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the day is about is have witnessed the highest at eighteen months of man's intellect and the most diabolical achievements of his evil genius that man an odd time has finally said dude age old diseases kept new sources of energy a prolonged life expectancy and conquered space he has also devised the concentration camp the crematorium and the gas chamber it is well to remind ourselves of man's potential paul wickedness as well as talk and passion his nihilistic drive as well as his creative edge it is well to remember so that we grow not hockey all bain and we evoked the painful memory is not out of the sickness of spirit or a sense of morbidity but so that aware of man's potentiality for evil and for good we harness the one
hand encourage the other it was in the spirit that we at the park avenue synagogue in the city of new york decided to commemorate the twentieth anniversary of the liberation of the concentration camps and germinate why the allied armies under the command of general eisenhower the commemoration took the form of an extraordinary sabbath eve service on friday may twenty eight with general eisenhower as the guest of honor the synagogue was filled to the last row in the balcony a tense us grip the worshippers this was a regular sabbath at the service of worship the same prayers the customary melodies but it was not the same we were about to recall the bitterest cried today in jewish history and the story of mankind
but we were also to remember the humane forces that brought the liberation and healing to the survivors these losses the men and the women who embodied them were symbolized by the presence in our midst of the lead up other fossils of liberation general eisenhower if i'm not mistaken this was to be there first diane an american history that a president or former president of the united states would add ten date regular sabbath service in a synagogue is direct nature of the occasion was not lost on the worshippers general eisenhower was presented a bible printed in jerusalem in both the original hebrew and in the english translation
and bound in silver the presentation on behalf of the congregation was made by its distinguished president joseph howard katz esquire i had the privilege of delivering address as rabbi of the congregation as what time advisor and jewish affairs the general eisenhower and the european theater of operations and as senior jewish chaplain in the american army in europe the story of the liberation of the concentration camps and the aid brought to the survivors in the immediate months afterward was familiar to me from crist no experience while the presentation made up the synagogue on may the twentieth of this year lamar where we hear when we do yeah very appropriate
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Eisenhower and the Jews
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A speech on Eisenhower's contributions to the Jewish people.
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Days of Remembrance of the Victims of the Holocaust
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