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ian black america reflections of the black experience in american society yes bees good stuff
that's it blues singer and guitarist muddy waters considered by many the father of the blues from the beginning muddy always had a drive to be the best in order to be the best line from the best is growing is going floors of simplicity great blues man as some house charlie patton while and robert janssen intent but he's planted mississippi delta music and foerster generation of english and american rock n roll bands including the rolling stones would remain from a muddy waters chilling i'm john ensign and this week we pay tribute to the late muddy waters in black america
but for us sellers muddy waters this morning killing more than feel on april fourth nineteen fifteen in rolling fork mississippi the son of a sharecropper picked up his nickname playing a fish fries and other social gatherings money could remember i always wanted to be a saying around nineteen forty three why money were still working in the cotton fields in mississippi folklorist alan lomax discovered him and moves the singer to chicago in the early days of monday's before me when you was born harmonica his popularity took him from fifty cent and i've also faced sandwich when he was thirteen to eighteen dollars with another ten dollars phone and former sideman for the night work
would more often than not was from seven pm to seven am going to nineteen thirties at age seventeen month began playing the guitar licks influenced by and imitated joe biden next hour of all the delta blues men at son house and robert johnson by nineteen forty eight money is somewhat was all man which included little while don hot and jimmie rodgers on guitar despite its prominence as a blues singer guitarist living in the blues mecca of chicago money burley are living the route most of the fifties yet to continue his work in a paper mill a job he first arrived in chicago up until the mid to late nineteen fifties the music of muddy waters and his fellow blues man what market as race music aimed almost exclusively at the black communities to day i ever his audience out why do young whites money first big recalling break came when the chess brothers to call the aristocrat record label for which modi had been recording
money's early commercial records were responsible lending vigor and passion as well as a direction to the emerging post war blues style with chess records muddy in nineteen sixty recorded got my mojo working
got my mojo working was followed by say oh man i'm rolling stone and seventies some of the other songs that are well known were i just wanna make love to you and it is it's been
dead in nineteen seventy two when he was received his first grammy confess there were quote additional recording for the album the london muddy waters sessions in the early nineteen sixties when it was founded to national claim as part of a revival of american folk music appearing several times at the newport jazz festival in rural ireland and the ann arbor michigan who's in jazz festival muddy waters perhaps more electric blues artists of all time and sadly april thirtieth nineteen eighty three when he was died of a heart attack in chicago and muddy waters had my mature for some blues musician who's is on decline but it was two in the world come and welcome him or townhomes and more wars any other blues performer i spoke with money in nineteen eighty one and asked him
when he first made the decision clayton's there was no less money than dramas saying that he had three a lot of memories going on a lot of things and things that he was saying and then it must have been some amount of time and what the film and removed from the law some are just because something else with it do you have any formal musical training in santa monica so good
the reason of development stuff and let's go out and say let's listen to a portal gobbling up and coming soon and saving more money and so will and a little recording i did you listen to when you intend to stay on that all is to listen to all of the random jeff barbecue brought right to chose that's temporary and johnson and they were given a sufficient when it came out most of the six when a sadistic the middle and dallas said said seminole top of the war you know
the iraqis but that decision in a new facility that no typo time that those speeding she spoke to me right now add okay well we will do that end in the teepee operation with an article tv is killing me this is that moment ah wanted to have the record obama live from a memorial but this would be muddy waters do before the game of losing well you would always the roots who were being selected
and shook up with him at us one after some of us and so many things on you know it is
says it is diseases
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simon says nate cooper is a way angus begg we're back
as these days audiences oil companies in madison and financing is to muddy waters blues hour according to media finance reform three of them on the market and looking at a minimal goal there's not enough i'm excited normally the test will we went to go real friends do you write most of the songs that you do now and then from shirts as the all is
the sustained only yours but you know what chris you do as another question or this explosive radio tv special pro bono well and there will be a substantial success in chicago the government nor the police mean maybe
within the company the one thing is this is this coalition will only play on the whole saying all around the city with me when they get there and stayed out of all of this what did you get this was sentenced in this bill emmons is a rocket scientist thank you the taboo so like you and
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until this episode pivotal moments in the markets and that was subpoenaed an apple with the commission marketing what the monologue is due to break monotonous of being a traveling singer dusty than a kitchen floor this wasn't a busy commercial oh cupcakes like pound cake in maybe ill person and good steak certainly of great states in self and roast beef and chicken nuggets didn't consider from with their wives but it was announced
on the arrival of you have you know you're the top of the male normal so by the kids knew that was the start of a monologue well maybe one thing they do
it is yes this is the pieces
iron man this has been a musical tribute to muddy waters blues singer and guitarist when he was considered by many as the father of the blues you have a common over like approaches a cassette copy this program right of literacy is unlike america long one radio network ut austin austin texas seventy seven one to when black americans technical witnesses hargrove david elder is i'm jackie hanson you've been listening to in black america reflections of the black experience in american society in black america is produced and distributed by the center for telecommunication
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In Black America
A Musical Tribute to Muddy Waters
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A commemoration of McKinley Morganfield who died on April 30, 1983
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