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fb it's b from the university of texas is they've heard every other part of the other support group in the city of luxor so the american can't for creation would be able to help the people they are support groups that are available and maybe more his aim for the outlet of what impact
that that probably is what actually import covered and act like i do all for leader of the various different treatment off we do all of the united states what's the type of the day there is no to the fort worth of the patients i'm sure or should not be treated dr john cho empty each year in this country a prostate cancer kills an estimated thirty five thousand man without an american men suffered twice the rate of prostate cancer and twice as likely to die from the disease and white man according to the american cancer society because prostate cancer is a silent disease the american cancer society recommends that all man or the age of forty undergoing examination and a blood test to determine abnormalities in the prostate as part of the regular medical examination while there are no no ways to prevent prostate
cancer early detection and prevent cavities surviving the disease i'm jenelle hansen john and welcome to another edition of in black america this week prostate cancer the silent disease with dr john tuttle empty in black america the traditional way all for treating the local police have prostate cancer that they've detected early deal with and fat compound for the profit they both want to eradicate the cancer scale than the path they want should be able to cure the patient of the prostate cancer pi and that attempts to ban them perform three years to do that to achieve that go through the radiation or through fir tree where that one actually remotely anti aircraft a life that is not the flying elephant you are they know where the channel is created through the prof dake of the famous laser prostate surgery through the actual operation to remove the entire
craft a quiet down as an alternative to that people are beginning at the research level can look at present the past they tried to kill the prostate wells without having to undergo the major radical operation are healthy us about effectively a radiation at an american males have the high as insulin of prostate cancer of any racial ethnic group in this country the reasons for this disparity are still shrouded in mystery risk factors for disease may include a diet high in fat although the lake has not been scientifically proven some believe the prostate cancer runs in families was like diabetes some research is a trigger the higher prostate cancer rate among african americans and economic factors rather than race per se pointing out that there is also a strong correlation between prostate cancer and poverty although those a prostate cancer may not noticed any symptoms analyzer the prostate and inability to urinate or
freaking your nation painter burning sensation door in your nation blood and urine or lower back pain may accompany the disease i recently spoke with a urologist and lexington kentucky they cared for it is a malignant state that occurs and it may have passed that point they plan that to your bladder the plant actually to lamps to delete the bladder that it's called hillary and the practical and triumphant at the purpose of the prostate is to produce good in the attack and called bulger bubbly but changes can occur the land and that's prompted a cancer what is the skull to prostate cancer in his country so they can carry out for a vote likely they died about their implant i have a panic like that hour
one out of every pan american man in a lifetime will be like having clinically for the advocate a prostate cancer thank you as a result says he's changed over to obey the right of their bit about rape or if you look at the end and they compare that there are volcanic or so the guy who is the most frequently made like militantly at me in the back right now that can hear our backhand long and cohen and over the other more progressive and aggressive boy if they felt they had to write about what it will be thirty five thousand than that i can't say that i keep it brief problem it's the rise in cancer due to modern lifestyle changes was it due
to the fact that the baby boomers effect on the population ratio to men or forty it could go to one of the most important factors the guy in the fact that there's a lot of public awareness over the past four years apart they can't there where this week has directed attention toward early diagnosis and actual diagnosis of prostate cancer and a lot of educational programs at the public level also at the patient level or two ago that that there has been intensified interest and die are they connected to flowing you have the belief that the ability for more closely at your ear brought up probably five and so i believe part of the reason that the numbers but they can't or an accident to create babies but back there there we have professionals and folks have patients the white population of norway or more step into the earth are exploring the possibility
of prostate cancer more than they ever have before historically male was reluctant says it's clear that that bird that's quite true and they carry about four one one reason is that they're they go through i think it would be forty forty five fifty and it played at the mission for a while and sure that we go i have the votes they'd been healthy way they're not keep that can go for a well to think that the nation the checks worth a bailout burnout come a long way and maybe baby i'll go to their convention they get into the run at all for my computer and the patient that and that they start the bet was a lot earlier but her childbearing character thought they could do with that al khalifa and they were a lot more reluctant to him for screening and prevention i guess the attitude to her
you know i've got a big thing in our sense is yes there i am a united state of the black population and i know for all their kind they're more likely to be than any other right the chances of a lot of the afro american is one out of every man will be diagnosed the chronically having clinically significant prostate cancer or as corporations in america well one out of weapons will be diagnosed as having prostate cancer so various epic the difference is we don't understand the reasons for that but there are definite and because of both ethnic differences so we recommend different greeting depending on the ethnic background the
americans well i will say in general the people who are coming in for screening of that more and more of four five years ago it was rare to have a patient come in a toyota heavy of examination last year i had to have the psa blood test performed and i actually know what the psa blood test was twenty four years ago that would be extremely rare to hear to die if they have a common occurrence i've failed at pearl prostate cancer awareness week have had a major impact on getting people in for screening but like other through the thirtieth function third i do believe that we are afro american population is lingering a little affair begin enhanced screening compared to the other populations that we play a deal but with a bell
part of the paper they kicked her where the weekend we have a black e a typical of their current makeup of the way into it that actually in libya roberto that people are becoming what percentage wise a lot of people still feel that their you know the messages are getting out there and that we are screening more aboard each year and for the last four years jeans may have a possible well the banks have been implied associated with etiology are called for not being absolutely i think the fact we have been really been a fight that can be negative for the virus because of the earth there have been reports showing that the light that night might have been a factor and thirtieth no one eat for a lot
of battered with pixar re at the animal the other an associated with half day but that's not really proven those for hours smile report figure that in part that might be the case with other factors the oriental <unk> likely to get cancer than america than we were born and raised in the united states and however if you take an oriental individual and there you can probably out for you bring him to be an actor i think he lived here after for a number of years while they can't develop politically though one can say there's more involved to enter the genetic point low and so the change in their diet and
exercise programs have been brought from report for such as the one i just mentioned you mention and the others say man the psa test kitchen tells about that tess so what doesn't entail well up the outbreak have done is becoming increasingly popular early i admire of that fact that i am like a very i would have been performing that test really think about it maybe forever that mr colley and now know were skeptical there's too many about fox reportedly been a report that play that other baby heard the debate about the report that the tax it left the cancer but you have to step back out believe they're pretty and so you know i think that we have a violent efforts both of the day for early prostate cancer detection and favorite video live with the detective early than maybe offer a patient you
are as opposed to detecting light and only offering a control but there's a major difference in control and you're so psa of the work that i had and it to look for fab of that cover prostate gland predicted i am if you have they can't serve the trail wall of product they can't or fail to leak the art that the factor and it just picked up in circulation so when people have said that the faa will be allocated indicating out that the era of an increased likelihood of that picture but this grating and the american view a logical for fish and recommendations are and the living room that that i try to live that if you when a plant reaches the age of fifty he should have a rectal examinations digital rectal examinations to fill the price data and the psa
blood test performed each year for the rest of your life where he of the natural care for all americans that the war likely proved through an afro american recommended that that's babar began their yearly like billy graham the nation and the bullet pierced a pass when he reaches the age of forty i am there are there are some rules about what a towpath in that recommendation and one rule is is that well if you should have an individual to be about they expect that they should be at least thirteen years and while that really chronically elevate fifty other and that one other recommendations that the average fifty it should be better that psa blood and digital replica
do to prevent prostate cancer not that we know about you know again there's there's an implied that perhaps no change or the other by a better exercise might be to ship within a week i don't do art that can go out and say what you're for a well done study yet showing that i have to do this or that inherent part that changed hugh wilson actually reduce your chances of prostate cancer the most significant thing that you can do if a patient that day with prostate cancer is to follow those guidelines it comes once a year for a digital rectal examinations physician and the europeans say that those two combination of those two that we have to date of this recommendation we can give patients sam isn't yet very and it can be a nurse practitioner
just a car but a court approved the new pill comparable with digital rec would play out a digital rec believe they'll have better every year to the low impact now i think if you went to college you have a blueprint every when it came back it said come get it for you actually play out we're doing cancer screening of those have been returned or that it's exceedingly low bar of prostate cancer detection to the point where that it would not be cost effective to do that at any healthcare personnel that is comfortable and cropper the day and then they either in a bowl of blood and that copy of it and tell whether they're a lot of the folks in the country who can prove that there are further education research well it's that you know the way that i
have a bald with a program said protocols they are private want to do it to advance the rebel the horizon is one can detect prostate cancer early while it's still contained within the prostate gland and your person have had prior treatment at uva radiation and have a prostate cancer is coming back one the new approach is this called kraus surgery and that if a procedure where they want to approach him to the prom date for the prom david you actually forty practically i entered but there is increased at actors to make it but if we're looking at three areas that we start i am while odell it became crowd perjury are for the traditional way off or treating local police that's a prostate cancer that they've detected
early deal with and fat compound for the prof they both want to eradicate the cancer smell them the path they want should be able to cure the patient of the prostate cancer pi and that attempts to ban them perform three years to do that to achieve that go through the radiation or through fir tree where that one actually remotely anti aircraft a life that is not the finest that you are proudest they go where the channel is created through the past day that famous laser prospect for tree for the actual operation to remove the entire craft a quiet down as an alternative to that people are beginning at the research level to look at preventing the past they tried to kill the prostate sales without having undergo the major radical operation were healthier fat fat phobia radiation so that's one area of excitement that you all that you failed the barbed wire
and how they compare to vanderbilt really deprived today but if it does work out for plays a lot of modifications we're calling it the value of the country the ability of the radiation what is the signs of prostate cancer end if left untreated the consequences well we know the ultimate consequence they can't there are competing to patients and to our health care providers and the raven and when they can get to be about forty years at the park a client at a camp or even tweet about every day and icloud backup it begins to grow now that apple growth characteristics an audible when the growth that we've called about prosthetic opera pleasure ii and half of them are probably a pay the age of fact be at you earned it
you're right because our growth called camp prosperity so we're commission and i have two separate accounts of the treatment at the recommendation of an impact are the patients however from a patient's perspective if a donor are provoked the fight the patient may have difficulty officiating year itch during even have to get up several times at it not empty of bladder completely innate have to strain your night he may have courted thea have to go to the back pretty quickly that the bad drink quickly about before are both the plane whether it failed or whether it felt that that outfit without them to do not help the patient and the coalition separate those two who like both but the part that they can't tour the lab to go on a diet both the patient might develop a leading
a modern tract infection and i began to it or block it a whole entire year they're straying off get up one morning and needed to hear and i can hear it i have to go to the emergency room ah but that is the way i think every car they can't go by growing block the coup that come down from the cat that you're a bay area the idea that we all fight your album called slow flow of living cancer growing into the bladder blocking the tubes that during the left to the right and the other cop to collect the data that kantar to pray at a very early through the bulk and so he may have played in the back pain in the only areas of the cancer spreading from the prostate gland that evolved there and then at that age of fifty fifty five there will be all about having cooperated
problem are really try to throw back at a patient with people of very low paid daily show that night having prostate cancer but that the evolution of the fig leaf to function and eventually they will overpower over across the idea of the patient into the ones that are the problem you mentioned in your your answer the deal with with research where you get a commissar later liz's well i have began about a year yet a half ago performing laser surgery on me and man obstruction of a product that i gather obstruct the truth to that and growth are called the little guy to replace or they can't look at it i don't want to perform glaser it later i really paper later issued
polite kid you apply at all how about for you re try and there with the campers you can see where the body of a war you actually do is they usually the core of the prostate gland heated up good for great that edict issued over the subsequent for six weeks i would have gotten out of the er and that will leave behind the open the package weighs a patient can year and it can out with hopefully on your wallet for europe's straight for like pickett out apple core and corey the apple i used to look at the upright they play the very interested as like the bag they capture the future protecting provided only purpose is to improve your nation destruction can be improved at what oprah's core at that though we
have been going away for or year and a half and i hear it and comparing it to the dagger which is about the right for anne and you write that you are at home some patients referred to it as the road or enter a procedure and where the laser evelyn ruppert of that you are a catholic and the outpatient procedure wanted to get it all played a big part though there's no leading with laser probe typically the patient can return to work the following day and they can't say that about fifty percent of that crash is expected over a traditional operation so i am outcome for for about a complete grey whale with the euro so we feel that there's a future for the laser private detective is the surgery and to have prostate cancer covered by most insurance
that's the standard by that evened out the day and even intra party of the late rakhat typically covered by about injured is laser surgery used to treat prostate enlarged road doesn't have any of the castle tree raptors ah well far from where you are to point b you love and have additional applications of bladder cancer and be treated by a laser on it use the laser left about whether cantor's what can actually treat to get the characters that with laser is further straining of the year became a powerful we inherit scott got enough cancers going to fail cancer of a fall before and are treated the way about with our camper with leiter at the court and he would capture the early detection and if you treat it early about you can't fight a while though one
have to do surgery evicted by pianist who really thought oh always or have the application then other your life experience empty if you have a question or comment or suggestions as to fijian black america programs whiteness use and opinions expressed on the spring are not necessarily those of the station or the interest in texas at austin until we have the opportunity again for production assistant record hammer and in black america's technical producer david alvarez i'm gabrielle harrison jr please join us again next week cassette copies of this program are available and maybe purchased by writing in black america cassettes longhorn radio network communication building the ut austin austin texas seventy seven one two that's in black america cassettes longhorns radio network communication building the ut austin austin texas seventy seven one
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