another look at it i don't believe that we would have had taken the immediate action we get we would we would undoubtedly have tried to improve it to the extent that it would become acceptable level i would hope that that would indicate an account you think that if a preview was shown to the colder fadi of my to take a new off the hook without the embarrassment it could possibly a senator and i thought so as well you have been on the cote of thirty you to clear that i didn't say that
and what is the difference in the role and responsibility of using television broadcaster acting for your investor and you as the vote from that television station on the cote is are different responsibility for it which is an answer i think there's a different degree of responsibility however i want to don't remember that mistake there is a difference in degree of responsibility the session ended with the handshakes all around an informal conversations among senators in at work it it had not been a conclusive hearing nobody expected that it would be a congress gets heat from the public on television violence among other subjects today it has some of that heat along to the industry the industry has felt the heat before took note of that and said in effect that it would try to do better or at least to continue to try to
do that no senator advocated censorship for taxed any individual executive with any individual murder or mugging but his network had depicted on the other side no executive question the propriety of this hearing or the setting up of the study group under the surgeon general nobody on either side denied that television violence constituted a problem but neither did anybody presumed to offer a final answer you could call this session an example of government by indirection or government by nudging politician those who do not want to be in the position of issuing orders sometimes compromise by offering suggestions and businessman who do not want to be in the position of taking orders sometimes compromise by listening to suggestions that evening it's
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Program Description
This program is an hour-long digest of the one-day Hearings of the Senate Commerce Sub-Committee on the Impact of Crime and Violence on Television on Children. The program will emanate from Washington, DC, with NET correspondent Paul Niven acting as host. The hearings are being conducted by Senator John Pastore (D - RI). Among those scheduled to testify are Frank Stanton, president of CBS; Julian Goodman, president of NBC; Leonard Goldenson, president of ABC; William H. Stewart, US Surgeon General; Vincent T. Wasilewski, president, National Association of Broadcasters; and Stockton Helffrich, head of the NAB Television Code. (Description adapted from documents in the NET Microfiche)
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Social Issues
Film and Television
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Moving Image
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Executive Producer: Karayn, Jim, 1933-1996
Host: Niven, Paul
Producer: Schnurman, Ned
Producing Organization: National Educational Television and Radio Center
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