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this is john chancellor speaking from the washington studios of the voice of america it's a pleasure for me to send greetings to w rv er on its fifth anniversary when i lived in new york during your first years on the air i enjoyed your programs they were entertaining informative and audacious in our society the broadcasting spectrum means more than the distance from one end of the aisle to the other it means the broadcasters have a responsibility to serve the needs of different kinds of listeners to do this under present circumstances it seems to me requires a collaboration between the commercial networks in the independent noncommercial stations the networks can take us to the scene of major events and bring us a wide and often thoughtful range of opinion and analysis but this output however worthwhile must be balanced by intelligent programming for intelligent listeners who need more specific information w r b r as served his purpose well and with a high regard for quality it has concerned itself with
the central issues of our time in programs that reflect the gravity of the issues and the good sense of the audience at this point in history communication is both more difficult and more important than it has ever been w r b r as acknowledged that fact and merits congratulations right right to be among the well wishers on the occasion of the fifth anniversary there since the real art of the aisle went on the air to spread the gospel of good news and it is so important to or music performers composers to listeners for a sort of these wonderful stations coverage of you are the art is one of the bands we find the island cartoons of life
has but taken on a new and i mention since the days when the fm stations began to really saturated the great cities of this country worth of the best of music i recall that the most of the residents of this area before going to boston discovering this new station at riverside church through your mind is that it orbits the fm programs to select my listening and i was intrigued by the original and five program making the rich the station invariably they have boasted and to us today on graduating them and wishing them unhappy in terms of not really as
an all sorts of august but overall probably the earliest listeners when they first went on the air or maybe they broadcast for a good long time and always the defenders wanless greetings and solicitations to our distinguished neighbor across the hudson from station wbur as you sought and found a place where you're kind of broadcasting at the top you radio everywhere to new heights may just be the first of many five year census was stationed at a new rv are i should like to us along riverside radio the pr they are far
it's a unique contribution to the greater community of new york city and its environs it is certainly with family our tradition and history of riverside church that it would create and carried through successful at this unique contribution those of us in the national conference of christians and jews are particularly appreciative of what has been accomplished because of law our mutual concern with riverside church members out radio that the rv er in developing the ecumenical spirit between the religious groups and also the amelioration of intergroup animosities as you go into your six year we are compliments you for your prayers and wish you well in the future as you attempt to ameliorate man's inhumanity to maya
a fifth anniversary is indeed a milestone with genuine admiration for the educational and cultural contributions of wor dr the repertory theater lincoln center sends warm greetings and congratulations we're all too familiar with the need for artistic continuity and majority a repertory theater is neither one play one year old ones season nine to five years of radio mean that the job is done if the job is the challenging won w o r b r has taken on the racing and maintaining of cultural levels is an unending process w arthur er has set a standard its awards are richly deserved this is jen ameche of w h and new york with good wishes to the blue rv are after all its fifth anniversary we congratulate the
staff and management for the outstanding educational and cultural contributions to the community and although them our best hopes of the future filled with more peabody awards for generous and meaningful service for the american national state run academy and as its executive administrator i'm particularly pleased to have this opportunity to say happy fifth birthday w o r t e r as a listener mike wagers were there who are heroes programming is usually as accompaniment to my reading time home of an evening however earlier this year i became more intimately knowledgeable about the work and vitality of the station when i was able to be helpful to the fine series of programs the performing arts problems and prospects brought about by general manager jack summer fields receptivity and enthusiasm programming of this kind
of automation was nothing but good for this great metropolitan area that the reward here of our service and for the theater life of our community and the united states as a whole i could wish that one day i might be on hand to say happy fiftieth anniversary wor they are certainly this fine station will multiply its first five years to fifty and beyond to the distinct advantage of the cultural life of our people and our nation assuredly then the word is god's speed the trustees things and staff all new york city's riverside reveal the value of the art of big congratulation for the great achievements during the past five years through their imagination and determination by have provided a rich repressed for millions of americans who wish to be nourished
old mentally and spiritually what the great works of man the awards and national recognition which w r b r fm has received during the pope's views are many the most notorious was for michael lifting the entire moral intellectual and cultural levels of radio and paul has always been my conviction that radio has been lost opportunities and responsibilities for leadership in the overall are protesting wall w r b r as demonstrated what enlightened leadership can accomplish for the public at all age levels with a non commercial fm radio stations i think the key factor in this noble leadership as a combination of intelligence creativeness and fearlessness which has been applied to rigorously and consistently produce broadcast programmes of excellence
because of air quality i haven't heard of are hundreds of other audiences through not only this country but many others and some more a radio has the private creditors more effectively than television and i might add at a much lower cost with radio the listener is able to conjure up his own pictures which frequently proven to be more pleasing and thus more common than most projected on the screen this is certainly true of music in large measure and so i wish to salute those responsible for riverside radio's robert groves to metal frame and finally i wish to say that during the next five years i sincerely believe that this talented group of people will establish new directions for an even more productive use of this valuable medium of communication and for the general welfare of all people
it's a privilege and a pleasure to send congratulations from holland during the side of radio on his fifth anniversary i kind of a privilege because wypr is a station that commands great respect i conduct a pleasure because of the goat an amicable collaboration between our two organizations in so many fields i need only mentioned the desire of a sudden a deal which picks up by the transatlantic cable defense missions of our topical programs european review and transatlantic profile making riverside an indispensable bi weekly link between iranian naval and the member stations of the national association of educational broadcasters there's this first lets them as an important milestone both for wypr and as listeners because in the view of moscow mutation competition for public favor is kenan and
ever between radio and tv and between radio stations and the mr the star of wypr came on the scene with an entirely individual approach which at first was regarded by many as a short to failure for the minority are good quality programs on the air though you are the are one that popularity but that shows to popularize the wisdom behind his principal is evident and the sec says it has brought a large circle of faithful listeners and sophisticated new york a large number of distinctions including the coveted peabody award and a nationwide reputation as a witness the respectable number of stations which carried over who are the ahs productions it was either radio has shown beyond doubt that the taste of the public may not and must not be underrated
on behalf of it only wrong the testing system are expressed the hope that in the next five years wi vyas hearing will increase to the same degree and at the handover some may look forward to many many more years of friendly and fruitful collaboration this is the post of course did the conductor and music director of the american symphony orchestra of new york and i am wishing for wor the art everything that is quote culturally artistically and for the sound of the music in the religious ceremonies for discussions on important subjects for everything that has to do with the
arts and with a cultural future of this great country here's a pat on the head for w r b r a five year old from gay as a c in manhattan kansas a senior citizen with forty one years of service wypr has shown the old timers a thing or two with the great variety excellence and timeliness of its programming drew national distribution of wmd are programs the radio fare of our station as well as other radio stations around the country has been enriched and a new standard of excellence set for the industry the record of wypr has been outstanding today we all look forward to its continued success in the years to come congratulations to jack summerfield on the staff of wypr from chaos ac in manhattan kansas
and five previous riverside radio though your rv er has achieved a record of recognition unique in the annals of broadcasting as one who was proud to have hailed the launching of the station on new year's day in nineteen sixty one i am both pleased and proud of the outstanding service and has performed and serving a discriminating audience in the metropolitan area this is even though the months to live the entire moral and intellectual tone of radio broadcasting and my very best wishes go to the antis day when the whole new areas of protesting actions will be open but the larvae are in the future there's a george skinner's station manager w nbc radio the nbc flagship station in new york compared to the history of mankind five years is butterfly coney island but in the broadcast industry which
is only about forty years old five years as an impressively long time no u r b r as a trailblazer and fm broadcasting has every right to be proud of its accomplishments it has pioneered in developing radio broadcasting along lines that have aided and abetted the much needed diversification so necessary for radio's grows and development here in new york we need all types of radio or rock n roll popular music quality music top conversation and the adventuresome programming that has distinguished wor be our soul on its fifth anniversary my eye on behalf of wmd see join the many folks in new york who waste w rv are many more years of significant contributions to radio broadcast this is her and callum editor in chief
of the christian science monitor there are many reasons why i feel privileged to extend very warm greetings to station wor dr on its fifth anniversary first of course because it is the most distinguished and discriminating voice on the fm air second because as a citizen i believe honestly and diversity of voices afresh a different distinctive responsible voice is cause for congratulation to listeners as well as speakers third as a newspaperman i congratulate respectfully a skillful and courageous exponent of radio journalism and finally as editor of a newspaper sponsored by a church i'm delighted to salute a radio station which is sponsored by a church i believe this kind of projection of the responsibility which comes from a background of spiritual dedication is very important in these days the blue rv er like the newspaper it it speaks not a denominational terms not in religious idiom but an objective commitment
to clarifying and enriching public thought happy birthday w r b r from wb of all the fm radio service of the state university of new york at buffalo we in western new york look to new york city for leadership in many areas and happily for us leadership in noncommercial radio we are a minority group and mass media and a new rv er is done for fm radio the same thing is done for the human rights movement made it visible and an object of personal commitment i'm making an impact in the largest most competitive city that's given us the courage an incentive to make our voices heard in our own communities to help us realize with all the scramble for a place in the market there is also a need for a marketplace of ideas in the mass media the staff and only the oval wishes jack summerfield and his death a new rv are the very best for continued success
this is howard cook president of international house as one of your neighbors who wrote in support of dubie rv er his initial application for a broadcast license it gives him a particular pleasure to be able to say on the occasion of your fifth anniversary how welcome you are here and how pleased we are about the kind of programming you have done over the years which has given so much pleasure to such a diversified audience even though your studio's tower over international house you're not sitting in an ivory tower rather dubey rv er is a vantage point for producing cultural an informational programs of real value to the mourning such heights community as well as to the greater new york area i salute you and your entire staff for what you are to this community and i wish you continued success
there's as elliott's iowa chairman of the board of the b q x op am and fm radio station of the new york times it hardly seems five years ago that i welcomed of riyadh riyadh of the male community of good radio stations it is and in that five years the garvey are as and a place which fills especially for the people of new york and brought more good program to the community and we all agree that we aka news there's a place in new york for better on educational station such a dummy idea there's also a place for good programming by commercial stations such a debbie two exiled by maybe a month for a moment i sincerely hope that the reality out we'll have many more successful is ahead of congratulations on this anniversary of the riyadh riyadh and its sponsor the riverside church
bombing sites is just a problem of such a distinguished member of this community station wypr on this fifth anniversary of international house it's immediate neighbor salutes the cultural and educational contribution of rape riverside radio if only five years ago but has proven to be a hardy and embark on a life of an ideal summer that which motivated the director general of the british broadcasting corporation seven years ago to wit to raise the sights and contents of radio broadcast in the bbc then inaugurated the now famous the program in contrast to the light program which specialized in soap operas etc and the home service which has its aim the middle pitch the third program was designed to educate to raise the level listener searching and has proven that their aim is now where long route to solve an accomplishment new york city is to be congratulated on its granted a license to station wypr to undertake a similar quality approach
designed to suit the taste of the intelligent listener it is that whole sanguine heart and mind that we had international house listened to the unfolding of the six that successive years and the future assured accomplishment of the blue rv are shears and best wishes greetings and congratulations the army are your fifth anniversary as indeed an occasion for celebration and rejoicing although you are relatively a newcomer in the field of broadcasting your programming from its very inception has been distinguished and substantial a challenge and a guideline for your fellow brought testers you set your sights to entertain and enlighten the people of our city with fine types of music
religious services and far ranging discussions of public affairs our an educational subjects the good taste the careful balancing and the high caliber of these various efforts have one for you a luncheon grateful audience to quote your dedicated station manager mr jack summer failed good programs find their audience at every economic and educational level your program's haven't reached people in all strata of our society in new york and beyond its borders what our objective can that be in a democracy for mass media like radio and tv your bucket loader at birmingham testament of non violence which won an armstrong toward is in itself
a testament to the resourcefulness imagination and a deep sense of social responsibility show opened the conduct of your station on behalf of the web ad congratulations again for a job well done this is bertrand paul director of radio and television the university of minnesota in minneapolis during the five years the blue rv er have been on the air we educational broadcasters have been enormously impressed with its work and it progress new york is a city of tremendous radio resources it also is a state visit cities served by many radio stations the remarkable thing about w r b r is the way it has found its role developing certain programs not proposed by other stations and devising new and better ways of
doing other thing which one might think had reached their permanent format congratulations w r b r a memorable first five years and best wishes for at least fifty more how do you do well those of the century old charms of new york's historic city hall and this is seymour signal a darker radio communications for the city of new york no one expects a radio station like athena to spring full blown from the brain of use we know the outside the roman mythology everything needs time to grow to develop and to mature the surprising thing is the wor the authors
reach maturity and a brief span of five years all cried all here at the municipal broadcasting system has always been the adult mature and literate programming i'm happy to say that we do not have a monopoly on that concept in the past five years but you are the author sir listen as well and has concentrated on syria's music progress of journalism enlightened discussion it is faithfully tackle community problems spoken out on city of hers and was catapulted into national prominence with a six part documentary on civil rights and that's an outstanding record of achievement how many other five year olds can make that calling dr diaz accomplished a great deal of owes much to be proud on i'm sure everyone that the station nose the age and i'm sure it's not going to go to their collective heads because of there were beginning to fail to hire a smuggler got to
remember that they have accomplished so much in the last five years the canoe he expects them to be able to do a great deal more in the next five years they'll have to apply the same energy and zeal if not more as director radio communications for the city of new york islanders director of wnyc and speaking personally as well as officially i joined with all the staff here at the municipal broadcasting system and saluting the garvey are on a half decade of service to metropolitan you're five years old with a distinguished cultural an informational program happy birthday the garvey are happy birthday to all you gerd janson of gulag of the music that recording and play the
editor of q idea with more than thirty fm stations weekly fifty two weekly year among those riverside rio wypr in that conflict that we incorrectly that that program in contributions it seems to me that these reflected throughout the broadcasting day and night i played that intelligence adventurous notes even created very intimate events a privilege and pleasure like the band my congratulations on the occasion of wypr fifth anniversary we are all still in luck at the time of the planning stages of the u r p r i was the program and music director of the nba i s m which was also relatively new jack summerfield i determined to cooperate whenever possible and eventually the two noncommercial stations
that many programs together including some exciting stereo protests i must admit that i wondered then with someone inside whether to charge station even with a known quantity of jack summerfield as manager could serve the community and a nun parochial way in the past five years we have all learned and thoroughly enjoyed the scope of this wonderful station ranging from the problems of the deep south to local issues and airing every broadcaster will aspect of all the arts and especially music there's no need for me to further recite the accomplishments of wor dr they've been overtly recognized by the industry what i do admire most is the tone of the station the complete lack of pretentious ness of grand announcements of purpose there's the willingness to learn from others and to ease the raw
materials provided by the city wherever possible and in the most professional manner like jack and congratulations to all who have made the work that you and your staff possible i this is father o'connor and in case you're kind of wondering who he might be and they're just off the street at claremont avner if you like that i do regular jazz program for the b r b r and the hand belonged to a fringe group called roman kent the community but i think what is my greetings to every rv are on the fifth anniversary would consist of you first for gratitude being able to work for them and do some jabs align with addiction next call but more even that i think is to express my gratitude for all the wonderful types of programs that i've heard over the years that have been on the air things that have to do with civil rights and the united nations' with wonderful concerts and even most recently the cancer the sacred music that would perform by duke ellington and broadcast from
the fifth avenue presbyterian church these are good things but more than that i think too is i want to express my gratitude to all those people who or in the church behind the station you can make a single take place i never know really hard to express gratitude to people who do it every day and to do your favorite every day and i imagine that this is mainly the prom with most of us but as a staff on the direction of mandolin in jacksonville who makes this happen behind him are interest people who provide the funds the naked all parker and this means then that do you have a community of people and people who are struggling to maintain good things in the hectic life that most of us are involved in here a new york city i am i'm grateful to them and i welcome also the wonderful opportunities that they have given me belonging to a different sort of background i suppose religiously but they show only a clinical spirit and they started long before became
very fashionable two main can allow people to express their viewpoints to support one another participate with one another and the state entering the good news of our lives more into reality so my guests today we are here on their fifth anniversary and i hope that will be around and listening for many many more years my name is eugene smith executive secretary of the work on some of the churches in the united states i'm happy to have an opportunity to bring congratulations to riverside radio the larvae are on this occasion of its fifth anniversary five years is not a long time in history there to say they are of a radio station but these five years of broadcasting by riverside radio the ugly rv er had been long enough for it to demonstrate how faithfully it has lived up to the high hopes with the bridge the station was
launched five years ago all the broadcasts of informational material fine arts educational and religious programs they enter and they ought to have been sustained with a high standard of excellence the maintenance of such a standard for the first five years of those stations the services becomes a splendid are great for the years that are yet ahead i happened to find the words of readings by my immediate press predecessor dr russell the barns and the station first came onto the air mr larry a trivial and superficial excitement many of us hope to find your programs a spiritual helpful intellectually interesting aesthetically satisfying end entertaining really intriguing we hope you will not evade controversial
subjects but we'll deal with any matter with regard to which ignorance and confusion are dangerous these are high standards to let a vote by these criteria this state has carried on with my effectiveness the fifth anniversary of riverside radio the larvae are as a fighting time to congratulate also responsible for maintaining the station and for providing these programs and they're significant service to this great city on behalf of the british broadcasting corporation it's my privilege to extend greetings to riverside radio wypr on this anniversary visitors to broadcasting house in london are greeted in the entrance or by latin inscription in english it's
message is this this temple of the arts and muses is dedicated to almighty guard by the first governor's of broadcasting in the year nineteen thirty one stage and raised been director general it is their prayer the good seats certainly bring forth a good harvest at all things hostile to peace or purity may be banished from this house and that the paper in climbing barrier to whatsoever things a beautiful and honest and have good report later the path of wisdom and the brightness this prayer is present in everything that riverside radio sets out to do it was with the highest vote tempered with some doubt because of the magnitude of the challenge in riverside reveals neighbors iran morning side writes
tuned in on wor er for the first time some five years ago i read every word of open fully stood up for that we are we are has brought his excellence write a new excitement and strengthened with conscience so our jurisdiction our pride justified as we offer a hearty salute to know we are we are all night its fifth birthday my things about the majority are made deep impressions on its audience an audience which happily reaches far in the metropolitan area be oddly boundaries of mornings perhaps most impressive lawyers the immaturity and witch w e r v e r as much to grow in so brief a time we've heard directors progress which have documented in part the struggles of our time notably for example the struggle for civil rights we rejoiced an uncompromising standards and music and business programming which included the famous toscanini broadcasts and honoring programs are the
best and jets women challenge the departures from worn out concepts of routine radio in attempts to try something new but always carefully parkland and skillfully executed we've been stimulated by provocative discussions conducted the hearse cultural intellectual inspiration the levels were some of the finest minds in towns not only of our own morning's a community of oklahoma called and region and because of all these things and speaking for my associates cheered columbia as well as for myself personally i'm delighted and proud that the blue rv our is our neighbor heartiest congratulations for having reached for having reached this milestone we look for nearly too many many years of continued dedication by bit we are dr drew that excellence and a cheat
i understand that station wor of ers to celebrate its fifth anniversary on january first nineteen sixty six there's good reason to be proud of its five year record those of us in the non commercial educational broadcasting field think of w army are as one of the outstanding operations in the country and i'm sure that the important factor in this development is the ability of its general manager jack summer for you but we are we are not only serves the new york area with educational cultural and informative programs and available elsewhere but by the exchange of programs for the facilities or the national association and educational broadcasters has contributed greatly to the improvement of radio across the nation the excellence of its programs coupled with imagination and progressive most are i am sure responsible for its latest on and a coveted peabody award so we salute you doubly rv are going to leave the next five years will be equally
successful this is college mostly managing director the nail for money is a great pleasure to extend anniversary congratulations to the riverside radio every rv er for five years of enterprising and imaginative activity i feel personally most grateful for the immense bones that fm radio is brought to the realm of music along exploring a vast range of repertoire giving this new and interesting august of course more faithful miserable sob each station that dedicates itself to substantial programming in the law serves as well and though we are we are as my profound thanks for the job it has done so outstanding way this is harvey heard station manager kale iran speaking from the university of texas in austin the larvae
are fm and its general manager jack summer they'll either be congratulated upon the impressive record which this fifth anniversary brings to our attention although that we are we are is a relative newcomer to the field of educational broadcasting the impressive accomplishments of the station are such that many venerable colleagues and had to step aside and look up to the new standards of excellence set by some of the old and ugly rv er we send our sincere congratulations and our appreciation for setting the outstanding example which you've set we're holding the guide on higher policy and for leading all who follow in the plaza excellence in broadcasting many happy returns wi beyond this your fifth birthday with best wishes from the staff mikael iran and radio television at the university of texas
this is the widow of being dominated government appointed not going to your body is a pleasure to salute with a side plate you the view of the er on the occasion of its fifth some of us in spite of the sole court cartridge explosion the supply of good music on the wager on television seems to be diminishing was alarming speed limit appointed local and the new york philharmonic had to have their own networks provided for them to stay on the air for this we are profoundly grateful towards bonds of mexico why would my head you hear at the metropolitan prevents my being a regular listener to your station i see your pocket listings and i'm impressed with your high standard of your falling to the public not only in new york but in many other parts of the nation as well appropriate as we begin this new year to call attention to the
hypothesis and achievements of the view of the uk and i i wish you many more years of success this is ralph brennan president of radio new york world wide international sure way station wor you well i'm delighted to salute w army are on the occasion of its sixth birthday we have radio newark worldwide know very well about they find programs of w r b r because we work closely with his fine fm station on many occasions as w rv are broadcast programs which we had produced originally for our overseas audiences and we in turn broadcast programmes from wypr which we felt were representative of the finest in broadcasting from the united states the people of new york city are fortunate in having such a forthright and courageous broadcasting station as w
ari are on their fm dials are you are you are truly represents forward thinking in broadcasting diversity in viewpoint integrity and reporting we are proud to be associated with such a responsible mature and we congratulate w rv are on five years of unlike never this is sally swing shelley information officer of unesco that's the united nations educational scientific and koch former station in new york i wanna wish station wor of er happy birthday on their fifth anniversary like unesco w r b r has been working for understanding in the community in their local community as unesco works in the world keep going but you are you are
this is hard for gun general manager of wgbh fm and tv in boston on behalf of the fourteen colleges universities and cultural institutions that make up our broadcasting council here in boston i would like to extend our congratulations to mr jack summerfield and staff at w o r d are in new york city on this most auspicious occasion we in boston have a special interest in the work of wor dr fm in new york city as former assistant general manager for radio boston mr summerfield made many significant contributions to the development of our own operations and under his guidance the minority are is making a meaningful contribution toward fulfilling the needs of the listeners in the new york area we're looking forward to continued association with a staff of the minority are which will result in better programs being offered to all our listeners again our best wishes to w r b r e in new york and a sincere
wish for a happy and prosperous new year great pleasure for me is president of lincoln center for the performing arts to pay tribute to one of our cities important cultural agency's riverside radio billie rv are passed by he is your station has brought into our homes the very best of musical literature as well as searching analyses of the arts all of us are concerned with getting the cultural needs of the people are aware of the important role of fm radio can still now the fm and even tape recordings of comely automobile perhaps even the traffic problems of new york seamless birds radio along with the recording industry can make a great contribution by helping to develop audience is listening by electronic means to great artists playing the works of great composers rates of
hunger that can only be satisfied by hearing those artists an actual performance in a concert hall at a nonprofit agency subject no criteria except those of excellence riverside radio that we are we are as bitten especially favored position to contribute this an animal certainly hats my heartiest congratulations kojak the summit feel on the members of the staff at riverside regular u r b r as i ever upon their sixth year of service to the people of our city there's a darker crackles the associate dean of the auburn a medical college and director of the college is a demonstration of the new amc five years of an increased tempo of success represents an adequate reason to express congratulations to those responsible for wu
r b r and it's excellent programs the altruism of this private enterprise undoubtedly exist because of altruism and firmness of purpose residing within individuals who have developed this broadcast but it suggests that in addition to those responsible there is an equally important ingredient with him but you are the arch formal puts it says this ingredient has those of you listen altruism inability of purpose go for naught unless there is a recipient who appreciates the effort and draws benefit from his appreciation but may then also extend congratulations to you partake of wor the art programs all concerned have earned these words of praise
jesus alfred eight manager of wamu see the fm station of the albany medical college w r b r as performance over the past five years has been an inspiration to radio broadcasters commercial and noncommercial alike the minority are provides a superior program they're locally regionally and nationally and constantly makes significant contributions to the continuing growth of fm radio to all of you at w r b r staff management and audience happy anniversary and may you continue to prosper my heartiest congratulations to riverside revealed ugly rv er for it's phenomenally successful first five years the citations and awards received our amazing
proof of its distinguished service however crowded the air channels maybe there is always room for quality in the realm of material things we compete with others to more one possesses the last remains for those around him but not so in the spirit of mental and spiritual value more one has the more he and witches but the rv are deals in the ultimate values of beauty truth and goodness a larger its ratings in service of more likely use our whole community richer may god bless its future years this is it borrows manager of the university of michigan fm stations wu all i'm ann arbor and wbur
grand rapids i'm especially pleased to salute w r b r on the occasion of riverside radio's fifth anniversary in those five years in competition with the greatest number of affluent and influential radio and television stations anywhere in the united states a new rv er has made amazing strides not only in finding and holding an audience but in providing that audience with stimulating provocative and significant programs that have some appeal and his staff have not been content with easy or the mediocre evan fearless in their investigation of those problems which concerns all of us as citizens or maintaining their high degree of balance perspective and goodwill representative of the best of an educational or religious institution as chairman of the board national educational radio that association of non commercial educational stations which operates a coast to coast that work i'm particularly pleased
to acknowledge the contributions of wypr the rams produced by riverside radio and carried by the nea our network are among the most distinguished to be heard across the country in recent years the numerous awards given to these and other productions are an indication of their excellence for the next five years be a fruitful is the first where the links between michigan and wor dr as well as with other dedicated broadcasters throughout the land continue and grow in the years to come mr wainwright yeah as director of the new york comic i would like to expand my congratulations to go blue rv are on its first five years of service to the cultural and educational life of new york city w r b r as making a significant contribution to our town it's interviews discussions and forums air diverse views on
artistic and social topics and its policy of presenting music programs uninterrupted by commercials have the best listening hours has resulted in well balanced programming designed for discriminating lesson my congratulations to wypr on its first four years on the air and my best wishes for continued proof i'm broadcasting congratulations to riverside radio wor dr on its fifth anniversary from the radio and television stations of the oregon state system of higher education this is luke while director of educational medium expressing our warm admiration to the management and staff of riverside radio for their outstanding efforts or the last five years to bring distinguished cultural an informational problems the metropolitan new york and through national education radio
to many parts of the nation as well kale ac in corvallis celebrated its forty third anniversary last december seventh as one of the elder statesmen in educational broadcasting commands the new army are as one of the leading stations in the country the quality of programming of wor dr continues to impress the profession has also recognize by the public as evidenced by the nineteen sixty four peabody award for a radio congratulations on an outstanding first five years they've continued to set the example for quality broadcasting in the years ahead when riverside radio made his debut in january nineteen sixty one almost here on the heights have high hopes for the new station we thought of the voice of the blue rv er with strengthen the already existing ties which bind together these
divisions in this neighborhood and adequate help each of us to maintain that their communications were neighbors both individual and institutional looking back from the present perspective we can see on the fifth anniversary of wypr how modest our expectations were and how far the reality has exceeded our hopes first the blog dr has done more than strengthen the bottoms which connects institutions of the heights it has created new bonds lectures discussions and concerts chuck previously been from rural became rich girl extending the audience and influence of many important institutional programs without changing their character by the physical presence of large numbers of people with radio
audience it was enriched without any way impoverishing the direct audience of a particular programme and when the heights of learn things about one another we have not known before or participate in as it were and programs we had no only by hearsay secondly the limit that institutional audience which most of us had envisioned when a good friend francis' common was petitioning the fcc for a license has become a reality or the largest groups of intellectuals anywhere thanks to be able to match that their direction which jack sophia was given that the riverside radio from beginning and jewelry just to show results is fun which he and his staff could rule the station has won its own group of devoted listeners probably are they are is indeed a neighbor station in one sense in another it transcends the physical neighborhood brains distributions of warring sides the acropolis of the world to ever growing audience i
want to take this opportunity of congratulating the riverside church that riyadh riyadh an all staff i'm five years of remarkable accomplishment and to wish you many more successful years this is armand hunter director of continuing education and the division of broadcasting services at michigan state university and i'm very happy to have this opportunity to extended readings and best wishes to the trustees deacons and staff of the riverside church and to the general manager jack the summer fallow of station wor of the er we're particularly happy at michigan state that the blue rv er has developed such a fine program over the period of the past five years and all of us in educational broadcasting
are looking forward to the board and to the staff to continue their find work in the future and now to speak directly on behalf of our radio stations here is that the stale manager of the uk our am and fm michigan state university i get up there on a riverside radio and of a sensitive intelligent leadership of jack summer failed as in the brief span of five years made a tremendous impact on the people of new york but its reverberation seven felt across the nation broadcasting in the true spirit of serving the public interest what you are dr has succeeded in blending programs of information fine arts religion and also education in the proper a man's soul estimate the money needs represented by a large community as valuable as riverside radio is to the community it serves is equally valuable to educational broadcasting throughout the country or by its example of public service
broadcasting it stands as a beacon for those who recognize their responsibilities for providing society with programs designed to further human understanding sunseri congratulations to jack's our field and his staff or serving the national community in a manner in which we can all share pride as director radio and television for the protestant council of the city of new york i've been in a unique position to know something about the achievements in service of dubie rv are in the five years of his suggestions we watched with great admiration the station grow and develop into a leading an important broadcast service we congratulate the staff and management from its beginning debbie rv are made it clear that the oil was owned and operated by the riverside church in service would not only the ecumenical and the religious sense of that word but would provide programming for the entire community it is
truly amazing that with a budget of only a fraction of that of some of other newark outlets the station has served so many interesting concerns it's music jazz and classical its documentaries is educational features its coverage of important meetings and conferences are part of this variety of program services there's so much going on in your goal a time and the army are its consistently in the thick of it because of its alertness and intelligence and building its schedule every rv er has proved abundantly that an educational station operated by church need not be dull we also applaud its readiness to serve all the community and all the religious and educational groups and we appreciate very much as cooperation with a protestant council we gave debbie rv are our nineteen sixty three award for outstanding achievement in broadcasting for its excellent documentary series entitled birmingham testament of nonviolence we frankly
had not anticipated that this an award would go to church on station of the members of the committee representing the general community insisted that it be so i'm glad that we recognize the standard of excellence and that the standard has been maintained and we're honored to join with many others in expressing our gratitude and congratulations doug e r b r for five years of the outstanding achievements in broadcasting iq it is indeed a privilege for wsl you to be able to congratulate riverside radio w r b r and the occasion of its fifth anniversary of the outstanding contribution to education radio by wor pr has set the standard in excellent for all created broadcasters that standard was given exceptional recognition by the presentation of the peabody award for wor dr in nineteen sixty
five nowhere in the pages of educational radio can we find a more imaginative and responsible dedication to the role of information education and entertainment acutely aware of that important role as an educational fm station in the heart of metropolitan new york w r b r has serve the community of educational radio without spending material from the city in those years to come the u r b r will continue to be a leader for all those broadcasters and listeners who want the very best to double u r b r and you're her listeners happy birthday from wsl you canton new york one of the accepted duties of a president of any organization as the periodic performance of certain ceremonial rites among we're just extending a congratulations anniversary greeting would suggest
such routine responsibilities are often more the ritualistic veterans of the customs of the lawyers but when i was invited to help the blue rv are celebrated its fifth anniversary by providing reading i accepted because this was something i like to do with complete sincerity however i've chosen not here's a question there are various positions there are new or a broader cultural opportunities than ever before there's a need for dealing with public issues and those big spending program on social
media that prompted a wide range of community as an aside large areas of service i want you to reflect on the activities of wor dr during its five year life as an additive education noncommercial stations to elevate an individual people like an experience and as a broadcast a piece of it many people wherever and whoever they are they're by helping to improve the quality of this nation's education abroad and equality of educational opportunity a second general barry of service the overall expansion of portland maine there's a need to provide greater opportunities for the human as a poem later in the position to
access channels people and for the people here the third area or educational broadcasting play an increasingly important role is in public affair this difficult and controversial but it is essential that we freedom educational noncommercial broadcasting stations almost idealism of institutions in our society to undertake this ventilation a lively dialogue on public views are of a courageous enough to do the vast social action now underway in this country provides educational station with unprecedented opportunities to use radio to help serve the broad educational social political and cultural needs of the day joining the attack on poverty and illiteracy on vocational deficiencies about the whole range of conditions which international progress
exhilarating challenge for the educational station if you placed these instruments and its expertise in their use of disposal of all agencies whose purpose is to foster human dignity and our listeners i ask her to match the criteria for the service of an educational mission against the five year record of the blue rv er how does it measure up i suggest that we're all very well of the paper that suggest that it will approve obama's record in the years ahead and finally if i may be permitted just one ritualistic utterance congratulations to the staff of the blue rv er and most of all congratulations to its loyal listeners who have the good fortune to live within the range of such an excellent source of that like i'm on the good sense to take advantage of their good fortune
this is marjorie newman wi fis you a family in tallahassee florida i congratulate w r b r and the completion of five years of broadcasting that have been a major significance in educational radio with dedication to service riverside radio has tried to bring into its listeners in the new york area and in other parts of the country to the national educational radio network programs intended to inform enlighten inspire and to provoke in the most constructive sense of that word the easy well dried ways have been avoided and instead new and challenging directions have been solved ann pfau controversy has been under threat of stimulation drew w rv our producers and the arts have been the source of our original and creative cultural
programs as w r dr begins its sixth year of broadcasting i wish its success and continuing to fulfill its purpose in educational radio this is jim mcandrew general manager and cecil suffering director of programming wnyc fm radio station of the new york city board of education we're happy to join those or selling ugly rv er on its fifth anniversary you know jim it's hard to believe that riverside radio is already five years all it seems only yesterday we were welcoming a new sister station to new york city and yet at no no no you're never got along without w rei i don't see the sea so you know that child would you know about one little boys and girls are made our oh you mean sugar and spice and everything
nice years i like as you order radio stations later and you expect me to say to us and buttons and knobs and microphones and record play is but i won't because radio stations are made of people right the first time cease on wypr in serving the people of the new york metropolitan area are brilliantly because it has the good fortune to have a new staff people with creative imagination and faith in their all of radio in our time and the kind of creative leadership in jack some of the aisle that has won a fine reputation for wypr nationally as well as luckily including a peabody award right so here's wishing from wnyc fm every rv er and two jack summer failed in the staff of his station a very happy birthday in many years of continued success and jack himself would say amen the power
it was just five years ago this time that all of us here at the buick uv fordham university's voice had a genuine pleasure of congratulating and welcoming aboard our new fellow fm station wor we are integrating we referred to our own creed four fm broadcasting formulated fourteen years previously and i believe in these ideals that man today has need of inspiration that a radio station must not underestimate the intelligence of its listeners that in these troubled times many questions are open to dispute and a radio station by its interviews discussions and forums must bring many points of view to its listeners but the harmony between nations depends upon mutual understanding and a conscientious informational and culture radio station can do much to promote such a harmony
that music is one of the fine arts and the radio audience has the right to expect the best in music at the best listening hours and finally that a well informed and well educated citizen is a good citizen all the thousands of wypr as listeners are aware of the really outstanding contribution to fm broadcasting at the station has made during the past five years and every one of those ideals and i just mentioned has been realized to the nth degree that is why we are again most happy to express our sincere and heartfelt congratulations with the hope and prayer the wor dr will be blessed with many more years of inspirational and rewarding broadcasting matos adults
it's difficult to believe that wfcr is only now a nineteen sixty six and entering its sixth year of broadcasting in a period of five short years riverside radio as an international reputation for producing important programs of the highest quality among the most significant i would include the series birmingham a testament of nonviolence and the american people the view of your staffers never been timid in dealing with controversial issues and ideas at the same time this imaginative enterprise of the riverside church has not neglected the listeners seeking just music whether it be jazz opera programs sacred music or the complete recordings of toscanini although don't you are the ahs entire annual budget probably would not be sufficient to pay for one television spectacular track summerfield and the staff of the first great job of broadcasting it's no wonder
that debut rv are already has been the recipient of most of the broadcasting industry is most coveted awards including a peabody i congratulate you on your five years of success and have no doubt that the next five will be even more rewarding you're right birthday greetings to god you are dr from boston university radio wbur that says willis in boston with an open letter to a stack of listeners of riverside radio it would be redundant if not down right result is for me to tell you would have a station wunc w r b r means to assert his community just music ed beach birmingham the testament of nonviolence lee's program speak for themselves rather i will address myself to what the bee larvae are as presidents means the rest of us a noncommercial radio riverside radio has provided the
leadership and the inspiration to do in our respective communities what w r dr has done in new york and that is in the words of the nineteen sixty four people it award citation to let the entire moral intellectual and cultural levels of radio it's a big task but the five candles glowing atop w r dr his birthday cake as example enough that it can be done this is susan stamberg of radio station wamu fm the american university in washington dc it's a pleasure to bring salutations from the nation's capital t w o r b r as observes its fifth anniversary of broadcasting service wamu fm and other new rv are shared a special relationship during the early days of both stations broadcasting for almost two years we were affiliates
along with six other educational stations in a live interconnected network that spanned the eastern seaboard of this country as members of the educational radio network w rv er and wamu fm exchanged new york and washington viewpoints and the problems from wypr were good once since the termination of the network each station has focused on forming unique broadcasting service for its community that you are your success has been outstanding wamu fm looks to the station of the riverside church as a continuing source of broadcasting excellence and is a fellow reporter of the outstanding ideas events and personalities of our times
five years of excellence in broadcasting by one of america's finest non commercial radio stations static the usda home of the university of south dakota salutes riverside radio w r b r as a distinguished la band member of national education radio as it begins its sixth year of service to the city of new york to its manager and our good friend mr jack summer too we continue as you wish and riverside church continued success in their efforts to provide outstanding radio broadcasting in the highest tradition of the art of a new rv are we salute you as riverside radio and his opponent sixth year of service to the grid or your community i want to congratulate you the listeners to w r b r
for making this station possible only through your cooperation and support evidenced by the steady growth in audience and monetary contributions as a dedicated stop a riverside radio unable to continue its work on your behalf on your behalf because after all it is the audience that profits from excellent program and that can be no doubt of the high caliber of the many hours of information and cultural enjoyment riverside radio has brought to its listeners where numerous awards reaching a high of nine awards and won thirteen month period about a year ago wor dr was catapulted to international prominence as a result of it on the spot coverage of the birmingham race riots of nineteen sixty three the series resulting from this coverage was carried by literally hundreds of stations throughout the country this another series distributed nationally gave an audience of millions an opportunity to enjoy a modest sampling of the excellent programming you can enjoy daily over w r b or so again i congratulate you
the listeners during this fifth birthday celebration of riverside radio and wish you and the station which serves you many more years of mutual benefit national educational radio is pleased to have its voice in saluting riverside radio wypr as it enters its six year of public service during its first five year ten years serving the people of the greater new york city area wypr has time and again provided ample evidence of its distinctive contributions to the cultural life of its listeners of the many awards bestowed on wypr for distinguished service to the community surely the one which calls particular attention to the unique role the station has performed is the peabody award for nineteen sixty four where wypr was singled out as the only radio station in the united states for this high honor
and this is not altogether surprising for wypr has been an important influence on the national scene contributing as it has many outstanding programs for distribution to the one hundred thirty five member stations and the national educational radio network its programs that often dealt with important issues and dealt with them boldly and creatively in the best sense of the term wypr has truly a pioneer in educational radio always striving for new forms significant content and broader horizons in public service programs national education radio is proud to count wypr as a member of that city on behalf of america's non commercial educational radio stations we wished wypr many years
this is morris told us the founder and artistic director of the goal but ski operators choo ch there's a great need in new york city for radio programs that do not underestimate the intelligence of discrimination of the listener for a fight here is riverside radio wor dr has helped fulfill disney by providing a consistently high level of fm broadcasting combining an emphasis on the performing arts with the patient a wide range of political economic and social problems w r b r as providing in depth entertainment for a wide audience in my own fields forever so they do has just completed a nine month survey of russian opera and is about the launch and even more ambitious survey of opera the twentieth century i would therefore like a big as a virginity to congratulate wypr and five years of outstanding service such a contribution can not be all arrested and the purity as broadcasting is certainly a most valuable addition to the cultural life of new york city
and blessed day is a good time to look back and to look ahead looking back station wor be eyes at a remarkable first five years it is the only radio station to receive as such a george foster peabody award it is one of five to receive a major award bestowed by the armstrong memorial research foundation named for the inventor of fm it won national attention with its documentaries on integration which included the recording of a klan meeting in birmingham it has built up a following of devoted listeners to its artistic and public service programs in terms of influence and recognize character no single radio station commercial or noncommercial as fared better in its early years it is a phenomenon and a phenomenal year of expanding communications but for the word about this phenomenal year as we look ahead we see its
importance for the world will have to be blessed ultimately by universal communication and by the understanding that only communication can bring it is not to stagger into annihilation i do not suggest that a single fm station can swing the joys of mankind's decisions that it makes to contributions of know it demonstrates that people are ready to pay attention to ideas and problems they will listen to have spoken to you and it shows there is devoted leadership to provide things worth listening to and to do it simply because these things have were my salute to station wypr i wish that many even more rewarding those days to come on behalf of the juilliard school of music i want to congratulate riverside radio wor of
er on the occasion of its fifth anniversary we are indeed pleased to be a neighbor and with the fact that w rv er has at times presented programs by outstanding young artists from the juilliard student body and members of the julliard faculty as well me i also take this opportunity to congratulate that you are dr on having been singled out for the broadcasting industry is coveted george foster peabody award for distinguished achievement and meritorious public service the new rv er has demonstrated a conscience for excellence in music and four issues of deep concern warm regards to the staff and the general manager jack the summer field it was about three hundred sixty
years ago some adventure some types from france found themselves in an odd to enviable position of being stuck in the snowbank aside an inlet near the bay of funding caused enormous go should say the least it was a tough winter and casualties were many however in spite of the hardship of heartbreak samuel champlain created of the bleakness the first permanent settlement of north america that was known as border oil in the three hundred and sixty years since every conceivable type of pioneering has gone on in the united states and canada until now one would almost a pioneering was a thing of the past one was amazing pioneering in radio is pretty well as a especially on the part of an fm radio station will begin to take up last frequency in new york city tonight the slightest impression a new york with fake academy of radio signals already available in law established is set quite an accomplishment for a station to make more than those is amazing but for a comparatively
low budget non commercial station a dylan as wypr has done it's worthy of considerable recognition wypr has proved itself a pioneer in today's partially explore the wilderness of fm radio we're in a broadcasting industry of nova scotia have for some time norm and admired the work of wypr and one of our own new fm stations here in the map was valley of nova scotia and i'm honored to be permitted to carry some of the fine programs of wypr we are honored also to be permitted to take part in the view of the us program schedule as we prepare impressions of our part of canada once a month for the program nova scotia notebook looking back over five adventure film years of broadcasting general manager jack somerville and his dedicated staff must have felt somewhat rewarded for their untiring efforts such coveted trophies is the peabody awards for the first time in twenty five years was presented to them as an
WRVR 5th Anniversary Greetings
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WRVR (Radio station: New York, N.Y.)
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The Riverside Church (New York, New York)
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