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who wrote poetry on the matter is it hasn't even read his poetry new yorker he wrote about celebs and roots he like all the things he's a great teacher history he became a writer it was the best the shooter four is the little things in life hussein
oriole oh really he pulls out a sense of mission his vote i'm sure the great singers feel like this to their carry on boys around them as precious as vulnerable heat he was a surprise it was a tremendous surprise to american poetry he'd managed to to control some savage power in the language that had been neglected to students in festival or four testified
for redfin news of love poetry who is it my mother's countenance could not no humans can be oh dear still playing that is the goal
his father has was known as robot and was a green housekeeper apparently very talented blonde verge of manitoba oh he was a hard drinker and a tough moment please tell her love hate relationship within the greenhouse was his symbol for all of life they had the plays the creative place where her things are protected and grow and as some of his most memorable work was about these acts were he a small boy was under benches for roots were hanging obscene liane where things were going around and new life was springing out of rottenness and decay nothing would sleep
day auction starting pitching shoots dangled and drew on the scenery from mildew craig hung down long yellow evil next for tropical snakes and what a congress of stinks roots right there is old bait pulpy stands right so rich leaf mold nothing would get even if he was married he was fairly sure he was never going to be i don't believe he thought it was possible soon after marriage islam
is i was a student when i was seventeen and then again rather early i fell in love with him because he was a marvelous teacher who are a lot of girls in love with them i'm afraid he noticed me because i had an irish name he was very he loved yates an irish writers when i was in my third year he had left and i was quite depressed i was in touch with ted at all like i had him a modeling job i've turned down the model and i decided to go back to teaching and i got a job at and that anne in harlem there wasn't another teacher neace in or read kitty is going to give a reading and i said well he was my teacher
eric very excited or his attitude and do you think you'll remember you i went into reading as i was awesome straight i was walking like this they fly i just touch says scientists say remember me i think i've felt basically that i knew him because i had seen him over a long period of seven years earlier and when i married him i was twenty seven dollars twenty eight and he was seventeen years old and our aha moment took place on a ski on an island off mic nights and this was a gift that alton davis are our wedding present he had a house there so i suppose the first poems you could say we're about me were written there
and he just alone the poll hello luke although the shape of things to the agreement they will unload the latino the cliche goes nine he changed with changing what we meant to leave again the time we brought from a call there was great with any with them she sang hyun also wanted list when she signed absorb an
awful lot from the wild wild this around seattle simply by sitting in or you're walking a short way in a gun and becoming part of it but waiting i wait to sleep and take my waking slow i feel my fate in what i cannot fear i learn by going to go we think by feeling whether they are now i am i being that's year career i wait to sleep and take my waking slow but also resigning richard you got home i show also where there and learned by going to go like the tree but you can tell us how the lowly worm climbs up the landings
there i wait to sleep and take my winnings great nature have another thing to do you and me so a lot of they're lovely learn by going where to go saying he just missed debbie i should know or haul away is always and as mayor i wait to sleep and take my waking slow i learn by going to go a i'm down in internal of or with the people who sent joe client is using servers software wife there remains a second or creationism good teaching is that hard
work and there are great you know most of pressures i'm particularly the store managers use for the iphone four says oh no i think i have to use for energy now is the show and the moon you know a great many poems by her and he could never bring out of books to class different to take care of the references he felt he needed to make and if you didn't if you were willing to read the bulk of poetry written in english in a hurry as fast as possible as soon as possible disney world he tried not the harm people's feelings too seriously because you have to have a certain amount of ego on her to write anything at all and the heat he knows and he could be very tender two students who were cringing ted was
bipolar and the whole up and up and down a bit and i remember he said he had a conversation with rubber will on the subject and they agreed that they've both won in an out of a madhouse as though the revolving door he was protected in his job by the head of english department robert hileman i think it's still been so protective of him too no one was ever afraid of you so only a verbal a incoherent at times or frightening there are very many electrifying teachers like that you know he was one of you were a real student of creative writing then rescue was your vote was your commander ninety nine this is it
this is bigger than us you know it was nasty all right the break the ice
this is russia and the first time i was introduced to a leash in my hand and then he said the rest of the state ok oh my counties with his fury for a particular that got them writing class i mean to that hangs around me don't worry about now i still long as a news still gets to start pimping for a list of voters for durable enough tell me ewy i
had a message them on him our wedding that i would have in an amount of hospitals i think the worst time of course was the very first time i didn't know anyone and then this break down possibly connected with hit the neighbors the dylan thomas had died so he was in the hospital i thought oh that'll be alright of the oak really looked after their but then the grounds that they were giving him or dangerous half the doctor more the tranquilizing drug and he said i've given him an enough to kill a horse up by then was worried what he wrote when he was high i think was less good when he was manic he wrote very badly bombed his funds might a lunatic times when he was still sort of in a dark time the eye begins to see what paula
was written quite swiftly was a dark time it took me about three days was in some are now sitting out there in the grass and the concentration might have some of the lines are no books before but a firearm and possessive about three years and the sunset that this is one of the great poems of our time in a dozen what and my shadow and deepening issue and then we would sort of a major sweeping to victory i live between the heroine in iran the use of the hill and servants that's magnus collective soul of us what circumstance of days on fire another purity of pure despair my shadow pinned against those swerving will
dark dark my light and dr my desire was so like some heat madden summer fly keep supporting of the spill which is it a fallen man i climb over my fear of mind benders of saul and god the mind and one is won three amateur england writing for me is not an easy thing to do by ourselves and terrified through a few and was this the last time he always took this would say i want to break into a new style and i was sort of nineteen year and pushing him all the time is where
working was to put together these fragments and he would make himself an odd times on a clipboard or in a spiral notebook also occasions of his life in a party is a clipboard happened to come and i have a line that you thought was good he would try to build on that i think or find find another line somewhere else therefore the house has lifted with papers would gather together live a meaningful shapes song go from two or three years later the happy three was written when we were renting maurice graves house and it was really a very grand beautiful house i went out and bought to dc and on we named them after marianne moore and louise bogan to poets like later maurice graves gave a satirical
drawing of tunis like them what happens when instead it like going one site of poker really a house call but i try to claim it goes up between words for the new cd she found overall sales have a special news and climate issues in your articles yes woman sage advice his name is marlon wayans solutions
three his depressions didn't bother me in fact one was the day he said he'll be happy to hear i was mildly depressed today soho but they manic faces work in very upsetting i didn't fail in nineteen sixty was feeling it was a bit of a burden and i think you know more normal life in them and have children i decided i was chilly exhausted
the rose is one of his very best is in the all the elements that he struggled with in his in the latter part of his life gathered together and grow of renaissance san juan island that was the inspiration for the tainted love that area is a very beautiful and it and of course he responded to the duty of the state of washington particularly in the areas of water the last big piece of those long as some of the rolls low price i thought i was like the snow and there's saint jesus christ still star or new home leaving it was like something almost that that was beyond the human this rose this rose in the scene when this day where the salmon lose their way into the
tail fins and the c rearrange itself among the small islands near this rose and this crew but some parched the wind want mcconnell was among the half dead tree is i came upon the true and i stood outside beyond becoming and passion something wholly of years if i swayed out on the wildest way the law yet plus two and i rejoiced in doing when i was in the land of change the white picture of the income in the bird beyond about the single vote early air to greet him as he flies the dauphin rising from the darkening way and in this scene
when keeping the whole of light gathering to itself signed an insider it's mine and seeing this guy it's my belief that a saying perceived finally when one looks so long and chaotic longer has looked at the chilly until you become the object and it becomes you know i can say this i know in the final turn something mystical experience so once i saw that doing the census can be
done let me tell you i do but does go way beyond yourself and come a six string solo offenses being a part of the whole universe you would you really and airmen going to bring this is going to go and her daughter and they invited him to come and swam at their beautiful swimming pool and complex when he delved this point on it is for an annual and they tried to give me an artificial respiration works today
there's always something there's not so much now but now you see i don't see well i i lost the site a one line and then it had got glaucoma nail that sells i haven't registered partially cited i'm very lucky and having a husband who isn't an excellent editor and a former english teacher is glad i've had to live with it with a poet has a judicious iris year and wasn't too but i have a feeling a narrative too marvelous english teachers what
we have a garden and ah when i walk walk out and in the spring come the first line comes to me when the crocuses spoke up their heads in unusual places and frogs com appears on the pond with the same for awful grain boyce moon and girls with last year's fatuous face with i never onboard no matter how familiar the scene although it's all happened before i cannot grow better i rejoice in the spring as though no spring ever had been many many have learned from him at all your records review and are aware of what he did and he is in their veins i think i remember asking him did you always want to be a great poet
is what i wanted to be i wanted to be a great something and then you think i'm great sydney athens it might have said something about it earlier emma yeah half movement o'day day in new who move those
Remarkable People: Making a Difference in the Northwest
Theodore Roethke
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Theodore Roethke – Pulitzer-prize winning Northwest poet is remembered through the eyes of his wife, Beatrice. She talks freely of his bi-polar disorder and how it affected their lives. Roethke reads his own poetry and seeing him teach makes it clear why he was considered not only a great poet, but an electrifying teacher. SCCtv half-hour Remarkable People programs produced by Walkinshaw aired on KCTS and Seattle Channel in 2007.
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