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And yet desperate is one of the only words that can be used to describe the situation in which many men of draft age find themselves at the moment and things
aren't getting any better monthly draft calls are rising steadily and the new Selective Service regulations which were issued at the end of last month place still more men in jeopardy than ever before. Worst of all very few people are sure of exactly how these new regulate many cases the local draft boards are no exception the voice you just heard a few moments ago was Betty Ann Vedder, Executive Director of the Scientific Manpower Commission in Washington D.C. about three or four days after the regulations were released Mrs. Vedder spoke at Columbia University hoping to explain just what the situation is. On two occasions after that address WRVR broadcast Mrs. Vedder's talk and received a steady flow of mail from people who have heard her speak but felt that some of her question-- or some of their questions, rather, have not been answered. We tried forwarding the questions to Mrs. Vedder's office in Washington, but the volume continued to
increase and it became thoroughly impractical to answer them via the mail. All of the questions had to be answered almost immediately and the mails were just too slow, and so the Urban Affairs Unit of WRVR invited Mrs. Vedder to come to our studios tonight for Riverside Radio's Draft Dial-in, giving our listeners a unique opportunity to telephone the studios directly with any question they have concerning Selective Service and hopefully getting the answer on the spot. Mrs. Vedder is with us this evening. I wanna thank you very much for coming I know you heard quite a hectic schedule ever since the Columbia talk and today alone we've been speaking here in the city since what? About 7 o'clock morning? [Vedder] About [host] and we're going to keep going for two hours more [laughs] also in the studio are six other gentlemen, who have been connected in one way or another with the area of Selective Service counseling and I'd like for them them now to identify themselves for our audience
[Phillips] my name is David Phillips, I do draft counseling at Columbia University and with the American Friends Service Committee [Price] Reverend Bob Price, Assistant to the Chaplin at Columbia University and coordinator of the Student Draft Information Center at Columbia [Hines] David Hines Senior at Columbia who's trying to become both a conscientious objector and draft counselor [Kendall] my name is David Kendall, I'm volunteer worker for the American Friends Service Committee [Robbins] my name's David Robbins and I'm a volunteer worker also at American Friends Service Committee my work has been mainly concerned with the high school program [Green] Peter Green I'm a former news editor of the Columbia Spectator and I'm also a senior at Columbia [host] Well I think you can tell that we have about as competent a panel as could be assembled for any one evening on this area of the Selective Service. Before we begin taking our listeners' calls, Mrs. Vedder could you give us, if it's at all possible, a capsule view of exactly what the situation concerning the new regulations
is? [Vedder] Yes I'll be glad to. In the middle of February the National Security Council announced its decisions, which Congress had left to it in regard to Graduate Student deferment after the year, occupational deferment and the order of call by which men should be inducted into the service. These came as a surprise to a great many people but the resulting rules were that the former lists of occupational, uh, deferment lists that were allowed to be used by local boards in determining what the critical areas of shortage were, were abolished and occupational deferment would be available in the future only on the basis of community need, which was not defined. Graduate students now in their second or subsequent year graduate study could go ahead and finish their next degree however first year graduate students this year and next year's first year graduate students who are now graduating seniors would not be allowed to obtain student
deferment but would instead go back into the draft pool. the order of call within the pool was left as a all-- as it has been for many years and that is oldest first within the combined age group of men nineteen through twenty-five this means that as the college graduates and graduate students dropped back into the 1A classification because they are older than the men who are now available in 1A they will be the first to go and says there are a sufficient number of them how we believe there will be almost nobody drafted next year who has made at least one college degree and that's about where we stand at the moment [host] What particular problems as has been posing [Vedder] I suppose... [host] or you think it will pose in the future? I think before we answer that one it I--I should give out the telephone numbers here at the studios of that we can begin receiving calls just as quickly as possible
the number for the direct line here in the studio so that you can speak to Mrs. Vedder on the phone and have your question answered immediately by her is 7 494646 we have five lines coming in on that number and so we should be able to handle quite a good volume of calls if you do the dial in however and get a busy signal another number to call it 749 5400 your question then will be taken by one of our receptionist and forwarded to Mrs. Vedder in the studio [Vedder] I think the most immediate impact is being felt by the young men who are this year's first year graduate students and this year's graduating seniors in terms of their decisions they have in many cases been applying for fellowships for graduate study these fellowships are now being offered to the National Science Foundation fellowships are out this week these young men now have a very limited brief time to decide what to do about it shall they accept them, if so, is there any possibility of
using them and they try to go on to graduate school, will they be drafted in the middle of their new protection for them how they simply don't really know which way to turn of those [host] calls are coming in very rapidly and so i think we should get to them just as quickly as possible no this is the WRVR Draft Dial In what what question did you have for Mrs. Vedder [called] the question was uh uh a graduate degree finishing his first year graduate work in June will receive his Masters Degree in October, under those those conditions would he be allowed to complete uh his degree [Vedder] probably his person 2S classification expands to October if he began school-- or until September at least, if he began school at that time if this is true then undoubtedly his board would be willing to let him go through that far and probably would not even reclassify him before that time if they did reclassify him his appeal period is open he has plenty of time to appeal and there's no reason why you shouldn't be allowed to complete his degree [caller] Thank you very much Mrs. Vedder [host] Take our next call now
[host] hello this is the WRVR Draft Dial in [caller] yes [host] Did you uh want to speak to Mrs. Vedder [caller] yes I do[host] alright can you just ask your question now [caller] uh [host] she is on the line [caller] if a person has spent two years in graduate school and will be receiving his Masters Degree intending to transfer to another graduate school PHD program does he still retain his deferment [Vedder] this is a very good question and it will depend largely on what he did last September he had to file or have the university file for him a form with Selective Service known as the 103 Form on that form is a place that says that the man is expected to receive a blank degree on blank if this said he would receive an MA degree on June-- in June 1968 and didn't mention that he was also planning to go for a PHD most local boards probably will decide that he was not a PHD candidate he was a Masters' candidate and that's the end of that if he is 103 Form did indicate that a
plan to belong to a PHD I would expect that in general most boards would allow him to continue remember however that the continued student deferment for graduate students in those third, fourth, and fifth years of graduate study is still optional with the local board and there has never been of course a requirement that they defer [caller] I see uh if he had filed a 103 Form for a uh studies at the same school would it still be valid transferring to another school [Vedder] yes [caller] oh okay thank you very much [host] Thank you for calling [Vedder] bye [host] hello Draft Dial In could you give your question to Mrs. Vedder [caller] yes [host] she is on the line now [caller] Mrs. Vedder? [Vedder] yes [caller] My son is graduating with a Masters Degree at the end of this month with his Masters in Business Administration, hello? [Vedder] yes [caller] but he has been having a great deal of difficulty because of his draft uh draft status now is it possible for him to go and get a physical before he is called because he is under the impression that he uh will not
pass the physical [Vedder] he can certainly goes on physician tell him what the problem is and get the advice of his physician as to whether or not he would pass the draft physical [caller] now would a physician normally know? [Vedder] yes however you must remember that the people who give the physicals are individual human beings [caller] that's right [Vedder] and and uh all doctors do not of course agree on what is debilitating [caller] yes so some doctors might pass him where other doctors might tend a fail him [caller] well that is [Vedder] that will at least get him a pretty good idea by going to his own physician and requesting an examination that might get him a comparable answer [caller] but is it possible for one to get an examination before being called up [Vedder] not usually [caller] No, no [Vedder] he'll need to check with his board usually possible that he could check on his board and they might be willing to send him on for a physical in order to allow him to make certain [host] I think Bob Price wanted to add something [caller] okay thank you very much [host] keep it going [Price] right now did this was really directly the form of a question which is often comes to us in terms uh of the possibility of a young man going to a recruiting officer and requesting um the uh enlistment physical be given now at this
point when he's not under any any threat. Uh one-- if uh is this the result of this physical uh communicated to the local draft board could he possibly take his physical then not if he failed but then not have to take the uh pre-induction physical are uh is there any way by doing this that he could find out now that at this point whether or not he could pass or fail [Vedder] yes he could get a pretty good idea but there's a danger in this to one of the letters that came in last week uh indicated the young man had followed this course had thought he would fail a physical went in for uh requesting the physical for an officer program was told that indeed he couldn't pass it under the normal rules but that because of his particular qualifications which they wanted uh they thought they could obtain a waiver from the surgeon general which they did and his question now was what I do to get rid of that waiver uh since he really was more concerned with going on with what he'd been doing before sometimes the result of a physical given by one branch of the service to have a potential enlistee
is communicated to his local board it is not always and so it may not be put back in his file it certainly would give him a pretty good idea when it would pass the physical the guys also lice remember in this context that you can fail the physical for officer program still be acceptable for induction biggest energy there for it's also something good to know that you can fail a physical of the pre induction level and gone in for induction physical and be disqualified at that point they can have a new engine to get the surgeon general of course has a a list of things that can or cannot be wrong with you to keep you in or out of the army i was wondering if there is any way to determine how closely this list is followed by positions in ministry induction reproduction difficult i don't think there's any way to know for sure how closely it's fallen we do know that about ten percent of the men who are past that the pre induction physical are failed at the induction physical which apparently is a little more strenuous or a little more serious
but on the other hand it's also a different physician during examinations and i don't know just what accounts for this ten percent change i presume it's largely medical difference of opinion will continue now it's more calls you're listening to the wor dr kraft dial in our telephone numbers here in the studio to talk images that are directly the number is seven four nine four six you as really a question of regulation add the answer is he might might not he would have to prove to his local board are on appeal to his appeal board that the work he was doing were presented essential community and if this satisfy these local board there i'm sure it would be would it would result in a two a deferment if it didn't satisfy the local board and he couldn't convince an appeal board either he would be back in may oh not to bp award the first
place to explain it and i am fully is to his local board and seeking an occupational deferment of any type there isn't any point in an individual going to his local board and saying please i think what i'm doing is important i would like to have an occupational firm and you will have to do it in conjunction with the employer now in this case if the boy is teaching you say at the junior high level and if he is in school and which there are available other junior high school level qualified teachers for that subject the chance of this being deferred is not very good on the other hand if he's in a system in which there aren't very many teachers or in some cases in a small town where there's something nobody else around who could teach that particular group all of that particular qualification his chance approving community is much better but it's going to be up to his employer more than it is to him to prove the case of the employer would have to be so absolutely a picture right never going to hold
yours thank you you and yours thank you yeah yeah visit us that's true there is no rule
that says any man must be deferred his local board apparently neither is not certain of his graduation date certain when the committee's bill really seen their locker rooms that are two years that are three and therefore and his local board may not know the length of this program could get it is neither gen honore personal but now you need to know what to do about it every registrar and has thirty days after his first after his classification notice from his local ward is a male to do either of two things if he doesn't feel the classification is right he may request a personal appearance before his board and await their setting the time that he used to go or he may bypass this step and directly place and appeal really does this simply by writing to the local board and requesting whichever of these two things he
wants if he is not living or working in the state in which is registered and if he does appeal the case he has the right to request in the appeal letter that his appeal be transferred to the board having jurisdiction over his present landing planes astrid request by all means if he wants to repeal it and you can request that it be heard in missouri if he wishes to because that's where he is or can also requested it be heard in new york because that is his state of registration he has the right to do either one body must do it in the letter in which he appeals you mean it no it's not
he is now and to announce which is fine but he should write a letter to our board telling them now where he plans to be what it is he needs to do he wants another year to come degree he should be right to his board very nicely and tell them that his program is a three year program but as he understands the new rules he is eligible for consideration go on and complete history and requests that when the us they've given it expires in june that he be allowed to continue for the third year companies program nineties board comes back in june and gives him a one a classification then he has the entire appeal procedure to go through and he should serve eye exercises appeal rights anytime he feels that the classification has been given is not the correct one now he has lasted and is been classified to ask are all he needs to do at the moment is to inform his borders every registrar should keep
its board informed of what he is what his plans are and what use wishing them to do that i never have an egg you wouldn't have it and i think if anything that the wrong now the defending they have a completely different ethnic group got it
now he has not done anything wrong everywhere just rammed is obliged to keep his local board informed of what he is doing when he sees that this is done even the school sent it in and he has done nothing wrong but at this point i would suggest that he toward simply to keep them informed of what he's doing is recalling calls waiting they're always usually <unk> know i'll be graduating and you know who were and i could remember the social worker in the new report of education i wonder what might happen overnight nobody gave an estimate your chances at this point i would suggest that you do if you're not already done so both you and your potential employer should write to your local board informing them of the arrangement between you at the point at which you start to work for this employer your employer should request for you with your
concurrence in writing an occupational deferment and they should explain why they want it now here are the reasons why you want an occupational affirmative that if you are in if you're in a position in which your employer must have someone to carry out his business if his business is important to the nation and some wine and if you cannot find anybody to replace you then you have a very good case requesting occupation i want to go europe i wonder if it's possible to get out of the country permission for like arrest or i might do in violation of the right you do not have to have permission from their local board to leave the country however i suggest heartily that if you plan to leave the country you write your local board and rick what's their permission if they give it to you what they have in effect promised is that during the
period they said you could be out of the country they will not order you to do anything that would require that you be in the country now if they refused to give him permission to leave you still may leave any citizen with a passport may leave the country but if your local border ordered you to do anything take a physical report in some more you either have to get back immediately to do it or you will be delinquent in which case you will be immediately and a couple of iran you're listening to the draft island here on riverside radio w r d are the fm station of the riverside church in new york city are telephone number here is selling for nine four six four six if you have difficulty getting through on that line and alternate number is riverside nine five four hundred and a receptionist will take down your question and it will then be relayed to mrs better will go on now to another call question for you
as for the future and are present are called they are almost nil provided you don't get yourself in some delinquent status the present order of call which so far as we know will keep on being this way it is first group to go delinquents second volunteers any age third men between nineteen and twenty six that is through twenty five oldest first four men between twenty six and thirty five who'd been previously deferred for any reason and are now back in one a and finally our that one a order of call those men who are under her age eighteen and i hadn't so we would have to take all the people nineteen through twenty five
who are eligible for the draft before you would be rate since we have about one point two million of those available it seems highly unlikely that you will be in any difficulty unless you get yourself by law they must call on this particular order and jelly or college changed by the president obama secretary of defense it's probably one of the happiest people carriers and i want just to take now before we do any more calls some of the questions that had been flown into our run receptionists one of these is concerned that with the question of performance for people in the peace corps or biscuit the prison calling was twenty five years of age may their peace corner of this data get require deferments most local boards grant occupational deferments four man who are in the peace corps or investor and of course when they come back from this experience they go back there and are again
subject to the draft there is in other words no substitution of one kind of service for the other it doesn't make up for military service there are some boards that refused to give occupational deferment to such people and some men have been called back for the piece from the piece ok another one was four draft deferment in new york city for college teachers as well as public school teachers i guess is really two largely again to the area community it relates completely to this and anybody who is a teacher's i gather dr carlo shark probably at all levels if the local boards sees this shortage as being an important one and it sees the individual as being one who cannot be readily replace and sees education as a necessary function of the community then indeed an occupational firm and should be granted one more from another listener in the bronx but you go about submitting a doctor's letter to drive or to confirm medical reasons with the foreman and in other words he says what are the legal channels it don't need any legal
channels you have the the address of your local board all you need to do to communicate anything to your local board and you haven't placed prominently in your file is to send it to your local board at the address which you already have they felt when we found that it sometimes is helpful of the doctor sends a lawyer rather then you said to yourself this is a matter of personal preference but it tends to look a little better than some of our local board of registered maine voted against look at who we thought was i get to go and particularly at a time new york city public schools to have what they call an intensive teacher training program that might be valuable to describe briefly what we know about the program for people who haven't heard about down the intensity of your training program a program that was the last summer and from all indications from the new airport education will be held this summer it's a summer crash program
providing someone with a college degree with the requisite to education hours which will allow him to be a licensed by the new york board of education in the senate means twelve points of education credit the person is hired and then in september and usually a place position of a full time substitute an elementary school teaching and your board of education did last year and expects this year to write a letter on behalf of any person enrolled in this program which is ordered to be written to their draft board letter will be written in june when the person enrolls in it into teacher training program with indicating it isn't his program and that all expectations are that he will be hired come september last year this program was in most cases this letter was successful obtaining different for the student either at the local board level or at the appeal level especially the appeal was transferred to the
near silly appeal board all indications are that this program will be held again this summer some local draft board have told registrants however that if they obtain a teaching job through this crash teaching program at the billboard will assume that this means that the person is just doing this to avoid the draft and they will not grant the occupational deferment if the person and then taking education hours before i'm a good education and then another teaching job this local port and the person would be deferred but so far the board of education expects that the same procedure without the summer and hopefully of salmon results in the current of a delicate thing sure that we have many calls waiting and i think what we're going to have to settle for a few partial answers to a lot of people's questions rather than complete wants to you one on to the next call us would you like to ask your question i'm
morgan generic looking for a way out and almost ready to be perfect or anyway i could finish my undergraduate education probably not although there is one possibility that if you are in one a rejects but you are at this point and if you are ordered for induction why you are of full time student you can if you have never used it before a request from your border one s c classification that is the statutory student deferment and it must be granted to you if you are a certified full time student and if you have never used to before and why did your undergraduate which you are in a period of the end of the school term at that point you would go back into one a way you might be close enough to your twenty sixth birthday by that time to go across the wind you're welcome ok fun
as voters on one arm in one camp in occupational from a lectern before kicking a private school in a park a public school and get involved the director's aunt and turns of the occupation or the firm and it will be to defend a great deal more on your local board and i'm the kind of supporting documentation of your city and the teaching job that it will and whether you're a private or in public school so i think that one never should not have much to do with the decision and where another latest directv is that there's been no change in the directive that was issued last october by gen hershey said that students who violate selective service rules should be reclassified now among those violations is the interference with selective service in carrying
out its duties other violations of course include not carrying a draft card which set the rules require you to do if you burn your cell for example you can't be cowering it and therefore you are you can be classified one am because for delinquent taken and there's been no change in that direction you know thank you he has full peal rights abuse reclassified every individual who is classified and anything he believes is not the right classification has full appeal rights but nobody can take them for him there his rights and he forfeits the movie doesn't use them so by all means if you've been classified one and views it shouldn't be having appeal most of the value of your growth yet but the winner
usually to run and then i would point out to the right they can hear it referred to the university i would go into the area right now making a campaign now that a month ago i gather notice them out for us who won a and i'm a record or an album why make a bit of a recruitment firm members but reportedly been breaking apart that report that are to do with the right letter appealing the request of plates and everything would be taken care of and about the requirement even though the lamprey go you're right
right right clark said that they didn't you want probably more it would be a one in different colors and that the route for medical alert that the rule for immigration reform for the mandatory undergraduate deferment it is almost that is that you complete the required proportion of your course each year now you were allowed a calendar year to complete a school years were bad normally this allows the kid do mr goure sure to delight in order for something to make it up in the summer so it is still up to the upper level now if you have fulfilled the requirement of completing the proper number of units each year that would have led to a degree at the right time but because of transfer of courses have had
to go back and pick up courses you hadn't had otherwise this is the material that should be in your letter of repeal reporter writer he was before click here right this isn't just explaining that the year or year and that included have you explain this to your draft board right before that vote and that a low point right now i love the maple right now are they and i haven't heard from the us market you cannot be inducted want any
appeal is pending wait and see what happens to repeal the law by kidman put in one that will not be a one essay each year new classification will either be at us or one eight if it is a one day you will undoubtedly shortly thereafter get in order to report for induction at that point you're like your local board know in writing again that you are a full time student in your request the one a city it will be given to you for qualified for it once you get the one i see it will take you to the end of the school year at that point you start all over again you have a new classification you're bored at that point will decide whether you're eligible for a new to us or what happens in either case under appeal rights are reopened in other words you will not be drafted at this stage and i should forfeit your rights that's my qualification and you have never used a one essay
to a fine then you are qualified for the monastic you very much for calling on traver going to have to move on our viewpoints as we could make you again those are the better part of my career you question i'm right here and i like the graduate ago and i have one of two options open like any job i could work for a government laboratory and to work full time and be competitive workers who go to graduate school or law which do you think would make sure i would suggest that if you can go to graduate school full time and also work fulltime and narrow government laboratory that probably is the safest place you can get there you we would have a better chance of occupational to foment than you would simply as a part time teaching assistant obviously
this is not a full time occupation oh what they have to look like a fervent opponent though we don't yet have enough experience under the new rules to know how four thousand eighty nine local boards and ninety eight appeal boards are going to react to the new directives and occupational deferment as some boards or liberalizing occupational the firm and some are tightening occupational the firm and we just don't know yet we don't have enough experience as to which way they'll go do you have any indication i think there is little chance that very many teaching assistants will be deferred into a oh i hope there's a pretty good chance ok thank you very much better on his online better korean role in an accredited theological seminary given afford
the reclassification years of his records that second question who's responsibility to notify the draft board and the college or the military the student number one and always the student is really individual is always responsible for making sure his borders inform he must be backed up in this particular gang by the university and all of the seminary in order to make sure that this misinformation substantiated with his republican words he must provide proof that is what he says he is a seminary student get you going i you know identify ourselves this is riverside radio though you are the arm was six point seven nine disciples fm in new york city you're listening to the draft dialing giving an opportunity to own questions on the draft directly to our panel experts here in the studio a telephone number the direct line to the studios is seven four nine four six four six if you get a busy signal on that line which is very likely to happen at this point the
price and four nine seven thousand are receptionists will take your question and it will be brought into the studio and answer just as quickly as possible your question please my question of the late twenty eleven an accurate poll and then there were the new year and i know you're ineligible if you're going after thirty five years i guess i'm quite sure they can but i'm not really sure where you're going what what this means is that you have a continuing duty to do something he hadn't done it and as long as you have done if you still have a big new get even thinner and soda and leave his charges continue giving them in a way that's right you don't get the one point said don't get the one point where we're going to hear a political stand
please it's bright others were necessary limit it depends on which are classified one why because of if you use it when white house petition for example be given to a man that would unfreeze physical and he had a broken leg and the doctor at that point would nobody should be called back for another physical and six months or four months or however long the doctor believes it would take for that lead to heal if the condition that he has as chronic and it's not likely to clear up with treatment probably the doctor would not suggest that he be called back as sooner than a year so it all depends on what the one why was given four was a temporary condition or wasn't overweight in education probably will be called black in the first place the rules have changed in regard to overweight now underway quite recently and i can't get you out of my
head the numbers the percentage amount that you can be overweight and still be acceptable is ya'll easier than it was before so that you might be fully qualified now where you were when you took a physical before i would expect due to be called back fairly soon we'll get it was complete list of the top four i interviewed another movie reviewed here on espn other threat or a louder person of five years in prison and five in your article no it would be placed back in class one day yes because you're getting feedback
on a police inspector that he would not be subject to infection if he was passed twenty six and provide it wasn't like one day and simply going on to graduate school wouldn't make him delinquent he would be won a buddy would not be in the order of call that would be likely to be called in twenty three eight if they are not delinquent then the call was illegal and i suggest they contact their state director of selective service and think you're going to lose your the order of gallons of voters on the line thank you oh there's like a vulgar than indiana yeah i mean you know you know that it
happened and we can hear that he couldn't get a leave of absence if he wishes to finish the year he's eminent in the universities in and then transfer universities to go on with his phd program well there's no such thing as a leave of absence involved here if he wants to keep on going to school is only chances to explain the racetrack were exactly how things are he's changed his mind he really doesn't want to go in geology he wants to go on and sociology has a certain background for it and he would like permission to go on with a sushi allergy that it will be up to his poor background depends on the doctor that examined him and how our intensive the heart murmur
now he owes the obligation as does every register on to keep his local board informed of what he's doing if he fails to do this than he can really expect the local board to do much of anything for him yeah certainly well those that really were the order of the island below it has those on the phone though he noted during the academic year two additional
year that the firm and fifty different now i never heard of cameras and now what i'm wondering if when i donated for that fight one day and i'll have my appearance reopened it was the last glass partition hard you got what was the classification on an education still won a warrior borders and caught up with you i don't how are you sure they have your proper address yet they do an oil when they when they promoted they knew vaguely the one as they wanted to know so they cannot be one of the ways that the last note as you got from your board and they simply have not yet reclassified you when you get your next notice it probably will be in one day in europe your rights will start all over again that's
right i suggested might be smart you know the us mail is not a hundred percent dependable i suggested might be wise of you to check and find out which are local board think your classification is because the man sent to another she didn't get oh that would've and they may not know where you are i suggest you make sure they do however are people going to those of the government misses those waiting to question no i am but over twenty years unless they are delinquent because we have not reached people in the order of call for over twenty six would have to actually get a couple of years ago so far as i know no draft board ever reached the age twenty six group there was a
good probability that they were going to reject two years ago when the colts going up so high about november of sixty six words were almost into it to my knowledge no board moved into that level and certainly there are no boards in that level now and i would certainly think so unless the order of infection is change their view of the order of letters on the lineup over libya i'm sorry what your graduate school is ian first year the answer is no i asked if there is no such thing as a student deferment now the fact that he has a fellowship of any kind simply means he's a very good student and i wish we knew how to keep these very good students in school but unfortunately that the
current law does not provide for any student deferment for graduate students who are now in their first year it is possible that his local board if he's a teaching assistant for example his local board might decide that he is needed as a teaching assistant and mike give him a to a diploma but he said that'll be the only way i would say that it seems even possible to do absolutely going on the view of enormous voters on the lawn well with regard to the minimum and maximum weight one why before but i have three questions about a department of defense regulation an army regulation on a health service regulations it is the decision of the surgeon general and is that we found and in what the legal publication that we found are you can write to the office of the surgeon general in washington dc and get the accurate information on the amount of the percentage of overweight or underweight that is a lot
these local boards or in the murder of a guideline as to determine general now it's a decision it's or it's a fact her habits the generics it's made our salary of seven the us we found an army regulations forero that's five oh one current changes i think there were twenty one that sounds are fighting to get to lay out how frequently you would do you would be called back for more people how long would you have to maintain that weight in order to have their way with it and by this i assume you mean in order not to be good in order not to be had that conducted the study overweight or underweight and you could be called back at anytime with any time period specified by the examining doctor and that he did not yeah i am normal it requires you'd be given sixty days notice to go before you go take a physical there's no record of you know digital not to my knowledge and data minimum but to my knowledge that the early minimum
there is now you can always transfer a physical hugo was transferred physical if you are not in the locality in which you have been ordered to report for physical all you have to do is go to the nearest local border where you are turning your order to read or and they will transfer the physical for you assign you a new data reported the place where you are anybody can do that it's my understanding that the president to regulations issued last june on at for the length of the academic year for student deferments was supposed to be twelve months from the beginning of the academic year i was recorded i was classified on us but my determine political to expire this coming june although apply for the deferment in october all that my cup or have any legal right to recall only one able or next october yes they do were you expected to get a degree in june whether to be some particular change your status of that now i'm a second year graduate student x and i'm expecting to get my degree in june nineteen
sixty nine they just debuted you have appeal rights if they butchered that probably they will simply not reclassify of the fact that your card says your classified that joan doesn't mean that you will be automatically reclassified indian or that you cannot be classified sooner than that or that it will not be a lot longer than that i understand that you lose you have to justify this month before the house committee on education and how do you think you're hearing so it worked out at the hearing's resulted in a resolution and petition to the president and to the secretary of defense requesting a change in the order of calls so that the probably plays across all age groups within the available pool then nineteen twenty six and we wouldn't have nothing but college graduates petition was presented to the president and to mr clark clifford and thus far no action has been taken on it or not we're going to stop now briefly
to answer some of the questions which have been honed in on the other line one person in brooklyn here who's twenty five and a half years old now classified one eye going through the form of appeals if we want to know if you turned twenty six while he's still appealing will you be required if your appeal was considered a legitimate appeal and this is a kind of touchy question but if you were appealing on a legitimate basis for something generally speaking if you cross the twenty six line you will not be called in if your appeal was happily something simply to try to keep things add up in the air until you cross twenty six then the rules say you are still subject to infection once the final appeal is finished evenly across the age twenty six line and another student who is now classified two s and his wife was expecting a baby soon and he wants to know if after the baby's born this will change his classification to create which is what although whether unfortunately if he is not to as i must assume that he requested and
received a two s deferment after june thirtieth nineteen sixty seven if this is the case he may not for their be deferred for fatherhood the new law provides that no student who requests and receives at us after the date in which the new law took effect may ever be deferred for fatherhood a hardship deferment can still be available if you can prove that it would be a tremendous hardship your family if you were inducted will be going on to answer many more of your questions here on the wor dr graf dialing telephone numbers director the studio seven four none for six for six if that line is busy you can fall into our auxiliary line which is seven four nine five four hundred a receptionist or waiting and they will take down your question and then it will be forwarded to mrs better here and will be answered as quickly as possible the phone numbers again seven four nine four six four six or seven four ninety five four hundred were going to pause here just briefly for a station identification an
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who works by lily bbc ravel and the like join as friday evenings at nine for a closer look at the world of a contemporary composer as blank we're back in our studios now with vw rv er dr darling our purpose tonight to answer as many of your questions about selective service as we possibly can in two hours or perhaps a little bit longer we have an excellent panel assembled here featuring this is eddie vedder executive director of the scientific manpower commission in washington dc and including six other men who have been involved in one way or another with dr counseling at some of our colleges and universities and the group connected with working with high school students in the city will continue now to pick up some of the calls which are backed up in the last hour or so this is about balance of veterans waiting
one day i'm going to have you you can be drafted if the appeal was simply to stall for time and if it appears this way you're bored if you have a legitimate reason for appeal and you cross over the line you'll not be drafted would you then you're not going to record lows it's built as he's been known among want to lose those requests conclusion that are already pouring more about that you're a veteran you don't have to worry about being drafted and those of the true innovators with an insurer i'm twenty five and i've had a law firm in an
unknown working as a teacher and have a deer farm and i wondering what if i read when i read one effect steve so it the answer is that you will be subject to the draft to age thirty five but when you crush or twenty six or a cable drop next to the bottom of the call list at this point if you were in one at the very top of the call list because we're calling august first but dave you got back and won a later although you will still be subject to induction up to age thirty five the likely that if you're being called it's very small unless we get into an awful those that are going to have your questions of their control question carefully for your gratitude that i have to ask which expires local board in massachusetts addressed a ticket to a different pretty typical secondary school
and i would not like to apply for a job either in new york city but rather evidence for massachusetts allows to be fairly certain that they didn't have to have different working icon of this information there's no way in the world you can find about except make your decision of where you think you could teach most effectively and then start going after the two a different job before i get that how slowing about the alternative service in the public health service and environmental services industry there is a commission or an old vhs nsa which substitutes for military service but i you have to be really good in them and in general this is the doctorate level on why although i think there are some in the dhs program their master's degree level but you have to investigate that through the public health service or through the environmental science services administration woes of that we were the order of
letters on oh hello are you like and i know they have records that i was given that are unprintable know and i could do that again now watch her pleasantness occasion i don't know you hear that girl olga go and what happened or the caribbean crew as soon as you do you are you have registered and fairly soon they will send you a new classification card and they will tell you is it depends on why you came out of the service with that with the final answer your original question is there but i can't answer it because i don't know what the requirements are here but you'll get a classification card fairly soon if you have re registered with selective service if you're in a for classification that is if it starts with roman numeral four this means no you're not preferable again if it's one eighth your draft
of all of its one why you're found physically unfit temporarily at you have to really get hard to find out yeah even even if you are they're in the chances are that if they build their will certainly ask you on various forms about your new record comes out you get any unity government service or is judith body armor it seems like it would be rejected even if you get caught it would seem so hello is becoming what what is an american education in american fiction on the radio i can't find it oh it's one of six point seven nine it will get a lot of business owners within a lot like you know if a climate record over the
top twenty and i didn't go out today and i'm going to and will be put into twenty fifty five people at the classified when i asked that question reverend price him i'm sure as a better answer he's a divinity student who has not been ordained city's fifth year is he still subject to election iraq any going to the standard for the divinity what he has in our day he hasn't entertained and he's no longer a full time minister and under the care of any of the nomination but then there's no way that he can stay on if he reaches age twenty six and the movie can you just let one a that will not be drafted because of the age
i like to know you that part of your classifiable time divinity student and accepted as a full time vanities did nobody cares what you do with your spare time as far as i know thank you very much elizabeth bowen i've heard your record in clinical psychology and i'm wondering whether that work better quicker mycology nasser under the rules were different occupations are those leading to an empty victory doctor veterinary medicine doctor a nasty apathy and a doctor of dental surgery and any other degree that it would be considered a medical related field head as no deferment available for on the bases a student from
i don't know if was of those online good ideas he's been there thank you there's been i had all i would say it depends on your weight your certainly call by priests and that the saudis are viciously schedules its physical examination on the basis of the amount of money that congress appropriated for it and selective service is out of money as it has been for quite some time the
last few months is unable to schedule physicals because it takes money to do it it may simply have been left out in the sense that you're bound to get called back one of these days on a you know well your wait is someone there were it might be or might be supposed to be at this point and so you might have some idea of when it would pass the next time you went through the physical so the requirements are have been changed since three years ago you can all be overweight and to a certain degree and given that could undercut man three years ago but i'm sorry i don't bring it to the ten percent change it seems to hit the ten percent if you're more than ten percent over weighted in the platoon one wife you're less than ten percent they want but i'm not sure the number you get this from the army regulation which we know they are for all bears viable one changed when you're
on the stage as the rules of an ongoing debate over which the majors winning yes with a normal activity but not military hippie reductions that people can't be compelled to undergo surgery to work at night and i think it will and more when another would do two or i don't know it depends on what happened with the condition of your air now i suggest you go to your doctor have him check it almost all civilian doctors know the physical requirements for the military service if they don't know they can find out for you if your ear
or has left the condition which would dare well if your ear is in a condition which the service says make you unfit for service undoubtedly your own physician can tell you this and i you can also send a certificate from your doctor indicating the condition of your ear to the surgeon general's office to request an opinion they will get it your mother of course not there's no such thing as an automatic different under an occupation to ferment for anybody company and you prove your case that you cannot be replaced that what you're doing is important to the country and that what they are what you're doing is important a company and what the company is doing is important to the country you're going to convince your local board and if not better appeal board if you fail unless you go back and won it if you persuade them you going to do a joke
you know these these medical standards are available from from washington they're hard to get from washington and the only the least that i know of that presently available not connected with the reason is the american friends service committee and their phone numbers listed i have no footnote to add to the occupation of the firm of thing try to get when you're applying for occupational firm and try to get someone in as high a position of authority as possible in the year the particular company that you're working for to write a letter i was sitting in our eye witness hearing at my local draft for an overheard them discussing vapor one request to get the letter from someone higher up in this company sometimes this happens but it isn't always true some local boards are much more concerned with getting a report for the from the man's almost immediate supervisor who really knows what he does and how
valuable he is some companies make it a practice not only to send a letter from the man supervisor but also to send one from higher up saying he certifies that what has been stated to sell this would solve it for either kind of threat or they come in terms of our requesting a change in status suppose for example you're now a senior in college and you are going to become a teacher in the fall is there a best time to request changed from here to a status to the art to a status gender and we're still under the two s class vacationer wait till it runs out you should inform your board and should your potential employer at the time that you and i agree you are going to become their employee as soon as you actually go to work for them your employer should request for you and you should concurred in writing should request the two a deferment with all the basic information as to why you feel it as justifiable for a man but always keep your local board informed your
always get in more trouble because you don't tell them something that because you don't because you do the move undercuts more calls the telephone numbers are seven four nine four six four six at a direct line into the studios if that is busy i sit in for nine five four hundred hour receptionists will take down your question and then it'll be passed on the suspenders quickly as possible you are the order of the letters would improve western out there is no answer to your question some local boards will decide that new jersey's teaching situation is such that teachers need to be deferred others will not i suggest that if the local borders not agree that this is so and if you feel that new jersey is short on teachers and the people you're teaching for feel as odd that it should be appealed in new jersey of the local boards state is different
i would always transfer occupation a request for occupational deferment to the state in which you are now living you have the right to do so which you must be so in the letter in which to appeal it is no there are some first year graduate students who will not fail it will fail to pass the physical there are some who were fathers before last june some more reservists and therefore not subject to the draft i believe that all the eligible first year graduate students those who are eligible for the draft probably will go in as soon as they hit the one april and of exhausted appeals of appeals are made and they're available if they are the oldest man in their board they go in the next call some
students have been reclassified one a right now are already into appeals and have been told other local boards they just want to be sure the appeal rights were all over with before june so they could go on the first call either man will not be reclassified probably until next october or even other they're different than i would've expired and joan it will depend on the efficiency of the local board concerned you have thirty days from the date of mailing of the classification noticed by a local board leader to appeal or to request a personal appearance if you request abortion appearance you will then be assigned a time to come appear before the board if you're going to appear before the board you must be issued a new classification card the date on that card then determines the new thirty day period in which you have the time to appeal to the appeal board which is at the state level and the river on our inability to appeal the ppp a
record it is never in the courts some appeals will take as long as four or five months i have seen some go through from beginning to end in as little as two weeks but that's really just happen to get everything just right and appeal is heard by the appeal board the next meeting after it reaches that appeal board you may just get in just ahead of a meeting or you may just have missed one certainly not you mean in one inlet appeal know if you if you have some reason for appealing than you must be after some particular class for tuition for a legitimate reason so you wouldn't dare go around appealing for four different things well in this case you always want the classification that is the lowest in terms of your eligibility for the draft for example if you're eligible as a father and you're also eligible for occupational to ferment the father had different because that's a three classification the phillies are lower than the
florida for sure than three's the freezer or than the twos the jews are our than once so in general if you're eligible for three different classifications the board must give you the longer that is lawless that is sexually subject many were married before august twenty nineteen sixty five are in a lower order of call them the others then they were married after that later in the same order of callers memoir simple of course it has to be calling on friedrich noted going to have to move on to some other you're listening to the new army are drab dial in our numbers are seven four nine four six four six or seven four nine five four hundred i think will pick up some of the other questions which have been written down here from the other line they get into some areas that that we haven't covered before one is from a man who was now
classified as to us says that his father has been in a veteran's administration hospital for twenty three years after a metal breakdown more war to use the only son in his family wants to know if you can get a special government supposedly hartshorne yes now in his case yeah if there's a swell story is eligible for a sole surviving son deferment this is available only when he is indeed the only son in the family and when one or more members of his family either brothers or father have been killed or prominently in the in this case probably permanently disabled while he was in the service he can use it if this is not so depending on how this works out they're dipping how they see his father's thing if he is not eligible for the sole surviving son benefit it may be eligible for the hardship to ferment it one here from a gentleman a new hard core wants to know what is the deferment under the alan what's the owner never heard of this was anyone in your
mouth and with that one red you might all in again and explain the allen actor as awe and one area that we haven't touched on yet and since to our people in the new studios at her from the american fans as it might be of some help a gentleman in manhattan would like to have a review of the present requirements and procedures because of occasion of a conscientious objector o'reilly yeah and if you want to be a conscientious objector first thing to do that are if you have the time for that is if you're not one way is to go to a car while covering service such as the american friends service committee and to get hold of two things go this terrible form a sample for her which make your poems go to jupiter and a copy of a handbook for conscientious objectors which cost dollars worth it then with the towns where you work out your
your position and you make a claim after you make the claim that the deal procedures because of the same as it is in any other case what you have to show is that you are by reasonable and attorney billy cottage they pose participation in war in any form this can either be you refusal to take part in the multi anyway or take part in the military as a combatant who is trained believe has been interpreted very broadly and recent court decisions and went more or less comes down to this point it doesn't matter much what you believe is how you believe it ah but there isn't really any general statement that that you give is a ruin the roadways are different i urge strongly by considering this to get into much right away with fsa fifteen rougher place in new york and for some other qualified service and find out about daytime viewers'
along the same lines when you register initially for the draft when you're eighteen and you did not indicate when that original form that you were crashing subject or as i understand it it's also incumbent upon you prove that you changed your mind once you decide later to what brazil force is not correct now if you change your mind but that you change your mind to within thirty days of value right what this is is usually a semantic probably would be about that very difficult so yeah it's not it's not necessary to reject his thinking is on his third un to have many of the quotation people simply are necessarily being a quaker but it is an almost essential that you find out about imagine not write your draft board right away if you have the time not do this because they will center for reform is very difficult and you only have ten days to go and there's
no no other ending figures or percentages available how successful conscientious objector applications only are the four seo claims that are made with proper attention and proper care to detail and you know everything's done right under proper guidance the figures given up with a subtle committee for hundreds of directors is sixty five to eighty five percent of those points are grounded however you will have no what what was meant by years by carefully and that's what they did so this is some of the senate but is by no means possible to get into with another question here i that came in on the line can a man married to a do or say with two children claim those children and that they are her children says involvement as hardship those
grounds for hardship he doesn't claim them as dependents she's getting our morning and he has a job and goes to school full time and institutional form has applied for a license at a moment of truth the family is dependent on his salary except for the church over and support is now classified won a un is appealing for three a and his wife is once people it would help if she became pregnant and if it would hurt their cause any issue work nights or something of the sort and generally how can improve the city with it it would help if she became pregnant so i presumed yes because then he would be responsible for this child provided he provided his draft board with a certificate from her doctor indicating that she was pregnant and he would be eligible for three a on that basis i would think that in general he could probably do a pretty good job of proving hard sheriff if he is acting as a father to these children now he has nothing to do
with them he's not paying for them he's not there yet in the dark of them are made any effort to then he is no more qualified for father a different than anybody else might be as far as i know we got hands over her city disagrees and says that it leads to some people can be emotionally dependent this was financially dependent upon for the heart this is true of an emotional dependent you'll find is a great deal harder to prove but there certainly is is a legitimate grounds for a firm if you're reading of one of one family relationship with with children by which our designers and it meant they can be your children about living with you it doesn't matter if they're living with you it doesn't matter if they're your children then that worker i knew the alert is a bonafide relationship with your wife and your children had to be eligible for three a bad otherwise you see this man would not have been put back in the way i do inky they have to be your children or you have to be providing air
support or be planning to adopt them or are acting as father for them and are not providing air support you're not they're responsible for them then i don't think there we do in the house to your reading you were part of a relationship and that they're not your children i think the answer is still you can get a hardship but not a three a fatherhood deferment they're not your children you can get a different father deferment for adopted children because you are their support but not for your wife's children that her husband her previous husband is supporting oh i'm going to move on our situation and so our nominee listening of course to the wor dr dr kyle in our number is seven four nine four six four six outside of new york the area code is two one two and our other number is seven for nine seven thousand and will go on and take another call for reasons that are here thank you very much you know i am juan why
i had no physical and i have no expiration date on my credit card you'd never have no debt letters to my doctor an education local board exercised its proper option option in decided that the information provided for by your doctor was enough to put you in one why an interviewer further from her board your only job is to keep them informed of your glove box that's all until four or whether there would be no expiration date on it it sounds as if they didn't think there were there or they were essential in for a physical to see if this was a collectible difficulty thank you very much or an oreo maine's unfit unqualified for any duty even in time of war generally speaking men are not placed in one in four have endorsed it is a permanent condition although this wouldn't have to be true but one why is that is the one that allows you to recover from
this if you have something which is now permanently you couldn't possibly be used but you will recover from and you put in one why so for a half is a pretty sure of prominent arab states they were or they may call you for another physical but they probably will not they have too many people to examine that it might make a difference for i don't know that brought my foot but it could be clear with an operation could date for that operation they could not that if you have the operation that you're a legitimate duty requires that you let your draft board know that it has been corrected and if i haven't family would like to be as well as the foreign aid to notify the family five children sang it they're likely to tell you that you are
required to do this you're not even though they they tell you that you were that they offer back in an eight month so what would this wood has cleared up you're ordered to go out and that they they are counting on the fact that you're not aware that you don't have to know it but you don't have to know these are silly not to correct something that could correct and clank that's right well once you're in her reserve unit and unless you fail to carry out the duties in a reserve unit you are and one the classification you're subject on a good years every year reserve our commanders you're not back in selective service uses the good going yes visitors online
thinking i'd like to know whether they play a pair twenty eight when a fight or air probably not he would be more likely to be put in one why i would think it will depend largely on the doctor examines him the nature of the hay fever how often it occurs whether it's collectible with drugs all kinds of things it's a question we can answer me a doctor same answer is true some degree of flat footed miss i think is now allowable in service at totally flat feet and first or not but again these physical requirements are available from the office of the surgeon general ugandan get a good answer from them or the ones you're getting from us on in terms of physical disability are largely guesswork well how do you write that simply addressing concert office and surgeon general washington dc or that they're a very good enough you're welcome long you want to just
specifically on the latin beat now unless there's some type of only forty or dislocation that results from what we think that's about the only way to let the camp reveals complex at this point there've been a number of calls about what to do about an appeal and i think would be valuable to describe what a restaurant can do once he gets past the stage where is talking to a state appeals board what options are open to him and we have to do that once the appeal has gone into a state appeal board you again new reclassification notice mailed from your local board but stating that the classification given you is by the appeal board you also find on your card that says by a vote of something to something if that vote was unanimous something to zero and other words i your next step if you really feel that you are most classified your next step is to go through the state director either in the state where
the appeal was heard or in your local boards state depending on which is appropriate if the state director will not help you feel you haven't got a case and you still feel you have you have every right under the law to go directly to the headquarters of selective service director gen hershey the addresses seventeen twenty four eighth street northwest washington dc one that was more calls you listening of course to the draft island here in riverside radio that you already are one of six point seven fm in new york city are phone numbers riverside nine that's seven four nine four six four six outside of new yorkers area code two one to unusually reliant is seven four nine five four hundred but only with a request but at any rate you don't we love and gratitude and a lot
of that heavy are you as a graduate student on they had the chance this plan is not very good as far as we can tell on the air and i'm sure there will be some boards that decide to defer teaching assistants some teaching assistants into it at this point we have no experience to tell us we're operating under new rules special deferment and teaching assistant upton aren't always been considered full time students hopefully some boards we now consider them employees instead and make them eligible for special deferment but nobody knows that yet all you can do is try how about a private high school if your employer proves that he cannot replace you and that he'd need you to carry out his duties air in an ad in a school you have a good case for occupational from calling them the view of your order yeah i have a question about three questions right now i am currently a third year
graduate student however i had graduated and kick the kevin and i laughed along with the cup that was reclassified one day on january twenty four and on february twenty five i think though that might flood that was one word that i have green laundry wow my precluded from getting it to work for the next year her reaction i have precluded the cover you have just entered in february right where you are within the rules therefore the answer stopped i think they now are on now with no no i haven't heard from the realm of human donilon precluded now modify our day i've got it certainly right
now i think that the odds are the one day i'll deny then appealed to the london attacks you know i think they might give you that india want anyone to be perfectly happy with something else you can appeal an investigation if you think is the wrong one and now i'm in the colloidal material object that it well i don't know how to love every level of information together the point where they're now thought made a abrogate my right to work at it to get there even though i mean because of the fact that i don't know appealing for student deferment orioles accepted that you were doesn't interfere all what you're legally when you're right to claim religious objector status technically it's a good idea not to have a book as if you decide to become a sailor you found out
nothing else we wouldn't would work but i suggest that you get this in as soon as possible if there is something else in progress probably the best way the best time to write and asked for his wild you're too as it at the appeals court that you don't know what the answer is yet as far as gary miller's reference get as many as you can say it to you the rest when you send a man you worked on your fridge is and know that you have waters for saying that's the other sailor rivers and solicited would be forty but don't wait until the last minute because the manana we'll ask what it is yet elizabeth island's voters with you know i'd like you know no one in your opinion is the likelihood that the air power to be modified to evict me to one now
playing you will be permitted to go on to graduate school and make it in a year i would hate to believe that the country really would continue to draft nothing but college graduates for as long a period of time as it will take him to finish is going but i have no guarantee that this is so is that likely to happen i don't know i i hope the rules will be changed before that time but if they are not then he still likely to be drafted and nobody can know that for sure except just to keep on trying it may have plan to live by i suspect that the government is aware of this but i suggest that at letters to the man who has the authority to do something about it are in order if you don't like the way it is now
at the president but you're welcome to do those of the island's voters online allow second year graduate student with a performance with your date on my board have mike beck the graduation day until june one i will not graduate go until october and will not be a full kind of pollutant from june through october my question is at what point given all that i know for my boy is what change might have to notify them right now what's happened why you won't graduate is you're expected to in june i guess you have some legitimate reason for this let them know if necessary get some supporting documentation from your major professor somebody who knows the reason why this is so and simply as a matter of information tell them that you do expect a graduate instead of the end of summer i asked her if i were required to five and you know you're likely that i'm going to quote my graduation rate from it would be expanded
it is possible surprise that it would be extended another possibility is that you would be in the process of appealing on the basis that you didn't get the calendar year new needed to finish now and that you would be an issue during this time at the very worst of you that ordered for induction when you were just a few which are in your victory most state directors would be willing to see that turned auction was postponed as a magically complete the degree by a little bit of going on the value of europe i followed it and i want to kind of video art of oregon a member of the army are popular for years and i don't like that any religion would or might it really believe in but i don't know what it is
does murder of a really nice if you were you could sail moment i've always been quakers three hundred years but if you can set those who are out every night you really really answer your mr phillips is not only of phone line that you turn you're at work it's a little bit oh okay the the answer is that it doesn't matter that you don't practice of orthodox religion we would be nice and i said if you could save their family had been the quakers or three hundred years but it wouldn't be that nice it doesn't really matter what matters is that you have a religious belief in whatever it is you do believe as amelia or when winter
meeting he made very first ok are the first thing you do is get in touch with the american friends service committee in new york there is no american concerns with his character well the first thing you do is get in that day they were they will play anyhow governor i'll give you a basic idea they will help you work out your calling on paper you know when you when you finally go to register if you've worked at your clients already found if it isn't then take constipation questionnaire they give you and take it home with you you have ten days to get on with it i'll take it home return in ten days with ceres a checked yes you do that because then they will sometime between no one day in four years thereafter
sent you for one fifty annual have written earlier estimates beforehand dissented in capital of the seo handbook the view of the earth and there are settlers on the law now that my attending an engineering college and then in the second year to a liberal arts university about a month ago easily classified one at the relative brought a feeling that gratification at the end of the world that painting that he would probably graduated nineteen that day in nineteen fifty nine through to the tramp that it probably would have it yet gone to the other world and then you'd been caught or an infection that the co pilot of the path of a crowd that play airline air to us that
because they had a deal how do you find it so first just waits to find out what the result of that appeal will be and the appeal were either put him into a storage will put him and why if he is put in one eye and if he is ordered for induction why we still full time student he can request and will be granted the oneness a classification which will carry on through the end of this school year that party would be reclassified some fine and his appeal rights would reopen and he's proved that he's a good student and a school in another field you'd have a very good chance for getting into to us at that point indian and move ahead we were probably be reclassified again if he really wanted to be a yes and then you're writing and frankly very mad men rather than to those of the curve going on that they were we have agreement
as far as i understand in general teachers are short in new york as long as this continues to be true and as long as the school system where you teach their attempts to show the local border that they have tried to find enough teachers like you take your subject at the end of the opportunity for occupational the firm and should continue to be good and that's a matter i am ramon interesting man doesn't matter what my taste comes up out of malibu i'm teaching were the one a quote vacation my patient coming up before the appeal ice added to transfer the appeal when you appeal on appeal now it transferred and a new york wrote fine you will be considered under the new year for rent and that i'm living in it doesn't or you're teaching wrote you could appeal he could appeal endures if you want to because thats where living but if you've peeled new york that's fine inspiration of appeal nominally a lot of the new jersey
new york now where you feel like a place okay thank you to those of the bird island visitors willing to push to go to him which they would fire was a lawyer a complication right notes one eight i'm a full time student i recently became mired in january another child it's receiving from the father but i am living with them and i'd like to know how i can prove whether apart your cable or a pen of a child can be excluded you know you're really on now oh this is going to be a problem a little bit mm hmm
you want to know how you can get a hit hard to determine because you have a child living with you oh yeah and you are you are eventually the child it was the function without a disease control of concert cinema event the thing you want to do is you want to if you want to claim it's on the war or harder one for you only you were playing r and somebody who knows the family your family doctor minister social worker all for it he writes letters
supporting your claim that you are culturally film role of color of this show and that it would cause those charges if you were to be taken why video games to be a r d i v just that when you get it but when you get the question are you were you you're thoroughly question so it was so so but i don't look at it and think about it because there are lots of people will be able to be careful though and for the papacy i know
it's banned but i'm inclined to have an awakening he wants to make it possible to have a ten day period and that it all it's possible to have it extended for a good cause but you probably don't have good cause i suggest the first thing you do is you start work and work and work and work were filled out my own i didn't know that either i work sixteen hours a day for ten days if worse comes to worse what you can do is you can fill in the parts of the form that you are satisfied with and for the others are at your gear presenter what request additional you asked a woman in a case it should be pretty easy you use any answers your vital to as anyone about the exam it for a while so the thing to do is to send in in the amount of time that you have
all of the things that are finished and the ones that are not finished you say please see a techy and a new cover letters add thirty two and for those of the cover the aclu of the fop about baking at a complicated character form on the piano well the aclu is playing around with a sea of these player with a lot more confidence and play around with the bases of my clients so far no court has and has wide broaden the section of the conscientious objector law which requires that one be opposed to war in any form selected conscientious objection is not allowed by law a few local draft boards and some rare unique situations have acted illegally and have granted selective ceo's with that has not been brought in by the law there are plenty of lawyers
aclu you seal see in others who are willing and eager to work with persons who want to go to court on this place is risking of course possible five years in prison but still taking it now on this basis but so far no court has as broaden the provision on the armory grounds or any other grounds ok thank you very much for calling me a little pause know a few of the questions that have come in on on the lawn one of the neon going to the person's it has to do with the canadian situation i think that will have to be gone into and some length and we gonna take a station breaker moment one gentleman wants to know where he can get the midi information on the draft well i think it's going to right now but mainly who could he call about general problems besides his draft
board and our the number is in new york city that he could call i kept it in new york city and if you weren't right got me a postcard in washington dc i could mail you a brochure called sixty seven draft act which explains all rules and the procedures and i should go after working with them this won't do much good for conscientious objectors is not designed to do that you get the american friends committee write to them for for information and gadgets as objectors but if you own information as a student or for seeking occupational firm and this will be useful to you i'm sorry terry would cause it'll cost you a quarter and i appreciate you sending a quarter if you wanted but if you will address a postcard to the scientific member commission leader says twenty one oh one constitution avenue northwest washington dc to all for one eight i will be happy to send you back to give robinson some additional incentive that professors committing
york it's the top number seven seven seven for six hundred and thirty in calling us from ten to four years would be for all the services that two of the numbers one of the national lawyers guild their numbers to two seven one of seven eight and then there's a number of our officers calm university we're in business from ten am to eight thirty four days a week and on friday and i am too low to five thirty a numbers to raise all three five seven eight it's important to remember that the american conservative by no means one of cottage objectors but the practice in all areas and maybe to a takeover of michigan back in hand dave robinson that kind of spy movie high school programs and sits with they are involved with and we haven't had a chance to get into that too much one question here the more certain information we're good people every local board has an appeal agent he doesn't work for the board
he works for you he's available all you have to do is go down to the local board and you'll see is named posted they will tell you worry is where you can find him he is filled with information he is up to help you he is not there answerable to the local board specifically so he's a good source of information and you should be aware of the appeal agents there's one with every local board one question here i think we can answer quite quickly a gentleman new york wants to know how long a person is required to carry a drab color and this week listen for never is never acquire to carry a golf cart is required to have in his personal possession forever that this means where you can get these never required to carry on the answer to the length of time is so far as i know almost forever but nobody ever asked my gray haired has been for his people to the religion we still have a tremendous backlog of calls and a whole stack of questions here on the table and so we're going to continue the draft island for another half
hour we'll be returning to win this evening's lenten lecture will be delayed by half hour this evening while a draft dial in continuous the landon lecture will be heard starting at nine thirty this evening you're tuned to riverside radio w r v e r new york father us border in apple's world nova scotia is a man of and the pennant taste an expression in music he prefers the renaissance and rogue with an occasional classical selections his commentary on the music is as varied as a well traveled priest in the liberal catholic church to make it both expressions of this personally come to weekly over though you are dr tuesday evening's a ten o'clock the two hours of oz works chores are generally devoted to music written before eighteen hundred and the right and witty commentary accompanying father of orchestras says makes this
program an enlightening exposure to music of this period if your taste or not those of father eyes were built to profit from contact with a lively mind if you're already a fan of the style of music you'll certainly want to men eyes board's choice every tuesday at ten pm on w r v e r we're back now with the wor dr draft dial in continuing as i mentioned before we took station identification going on for another half hour hoping to clear away some of the tremendous backlog of calls and questions that have poured in this evening a guest is visit that and better executive director of the scientific manpower commission in washington dc and we also assembled six other draft and selective service experts in our studios and so we do a pretty good job of clearing away the questions that come in on telephone numbers here a direct line to the studio is seven four nine four six four six our ultimate line is seven four nine five four hundred if you call at second number one of our
receptionist will take down a questionable past on here in the studio just before we broke for station identification i mentioned the two are people here this evening david mendell and a province or working with the american friends society and specifically in the high school program i was wondering if one of them would want now to a little bit of the activities going on there were right now we're trying to get most of the new york public press about two weeks to distribute information about the conscientious objectors in new york and around twenty five percent of the high schools have agreed to do it and the other seventy five percent are still thinking about yellen also on ask the high school's safe principles of sad like to have speakers who could present the alternatives to military services iowa at the military's some ways michele what are
some resort and i see o and also some of the and areas in which we have spoken out on pretty much pain again those in a lot of people a lot of kids there his entire hardship cases and talk about how successful are the people going to move well is it's so far as to be spoken and more as high school in the bronx and that joe mccarthy a draught house and a fancy spillway spoken are you supposed to stay pretty much within the legal alternatives and he covered also get legal difference on our she's jewish that he so discussing the selective service system in general and of the press wasn't too happy about that lawn asked this leaf those cases are known another question that either we got a while ago
from a student in manhattan years been classified or is classified two s until june first year graduate student wants to know if he goes to canada will you still be subject to the draft i assume he means we're not sure what he means with it means while in canada when the subject a woolly be subject of victims but at one point i just sort of a correction that wasn't a principle that was somebody else says guidance councilor yasser the categories question about canada as long as he's an american citizen is subject to the draft iffy is eligible for induction and is ordered for induction and doesn't appear for induction he becomes a delinquent he is subject to the draft any moment after that that he steps foot back in the united states he will be a man without a country if he chooses to go to canada unless he wants to give up his american citizenship he's he loses a great deal by going to canada and certainly it should be a decision should think out very carefully before he chooses to track
over basically i'm an agreement if that if a man goes to candidates landed immigrant status in canada and renounced his american citizenship before he receives an art report for induction he will not have violated any law either canadian armored car and therefore after five years he can become a canadian citizen and as a possibility that he could be readmitted to the united states and i'm on a visa it's also possible that he might not be on the limited back at that depends on the immigration authorities but so long as he has not violated a law in this country and then he would not be subject to prosecution on shia he returned to this country he has violated the law and he would be subject to prosecution back in this country and i think the probability is mrs veterans pointed out and as i might add most of the groups in canada make
contact with the students point out the chances of a general amnesty are very slim so if one goes to canada after having received an order for production he can just about count on not being able to come back into this country and i say that what you say and it's a difficult decision and one that should be made their only after much much karen think certainly would not seem to be having easiest alternative of the ones we've been discussing an identical go on now with a few more calls oh this is a draft alan and of your viewer you know there's the devil and there's only one you want to work and i will not be twenty one remembers that one to being normal directv on als and
i believe i'm in a new article in brooklyn you have any idea of when i could expect to be called i would expect that you might have an opportunity to complete at least another semester of school before you want because you're young as a graduate student they'll have to take the available twenty five twenty four twenty three years before they can get to you and this might give you a good opportunity to get at least one more semester in before your order came in it would all depend at any point that you started a semester you have a perfect right to check with your board and find out how far down the coolest you are in your board if they are great many men ahead of you this gives your pre depression just tell him why you are now it's it's you're right and others and tell him that you'd like to try another semester but that you don't wanna waste your time and tuition if you're about to be called in the next one school that you can get a better notion from your own local board of where you stand in the corridor at the beginning of the semester and then have to make a
decision on that basis i know operation every ten years no that wouldn't be there the basis for four people and european your classification if you believe that the national interest is not best served with a classification your rent and only he would not be eligible to appeal for student deferment simply because at the moment there is an entry for graduate students in your category now but you could certainly appeal for occupational different on the basis that the occupation you were in was one which you felt less served the needs of the country you have the right to do that but many conservation deal and no one will question whether if i didn't
appeal if i was required id which you are and this particular nation i disagreed with the finding whatever it would be on that which examines your physical are known for and you don't now if it is the doctor's decision and if you feel he was wrong first of all if you feel is a reason why you won't pass the physical get a certificate from your statement from your position right now and so i'm going to be placed in your local bar to file copy when you go in for your physical take a copy with you just in case it is and in your file or can't be found and shore to the examining physician is there some reason why you think you might fail then it will be considered along with other evidence in your examination in regard to win and that you're qualified for for military service along with only about twenty minutes we're going to preparing students whose character is interrupted you because
they resist the draft or go into the army there are a number of schools who said that they will hold a place open in a class four strings position views on financial aid they'll hold money for him too so that schools like columbia harvard princeton and i suppose some of the school's perhaps of the big ten schools but its schools are doing the same thing sort of imposing an informal gi bill on themselves too recovering civilian life easier for students since we do have only twenty minutes left that like to ask our listeners who are on the line our who are still calling him to please try to keep the questions just as brief as possible so that we can handle as many of these calls as we can ms rivers yes twenty five years ago but to have an affirmative opt who were
graduating in may i knew that are required to in a pro war and they are continuing to have a fervent take me to the middle of the law now i know i found out that an editor of the year an eight record and record a deferment it would grant lee indeed a lot on july twelve well right now i live life during that joaquin valley with ivory are able to create a baby yes to him i would yes no question very good why would they care unit of course seek their permission before you went dead i would say you have no difficulty at all doing so
one our a likelihood for granted the people or the firemen let them but the fact that whenever the candidate twenty five of the character over everything works probably it would be much more important where local board is another reaction of peace corps is that it would which arranges however and were already pretty well established to your peace corps determines not very sound eligible for the father had to do it you did not request and receive it after june thirtieth the law you will of a long as you don't think they know that when a
graduate student on a phd program he's a graduate student in mind than unfortunately know the current law makes no provision for the quality of a state and a first year graduate student no matter what he's fielder or how selectively as ben as certainly as the nsf fellow has ban is just as eligible for the draft as the man who just barely made it through the sheer snow there the law makes no difference between them ok political ad in unison here yes it might be a degree of my ma did you can currently not what kind of a contemplative can quit my local board put on this with respect to continue and currently i'm in a phd program here's
but you're a first year phd student how many years will it take you from now what would you expect to get a phd or three years from now i would say that if you are declared phd student joe very good chance of going on good i'm sorry we are running out of time and i'm afraid we'll just have to limit people to run our members are thank you allow yet his opponent robin yes i'm i should be graduating going to turn your radio down losing my son to be graduating in june however he had a little short of credit and therefore will be graduating next january he had the talent department until october will he be able to finish college which will be in january
i guess he should be even if he's placed back in one at if he's ordered for induction wiley still full time student he would be eligible to request and receive the oneness a deferment which would carry him through to january thank you very much a can you can you believe that i mean the name of the book with that you have to talk about before the twenty five it's called sixty seven draft right you want to do loses a lot of clout but one day in october the eight to a candidate getting worried that the bride i've completed education credit worthy eligible for the public eye you'll be eligible to be considered for a comment there is nothing automatic about any kind of position for granting occupational difference
of really upped your local board and if that fails you to the appeal boards you are calling to with fifteen minutes remaining forty of your viewers draft dialing numbers director the studio to seven four nine four six four six or of those lines are busy you may try our alternate extension which is selling for nine five four hundred in my case one of our secretaries who take your question and will be passed on to mrs better some questions that piled up here from that second wind farm that's what i think their way into the village gets back to hear concerning the number of true necessary for a three a classification i didn't even have that one you just have to have certification from her wife's obstetrician that one is on the way that provide dis tier board prior to an issue and seven induction order and you are eligible man for three a of course if the babies should be lost they knew would
revert back again i think one from a pharmacy student twenty five years old one and when you graduate to begin a six month extension or will he be given a six month extension within which to take a licensing exam and jesse well and then you at that point will be twenty eight and waters chances of being drafted them our beef is twenty eight under present rules it will be drafted from systems are not drafted after draft so he's pretty clear eyed and the president ordered call bum question here reid's the father of person x was injured in world war two x being the only son of the father's first marriage father then remarried had other suns then died from those war injuries his second wife has since remarried is x consider the sole surviving son now sounds like something out of the answers now he's not he's not my student who has dropped out of college for one year be deferred for a total of five years
in order to receive a ba degree now are deferments for owners and or operators of farms to be continued us they are what is the likelihood because it kind of has admitted to argue is called going on to graduate school we get any change in the law before and they get to be ready for this planet as mrs miller what do you think now the chances are of getting a change in law and if so how can individuals help to bring this change about i'm thinking now specifically how can our audience this evening do something i'm active to bring about a change to mention the hearings ago they were not all successful as they might have been the decision at all three of these decisions were made by the president he has the authority under the law to determine which if any graduates didn't shall be deferred add to determine the order called the deferred
determined the basis if any for occupational from and he has made a determination and it has been announced it was based on a decision that there are no critical areas for occupational for a month at this point and unforeseeable in the future that there will be no harm to the nation if we do indeed knockoff the deferment for graduate students and to whatever degree it turns out to be the deferment for the occupational deferment if you don't agree with this position if you do for your series some possible national harm in cutting off the number of phd is we will produce in stopping the educational process for a number of young man who in many cases will not come back to it because of the time period will be so what labor the time a complete a phd they simply won't go and do it and they do have plans for families and things like that if you believe that this is not in the national interest we live in a democratic society you have a president
on the hill that is there because he's your representative you also have in congress persons who are your representatives and i'm sure all of them would be happy to hear from their constituents any time there is a decision of government at that you believe is not in the national interest and i think the individual special pleading of one person for one person unless you think some law has been violated i think this is relatively useless but i believe the change could be brought about if the executive and if the legislative branch believed that there were substantial number of americans who felt that the present way of handling the draft laws out was not in the national interest i know no other way it could be done since i still cling to what may be rather naive believe in the power of the voice of the people i'd like to suggest that we use for this broadcast tonight as an opportunity to spearhead a large write in campaign to the person who as mrs better indicate it is probably the one man who can implement a change in the us or should he choose to
do so and since this is nineteen sixty eight and nineteen sixty eight is an election year and there are a couple of other people who look into this man's job i think we might be able to create a little influence and so i would like to suggest that all our listeners tonight and their friends as well that absolutely anyone they could contact launch a write in campaign to president johnson through the new rv or if you would address your letters suggesting urging insisting that these selective service regulations be changed please send these letters to w r b r care of the urban affairs unit and when we have amassed the quantity that we hope will be large enough to make some impression at the white house we will then for them on mass to the president so send your letters urging that these selective service regulations be revised to the urban affairs unit a w o r t e r
the address is four hundred and nineteen riverside drive in new york one double o to seven that's the urban affairs unit of value are the arm four hundred ninety riverside drive juan pablo two seven dave rollins i think it's something you wanted i'm speaking specifically to the students in public high schools in new york many of the principles that we called asking if they'd like to distribute the publications on alternatives to military service many of the principles of that they do so if students shown interest and if you've got an interest in alternatives to military service so he should play a principal if you don't tell him he can tell the high school program in american friends service committee will move on now to take the few remaining calls here on the protest tonight you know
that her experience they know there is no such thing william monahan yes this was discussed in great detail prior to the passage of the long last june the law does provide not for a reversal of the herb kohl but for a prime age group which would consist of a man born in any calendar year to be designated annually by the president plus those people who have been different and whose student deferment was ended in who fell back into the eligible
pool and this could be put into effect the president at any time you chose to do so thus far he has not chosen to do so he has instead announced now by way of the director of selective service that the order of call will remain as it is august first which in nineteen twenty six groups he has the authority to change this if he wants to have it has not done so the other isn't one for a and have a review of availability of what our with this one army mr means that your story always accurate picture of alarm and see if you are an inactive reserve is that you are back under the director of selective service in terms of your eligibility you apparently are in the reserves at your own request and therefore you actually carry out the duties of the research refrigerate and that you're a minority
well you're a control group that's at the one hour if you use if you're not in a reserve unit you fall back under the directors like the service who then has sailed through the normal selective service procedures has the right to classify you as either available or not available alarming injury classified is available and it would be a normal drought order to lower the right now on not really and you're not likely to be calling that you would be called only as a reservist you see it going your grain i think you have something you want to put in those pointy i wondered if it was possible for a student again to reserve unit this time without waiting six seven months so anywhere in the country i'm sure there is some place in the country that still has an opening somewhere in a reserve unit i don't know of any child that there must be some and certainly at the law provides that you make it into any reserve unit that will accept you
at any time prior to the issuance of an induction order after that you know auburn western reserve and even if you could find one but there are some units i'm sure that must have some openings but i don't know of any at this time no one conga line which will take no this was the counselors here i'm a veteran and i would like to know what exactly what it badly five days of it isn't over age classification away over age for servants who work on a typical in that the boat doesn't i think for this evening there's one here that's rather interesting a twenty two year old was going to graduate in june as a to us with no expiry date on it that sounds like a mistake or no no no really i've been accepted for graduate school and physical therapy air question is is this an allied medical field for different purposes answers know our
procedure shitty fall there isn't a nursery the fact that there's no expiration amused us doesn't mean anything else to be reclassified at the end of these academic year he doesn't need to get in touch with his draft board to keep them informed and worry is and what are his chances of being deferred at the proms and women it turns out before a forlorn why as far as i can see there's no other our weather gets a job that might be occupation leader fertile and there's nothing else in the information submitted to indicate that he would be different or for anything else another question from women in the bronx was a freshman in college and was going to turn eighteen the summer and he wants to know what his classification would be during the summer is more let's assuming that we wanted it may be you may not be classified at the time that he goes and he should he will fill out a classification questionnaire when he goes in and signs up at eighteen and he may not be classified for quite sometime there's nothing to worry about i can't be drafted least nineteen is one very interesting one her and i can't i can a physics student graduating and joan
the new york times on friday reported the number of needed physics students who will be drafted our question will the draft board realized the shortage in the field and it planned to enter graduate school in the fall with an assistant ship the answer that is that the draft board has not been given the opportunity to determine week there's just been a study released last thursday by the scientific member commission on the impact of the draft and graduate schools and we discovered what we had already anticipated the feels that will be hardest hit by the loss of these students will be physics in engineering this is obviously so because they are male dominated feels we expect to lose about two thirds of the normal graduate students in both these fields almost a similar number in mathematics at the numbers are a little less in the social sciences and humanities because there are more girls as a matter of fact we will for the first time since world war two have more girls than boys in graduate school and humanities and in social sciences as well as in
graduate school as a whole year's physics is assure each category a lot at the moment does not recognize that this is so and therefore physics students are treated in a different way than anybody else's unless something is done about it and entering graduate school in the fall and the sister ship if he's as young as twenty one good possibility of completing year if he's not they're good possibility of being drafted before he has a chance to complete much richer i think we're back to that same point again unless something can be done about it and i hope that one effect of our program tonight we're going to make you realize that that is something that can be done about it as i mentioned earlier we hope that you in our audience for the program this evening will help us to do something about it mainly by writing to president johnson sending your letters to the station here and then they will be forwarded on mass to the white house address all your letters urging that these draft regulations
be revised or re formed changed in some wine send these letters to the urban affairs unit care of wypr radio the address is four hundred and nine the riverside drive new york one double o to seven that's the urban affairs unit but you are your radio four hundred and nine the riverside drive new york one though to say that i'm sorry but that is all a time there is for this evening still a number of unanswered questions but i assume that some of the ones here on the tape all were answered by some of the calls that came in at least we hope so most of all we hope we've been of some help to you tonight our guests in the studio have been dated philips bob christ david hyman david commando david robbins and peter greene and our featured guest for this evening is as betty ann that are the executive director of the scientific manpower commission in washington dc and who i think are shown tonight which is probably one of the very best people in the country to be contacted for information on
selective service for the urban affairs unit at bellevue are dr this is richard coll only wishing you a very pleasant good evening you've been listening to riverside radio's draft dial it a special public affairs presentation of the w rv our urban affairs unit your host and producer was richard jones associate producers matthew be referral the necklace america technical director pete felt your reactions to this broadcast we'll be appreciated production of this or places unusual demands on the station's staff and facilities and similar programs can be bland only if our listeners indicate that they want us to continue our efforts in this direction about your encouragement we will be forced to abandon these projects please address your comments to the urban affairs unit care of the new rv er for ninety riverside drive new york one below two seventh that address once again as the urban affairs unit and karen w r v e
r for ninety riverside drive new york one double o to seven at one oh six point seven fm this is riverside radio w r v e r in new york city next on the new rv are paradoxes of the christian faith christians particularly in the present day lives caught between opposing convictions both of which have the liberty nineteen sixty eight series of lent and lectures given at the riverside church in the city of new york has taken to examining a number of these paradoxes and asks what the question's stands should be in the life of faith tonight the third of four london lectures paradoxes of the christian faith love and justice a speaker as director ernest e campbell the first presbyterian church in ann arbor michigan dr campbell it's a pleasure for me to be with you tonight i'm heartened by the fact that this is a double feature evening are already has been a movie i feel it when one is part of a double feature the
odds are better that at one end of the other you ever found something that would have been of help to you and i apologize for little more base of my voice than i normally have i've been preaching a little too much of late i guess i'm trying to cheer or either lackluster michigan team throat as some kind of victory on the court they have not responded to my tears and we had a rather dismal season i they got the long walk as a luster to israel why putting a series together by mail the bible says that you shouldn't let your left than know what your right hand is going i think we've gone far beyond that there isn't any one of us in this series but no worry is trying to do
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The Riverside Church (New York, New York)
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Program Description
A series of panelists answering call-in questions about specifics about the Military Draft.
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Military Forces and Armaments
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Guest: Vetter, Betty
Panelist: Candell, David
Panelist: Price, Rev. Bob
Panelist: Phillips, David
Panelist: Robbins, David
Panelist: Greene, Peter
Panelist: Hyde, David
Producing Organization: WRVR (Radio station: New York, N.Y.)
Publisher: WRVR (Radio station: New York, N.Y.)
AAPB Contributor Holdings
The Riverside Church
Identifier: cpb-aacip-7d0dd2e502e (Filename)
Format: 1/4 inch audio tape
Generation: Master
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