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fb and the nineteenth chapter of a first poker games we find these words and i came to a key ally andy hall the word of the lord came to him and they said to him what are you doing here rely job he said i have been very jealous for the lord god of hosts for the people of israel have forsaken by covenant from the online orders and slain by province with the sword and i even i only outlet and they see my life to take it away and god sarah goforth and slammed upon the moments before the lord and behold the lord and a great and strong way in rent the
mountains and broken pieces the rocks before the lord but the bard was not in the wind and after the winning an earthquake what the lord was not in the earthquake and after the earthquake the fire but the lord was not in the fire and after the fire a still small voice if we could have gotten our own terms we would prefer that he'd come to us as he came to the property elijah and a still small voice some of us have heard that voice perhaps around the lake or on a walk through the park following a heavy rain or perhaps and the quiet of an almost empty church
was still small voice but god doesn't always come out the way being a lot of history that he is he comes there was at times and speaks to us through the turbulence of events we live in such a time the still small voice of congo has given way doris quake waves and fire the earthquakes steadily these days only a broken or an unwilling size mcgrath would fail that they get up all nations that once were thought to be secure our crumbling or at least being tested some of us overheard many times handel's messiah
will what's the tenor and tuxedo rise to sing those words from tiny i wore the us as a lot of posts yet once it is a little while and i will say the heavens and the earth and the season the dry land and i will say to all nations and the desire of all nations shall come and i will fill this house with lori seth a lot of posts those words are no longer simply poetic expressions set to music labour have become in effect before our eyes the psalmist to live than a day when many believed that the earth was perched on water said he had found that anna palmer sees an established that upon the flubs and even though we have advanced beyond that primitive cosmology we still know the feeling that perhaps the earth that we once
thought so durable employees my research on water institutions that we had trusted and relied upon our beginning to have had your ability to test it in our desperation way sometimes turn to god and say why not stop a shaky but the answer at times comes back what if the shaking is a god the old order changes yielding place to new and god fulfilled himself in many ways west one would cost them should corrupt the world and as if that were not enough there are mighty winds now blowing venerable institutions are now being ventilated
these new wins are asserting themselves with provocative fury all balances of power all prejudices old assumptions regarding privilege all forms of authority are being interrogated every hour of the day dr uwe jean jennings was commenting on this interrogation of authority when he said there is one title also drives away almost every young man or woman who comes his way unfortunately happens to be like the majority of my generation he was taught to obey first and think second if your diagram his character you find it operates more by rules of farmland principles and by perception learning and facts the younger generation is just the opposite they are the quiet why
they distrust rules and suspect that men who shout roles are incompetent they go for facts or analysis of the problem they were raised to think first and obey second the maddening thing about these women's is that they cannot be controlled by man or as the scriptures observer the wind calms where it will lose and those were at will's and only god himself and no we can call this age whatever we wish to call it what we surely cannot call it though or stuffing with the quaking of the ground and the running of the wind there is also fighting the fire of judgment and kurdish a little man
has struck as tents and is on the march most of us led them so far away preoccupied with seeing the world in terms of east and west between communism and cannibalism which when moscow and washington are now becoming aware perhaps for the first time that there is a third world comprised of the tables of asia and africa and south america rising up in protest and in judgment i'm inclined to agree that much of the dissent on our college and university campuses as marlowe character to it young people by the thousands in this country a year ago were concerned about vietnam that many of them dropped out of school to work with the hope that their case could be presented seriously before the
major parties what must we expect their reaction to a bit when having labored sincerely and tired with all the limitations of budget and time imposed upon them they found that come november there was no candidate when a serious chance to win who represent a growing point of view we are concerned about universities that are too closely tied to the military complex in this country and they are reacting sometimes with violence against our unfair in a store the casualties about economic system adley stevenson commenting on the fact that we always have in our society hopefully people who are you stay and can cause for a man set while i am not in favor of mao adjustment i do this called a
nation of neutrality is breeding of mental new series this hostility to accent for a city and controversy with grave misgivings one looks like with dismay at the possibility of a shakespeare perfectly adjusted to a bourgeois life in stratford all wesley contentedly administrating a country parish george washington going to london to receive about renee from george the third or abraham lincoln prospering in springfield with nary a concern for the preservation of the crumbling union the problem is that we feel that what we have grown accustomed to we are entitled to right now are privileges our power and our wealth are being questioned if not in the name of god at least and the name of
my what do we do recognizing as christians that god is a lot of history they're living on our heart study has a willful the world as well as a will for individuals in that world it becomes us to listen to what god is saying so the events of our time as we listen we listen in the presence of the one whom we call log and as we listen in the presence of jesus christ we're the overtones the main reason i never got we hear the strong winds from the prophet jesus read as he gave his own job description in the synagogue a matter of
we hear the character and cohen of the sermon on the mount we hear the story of the last judgment and as much as she had done it on to one of the least of these my brother and he had done it on to me i say is in the presence of this crisis and not simply out of an awareness of privileges that we don't like we steal but we listen to the voice of god and the turbulence of our time all of us may hear something just a little bit different from the next man what i feel well i want to tell you what i inherited as i try and a stumbling way to stand at the side of christ and listen to the world the message that keeps coming through to my mind is this
that love without mockery is a loan without justice is a mockery the story online god's love is the greatest story ever told god so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son walker beam on meaningful more precious low worthy of beliefs and there are enormous changes that can take place in your life and wine when we open the doors of our heart to let this love kanye the tragedy is that the church that is trying to tell the story of this love as bad neglectful of justice in the nation and in the world therefore the gospel of jesus christ has been discredited not by its enemies but by its so called friends
and the charts which was meant to be the body of the living god has been discarded as irrelevant jesus said we have a responsibility to god and cesar most ministers when they got after their congregations homiletic we criticize them for not giving god is true it's time we had some raging in this country that would remind us that we as christians have an obligation to season the temporal order the state the structure is but we all inhabit in this country the church for too long has been majoring in the mine as a story of true on about a minister oh one to a baseball game in the major leagues on a pass on the management a city in
which this deal is located and racial strife somewhere along about the third or fourth inning of foul ball came down the third base line where this man was cited as luck would have it mixed up along with others as much in self defense as anything else and presto he had a nice new baseball it is there well this time it was very afraid the baseball apparently across the management something as all the rest of the game was rather nervously enjoyed as he fought this conscience problem out only found out that baseball's about time or worth to seventy five pieces getting somewhat sanctimonious about a run a letter to the management and florida chapter to seventy five saying it isn't fair but i should be there for it and keep your ball the management wisely wrote back and said why don't you put your conscience to work on more important
things this is where we have been we have been cultivating a private parties and all the while we have been living within a system that far from being neutral has been working down and on millions of our people and we know it we talk about these what we do not study the things that make for peace and this is hypocrisy elena kagan said i see no hope for the peace of society or the peace of the world so long as this fear of change is so powerful and this fear will remain powerful so long as the one side has so much to gain and the other so much to lose
the churches of this country have been working on what i call an area code theology in the church the church buildings within the organizations other church god has begun rolling out what novel sweltering field of politics the field in economics or life making your life writing decisions are made each day we had zoned off to someone else that somebody else's area and a god who is coming to us an earthquake wind and fire is confronting us at least this creature with a question do you or do you not believe that i am worn out all the earth they'll talk or say of our stance is gathered for us beautifully
by david head and a kind of a lot less than a wei miserable owners of increasingly luxurious car is undone expanding television screens do most timely pray for that two thirds of the world's population which is undernourished and the congregation replies you can do all things oh god we use it to maintain a shaky civilization you play most earnestly that the countries which software exploitation may not be angry with exporters but the hungry may not harbor resentment against those who have food that the downtrodden might take it patiently that the nations within the loggers may prefer starvation to communism but that have not countries may rejoice in the prosperity of those that have and there are people who have been deeply and salted and those wires will have short
memories and the response times but you can do all things oh god we must learn they use the power that we have the power of persuasion the power of our wealth the power of art per person or employers on behalf of those who need us and perhaps by being attentive to the claims of justice we will win a hearing for the gospel of god's abiding love four man cannot live by structures alone no matter how perfect in the deeper the heart he needs to be at peace with himself with his neighbor and with his got four years we
have song all over this country those lines of john greenleaf whittier let's flash be dumb let's sense retire speak through the earthquake when gunfire now god answers for i will pray that god has mercy is more vital to us than the air we breathed forgive what we have been correct what we are and order what we shall be in his name was is the kingdom and the power glory for gay men it
Dr. Campbell Sermon
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