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it's b there are safer and more manageable subjects' or a lazy sunday and made summer than
the one that we have singled out the day the case for reparations but there is that side in the affairs of man that is no respect your preferences through his eyes one thing i need not do today is when you till an affection for zacharias you already like this friend of jesus' most everyone handicap while i can fight it draws us out with the name mike sackett say probably sat in the back row and snow i missed a lot of what went on up front but primarily we want is ikea us because again this deal to say the man of nazareth it was willing to let landon is that not a
rundown this great while now but for a bomb and would look jesus responded to the ikea fueled by stopping before that trey and letting the public in the calm now so yes so jesus make pates and come along for i must stay at your house today it must have been a walk too and all walks that walk of jesus and zach is to the public and close if only we could have planned that conversation was a tax collector his job was to raise money from his own people on behalf of the occupying countries hate it wrong as i understand that it was a cost plus operation a paid so much when a franchise in all that he may be on
that was his there was another case all the traffic and apparently use it us major traffic their planet but now it's different they say is this job in the moonlight they save other people in a new way they say is money in what for them is a startling new perspective the halt lauren there and as he says it happened my dog's id have to look poor and occupy had defrauded anyone of anything i restart for a fall more important i think then this remarkable testimony of cyclists is the response that jesus those words gives it is
that we're saying he says they are a man or jesus said to him today's salvation has come to this house since he also is a son of abraham they were so elements in the reclamation of cyclists generosity half of my goodness i give to the poor and justice if i had defrauded anyone of anything fiery story for a full but whatever it lays i k s major operation let's not fear the term the prize of all is is all is the book of exodus and there's no i was contemporary jurisprudence in the twenty second chapter of exodus we raid of a man steals an axe or a sheep and kills at ourselves at each upgrade five oxen foreign oxen
foresee for a sheet he shall make restitution roman law and sister that of a man slowly have a replay for old sac is goes beyond roman law by suggesting that they will make amends event where he is not guilty of liberal leave or a the principal has been embraced by jewish theology i quote from the standard jewish encyclopedia forgiveness of sin depends upon true repentance while wrong time to a fellow man requires rectification and restitution be for forgiveness is possible roman catholic moral theology what's it this way restitution is an act of commuted of justice whereby property is restored to one though as been deprived of it
just lay down the law it wasn't so long ago that a very reputable conservative orthodox baptists theologian eight strong speaking unrepentant said this true repentance is indeed manifested and evidenced by confession and stand before god and by reparation for wrongs done to men it was autumn such considerations at the world council of churches and its first consultation and racism in london of mayonnaise year endorsed the principle of reparation forget thats what our preparation becomes an intelligence and cheap grace the whole lord if i have defrauded anyone and that if a fiery
start for full it is against this background that our response to the black manifesto should be made shirley it is beyond dispute why now that the white man in this country has not done right by the black man before a black child says its first word art takes its first step is handicapped the discrimination that we work is sometimes personnel and always systemic that system dates back to the institution of slavery which was instituted by our fathers what which has been perpetuated and confirmed by us their sons to our political material and social advantage always at your show
i answer that we have sim as educators by failing to give americans black and white a knowledge of the history of this country's largest minority group we have sinned as terrorists by finding one look all after another with which to strangle the black man's hope for justice we have sinned as real dollars by encouraging block busting in the urban centers of america and fencing up a negro from the choices acres in the suburbs we have sinned as pay iran's by passing on to our children the math of white supremacy and enforcing it by innuendo for example and secure much we have sinned as tourists by coming up against white only signs and restaurants hotels swimming holes in theaters without so much as a word of protests we have sent us ports friend's bike sharing the exploits of the black athlete and
caring little for his welfare as a person we're soon as bankers by restricting the flow of capital into the black community we have send us trade unionists by denying apprentice status of blacks and failing to welcome them as fellow workers we're saying as members of clubs fraternities unlike years by restricting membership to people like ourselves we have sim as legislators why catering to racist pressures and income earning a path the justice with laws designed a retired progress and make elementary right and wrong appear more complicated than they need to be we have sent as members of the entertainment world by fostering anti american public an image of the black man as a chef was drawing less than human thing and way of sin as ministers of the gospel y still going to deliver
bland assurances that all was well while the acids of racism we're creating away the nation's soul and jesus our greatest failure as a church lies in our online ass or our inability to carry a faith beyond the interpersonal level so it might become active at the social and corporate level marlo they gave us a good spirit year when he said i want to live as an opinion or they must do to share and bearing and suffering the communities burdens dangers and injuries even though ninety but his neighbors cause them
they must do this in the same way that he enjoys the peace profit protection wealth freedom and convenience of the community even though he has not won them all brought the end of the year what i'm saying is that we've had the numbers and the power to make a difference and we did not make that difference therein lies our sin they also sample only stand and what we are frail collective laos white and we can make amends collectively as white christians and this is what reparations means to me oh i know that there are objections i been calming them out of my hair for the last two months
so the rate paid my money i can't what we have done in a black man in this country is beyond repayment in terms of dollars and since we own tribesmen leon family then we on land him i confess that i could not raid without waiving that section in the autobiography of malcolm x where he talks about going to chicago to get a new name they get deliverance from the name that we had given him when his family was amir pawn in our system listen to him my application not of course been made and during this time i received from chicago my next the muslims x
symbolize the chill african family name that he never could know for me my ex replace the white slave master name of little with some blue eyed double name little and imposed upon my paternal forebears every state of my acts meant that they're in the nation of islam i would be known as malcolm x mr mohammad thought that we would keep this next until god himself returned and gave us our holy name from his own mouth there is no money they can make up for this but
armand a candy and ernest of a good intention and a hint of a new direction for the church and for the nation why reparations i don't like that term this is laura dunn a squabble over semantics there's something in me is because if we get away from it we're going to go again what whitey is done for hundreds of years were going to make a few years here and there and we are in a pride ourselves on our generosity
the dollar as a way of embracing a very severe that which we are called upon to do was not go under the category of generosity for me it goes on in a category of justice and the term preparation is yours that insight the good samaritan was indeed generous four they only follow his victim and that that each week caught our square spanish american the eskimo a deprived people about molecular where does the whole thing again
rodriguez says its case desires that's day in court before the conference of the church and the nation in which the church is set isn't it morbid to talk about guilt as a depressing doesn't have a backward look and take us away from that fall a look at stats so sorely needed most they both feel this way i have a habit of coupling the world the word guilt with prejudice you a qualifier is they talk about more but guilt or from les introspection as andy minister priest
knows full well guilt can become pathological we can become excessively preoccupied with it and i'm not suggesting that guilt is the only component of our response to the black people but i maintain that it is a component and that throw reproduce has a way not only of looking back on a prop la's with greater courage and a future what difference well there are great as it might be but the church might very well be used of god has a catalytic agent to loosen sizable songs from other sectors of american life not ugly business and government
why should we help the black man my parents were of a different ethnic group and they came over and they made it and no one helped them the answer is that your parents came voluntarily these people were brought over under our compulsion and by the blackness of their skin they were denied assimilation and a normal american life serious objection are however is this why should i support a revolution your shoulders one of the most distinguished theologians and american protestantism confided to me privately how regretful he was that we did not
have a better document as a symbol of reparation and what he meant by that was that this document as a sad way of composing so issues reparation and revolution now revolution is always a possibility in any state we went that road are so starting when did we not and others there will always be some in any particular state law beginning to work that option out i think the state is not hopeless and it is madness to expect people who do not believe in revolution that contribute
to it for suicide is no less a sin and racism tragically there's no oil through central asia a belated loyalty to the black man it might get but just as that is is joe what then the loyalty of the country which is also there it is a recognized parliamentary procedure that if a man wants it they can have a question of it i asked the law that this question be divided reparations yes revolution no and as clearly as i can i wanna say that no funds that idea of no one that i raised no funds over which i have influence will be euros for the destruction of the overthrow of the us
government i believe we need reform i believe we stand in need of drastic overhaul and renewal from inside out but i don't believe god is yet finished with this republic now if the revolutionary talk in the manifesto bethel marxist line of interpretation of history was only an attention getting device and i said that purpose i don't they're very honorably retired so they're waiting get on with the business of making reparations that you need not the revolution but the reconciliation god was in christ reconciling the world to himself and have committed under less the ministry of
reconciliation rather remarkable bit of dialogue from this way but on the fourth this game is in disguise it comes to little french town of gamma ray and he notices as he nears a castle that a bus of hand and remote from its pedestal and thrown into them out and asks how to get in the mode that all someone course demand i always do sometimes two or three times a year with why
all those silly old man there's people that push things in the moat pretty hard work so there's just people are worse things in the moat a little later the king asked gently are you the owner here know he said i'm not i live hear about's then why'd you pull out the old man looked puzzled searched for an answer why i don't know i guess there's people to pull things out that's what they do various people but push things
people look for things reparations i should think we would rejoice that to some degree you are seeing his preparation of all that drunk that and run driver who killed a little girl last night wishes he could make reparation we still have time and history has remained sufficiently set to allow us this response i'm not results is a lot to suggest that this is the christian response to reparations
i'm simply saying that it was wrong and zack he has stood and said to the lord if i had defrauded anyone of anything ivory store a fourfold what do you make let us pray give us almighty god a knowledge of what is right and the power to do that right we know and when we have done our best we will still be un profitable servants saved by like grace alone through jesus christ our lord a man
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