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beating our own drama the beloved of programs that have but then won prizes the gaston motel thirty eight non violent direct action integration campaign play riverside radio wypr is ten years old today since january first nineteen sixty one when the station first one on the year scores of producers and created hundreds of programs so more or broadcast once and rightly relegated to obscurity others excited the regular wypr radio audience and then became prize winners no radio station and certainly not w are they are set up to produce programs just to compete for prizes programs are presented to entertain to enrich the daily lives of listeners through factual reporting an analysis of news through programs of education and
information if in addition programs end up being unique it's a bonus for the creators during its second are broadcasting the law the art has won what might seem to be more than its share of prizes twenty two in or sometimes the programs that have been acclaimed resulted from a lucky accident just being in the right place when something monumental was happening the coverage of the fight for civil rights in birmingham alabama was such a situation other times program over its were especially noted because of the originality of the idea and the excellence of execution and a national radio month for instance so other programs and producers of inside it because of consistent superior production day after day year after year one of the best examples is just jazz with ed beach tonight we're going to take a look at some of the programs at a one
laurels for wypr and we're not going to be very modest after all we're only ten years old wants sometimes awards are given not for a single program but for general excellence in broadcasting wypr has received its share of these including the coveted george foster peabody award in nineteen sixty four given vw audi are for distinguished achievement and meritorious public service the peabody as always set a goal for a program producers at wypr establish a sort of a tradition of trying to do better than the best the birmingham series started like this producer jack summerfield and water nixon wanted to tell the real story of the civil rights struggle in the south and then proceeding to do so they also created a series that has received more acclaim than any other program series ever produced by wypr birmingham a testament of
nonviolence was a series of six one hour documentary is reporting first hand on the events in the revolution and race relations in birmingham eyewitness accounts of meetings rallies demonstrations and riots as well as interviews with leading protagonists were featured one of the programs was affecting a vivid account of a ku klux klan rally near birmingham and other riot touched off by the bombing of the negro leaguers home birmingham a testament of nonviolence one for a major awards in nineteen sixty four only armstrong memorial research foundation and ohio state the national conference of christians and jews and the protestant council the citations were as varied as best local station documentary series or a major award for public service and outstanding achievement in broadcasting the programs offered no analysis only the events themselves but you can see for yourself listen
now to excerpts from the first programme in the series a happy day in birmingham may tenth nineteen sixty three reviews for wypr by jack summerfield who was general manager of riverside radio at that time and mortar nixon news and public affairs director oh happy day in birmingham may tenth nineteen sixty three birmingham testament of nonviolence part one and here is the reverend martin luther king jr i ever happen to be able to announce that we have come today to the climax of a long struggle for justice and freedom and human dignity and the city of birmingham i'd say the climax and market in a polio come along a long way
that is to raise your newest half reforms and some of it as yet unsure nevertheless it can lobby said that after a great struggle this day is live the late viktor when you do that is a story that really threw and they approached to integrate and i counted downtown they were issuing and the jobs clothes and eric then it'll be on the job and i got then two weeks was summoned sixty days or someone that they used to it is i'm happy with it to the extent that he was
successful at fourteen where it was successful very successful as far as the specific demands and gold movement was concern but i think it's never know when what they received in the way of concessions never been in themselves rather than the implications of a math head well it shows a lead which was a real have suffered an enclave within mean this is all of them do now want all the she's in jail but i'm grateful that is this result maybe after all we all will benefit from the brits are going to be a one hour then when i heard it was over the radio our own rally and come in from our leeds alabama we're no outcome in on third at and i'd get a radio and said he'd bought this committee had made an agreement and they were
far more nuanced compromise with an egg roll on the same day snow lunch counters aware of fountains and now our soul restaurant well they're certainly for hammering the new man is davi pointed out that i didn't all the data that you too much will go well now scientist dr leslie are a major use a restroom and i use not that micah done borrow money or better than he is not there it's just a matter of the cleanliness and all marrone and everyone else i mean everyone knows the dog about believe that everyone know that we didn't care very high rate you know as they say and i must say about ways to get another seven point i'm at is all hopped up over that year and not they will you know it's true of vintage earliest will this family but i was upset over darby truth we had all agree we want
to be in the world and there will only he's been if it's because it is it's been great his buddies
became it's b mr mark the page as buyers bodies bodies be it's
both one that's a bag i do not get a just war that big will be a birmingham what i made a while i mean the victor and paula white man i mean a victory for all the united states of america and i made a victim have for the free world way at o'hare to make a long speech tonight i'm appalled at what remains an important political outcome already at that one terrible movement to have an opinion and it really about ackman's the business about the lesson coming into los angeles let's be
as bees all the wrong way for your usual loans association in los angeles to add a de waal away from los angeles to see about us it's b gary
is on the national law on in dublin a city last night and the wilkinson another least the new leaders and copy of mississippi it was disappointing the peace be what three minutes i wanted and that one that at that time as he and the wonderful people of only am i mean i bring you readings from california novel a leading one worry you continued this why we must continue this fly and the only worry in the league needs
is baby right right at last april and then the fall of the era when you were called upon to me you know what he said to you then you're negro and it cannot do it a little the time it right the pain you do you
could do it do you will initially the team he'll know what i want do what i mean nine minutes of the league teams and now my friends and that's going to say today about sea anomaly on to say his novel is going to use the more about that yeah yeah
you just need a b gets the ten years that this day is not hold water and we mustn't they'll think to get up and we are one one are we on about why would dictate and ralph abernathy and their staff oversaw the major problems is going to be here with you on the album but just won't end the practice the pain it's even though my friends and that was the day that his before i start to help focus on to the crew this community then
brent said to me before you know i was around the sixteenth street baptist church and meeting with the students and then come to the hospital and see me and out of that hospital and they didn't want to let me see no no i didn't really mind as i went out that boots at i went out that is even in that prompted the frog muppet top of them would have to be an economist and i started to tell him that if i read them out on a stretch of the little one
way as bender why the pittsburgh these days and i wanted to read the report back here so the word is not that ralph abernathy and wouldn't you would've made him feel better is better as
bell what's it all one thousand jobs which notes and when to know the opposite ends made such a stone that this that they sent this album is a major conference one thousand dollars at the hague he's been it's b lulu it has been
that time where my friends and i said so on my fellow citizens of birmingham alabama because i really feel it it's b and i think that isis at you that although he makes certain agreements in this troubled i do not plan to leave our minimum a permanent bases that will be right here with you fall a long long time the
pope i said to the members of my staff that we should not fail that this is a time for us to leave our brothers and sisters in but that we should commit ourselves to be indiana now staying here with the situation until every day i'll have been made by the merchants and bow bows as ben matt and karen o now i want to read a statement that i read in the press conference this afternoon and i think it will give you an idea our at least
explain to you exactly what has been accomplished accomplish or what is less today i have read happy it to be able to announce that we have come today to the climax of a long struggle for justice and freedom and human dignity and the city of birmingham i'd say the climax i'm not in the earlier have come a long long way that is the earl a strenuous half before us and some of it is yet on shore nevertheless it can lobby said that after a great struggle this day is live the late viktor the greatness of the triumph is measured by this
one that it is a victory and that cannot possibly be confined to the limit the area of one race in the the agreements would have been reached over the last few days i'll signal accomplishments which are bound to that critic of all the women and cities as a matter of fact that is sensitive that this victory at mit won't be confined within the limits of this sprawling metropolis prominently enlightened symbol shed at the radiance of its example for obvious entire nation credit for what has been done most prominent person the question occurs the name of a red reverend fred shuttlesworth stands out as the magic canadian and this magic city
is walk along and all alone some role this day many of the miners' health is impaired what he has just a reason to be fine for and then a lot of those great sacrifices more over the many men and women working with him by deciding behind the sea and the alabama christian movement for human rights must also be bringing without about the world will never forget the thousands of children and adults will give up our own physical safety and freedom and secure the safety and freedom alone men i will say this to and these recent a vibrant vivid impression of aquatic are the
white persons of the community and what's so diligently for justice solutions to our mutual problems they must also will be given real credit they are men of that we're going on to said and done this situation to say that the perspective of eternity ultimate credit and going on must be given to the almighty bill vs clear the work among us and it is your own restaurant again particular all of his job we may they win man will no longer fit to speak the truth and citizens were no longer commands before but that's a misguided man we look forward now to continued problems of the establishment of the city
in which equal job opportunities equal access to public facilities and equal rights and responsibilities for all of its people will be large everyday however even these an evil things mr haim no surges upwards mr hall says this berman amazon its way to the creation of a new kind of community must have made an image but a new reality will oakland follow up to that moment so upon us as well schumer become a magic city again this time for you know with a beautiful magic of wham bam of regional respect and love each other we say
ultimately a magic city where paloma longer be the measure of the man's word lead character will matter more than pigment age icon the polls without saying that the negro community must accept this achievement in the right spirit does not say the present development as a victory for the negro it is rather a victory for democracy in the whole citizenry of birmingham and why our wealth and non violence has been such that we cannot be satisfied with the victory at all that are quite well we must respond to every new development and civil rights with an understanding of those who have opposed us i'm more of an appreciation for new adjustment in memphis we
must be able to face up on it slipped a longshot then we must act in such a way as to make possible a coming together of white people and colored people on the basis of rail harmony all ages and i understand this is the time that we must advance called edna do and why is history emotion was not long while violence must not come from any of us that if we become victimizing the violent acts on and ten and then problems will be transformed into a room and it might've letter grades we stand on the verge of using public facilities udall thought close to us we must not be overbearing and forty hands we must be loving enough to turn an intimate and to affirm us now from protests the reconciliation this to evolve over
it as well that were caused us to look at this i would say it's nice to have you in birmingham and in the way a lot of these words are meant to and we will know that they are sincere an anon and then we'll all the citizens of this community be able to say bombs it's great to be in berlin around the city on our respect and the criminal oh happy day in birmingham may twelfth nineteen sixty three the first program of a prize winning wypr series birmingham a testament of nonviolence that summerfield a mortar nixon produced the six part documentary you're listening to beating our own prom a roundup of the blue audio programs that it won prizes presented tonight to celebrate the tenth anniversary of riverside radio before
continuing its review of a decade of broadcasting let's pause for a station identification and a brief message you knew demi ready or ten years of wypr idea translate that into thousands of hours of incomparable music and intelligent thought provoking discussions and interviews come to think about how many radio stations contributed something positive to the nineteen sixties well though you are the audience and those of us who listen to your concerts you're super jazz and your intelligent talk or in europe that this is jordan all time general manager of the new cbs where we report news all day and all night from all of us to wypr happy birthday and
many many more life mm hmm the program in the birmingham series to receive the most attention was the klan two bombs and a riot recording a klan meeting was a first class journalistic who in nineteen sixty three it still is today the program is a remarkable social document for the year john to sell for excerpts from the planned to bombs and a riot from birmingham testament of nonviolence recorded exclusively for wypr in birmingham by dec summerfield and walter nixon the klan two moms and a riot birmingham
testament of nonviolence part two dating way it is in a very remote bin laden with a true i get in race baiting that you say that some say we anticipate alabama and the environmental problem well yeah they didn't hesitate and you have actually and this is non
communist but there's a biting and planning and buying <unk> value and i write a sentence and the laborers and the christian religion and we are allies of the president and the senate for about twelve hours they're not so it seems that no bob lying down any concessions on demand on radio baby is so called men as there is any element here again hat the imperial wizard of the klan by name of robert shaw just on the outskirts of birmingham near suburban bessemer the klan is staging a mass rally in cross burning the sweltering saturday night mail out of this oakland
kkk meeting the first held in this part of alabama made months follows a family picnic and barbecue too far across is ritualistically set ablaze by world included klansmen eliminate this video and the faces of several thousand men women and children assembled here kkk security guards are spotted through the crowd ready to deal with troublemakers their uniforms are white with blood red ties and matching shoulder braids they wear white quite helmets embellished on either side with the stars and bars they wear don't boots and holds true the school's ranking klansman from neighboring states have come to this cross burning rally which was recorded in its entirety exclusively by wypr the fm station of the riverside church in the city of new york now you will hear more of what these klan leaders said to the crowd
assembled on the outskirts of birmingham just hours before bombs exploded and riding breaks out and the law that is a law that law male was a hit you know that a lot of your mother on their list i know he's lucky thank you i
do by now oh oh you got it your views on the
robotic by very very odd that area i think that as that i don't know now i don't know that we know about that they won in maine guide again that was very nice why not my mate us that and more on a law and robert de la va on this show it will unveil
its regular on it and i got it i was oh jaws all the bible would leave you and i wanna model and the point of i am europeans are in new york you know in my degree but you know right now we have plans that endured have bentleys arriving this than the bandwagon of your team or a construct dr yeah
yeah mm hmm i did and now the pope
you need to poop there's been i know is that right now goes
by why not things the fbi that will all be thought they played by rule girl are saying they're only one here
they are it's been we admired now i actually given him and be like oh why would be out of the mouth while it may be less severe one way or the other and
why i ask of the people in your view would certainly should do by all the grant writing for the government is the idea that they were the letters about what does cause we didn't have any doubt about it but planets have an outdated around that they get when they get it when his partner or what is that i get a roll and sixty second ads is that you've probably heard that you have and haven't and again and that is not that is not been marked by the rebels is not all mr blatter what it is now oh
really that's right some were as a white couple years there's now they were not labeling and abstinence page on the united states oh yeah the playwright my pleasure ah
it has made it like it is they are not all of it is not new israel are the relatively wealthy bombarding any borders follow the hour were grateful grateful that we're white people and have one thing in common the old orion that the law and that it occurred or knew of our prize in this hour a part of their minute plane ticket people discussed and sad about the anger that followed we pray as long as we got this how are the europeans bureau that's right our weaknesses were a
regular rank of that we might realize that we'd meet with them and you know there's a lot of it and thats my loyal ally but their vote that a blackberry they're not they might have the jobs problem and a lot of the village to god mark his early years in new york people with upper years out when we don't do that now we get rain that they will try to understand we are right now the meetings are these big number you have fell apart as they
marched in but their will protect them and their family and what joe's land of those who weren't they're elite you gave that they'll pray that you would strike that people might know you really got it all played a role or do you think that task is an ironic about care law on your way home and a way of putting all your time getting out with philadelphia activist was well next year latin rap kind of my little the first explosion and an hour and minutes
before midnight usually sections six miles from downtown birmingham blessed in one story brick home of the reverend at me rather of the reverend martin luther king is that you now
it's b burt's bees all right banks were world of police officers and found one but that he was it gradually became
the violence and in words in downtown birmingham go after midnight bombing at the gaston motel thousands of angry negro surged into the streets wow let's go from my age cars over trade bricks and stones rained down on the city police and sheriff's deputies driving them back from the media now united ninety
three what about come out and voted and then only what a father's about what animal has been about atlanta when we might be available why now right now oh no i've been here with an almost a year yet you have been going to tonight tonight where we why should you outline of the rocket landed within two things i want to do why she and we
have allison divide us to get out of the most business people jonathan and the way out of his car and we don't know it the public we know that we in the noble week that we will be on my head but i don't do what we got that we ought to the right or more is a longtime mentor they are happy we hate that
all right they think that if they joined us from st james church the flames are shooting up from this small corner grocery store just across haiti we hate them back from looted and bombing sample radical we ate there right across the street from the burning building was another small grocery my david
harper lee's grocery michael che and it has grown into being vandalized at the moment the poem democrats blow it rather
dramatically and has been giving about it a half hour before the first bomb exploded as the imperial wizard brings in that interview whether he believe balance in birmingham a likely possibility do you think the situation in birmingham is going to do or you push a new so far the water and people were running in the collector's job somewhere thank you
the committee thank you preserve in law know that you quote brian had done more than anyone are still association are more than any team all comers a young businessman li i'm going out and preserve and honor oh man but for a slight on sunday may twelve mother's day nineteen sixty three the orgy of violence in birmingham finally had ended birmingham's police commissioner to eugene bull connor puts full blame for the eruption of violence
on the negro integration is a movement led by the reverend martin luther king jr here with one of his now famous candid statements is commissioner bull connor joins paul and why they don't i just got so you've got to run a banquet for any of it there's sand when it and he had good for our it's right here that every american shake down a lot of the preaching nonviolence known about the news he got going on and boom not written on it the reverend it came
at sunday night's math needing help them to go on for speaks of the bombings and the violent would fall asleep to this is my mama go along with the bombs mary he
declined he's very shrewd we adjourned well sen lott give them they know not what they do the live here where the why don't we believe that what we are going right and if it may not work for
employee the reverend martin luther king jr president of the southern christian leadership conference speaking at monday night's mass meeting at the sixth avenue baptist church reflects on the events of saturday night and sunday morning and reaffirms his faith in nonviolent resistance why
now the pa do you davey yes at no and to see
this and see that now all koreans that we're in the white community when i hear
it well they plan to bombs and are riot the program from the series birmingham testament of nonviolence that won the ohio state award in nineteen sixty four you're listening to a special commemorative program marking the tenth anniversary of the fm station all the riverside church before continuing with a survey of prize winning programs we pause for a station identification this
one is new and now here with anniversary greetings to wypr is vincent ii was unloosed the president of the national association of broadcasters on behalf of the nation's broadcasting industry i extend that wishes and the heartiest congratulations to riverside radio on its tenth anniversary over the past decade but we are the er has been honored with twenty two broadcasting's most coveted awards the station has also receive countless other citations from a wide variety of organizations that a test w r b r as superman performance in the public interest i know the wor be our listeners join with me and with broadcasters from coast to coast and wishing continued success to the offices and staff of this outstanding station wypr not only during this tenth anniversary observance and the challenge in years ahead
Beating Our Own Drum
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