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it's both he's from the longhorn radio network the university of texas at austin this is in black america this guy and while a few very few years and not just the not knowing what this job's or about what to do
by their own lives when i was traded from the new orleans jazz out to los angeles lakers or with the light was just in the imagination not as great as i wanted to be i could get more sense of my life more more gossip and when i went to hollywood spencer they work former national basketball association star in nineteen seventy nine thousand they were was at the top of his game but he also began to use cocaine the white powder became an obsession has led to the loss of an opportunity to win the national basketball association championship and respect of his los angeles lakers he makes illicit drugs have long plagued this american society which agree cocaine and marijuana once viewed as being fashionable
but the fat has faded in the wake of the day's more potent and devastating floods so just crack that's even highly addictive form of cocaine and a potential danger of crack on a synthetic amphetamine there is reputed to be even more harmful than crack i'm jan l henson jr welcome to another edition of them black america this week spencer they were destroyed his professional basketball career in black america new releases on this issue in the late eighties that was a period down from twenty five point six people by arguing with them
teammates are you economists agree five points in three revolve around really does that and then goes over the novel take about other political comedians take take some us trained so much from one thousand and also mostly lost and reasonable jury not just a musical ain't even though all the rest of it now a nineteen sixty five sprints and they would move to detroit michigan to live with either and james bale in nineteen sixty seven was it was without a doubt the best basketball player in detroit and in the country his senior year at pershing high school he let the dough boys to its first a basketball
championship and receive scholarship offers from over four hundred colleges and universities rose went on to leave the nineteen sixty eight us olympic basketball team to a gold medal there's a woe with the fourth player to petition a national basketball association to allow him to enter before senior year in college the aviator didn't wanna have a court battle so they'll oust visit to enter making him the first player to enter the national basketball association under the harsh rule there's a will buikema has to stop his rookie year he became the only nba player to win the most points scored in a season the mall's black chats in the season the mall's rebound in the season the most assist in a season and the highest percentage average in one season a nineteen seventy nine has received a dream come true he was traded from the new orleans jazz to los angeles lakers but also that year he began to use as much as four thousand hours a week
of illicit drugs and austen's estimate the last two eight to ten million dollars because of cocaine today spencer has recovered and spends much of his time encouraging young people not to repeat his mistakes reason is nessa was in austin texas explaining his anti drug message anyway we're calling oh well you're very peer pressure and not any instances they're not knowing what drugs or what do you do to him during the panel that if a meeting with iran by that i mean that is what i was created the new orleans jazz out to los angeles lakers
or a fun light was as a man as a nation not as great as i wanted to be like animals this to my life more more gossip and then more than i went to hollywood party and every one of his party was doing cocaine we lose that said and i work in his party say well you know right enough to fit in i wanna be like these big brother was like ok another one every couple will i will report interview local business so in a year or two there were also in a gorgeous room and this
was back in that night and the days in nineteen seventy nine and eighty it was about the show and he says sure this is the best cook and eight he owns waste at all the dog does was this gondola baseball baseball at that buying what's called play in baseball would be basically free basing cocaine prices low don't worry about it the cook in and out with a bacon soda and shaking will and i just want you to a real great kindness organic just remix obviously i hope you know open doorways and really want to be part of his hollywood
set so i took apart or despite them another part and another part and another part that night went by as if they were some kind of a burger and i continue to use those door because of my new regulations and this season with the lakers that what mccain chariot down from twenty five or six people by arguing with them teammates are you oh my dr barry rebo take about other political comedians take take some ice
tray so much from one thousand and also mostly dead last not even there's to be no and then one night i was just so much that can actually a novelty of jobs turn around a paris cairo and the ball whether he's twelve years ten years to use one year down the line because that's how it works out and the seas were so when someone is saying that there were in the program and it may be that they're such as must of five years say i know people who had ten years so if they met once all right
and there's a lot of them so i decided well look i gotta do something about this but i personally had had some so i will run no not to my young daughter new yorker and eventually i got to the stage where she didn't turn a normal turnout was the overuse them and majorities on tv and after that i look in her eyes when i sit or you know not only am i was torn myself i am torn an opportunity for much now know what kind of person am i work on a father could do this right away i go and check in to get some help again not convinced that i won't
sell the first twenty eight days until you said you know what you're getting in line about three days so that me and i went back in for another twenty days and tornado something happen in a second state i began to understand what they were talking about when you're speaking of ohio and i began to understand that got control of course i began to look at my crew and say what happened and he found it a soccer player from a tiny town on the mississippi people locked up in the only place in the right situation an american boycott of gillette this allowed me out and go out and save the united states in terms of us olympics you know my place had been the first to go into the prose was a reasonable is getting the ayatollahs in control of my life but when i realize
what i've done in korea is that i realized that i started thinking that it was god it was me you know i'm the goddess juno i'm a controllable and that's what got him into trouble or start a worker program make it might at least live in a green light being leaning good people and one of the people that i started thinking wow i get to sell tomatoes dr you in junior high joking matter all boundaries always alone because i know that you are the future you hold the key to all of our well being and you and i know
that you can if you're a crooked if you live out here selling your soul for rock album so in a soulful wine coolers for beers and believe me i know what you're going through because for some strange reason everyone was attack attack and you'll still they warn you that one of the apostles at which you just like that because you have the greatest because you respect and you want to get a look at the the commercials that i see on television today you got a little darling three women in a bikini telling you this is not for me but for you
and any of that you have fell and you listen you could have a great time and play with it you know what time it is no you will be lonely oh yeah different videos prominent say listen if you have the reason this section you get that prominent rappers a coma and soul man out and in it you want
so are would you typically close attention very close attention to your teachers to the counselors here and most important listen to your parents spent time with the parents get to know your parents my mother saved my life and make an old as a man's because that gets unwelcome relationship human relationship with my daughter saved my life because i had no relationship with her and you have a right to demand that your parents be drug free but not all free so you can get the best opportunities in life you know they're running and vice versa your parents have the right to demand that you the carnival three to say you must get a working relationship with your parents because you wanted a
game of life this brigade this big basketball game of life you don't need to have records on the site that called don't have to be of parents teachers and the other was in your life because you can't make the decision to win the game less than a quarter of an experience so you got three quarters left ago i would want or you can't win again so please do not follow and this great game of life because you are the only hope and no future we got an all much time is devoted to you and he's fine young players here michael jordan isaiah thomas magic johnson marc price to re dominate all its players' sins their heart out to you because they care and they can't be here and they say will
speak to move on the ice that put on table is who didn't get to never have again not a true because they really care and there's a lot more adults it ok i want you you have kept liz costly trying to help you to understand a lot of it you look forward and open up your heart and enjoy it and enjoy it and enjoy it until they get the piece be
i do on our our like to open up for some questions than answers mean we can just talk about it right now and they're pretty ok so we can relax and just talk about it gentlemen the journalist nicholas want you can research questions like a place of basketball know i'm honored that ok yes they are my way there now know what i was doing in many years we had jim it grew and she was in new york as a model and actress month or lesbian school in kindergarten so i
was a moment that was not begin that way with them and as all are you think your chicken orlean and of the world to continue this of course i knew announcement in ohio was in the nile i deny the idea that is cocaine out so well because this was the man has been cooked it is fueled by this you know it's ok i sound like myself but you know free base to get your guns then what's different free bass is the father to crack is the same form of crack this is a lot cheaper more addictive and it's available for you to take yourself right now and i have another one is coming out now all eyes a song the hallway holland's it has taken over the islands from an american be
advances the show deion the paranoid news because you see on with things happen to matt in that they have a job at a medical plane has about fifteen to twenty minutes thirty minutes maximum where is this dual you're hired to do eight hours of total mess and there are so many people running into the psychiatric towards know it and this fall and they'll mostly because the heart can take so again it's a lot of devastation than forty years there was one of us bound loads let me give you a big picture i would say that by eviction cost me ten million dollars oh yes a million
dollars i'll tell you what i miss about nine years ago first of all and at the time of the highest paid players were one of i think players in the game i missed nine years of endorsements are that it's about eight million dollar club basketball about endorsements and test is beginning i have since been divorced or maui that i don't have i don't spend less and have a trial month order to milo geary i have issues just now recovering but i want something something we're in recovery it because you know why and this one here today because you you have made it all possible for me this is my view among you make of the bases were wow because where both are
you have brought to light because it sounds great view to undo that and i see you in need to tell you what is going on what's going to happen if you were an adult and you can you have to go down there and this is what i'm getting twenty million dollars and the human emotion from back and forth from you so thank you for that yet it because i was the reason for good in basketball basketball isn't and it won't go through humiliation that based on the lakers go in midseason only just won the final season with the washboard abs my wife is an automobile accident so i some other clean true for millions of well i don't want to be him await trial for retired this day and i've never been there the nba rule is that if you could call the first time they give you our treatment i
disagree with that tricky spanish beer trading cocaine addiction as if it was about politics and you'd need more time and treatment they're treated as if you get twenty days thirty days you're ok you go right back to the same divide i am and disagreed with their homeworld express in the top of the nba you need more time in treatment you need more time to understand just as devastating tornado video disc okay so in the second time i think you get a lot of that one year suspension and the third time you get back to life but you can petition to come back up the work after two years or three years i think it is but you know you know i also understand that any addiction is a disease until we start to think that this there's something else that this person is a bad person he did the wrong thing as he did the wrong thing
we're looking we overlook and well we have to really deal with that as a disease and it's cruel no no no no one about that was taken at the time and writing about i suppose someone down the line was getting stone something here and what i do now is i know that my style will be effective with migration she's a prime candidate so i never involved in reality and we have a lot of counties in fact he's almost okay and if he had listened to the ship in steuben in depth are windsors rule and at the dollar all explaining to do is what we're talking about is that he was also part by this side and second you know i knew that with the goal of the last fall for
me so i was somewhere that god was political muscle is the main event right note the discipline of tobacco and the church early states and again that's what you say you are you and says you know you're so much about the case of the problem of the solution without the problem you know because we got all the medicine to your life we brought all of the problem so we have to correct our cells and then dr douglas corrected cells and to work at the curriculum a big picture the ruling won't they don't think they have also not have been offended and adults are relevant it would have been
fine thank you it's as if this counseling they would form a national basketball association start if you have a question or comment writers remember views and opinions expressed on this program i'm not necessarily those of the station or at the university of texas austin for production assistant editor at previous them black america's technical producer griffin hargrove i'm danielle hansen jr please join us again next week cassette copies of this program are available and maybe purchased by writing ian black america cassettes longhorn radio network communication building
the ut austin austin texas seventy seven one tune that's in black america cassettes longhorn radio network communication building the ut austin austin texas seventy seven want to do is from the center for telecommunication services the university of texas at austin this is the longhorn radio network it's been i'm gabrielle harrison jr joined me this week on america's he says this is perfectly legal to curious
In Black America
Spencer Haywood: Drugs Destroyed My Career
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former NBA star discusses battle with cocaine
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