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most of tonight's discussion with actually a title of the article which goes to low from new lighting is right there richard feels i think that that is more or less and it's interesting that she's been found conversation after about twenty minutes and what is happening in morocco rescue them is what effect it's that are well secured was called farewell to rock was an aristocrat who is dead now i win or a win lose a farewell drugs what i wanted to call because i wanted to sound a personal cause it was to be both your personal statement also of you know what i thought was a factual statement to let roxana door is it is going to a dormancy phase now lacking the lead and he like having a one word for but at its height knew you had a situation where the scene was i was very very vital they thought it was it was a co mingling of a lot of difference people who audition scenes
like princes he looked and sixty six or seven at the roster of rock celebrities if arab poets filmmakers and artists and classical musicians and a lot of folk singers in jazz musicians and he found young people whose professions being attracted to rock because it was said an area tremendous by county i think what's happening now is that this is all going to split again intimate affair is that time is going it would define soon that there will once again be a separate flow underground scene and that they'll be a separate young jazz scene a separate actors young actors who would one's going to rock will go back into theater where young people who studied filmmaking will go back into filmmaking instead of going to a wedding running think that there is a well as michael and michael johnston your times you think it's been swinging them actually just went well i think it's changing skin think it's like some sort of metamorphosis so is coming on like like at a
lizard in larson isn't copyrighted that we're changing unknown skin i think that at the moment psychedelic good music has just about killed it by becoming too unbelievable and too far removed from the earth and i think that that says cut some kind of shifting around and i would agree with richard that a lot of the people that the poets of creative people around a few years ago are going like into folk a lot of the good that's our contemporary folk blues i think that will want to revise and i think it will again than a year or two years when he gets going i think you'll have the rock n roll musicians while think you have progressive rock i think that once again the adults will stop listening to an end at that we wanted and we all have to stop blowing it was the
butterfly and the elephants are playing rock and roll again to about it is is that musically and sociologically the conditions now are the same as they were in nineteen fifty four fifty five pillars of none of the same presser way itself right after a war and that musically had he was totally unbelievable at the top sellers are patti page and vaughn monroe and things like that and in nineteen fifty six when elvis presley and i think so sergeant wayne musically it was the same in nineteen sixty three sixty four i don't think it's just a code that i wanna hold your hand i don't think it's a coincidence i wanna hold your hand was released like two months after the kennedy assassination i think it never would have been that big if if john kennedy had not been shot this is an interesting theory cause i always told the security council a hard thing that the beatles came out with a single act of some kind of you know miasma to happen in ireland to chicago hey jude
was very weak so israel had played that i probably hate jews realize that you know fantasy analysis very rebellious and venison you think it's because we don't have a charismatic group or one singer that there really weren't there is that the markets are you know when the music was vital lives that you're in the middle of the show it got picked up by the record companies got picked up by the promoters not washed out and a prepackaged you and the kids now they need a syrian kurd and sentences filled with exciting model music and community oriented hear people were dancing of people young while saving all over again now those groups which were really symbolize an exciting three years ago say will that either the same or to symphonic over ranges and what's happening is that the teenagers now are developing a kind of an
mc five appeal more teenagers leaving too late in the colleges i know you just you just doesn't really register and we'll get into it seems there is a cleavage between what we call ourselves and people person below twenty below eighteen calls himself what i'm saying is that allies to all we've heard from the night i have a funny feeling that their music is going to be very very tight very efficient and it's not going to be a shaggy is not an idea it's not anything like that rock n roll that we know now is a food blogger not see as this very very loud you don't think then that the older like frances i remember a situation where one after a volcano that seem like the only people sitting in styles and trends of the other people's music i try to do it now the us troops that he
comes off the assembly line yet but the fact is a thirty hours every week that we're going to have three that are really worthwhile the fact is that they just joined by the divine by julie soundbite of over the years cause it's why they're planning on the sidebars consonant you are going to focus on the exchanges were say iran nepal an ingenue to find out what they like most about their best bets of them a couple hundred responses and things like to reach we cannot continue in the worst of the year as expected but then again that's that the audience is like seventeen seventeen years old there are kids who are more like eighty nine now with a rock n roll into the future i just think that time they're raised on television shows like super president than an unknown new music of the monkeys in the
show which and bow the music begin to come up with a music when they get to be older years that's going to be probably much more into coherence that isis and much more into efficiency i think they're hearing their music hit areas than we do know the album the song elmo's and aman ullah trade papers are the progressive rock albums the kids are buying to ensure we're also why janis joplin nine and then in la or the jefferson airplane sure and i think that towards the living room playing out this scene you or doesn't so these are things that are being used is very precise i think musicians are their instruments the music now it is getting so tight that people are inhibited in their expression they're trying for cuteness and analytical engines say no every night same way as though this is a really early in the voting
thing i think that we want to set i think i do the new york rock scenes were for lack of the words as opposed to like using them for a while millions of community are was the rascals in the vanilla fudge and you know the free spirits know most significant reason you are always close to here in the state is very interesting but i'm saying is an elegant writing a new york browsing records once there was one group greece there was bing good groups in new york but yet at a popularity factor here too because you know we're talking about pop you have to figure that the free spirits are good but then again air quality has never been a one syllable but that wasn't yours is much more significant because i think it's coming up number ten chance next week will make us more significant because of it's both good at selling well what is the formal little scenarios where
is rubio making any group on the blogs you know the elephant outcome without falling so whenever they appear on the law but also there's the fact that you know i'm most scenes come from places where solar just concentrate on the music where is new york is a very diversified scene where young prisoners create go into any one of dozens of areas and far more fulfillment arizona radical theater group has a lot of radical art for a rather radical arts and radical poetry in radical filmmaking doesn't have to concentrate everything on music when he's growing up is you have to be a musician are some places where you know musicians have all cool and a guard black cat scans or resign <unk> village hassan has been recovered twenty thousand more major composer of americans are produced twelve all that different you played anywhere are human
qualities from this than the pharaoh sanders and all these young us little oversight of employee alike marion brown who are being on your and the other music is a spiritual religious music it's improvisation and freeform it's not rock i think that this is a great shock as eddie no i don't i think the direction it's heading is again very pure very simple songs like the eddie cochran songs like let the good times roll and that's why you know it has the fifties i think it's going to take the the simplicity and such songs as let the good times roll and i'm talking about the bebop chops egg mr leiter i think that the pre elvis and things that that well there's one basic rule this includes a robbery and very pounding and very much yeah i think anyone over most people are at least deserve to go
back to a tune to folk music was a second layer to tell people or two o'clock it's really are beyond us once again a federal requirement an exit you know in that you had as a client in the fifties very repressive officials social climate in the fifties adolescence is a time when you're expected to banish all erotic feelings you had inside you and coming utility own ability to lead to rome will serve a very crucial purpose and fifty five fifty six a of releasing all aspire i know there's reasonably and until it is he did have an effect in a major base baritone fifty yemen now you feel like it's a thing you do not get into that the scene is
much less impressive than the year it's more exhibition is that everybody's expecting to be a list that why you can go out to the streets and do things you couldn't imagine doing in the fifties and the un did does it happen in spokane too which is not in nineteen fifty four nineteen fifty four official or unofficial repression i think it is still struggle a weaker weaker than it was to to cause the creation no rubble of us i think that you're getting and i think the sixties wasn't was ahead here it was an intellectual or i think that the seventies and the stomach or and you've got your mind and your body right and also called legitimate as widows was doing only first unsure of a revolutionary figure out is a perfectly early rock was was was so it was a
body ryan and then you begin getting ahead rock and a no i think within sci fi particular you'd get back in the body rock and the va has doubled since the girly bills bond markets and sixty bills in just a second as lucy with the heartbreak hotel cbs oh nice he is
the marlins for his family or the television show was a specialist has been very well received by young kids and i was the first black music today right after after watching a presley special i i just had that thing that you can take in mick jagger's and jim morrison's and dig a big hole in metal paying a canyon and drop the knife because he's always it could just knock them or enough staged i think i should use their twitter announcing the sale you know and i guess when they don't know it i guess you've got to pause back
then you know and an air of blues a nose was imposed but it's in terms of a rebirth for a while this is less explosive going off and bb king and muddy waters and a lot of people and of did you see this you know you mention the times i think the new york times right now being you know how sometimes resorted to regular an interregnum regular next and you know and like i think the whole culture of america seems to be in port right now and it's holding his breath away it was well you know and i think it is what everyone is waiting issues and i and so i feel love that the blues revival of the black blues revival is is that it's essentially an interlude between serbs and i think that that annie any
stars to come out of it will be white arm and i think it's his wife's it has not been a voice and i think it's a sign of the distrust of innovation and that experimentation in music and also wanting to get back to familiar reassuring forms that i've always been around and i don't don't blow your mind right so familiar reassuring formed fourteen fifteen year old kids who are buying it just perfect for the critics who was holding back a musical development because all are writing about is the established groups and georgina responsibility for your body promote new music sales to the disc jockeys who play the music explodes the masses was that have no idea what the music is that it's also a record company tells your job restaurant stages of wells former top forty hit from fourteen your kids going from room albert king singer and sydney forty of his concerts can get into the village gate when they were forty yards sure they were older people there were tales of details at the fillmore and so
a lot of the big standing ovation that the grainy born in detroit about most of the audience was really a teenage audience as albert king or led zeppelin wins a five or any of them that's a community thing that you know i would i was amazed that there's no decision on pop festival last weekend paul a michigan man eating really drawing on washington dc emerging and we're concerned about this differentiation between a person's over twenty four and twenty stores you know teenagers are hearing like his era black and the archers is a machine that will allow others were that generation that bottle not the opposite is the only ones that are going to hear new music outside music are our kids that are younger or people who are totally embroiled in listening to music so much of the just can't stand anymore the same thing that
blues that seems to me to be just about over with a polite white blues musician or that iowa can heat green square one what i like was the great musicians do a great job but i will say they're out all i don't look at all these really little group in the country one after the other until my feelings and forty years ago to get the blues a message from the white house said this he said that as far as rita fact those questions especially member of cbs or places and and especially jobs they asked who knows it undeniable the silicone like this answer probably why one in so i could just jump blindly particularly said it's going to be someone who can imitate the style and i think i love that so corrosive though because if you look at the say no to imitate some of your textile a coalition of these new people who always got the billie holiday style great it's getting
white musicians then sort of optimism the energy of black homes and current rector st louis these days is to leave more obsessed with becoming middle class christine imitation up on black man's blues will open wait for white people to express sells more freely which is which is why people have been backing the fact that i really think that trend will be towards more expressive the vanguard jazz which is a bad term to use as a cat's play it like of allowing musicians to express themselves into forms is a new way to not be restricted to the only one group in america can handle that knock on expression really is a group like the job center point don't have that has the musicianship to nail to get into this is it musicians as you're talking
i think they're very good when they play rock n roll but that they're very creative musicians as one approaches again you talk of their lives appeal for the older college age an older audience i think if a defendant is another large as it will be the people who are now let's think of them took over hosting to the blues and it was the most wonderful little more then over the years the recession itself ramsay says lower this was the friends of play together so that five years your house ally on the live adventures those images and cuts it does that is to create a slave and i don't even know that it's so that's great
my family leave a bit more stuff i like it a review that area and i like the point is generating excitement was a long way away most of the top forty disc jockeys on record restaurant that readers into the ems pilot you know sophistication they were aware of the music known outside of those listening to jackie northam one of the jobs don't know and the dealer point now on the savings your other musicians as those of the music writers and the disc jockeys are no easy riders an older kids that one of these sports editors may have to write a musical insurers tore america is a really big music and the disc jockeys really you know people really know they're playing for jane i don't think you have to get into it you know you're really the senate has arrived and that number there are doing it i think it's the enthusiasm of some we really like
you know the scream into my life music your ear some first trimester programming i heard was thirty or when i first started that strike against him and didn't have a disc jockey similar doing was playing as interspersed with commercials and records and va i believe and while talking of personality and answers lacking radios them and the plays and the music as a personality as a dad and then the character that was so good and build a new york trip tried some sense to establish some sort of rock newly in new york and i was really people that then it's very hard and there's never been a rocky area music community in new york that's part of a problem when there isn't really fine we're seeing someone like al cooper in his hustling approach to making music is far more typical of what anywhere near positions or act forcefully they grow up and zion are you living conditions remain time when these issues
that there's no way they're no place to rehearse of all not not so much not west point it has no place anywhere unless you know someone who has the lofty doesn't mind when you move into thousand pounds of equipment leaking that there was he had to i guess magicians have to record that don't get on top of new york you know there are very few showcase well new yorkers you know come up with that's it with his competitive thing every time i go out to a california takes me about three days to just slow down to every one of these financially we have michael john congleton wrote in a jerry lee lewis record and the economy at the same that the book in this march seventh as the sun joe jerry lewis began it was one of those performers i remember when i was about twelve thirteen and the thing on high school because it was one of those crazy things you know just so immense and you didn't know whether to put on or the nose into an
indiscriminate into it this is what he wrote my great great great reviews but only one of all where we're los angeles review your sleeve interview was manic triplets of his head he has an agent voice no one and saying jerusalem is resigning after an rv to mention again to to play a lunch taking on a game about a week and there are issues with its impossible to do which are really love songs his voice is just that i think it's typical of his singing also our interview you can even get all can hear rockabilly version of jerry lee lewis the
piece band it has been a
pretty nice nice but it's been coming back from
using your producer tom happily because the status national stage it all the excitement on i just knew of his widow be discussing the beatles and stones and michael john wrote an article saying that he thought the blood sweat and tears were better now no intervening in reading rolling stone again i wrote a how iran is a slicing the next point i really do because now i'm saying that one paragraph of which said it lacks the originality of big paying the overall excitement cheap thrills while blind by any measure of raw pucker up our blood sweat and tears as far better cy young winner in rolling stone comes out with what i said they're cheap thrills and what's going to be a much better integration a journalist i'm liking is really typical of rolling stones only an assault
or that too postponing the fight i think that would be one of the major public nuisances of our day i think for dave about two years ago that they ran out of fresh ideas and they've been living on their superstar never sense of they come up with good teams occasionally think hey jude is magnificent i think revolution was magnificent preferred the album version better than the simple version and i but i just feel that they are are just living on the fact that people will buy them because they're the deals and will accept anything they do and the things i'm atrocious things that they don't say this i mean the bills are just very very rough times the next year well but the eight it's very hard for them to come across with a sound and is desperately in need in a desperate you
know the signs are desperate to come out a little animations much better you know the stones were really middle class kids it seemed impossible to believe but know they've always i always felt that they always had a sharper since a lot of what the audience as demands on them where the bills have amounted to be loser has left of their management and so jr well he didn't want to go to a route but you know it was right over it then this album the bills that which i like more last night was so oblivious to the current so what american audiences expect the recommendations on surveillance system well it is and was a great muslims was written while we were in the end it shows that it's it's completely oblivious to spoil your mom and i'm a mom that indian teacher and tosses old only those letters no one
knows i don't know i think that even though the bills was you know i just all write poems as the risk group but no proportion are cells taken from it and any offense and that this really have done their outrageously unfair all things like what i'm irish physicist and i know my point is is i agree that normally i think you know what were the things that has i think because they are the beatles and the press the press i'm not saying and make mistakes such as been laid them out of the well is that people i think a president has incensed over the fact that it was covered in the press got obsessed over the fact that no one in seven were more important price those always the press who jumped on the deal well anyway one has a storm warning cries the president you know in english press for
months before a country star in her i think the thing that would postpone out with a survey with direct knowledge of what kind you're of course very sophisticated with the press now they knew it what will happen when they do certain things as a whole symbiotic relationship the press expect there a few months the health of the two countries and the bills printed out and no one is backing solid weather underground arts york well i guess this for a while a final bill is that they're always been so as a pleasant thing listen to an area like if you get up in the morning or you know really has a got a thing where you it isn't reality that the whole us this new album does not anything goes in pursuit of poinsettia or yes i agree with you there should say something i think it's a sit down of europe are you in the situation and the last of the great music the only reason that we aren't we may play the beatles i have some very very wonderful and technically excellence always now and i'm really dug the fact that
it was just a collection of songs was like a big box as a fashionable artist and without religious you know but it is you know and that was there was a dog was the bill because its fashionable an oreo is an iconic i was not that i felt well i felt that the beginning of a very you know transformation of the artists that they were losing their souls and i feel that they have come close to capturing what they really were all about himself and one of the rockets are trey i think you in and when the beetles that when they did sargent pepper naturally every group of all sorts of deals on a lily head of factors are i think they will not be influenced by that because there was at times a wrong and times were demanding a bit of a you know expanse area of solo artist a gallon and sixty one is sort of her mid sixties
seventies and lives everybody was geno is clamoring for him of the mothers were doing that a few months before a new and you could say groups was building up to sergeant pepper there was no i was that that they were really like inspired popularize and now i would push things over that really in the wind here and i just feel it that he'll be understandable habit of saying it's better but i think it's more relevant we'll have a lot more rare direct effect and musically it has a focus of these dinners as you know it as a blues feeling as a definite feeling for country music has the least to a place where it's going polls consistently around and a lot of people talk about them and viruses years ago the stossel a stronger place historically it's possible you and i think that's true actually but then i think they're both in their own where you know while it there was domestic and again even talk about when you know england one thing very very carefully or hunting last time this is a new wave in
oh no mr i was crucified some larger human rights a lot of those things are not really a ton more people agree with it you know that one great letter from someplace and in maine saying you know it gives her the next time you're you feel so my focus puller third martini all of your great files a great together and here i think that the thought of the people out there like was not wearing his grandfather his grip of the regime no no no no way no mrs in downtown la boutique that was going to be my pajamas really wanted them sometimes or cheered up and visit davis upon us ally led an hour down from down there and sometimes that they were building a complex of a place where the group could
play and also it at a cocktail fine you know i think the restaurant and then remembering groups of i think all seven syllables over all night second avenue of this was it we're integrating like ranch was busted turn out that a lot of people feel that young what the company that sucker one secretary hanna is an important person there may be some hostility and was a player who is very peculiar point when i do a lot of our revenues then rich list for apparently there's a fusion among some groups of social comment or political activism new albums of course the committee say you know political active places like the east village or so says gaza
i've talked to soldiers and you know you get a lot of it i'm a musician i am accepted you only know and those will say i've been dismissed quote so many times in their first ever talk about it but is there a place closed for opposition even a no question a retiree says they've and whether to one really really out in politics joe or any kind of sort of the four seasons a message earle every message like one on how to fix transmission protesters at know so it was a very significant do i got a picture of them with making the signs science and we protest rally gave michelle know just came out to the revolutionary henri so upset on their with minors or you go through it and it says the revolution a vision of the west baltimore on how the revolution in iran the line of view were hungry open pro obama this music into
an organization to really deny disassociate himself with the existing social conditions is almost impossible they go out on their own spiritual exploration you can't deny what's really happening and like cats they're imitating what we are trying to express themselves with clear a former existed that man use twenty or thirty years ago to express his disenchantment or loneliness or to regret winner is one of them a lot of the year the old blues musicians and the punishment has been to make bread rate was one woman telling rights supporter everyone praises these guys are very soulful past it was a job as a sorbet know i mean i was one of the great things our arizona's having enough to take you gotta have motivation for musicians maybe more than yes we love you and it was it great you know and then there is a situation where people have to go out and wildfires always gets a star expresses over the top forty
great record morning so i know that was india so great writers credit somewhat was in knowing the universe has gotten that bad that ecosystem much at the point now you got some optimism no sickness going that you've got a lot of people doing their thing and so many of these things are just so boring ever thirty albums arrive in the mail every week twenty eight or just drags on those terribly boring and that's because they said well look you're on acid rap group i hear first towns use it the studio to interview work two or three percent what about a lot about that so my daughter was very involved in the social protest and also the genome a watch tower is a point that is going to affect political songwriting but you don't see him how the ioc and with jobs not to be out there i guess i do
this is the right question though they can take on or is anybody doing i feel it that if there's going to be a revolutionary culture american skier i think since it's canadian theater and not in rock n roll but the thing is that with a radical career or the living theatre was the boat was there wasn't music there are true <unk> audience and the jesuits going to come was within the music and the end of the year you hear joseph jarman ms garde jazz musician chicago has a total detour whenever he performs torturing people acting out is music on stage and the black men that their prisons visitors a point where they can express themselves and cannot communicate millard fillmore but you know i don't know her views on that an interesting thing you know were just wrapping and telling viewers were jews were a lot of what is black culture it's a it's a
bank being latino is that the kind that's revolutionary culture it's it's basic and it's got it's got its its dogmatic it sits there it makes a simple direct statement i never heard of revolution that had great art you know coming along with the with the revolution ousted never opposed and so's so no no major chinese translations like nato we also citizens of the army are one was that i think that that route was only peripheral to revolution i think that that the rock and that religion history and will be the nurses these days i think it's an inspiration to kids to get together and get their heads together and think about things but it's off also bringing off or less energy i think it's if they're the ruling one so close to all of the year the film was across the country than the walls might condemn that is as long as there are there is a music to listen to you know this is an interesting
point to some truly a quandary oh and everyone clearing massacre probably pushed you're listening and there was a group line while you know the devastation is going on and i said go over well i was in this enormous record and it was the grateful dead right and i said you know let me the coast with its revolver probably tactically you know might've been a disaster you know saying oh well mccutcheon windows down and music you know rock n roll we should compete for a predator really know what it is you know music has a best vest or communication we have with twins or the underground papers or four with short and providing message for social change their destination was a lot of pressure and anyway we're communicating less that they're like thinkers around through music and through a popular are saying
the arab league or violent change and say they're so into it this associate the music with revolutionary change that would be wrong and in fact that all these groups are going further out well i'm sure to say your revolutionary a great accordion the trade paper saying they can bust our music with a pet can they paid the city to let him photograph and the tudors spoonfuls a revolution on which is pretty mild when you start hearing music and the music just didn't work to the hype you know i'm sure that the music is becoming more violent more exciting as an actor as an expression of dissatisfaction just like in the fifties when i was elves came out you know i mean we could event our dissatisfaction are going to buy the el obscene gestures longhair and fats are glowing laptop with anders
thank you again you know i think that there was no line and punks in the fifties when a major tragedy alice kessler live in addition they should really i think it which is a region that is more today of your new york solicitor they won the open everything's politicize it's an us against those together kit gets busted trip for possession today it's a political act hip hop did that to me it's a political thing everything's explicitly political posture was the army major group in boston for go in and he's going to make sure everything was sending him to get into my boss the month that releases or your hand or at least to some people getting groups gave us that might become the next thing like a football players getting out of the army in a situation and i couldn't explain that in a hundred dollar fine after next day right is to
get busted for political reasons and it is that mountain youngs a swimsuit five fred sonic smith and their manager john sinclair were arrested for assaulting a police officer a dance concert four months ago and then the ordinary trials one hundred kids cut class to come down and see the trial has been postponed only her tapes at a low tide wait why can't the vendors like you know the height of his revolution and last year was a psychedelic drugs and pot so i have to do i don't mind the thing you know and it's great theater having religion or have now i just can't wait for tommy james and shierholz to get busted for burning an american flag mc five forty five so i think that changes is really involve in the music you know that our leaders are going to come out of the musicians you know dislike the ports faded into music reports of wartime were the site
i would admit that i would say i know that music is a drag on what officials say you know and when you get a guy like so i don't see us will fall in mosul alone and then a woman tells you not us are leaders runs the party has still have this kind of thing where they're enormously leaders and they want to change it's a very odd to do or leaders were political that were actually actors really hardly be valued be leaders are actors china put their gear three really well i think you know there's a tremendous need for communication among the kids all over the country i think that the way will come or the way it becomes most obvious is that within the next two years i think will be another purpose of the size of the beatles and will probably it may be long and see five lines will be very loudly we totally incomprehensible to adults joins us but what's special here right now having a teenage heart i'm
going because you gotta really true to your head if it's not it's you know if you know dig at electronic music to sell more aware of the lifestyle musician we're just concerned with his music is like parenting as john lennon does it is news but i think that this new group which will come out all over it maybe will provide the same and that is that the depressed they didn't and making it elvis presley and rock n roll has always been the one thing which every kid in the world could do it about their parents' universal and it will re emerge but now that parents are listening to the beatles and now i think there's no i think that the next unwelcome at will be something which no care in the world cup and the police station so it was a bit of oil and release it as a civil right well i just i love running yesterday schumer this is not horribly unfair we like you know listen everything that was
happening and also richard dosing regimen village voice in new york times and has a book out called poetry rock in which shia let's look at some of the songs in the past and right now and also comments on then of course michael john was a critic new york times and also in europe sees magazine bowden they don't look worse in your emotion as bea says but he's
been linked a poem is bees bees
bees but the piece
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The Riverside Church
Identifier: cpb-aacip-e91597e9849 (Filename)
Format: 1/4 inch audio tape
Generation: Master
Duration: 0:55:00
The Riverside Church
Identifier: cpb-aacip-1aec645e3ec (unknown)
Format: audio/mpeg
Generation: Proxy
Duration: 00:54:36.144
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