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in black america reflections of the black experience in american society in an interview which appears in the august issue you are black enterprise magazine which many of you are receiving with a copy of the covers of the imam the outstanding exactly below this great organization was asked what is the preservation of the end of a cpa earl jean grey is the founder and publisher of black enterprise magazine black enterprise of business oriented consumer interest magazine tiger to reach upscale black professionals the news executives and policymakers and the public and private sectors as chief executive officer of six corporations and the parent company of burrowed deep raise unlimited used to graze nationally recognized authority on black business development i'm john ensign and this week our focus is on black enterprise magazine the founder and publisher of the early grades and black
america what is the resignation of the end mr yousef says it's far worse for his response was roberts is our mission black enterprise magazine has proven to be one of the most effective magazines in the industry today is nineteen seventy when the magazine first began publishing it has been profitable service to issue annually sales are still increasing to over six million black enterprise has a guaranteed circulation of two hundred and fifty thousand with a readership of more than one point two five million you can find the magazine carried on board most major airlines unfounded newsstands nationwide black enterprise is the only magazine especially good to read black professionals on a nationwide basis of primary objective is to foster black economic development and to serve as a tile line between the leadership of black america and the nation's business community black enterprise magazine is the only black owned
publication to ever be outed in a white house ceremony this is due to its founder and publisher girl g graves an economist by training mr gray's received a ba degree in economics from morgan state university in baltimore from nineteen sixty five to nineteen sixty eight he was an administrative assistant to the late senator robert f kennedy after senator kennedy assassination he formed his own management consulting firm to advise corporations on urban affairs and economic development used to graze is probably recognize as an authority on black business development in nineteen seventy two as the publisher of black enterprise magazine whose name on the ten most outstanding minority businessmen in the country well the president of the united states and there's an international one of excellence and recognition of his achievement and minority business enterprise a nineteen seventy four he was named one of time magazine's two hundred future leaders of this country to day he had six corporations road to graze limit
at the parent company e g g dow is broadcasting incorporated the cia marketing incorporated early g great marketing and research company incorporated the earl grey suit development company and the earl g gray's publishing company incorporated publishers of black enterprise magazine we go back to nineteen sixty nine which is the beginning of the nixon administration was clear to me that was the need for an economic miracle it was big concern to me black people in terms of how what we believe as is through to the even today thirty years later another story of one major publication their computers ebony jet as insurmountable an ass since died in the same year that we get with it back in nineteen seventies so the time that i started to have been injured and clearly when i speak into the kind of concerns that the magazine is in that is it make the economic system work for a skilled professional black people are in addition to that i've been with the county victory is it just that the
album is heavy divisions among consulting firm in the square want expanded beyond the business consulting type of entity any idea magazine came along and to honestly we were able to borrow money to get a study that have the right ethical concept and within the magazine dated the table black enterprise saints do not having difficulty finding appetite for a lot of the publications i having a hard time including wives that was severed ties to a good job you like and prose says this and getting whatever problems there and we're going to enact and said that isn't about middleton we have an easy time and you need to know the probably the most difficult thing that we find ourselves in law that he's nailing down advertising and convincing majority companies that speaking to the audience that we had missed something they can be beneficial
to them to their companies it starkly why companies that wanted to enjoy the importance of the season now one would think that in nineteen eighty one the twentieth century that in fact that would change and turn around and yet when you look at those companies that are advertising either al qaeda magazine an ad for black black an uprising in egypt or essence you still see today a colonel in one county we don't see companies advertising you know conditioning company advertise you know cry could certainly for the republican rc remote school in effect would not be a number of books but would be should be in every dusty furniture companies and so the basic case he can't take the credit card companies and they say you can't take for granted a categorical advertise tobacco companies for companies and auto companies now those companies are clearly important and the bases of salmonella tied to any
company on occasion to clearly there are many other areas we are not realizing in terms of the kind of talent that we should have we will be approaching three hundred thousand in circulation payne county a point that the demographics are on his primitive means of skills that we clearly should see from a beneficial business point of view of many ways companies are much more mathematical out of business issue initially i guess what black enterprise the department said it but also have the feature segment of a suitcase leather washington page making a while the future recessions important men but you know if it was identified he reviewed those areas of concern we say meaty issue like
a minimum of two articles that dressing themselves and say at each one of our readers immediately have five major features and all of the departments that didn't have two pieces in the book somehow speak to concerns about critical reader whether madison where i send my kids to summer camp which could be something about your sexual well i do it the next two thousand as i got back on my internal revenue return what got a second parishioner look inadequate what is a first career look at what is the college actually looking towards you can envision it buying those become a subject of skill middle class black americans are looking to and the department to this describe actually have decided in cutting edge of those things we find out to be of concern to our blackness consumers and black really is in terms of speaking the most dangerous they found him one black apprised of his top one hundred black and this is a part of the country how could you
compare that with the forty five if any are welcoming week we can see it get any idea of delete socialize the idea usually here's what i like this was done and indeed it was a werewolf were important is it was happening within the america i was in the black owned that indeed that was representative well the citizens in this and that we started measuring it down and we started measuring it in terms of our law what it look like an agent audiences as we could see clearly given the handicaps it had been in a way that had to have been great progress had been made for instance in the problem in the black owned businesses in the country if you go back ten years the total
revenues of the problem had been civil and seventy million dollars then she only of i wouldn't say miss michigan the most reasonable about two point two billion dollars in sales and three of those companies become isn't that one ended on a warning now some cells that means that if you go back ten years ago the street coming from churches and in it the senate republicans and weapons into the world and so clearly there is a role model and was terribly important i think to the black man and also the likely it is important that baby history is dark all right being sent away in one phrase what is happening and when it does the black wheels and we fortunately have been able to identify that is not to put it in place so that it will be there for posterity of these indices concentrated in the goods and services sector or are we getting to the manufacturing sector and then they move to a smokestack economy to a service
economy and a top american weapons and so you look at where the disease is going to move in here as a general market is going to drive technology moving in theory as having to do with service are independent businesses that have to do with it visiting cities in your research is that a basic businesses that provide services to them the communications companies motor dealership you're talking about the kind of businesses and he's documented and i think that you see in a healthy change you look at indices of involvement and ag related services which is terribly important to this country ten years ago those expenses are no saviors see happening and that raises another escalation relationship to what would have seen historically in terms of the job the economist by trade like enterprises gathered a group of black honest to try to focus on the palms of black
america what are some of the things in the ad you know one problem facing black market is devastating to the point that when you look at our candidates and looking evaluating how bad it was there that he said that if we continue to roll removed road removing now that we can actually see the disintegration of the family unit as we know because you cannot have two generations of people black lives matter fact hadn't on this you know there's no basis for a family unit is no basis for a sensible mormon is no sense that there's no sense of health worth in terms of who people are not as alice you're very dramatic statement today it's not overly stately haven't communities in this country now new york philadelphia chicago houston unemployment levels of forty to seventy percent and clearly looking at a problem which is and it matters and our economists
are dealing with knots not only solution was that you know they are trying to decide which will be some of them pay attention to and that they gave me come to value in a situation in this county here but also making a negative thing which in the gigantic mall will love and has to be well because it so graphically presented to him and the enormity of the problem it's hard to find words to describe the intensity of the most inventive day i know that we also knows who's a mission black enterprise to economist that again recently to take another look at the number one economic problem facing our nation today although our group of experts is no different than any other and that no two economists agree exactly on anything another important consensus was formed at that they agree that it's this nation's economy changes from a small scrap economy to a service economy blacks especially young blacks will sop up
a terribly unfair price less able to obtain the complex goes that knowledge necessary typically successfully and the world of higher technology in the world of high technology this is also a crucial concern of our universities are national organizations at our political leaders and obviously our business leaders you are young future leaders most also make it one of your primary concerns it is imperative that you take sufficient science mapping computer courses to prepare yourselves for the high technology revolution that is changing the way our nation i did not say that all of you have to be math and science majors but i did say that it was possible for you to become part of another
minority a minority that says if you have not taken a computer because by the time you leave high school or certainly by the time you begin columns you will become a computer illiterate and in the last quarter of the twentieth century those who do not understand the beauties will find themselves on the antarctic white house for a seminar ii and then a computer as brief picture of where we stand today shows us that the path to economic opportunity for all americans as clearly marked before us it will not be an easy journey what we had never been on any easy germans in the naacp we will need a commitment of everyone represented in this room especially our young men and women to travel a distance of this journey but the journey can and must
be made for the sake of our people and for the sake of our image if you're a number one top of my address to see how that will lead to this black americans have all the political and economic clout they need right now and to make america were caucuses has for adults made a crucial difference in key elections or corps hummer this year will notice the political stance in places like chicago and philadelphia and right now the voter registration drive in august at body and the blaze tv will make a crucial difference in who becomes the next president of the united states and this was certainly evidence today by those who wanted to visit with us and share what they thought well who would you to do like as longevity of the last living is why they have been so in the book that the eighteen years and i feel like she's seventy years as part
of it i think that we decided early on to desirable that would be something that i use the word book a magazine interchangeably that our readers find political damage service solidly many need intent to something they want to read i spoke to somebody could identify what they could open up the book just let it out and see some business group of people have some palpable effect professionals and identify with bacon because they realize that was there and i also that we did in the first class man and you know we set a tone this and move on and do it well but i do in a way we didn't have that quality what would cause that audience if anything it's that veterinarians and i think that's a reason that we find ourselves still continue to grown hoping we will be continued support for many years to come why do you think it's important to have electricity myriad of problems the phrase black americans today and we didn't really go with that one from the faith
that has people's access to capital but there's a need to have reported them actually concise way because science of black people in this country and image it pleasant clinical american activist and the time to do it and benefits can be sent into the what they will report and blacks the black press is terribly important to reporting the news and important facts in a way that is going to be relevant to what it is that the black people is going to allow and i don't include those magazines at that what i like to think that the national leader which is seen in a newspaper and we found that major cities is it terribly important newspaper into what happened i think that to the extent that they do in an attempt to serve as a black man black newspapers in general are more important than their only problem is that they need to pulling out with as many people the circulation actually need to have the kind of writers are gonna
write the quality of articles that are going to make what it is is saying to their community relevant in a nineteen eighty three npr and the problem is if iran acquires divided because more more difficult because of ideas that used to work for a black newspapers now work for a white counterparts sba grated fringe benefits are greater salaries and greater opportunity and an ignominious is black newspapers cannot challenge that it's clearly well as a small business owner to try to meet the level of what it is the big businesses that you mention about capital so they were to raise enough capital also the sba a lot of likenesses come down the sba your budget with me about the smart and commiseration and blacks been able to raise capital and business a measure to send a question are you demanding american your impressions of the small business administration and a black palma blacks have been raising capital disturbances well i think that i
think that the fda on the necessity of espn has some positives an estimated it is very easy was identified and negatives in a difficult situation i think the fbi we have to realize in that they signed in the first instance of saudi unease incentive like people who design twisted small white businesspeople because its allies regulations and laws that will pass we became eligible for that which we should have as being citizens of this country and included the sba <unk> schools including lighting in canada but on the back of us or the narrative basically started not been opened a us bank or the sba farm bureau recently as a result of the role of a disease on ourselves and i've taken advantage of the services use your off in the first season it was not done with great enthusiasm and then
within the nixon administration in and foreign ministers including spider man and he became more and just it was seemly concerned about doing that which was concerned the black community after the enemy with economist at the continuation of some of the same with the advent of the reagan administration which is where this is servicing and the whole issue a day set aside which we discuss rumors that day they started cutting back on a set aside which even visits earmarking instance stated they would go to bribe in the community it was wrong it was wrong invincible is wrong morally and they do it because of the rationale for wide open and that was that they aspire to create businesses that went beyond the size its global what they initially thought about having that
was not true just that actually what they really had done is he's added that the conservative one in minneapolis <unk> congress decided it indeed do it is one more time and a little robot that are gone because no one has ever criticize farm subsidies and if our mission is going to pay that pops up out of bed to come back and to the ground forces who have subsidies into the world vision announces those imagined it and so therefore what we have done is kind of created a welfare for the well off and then when it comes to an arbitration system has some level of i can see your breath and matt hammitt best visual equivalent of a life raft will be in parliament and they're ravenous sideshow and were told that the parties and the rules have changed in our no longer than the real response from the readers surveys that you look like and i think what we'll be saying about september issue a blackened adviser you'll hear this a lot of it we are going to have a legitimate question but we've
resisted we find that the very incisive the very probing other interested now that worry inquisitive in terms of what we're saying in a mostly vs interest bonds whether it's a survey about their own likes and dislikes whether that's a contest we had our weather that's not something we'd written at a toy they don't agree with and dolphins as we just added to this destroyed attend this initial blacks to live we did not include detroit a good place to live and we've received enormous criticism from the residents of detroit in terms of widening that included tornado i mean is it is difficult it is that everyone is difficult
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