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you waste the pope thirty nine years ago jones became the first black student medical university of arkansas school of medicine i'm jackie hanson join me this week on black america to be able to come up with some hope that our water or elderly to get health service and edith jones says we've gotten black america
it's been this is in black america and the fortunes of the black experience in american society i am kath that are communicating with family members of the blackhawks wealthy pakistanis began that members of congress and other people's bad guys in that finney and that do to be able to come up with some profit that wealth and yet they can see our law or get back the edith jones immediate past president of the national medical association and thirty nine years ago package of became
the first black student at the university of arkansas school of medicine today jones is on the most irish women in america she is the clinical assistant professor of medicine university of texas baylor college of medicine in houston texas she's also on the staff at riverside general hospital uses only black controlled house though and a member of the board of directors of the standard sailing association the only black on financial institution in texas i'm jackie hanson this way back to egypt mae jones immediate past president of the national medical association like america we waited to get to a significant number of made our audiences in which we could talk about those things which seemed to create sam have better health and now we were able to formulate organizations
out perkins song was to get involved with what was happening to the jazz standard to day yao one of the major role a predominately white organization is nominating me as the physician woman physician off the year the nineteen eighty seven now all the bases so what they feel that i had accomplished do an idea president i did all that i am a day and now i'm i hope that some good results do it back to edith lee jones has proven that time and again the route a medical career their spot for decades has been marred by several landmark accomplishments she was the first black student needed to and graduated from the university of arkansas school of medicine last year she was elected president of the national medical association the ninety one year old professional organization to which most black physicians belong back to jail just the first woman to have me in la which has a membership of about fifteen
thousand doctors dr jones high profile has been instrumental in heightening public awareness of such a longstanding and ma concerns as any form or black physicians and better health care for the poor and elderly born and raised in hot springs arkansas to ten of the public schools of that say she stars school two years late due to illness as col served to be unable to walk she attended knoxville college which she gradually with honors from knoxville chicken at northwestern university and a nineteen forty eight she entered the universe your markers are school of medicine it was something that there was fifty miles from my new home had a hair wise than less they spent their intuition as a resident of art and felt any other place that law and i wanted a medical school education and it was convenient for me to live a line from the universe devout and so what can go that includes four minutes
i'm not sure i'm madly giddiness and the humiliation of experiences than the earlier experiences that i remember is an older sister who it expired i feel bad for lack of medical attention lately on my being made in i can enhance brain stem i haven't been there in the center of a health resort where people came to hope to get rehabilitation from chronic illnesses and to see a party at our physicians particular a lack of black physicians in that area i felt that i could name my surveys there and be effective in health care we now living in an integrated society black students are allowed to attend any cards universe of their choosing war was like to pressure the isolation we interviewers of arkansas first let me correct you to tell you backed up that students are not allowed
to attain that any screw up their attention and that i wish it were so but they are still significant barriers still black students getting into and staying in and getting our op with the necessary credentials are predominately white school and that problem head that becomes even more of you as cent flea yeah i am now i've ever made rodman know it yeah still uncertain as no longer been in place but there have been no changes there have been of course that many black students who have come along and have been made even have graduated but that the celt or kind of isolation and the sullen kind of by indifference and sometimes down right hostility still exist in
maybe are they predominately our white schools that tn to calls the gladstone not to be able to get at you know what's been able to get in not being able to tolerate the kind of by eva imagine our real treatment that they received you express the viewers of arkansas you know ive mac and their data have the longer he gets laid more pleasant those expensive tend to come to me ah i may had no or very dour hostilities shown to me while i was there it was truly why math where they intended to as a faculty to admit me as another still at an end far practical purposes that was observed dead and no overt are any kind of hostility that i was able to detect at that time was shown to me it may have been some have ended said that was black
and then i was female and then i was young and naive and i'm not as a little bit aggressive but are also at bedtime get them no one but they're saving less i would retaliate in some way that would be unexpected for ibm i don't think it was a situation in which am i i was so im fine did in the end the academic criteria that i had a little time to pay attention to these social situations of both of those time an actor thanks a sort of fell into place i had at that time is you know that was before brown vs the board of education at segregation was still on the books there were still on a senior known probably but seasoned transportation our particular our own they say that says there were a neighbor called a from the rear up
then white from the fat back in an hour we knew under no circumstance the unless we wanted to be the consequences that those laws would not be by lady and so my colleagues my classmates and i who were on the bus together founded it's yet not to see it even with many many empty seats there were no rules and regulations that say that you cannot stand and talk together in any part of the bus so we usually took about a midway yeah i'm situation at least do it wherever we wanted to go in them you know we were either with a concern but we made no explanation and then we were a variety of lloyd webber and that they had any influence on the head and the last change that was not my goal at that time and my goal was to get up every day and do the best i could it would end the test was before me know i'm bad the next day would be
verified so our whereas yes i suppose i did as an aide that as an extra burden them no and then there were i still me that i had to succeed or whatever i did doubt would be a journalist as a stereotype day we still have not been separated that are wracked to do this in all blacks do that and i felt somewhat that i was that are backed by that particular time america acts in accord they of course that was what i had always known i had done that in the lab rats goes i had attempted to say i have been involved with the meal that if i was to accomplish to help others i was to first get myself in a position that i would be able to have that you would take any specialty in medicine why did you choose
that i and how medicine is my specialty now i bet my second cellist i'm known when i first any snow medical school i went into yet it's i enjoy a pediatric then now practice i'm in hot springs joe madison hack they haven't been into medicine for six years that i need well for myself to be able to deal with an adults to be able to help them to make decisions both individually any group sen dodd that they primarily were concerned about when that heaven situation's changed and what ever i could motivate them to do that out of the pediatric aids group where billy sipple in fact you mention blacks not really been able to attend colleges of the joys of the lack of black physician is it the lack of interest upon our part of becoming positions on having a lack
of resources to actually attend medical school oh i think that sam sam walton that's a sad situation we asked dr allow many years that as a kid education by hand because the plea on separate but equal and as separate now we know isn't it cool but we still i have in some of the art at various situations in our educational system that still tends to not motivate our students to come out certain situation their area put on track sat fact so far unsuccessful kind of situation our when that assertive far away hats and yet lebo that have active than i usually end up being sent to work to physicians to be sedated so that young teacher would be able to arrest them control of the mine and that that may be one end and then there is the situation of inadequate
bonds and they put sources and heads south medical education fit your lap becomes more expensive and now the resources of several programs then other help for a needy students did to decrease our blacks are more significant may have acted and now are the majority rates because of the most wide dad being black is almost synonymous with being poor the yet there are some blacks very few who are mecca below the poverty level but they usually have a quiet everybody in the family were him mother's sister brother father egg if you're fortunate enough to two fan work any space if i leave male component and you know i had used the higher debt said that under the doubt it in comparison to what the majority races and for the same job
itself four so that is one no one fastidiously mms of that scenario from does not not one that's vivian bond and they did not stop in nineteen forty eight when i entered medical school and i didn't stop when i finished medical school in nineteen it to us that more blacks have been made and more blacks have graduated and they have been may many blacks from predominately white medical school who have done very very well in the health delivery here research in almost every area in which you could imagine but at the same time they have been made him a battle and not only that the door was predominately white medical schools and have not been aired native and many of the ones who have been estimated have been recycle and recycle for reasons that outside of the fact that they did not meet the academic requirements but because someone suggests that kind of baby you're an orientation to lie sometimes on the basis of not
being adequately asian eyes that still function and that's the thaw it out in which they had in the asian that that person ought to be and sometimes one was great it not so much on the terms of how much academic achievement that could be demonstrated by a rather only opinion and sometimes that one was not able to get in one's joy i found post graduate said train they call the recommendations that that would say it that way even negative are dead satan act and now on our hands around us in a negative recommendation we come across frequently and reviewing candidates especially on tv and would say hits of that apartments will light within insect recommendation that when wal mart wants i had not been such as this candidate dress way of his candidate has claimed this candidate isn't taking a less i would say it's absolutely not been a step
something about the yeah one who was given the recommendations but by this reason is a sort of unspoken line wage in which to say is this is a black candidate that don't let me if there's there's so many soul ways and had been moved down at an ad the societies of the underprivileged poor blackmon know it and haven't peaked in the door a clown those who have been those who have the power and those who have a boy and i cannot help but imagine agee is too have the world open bed each person no matter what color of whiskey and that sick flat out what else they act that's the simple issue of very worried not be using eliminate in them to be able to obtain their potential having spent close to four decades in medicine your particular concern
addressing the quality of health care for americans in general and to tripoli yes and my whole philosophy of life is going to fit into that no way i feel the reason midi is yes we have made great strides in that they have here are americans then is you can remember the secretary out by health then i'll margaret heckler head to our report made in nineteen eighty four and she found that americans were living longer and tended to have less of a thought as i had that didn't an incapacity i'm far along the pier the time and yet when she looked at what the human know it and grant hill was it was difficult ii and compassion we found that bratz were damn much much aerial five to seven years parody of them mel white cow pie that
they were significantly up so it is mania i'm very treaty that clip that increase their longevity and the purity which they function and i have found that in my almost four decades of service that much of this heads to do away at the act says hear how far bill without weinbaum i guess there's them as a near the empire which has to do with our nice to have but many of these lice to ask him actually controlled by the people there are a part of them such a up when you taste it for housing lack of motivation i don't know do it to the end the bandstand kind of situation that many blacks and other minorities find themselves back down at the bet those of us who know those of us who
pay those of us who who and i contributed anything so they have here are the poor must do so less wi fi him ned those grounds that we have gained four hours they'll i'm no longer sit here far the eye health loved one who significantly affect say half of all and we will find their due we do not get concerned about they have here the poor and weak and syria back to a drying to our economic progress in our country that it won't even be more so far it is certainly more cost effective to treat the bird a hand to prevent that is to allow chronic illness these fans social behaviour to develop and then attempt to rehabilitate so from a limited reasons i have worked out a significant
amount of my energy is to educate simon to sensitize others and to act to actually get him bob hope what ever i could be and to see that those who are poor disadvantaged have some of the things that they would be able to develop to their potential one is education have spent a lot of time in them are trying to be a pot of active security and education for those who cannot get for themselves father being that embody in that rehabilitation guess i'll buy that significantly end trying to help provide housing and follow those who do not have adequate housing into it and to its specially provide help here and have here and say it's an ever say to sensitize those who are in
every cell you are so worried the roll to a significant amount of a unity and concern for the health care of the poor you are the immediate past president of the national medical association whether the name being selected president that organization and wolves some of the injured copies printed well for me it meant that i had then expanded opportunity to eat too sir i had that many people would listen to me and that i incorporate that into their consciousness on the level of brain about some action i as to what i was able to deal out and i'm not so sure it bad that it in tangible a point the joubert well i can say that don it on tinder is president our mom our membership increased thirty three percent said that doubt with that came a significant increase in finance it that we
were able to allow dual our direct communication with governmental people we were able to get into the white house and into the senate and to the house of representatives and to make our cause is unknown and to have certain things change that they say they did not even consider because they'd no one had brought it to their attention our greatest power farmlands of communication between other health organizations and which we could speak about those same issues that we do have concern and asked them to support the dishes or in the nineties i would say they've shown no concern in ways that they had not been sensitized to to happen to houston texas of a bow and practice and you have an extensive commitment to community services ah i followed my husband year
my hair spend came here employed at texas southern university and it was a place where i can't get arrested didn't see him now my chosen that specialty and i followed him and i saw to be like george washington carver said i put my body down what i was besides your practice here in houston you're also involved with the life enhancement center was a particular hundred due to that i can has no center is that sort of foundation and the jails foundation is a way of our contribution in terms of finances services at the hair of our people i do not understand how to get into the system they happened yet for themselves both things that they need for their particular situation and to be able to help them to fill out job applications i had to appear fine interview those cds were closed a way to help by a marital counseling
in an agile develop man in orwell adolescent problems than all of the paintings there that chant of the only me from people where they have not been a listening ear and there's been as a say no way for them to be able to access the system and that itself is to enhance them to be to let them know that they're here for a certain purpose then that there are forces that are willing to help them to reach their purpose then that's what i'm about and that's what the enhancement center is about my husband is director and now we have to say it's the family commitment our service in finances and is a sought of plum benevolent foundation during my interview with dr jones i made a statement that blacks are now allowed to obtain in ecology university of
enjoys i was wrong i question dr frederick s humphries president of oil and m university about the role the black students at that university i would say that we compete effectively for talented black suits or fall will we have this year our freshman class thirty two national merit flour some of filers national achievement flowers someone files a freshman class will sacrifice in the system all of that tomorrow we we beat most the stooges in terms of that particular type of student maybe in our freshman class looked at nationwide white students call an average of nine twenty five on the scholastic aptitude test and black swan about seven twenty five so what we need to be working on and how to get that average help get
that a great performances from the high school such that they will have a greater poor students recruit from because that's that's where the danger is it's it's it's it's not the sort of competing for the warrants being successful you will get more people be successful so that we would have a greater competition educate more blacks to the gray feel i have is the roshan and you know family you may regret all of the the good black students but there will be accomplishing will be just recruiting the male who i and that's not doing the job surely will be competitive force to know what we would do is to work as mary was talking about we will work with the high school i wanna get black professionals in the state to get activated to be concerned to make their mark input into the community to be worried about what color was having to tune by young men and women out from elementary through
twelfth grade and what is a role that they can play in helping to make sure that your proper academic skills of being and steel in those young people what can the church do what can now talk to a ymca program do well all the hassle or things alien pendulum all rearrange the economy how affective lobby of beans feeling out the appropriate values of skills and that and that young person coming up in a community anna how your work together to make that work in a way that we've operated differences in creed agreed a poor people ready and willing and able to participate and our educational mainstream and i think that's all groups children will allow dr frederick s of freeze and active eu mae jones if you have a comment a like a bird is a cassette copy of his problem right us who dresses in black america long on radio network ut austin austin texas seventy seven twelve fourteen black america's technical producer of our
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Dr. Edith Mae Irby Jones
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past president of the National Medical Association and the first black to attend the University of Arkansas School of Medicine
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