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and the following program is made possible by support from viewers like you he often goes to work before dawn of the emergency trauma center he runs the t i like the military's all hours seven days a week so he's made a record just for the university of washington's stance on these genes really like as a very licenses how do you describe yourself to assure friendly that our minor comes to the few cents doesn't run knows it's a
millimeter long was like and it's as barely control i have no internal systems of constant damage control allow me the smile sessions he comes in at six o'clock and he stands over there and those two observations that we have seen in libya and confrontations forty years of age of course was appearance on teresa dozens was eighty eight golds especially julie turner on a lot of your neck or the shooter was driving the first places closed and respond he was only two years from the batter is there was expecting
christian conservatives this it's very very busy here you personally coming from syria and the fight here is the culmination of a conversation that common sense sponsor lots of patients from one of the salons if he goes yeah you know they do it says right now that you have a lot of things deep now one is disciplined in any military or
structured stuff setting discipline the sense of i do my job and accountable for what i do you do your job youre accountable for what you do i'd been working in busy mop floors of seeming beds he when they were really busy the rehab was dirty <unk> viewers a training facility for the average tuition school of medicine say sisters institution says it's a fragile business teaching people how to take care of other people is not something that is done in a book we coached people and we do it in the most dramatic setting of all which is is a skydive in a survivalist there's the to produce speech there's the risks all of those go into this
particular environment is inflation a month there is a new medicine they need to teach people how to think about other people and my concern is that this individual or have thicker thicker down operatives if you were the most important portion of the community because if you can associate the individual for this disease in this decision and the driver medicine is to take her patients need regardless of what the people should be respected
ok got it thank you because on one city or that is getting a version of your thank yous or he's never in the years i've been here ever treated anybody disrespect and it ranges from people that in the streets that are almost trance only to the top priority of the people he's is also very attentive to the bedside to the kinds of things that allow patients comfortable very often taking care of some fifty people working together to save like an individual it's very hard to always keep in mind our nation is ireland and hauled and frightened and very quietly
subversive and sciences coverage is incredible variations on the fire chief in juneau alaska are differently than an individual drivers and a lot of the northmen what has to be the dominant driver were suspicious yeah really so let's appoint a display on students are losing the most important thing that we have their prices i mean it's really for most interested in was the student puts himself in a
position to argue his ego instead of his logical physicians too nice note that's not acceptable behavior we talk about a gentle way the next time its original in the three times no loans denied ever said to mother place ain't all that was because the law is everest never claimed to be a good time but they come out very very noble very experienced this is like a taft recorder every event you're going or feeling of beautiful blue stretched thin strips black strips apprehended crossing for thirty million industry some lawyers are there and senators are going to be ok collapses dan balser to three percent per second the navy's looks like
they will create jobs seriously at what happens a lot by kicking the garbage as more services another melancholy statistic in a big city and when somebody starts cpr coffins that happens a lot is that of a little zap of anonymous a seattle los angeles times a lot maybe as many as adriana five times joe barton stops and also the fact that only does he stop and about their usual lineup to shake and recruiting session everybody seventies by the way a perfectly what's a citizen contribute to the skies you season contribute to this guy's waiting with a normal brain increases it by a factor of time six argue about you stop interrupting
doubles survival increases by a factor of time six that the guy we kept that's the citizens good samaritan contribution we got it even chosen the bass professor in medicine by your students the last four years and seventies and religious and eighties you get food so many times and they want to compete so i'm out of the competition and i know i'm standing at one end in her id and insurance it was incredible on the
pumpkins northwest came about to serve critically ill or critically injured individuals from a distance it to the tertiary care hospital from the point of you try to put it together and they talked as much as anybody that people can live here that are in such extremes that you expect them not to survive and when young people it never happens to be seized that there is success that sense of success makes for a spirit that it's hard to shake they're given an additional responsibility here given the privilege of making decisions they're all accountable for their decisions and they will come right now
what we do that i think really well and i think each of us it's the beers in the dark of derivatives reform is in the promises or the fight started when an artisanal services to teach people how to decide to do something and be unafraid of doing a year and the decisions must be made faster and they must be infinitely more accurate and they must be made less that you have no long history we have the ability to react to a configuration that i thought i'd go hide and cry out look i'm as healthy way we do it in some fashion or another that don't offer proof time when a lot of people for a period time but i think everybody in
some fashion another because we it's not answer will surprise not against the rules to have emotions not against rules to lose your temper our sprawling ordnance rules anything else but it certainly can't be against the rules in a place like this where we see so much necessary death for people to go the nets that since it generates to save itself to keep itself under control and they come and rob will become obvious and leslie has been roundly ability for the city to do it as aggressive and he predicts an unwillingness to be an unwillingness to do effective tuberculosis that the voters can be isolated all of us are free
through four times as many people as it was designed to see how the town is still above and so i don't mind the fact that we sustain i think that there's a city as the community has that particular really small non essential thank you he's just lying nobody can really do it like it's an act in terms of america's variously known as that mom or st louis and the neon speaking tensions are remarkably intelligent very hyper
intelligent and conservation who are rising seas what i do is half a tranquilizer for lack of a better term for me and as manager is truly incredibly gifted children to do each to be an independent person and at the same time maintain a sense of personally as she works hard for public issues she works hard wooden she's given herself over things where she feels that she can make a contribution i've known ever since i met him that he was interested in medicine and that it was a jealous mistress and sort of made my adaptations are laid out but i think there's some pleasure and quiet giant having a spouse like that has engrossed with is where i can't imagine being married to someone who was planned there are not a lot of others whose career inevitably he denied comes into the
how a he is now poised to get private he leaves the hospital so we have you know we have the medic great noise coming through the bedroom very adequate those heady days the three children and that my life has been different in that regard and i've never liked to sit sit down to five miles an hour but i think you work those things out you can see you know absolutely and he makes sure i have the means to to get ahold of inquiry is in the world and he's got an airlift major everyone knows that his array of pages and i know the code and all of them and he's good at responding to the other usually answers is paige what's the problem that's the trouble yes because it is a kennedy has said that he knows music very well
in this case they're extremely eclectic and he has a monster collection of bach that he has an equally good collection of the grateful dead and their surprising that a deliberate a live concert on top which a delicate what else do you do with your life to give yourself some levity of an interesting house really haven't quite finished landscape dealing with an official is so i have lots of random projects that snow over to the front lines was decided to be my mother teaching school in east texas came out about the middle of that state is now in richmond came in with the communities in the positions that are now when people made decisions about themselves i think a lot of it is this sense of aloneness that you get from being in the northwest
so i think we're going over that pressure buildup that moment like to be there today and i think to be back to the brothers are there some outcomes from towns and i think my goodness gracious i came back to this country in order to do that that i can't do that and so i have a vicarious thrills i'd never try to say something you have to do is just have a series of activities when the children were probably the late teenage years of college with likes ike and dr vacations which were an attempt to test all of the major victories ten of them armed groups of the northwest i send the german office my scouts cause i went on a short leash you know so i had to be tethered to the institution and they do the scottish beauty of this particular city that doesn't have a lot of glasses of invisible borders uses its talents talent doesn't necessarily out what's going on
what's changed in this particular group of spear of the belief people chose to leak this to be accountable for your own to be responsible for yourself the rich and got a lot richer and the force will of our fabric has changed when we're unable to keep from inner city bureau were from was the difference and in downtown syria would've made downtown seattle and assist them to us by going to change pensions select the surgeon cocaine use the surgeon general is the surgeon this is where those surgeons could almost forget what's going to happen until the obama circle for my office to the er juilliard to the mic one quarter switches now located across
i disappear get revitalize for lack of a better term it's certainly it is the management of emergency medicine or urgent or cuteness in medicine in the streets dr kraft started medical he found it and i took over in nineteen seventy five and then addictions people come from all over the united states and all over the world to see why this relatively small community with a relatively small for a solo artist medical services that's right
possibly the only thing that he teaches his medics that you don't see in other states is independence those guys are put it zynga debate having a real person within ten minutes because of him and he teaches these people the paramedics here know a lot more than the average burman it goes how i have done in the community medicine says you should have done that or we disagree somebody needs to be they're not people who in fact have gone on to professionalize and firefighters are tough resolute brave people it's an environment of no safety or marginal safety whether it's because people are hostile whether iran's influence are in an
eighteen wheeler it's a nightmare that we live with your we're all frightened to death getting shot so you're asking a guy to learn how to be like a doctor you're asking do the three thousand hours under intense stress and go out and do it she's an honest to function for my daughters work here is a hospice worker is the small trailer truck right now mr bill passes
project is probably the same movie it's the it's the linchpin for lack of a better term than any of the things that we've done when you bring them in alive to find bok issue and bring them back alive back alive and better devote much of doctors who can take care of a bunch of places to take care of the street two institutional evolution no not yet the genius of this institution has many different walks of medicine participate simultaneously by seiji they're all young kids are just as judge well theyre the juniors who do this over and over and over and over over again until they get all of the disciplines work we've got a lot going on that one right here there's huge costs with them as a result people like
clearly dr seuss history and and to a certain extent that's true i have seen i think that's natural that led to the physicians say gee he stopped to help me but i had a bad outcome and he's responsible about what i was doing that i think you just have to have to set yourself on what the what what's the sense that it's the medics that they have no option but to their projected at the at the kind of citizen security personnel policies that individuals are responsible to do those inspections training physicians more of an independent operator a gentle sad to think that medicine is always going to be perfect this is just falling
just falling there's the risks all of this go into this particular environment and it's like anything else and medicine you dont talk about that you dont go to a cocktail party and say you know i really do is it people ought to make decisions about somebody when they smell is think they this one here but what a cool they're not going back i'm just an old grumpy northwestern who likes be in here like what i do so i planned this arena not gonna change like medical students medical students are the single most important thing we do use this recession has been
Remarkable People: Making a Difference in the Northwest
Dr. Michael Copass
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Dr. Michael Copass – Director of Emergency Services at Harborview Medical Center. Pioneered in founding and training Seattle Medic One, a program using firemen as paramedics. Also started and was medical director of Airlift Northwest. Dr Copass had a wry sense of humor and was either feared or greatly admired by his trainees. Profile of Dr. Michael Copass, head of the ER at Harborview Medical Center won PMN “Best of the West” Award, 1994. Program was part of a series of half-hour profiles.
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