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as boy fb an oriental beauty of life in birmingham regional comment from a man i'm a forty year old
birmingham businessman oriental the fed so you know i'm on the ground in areas of the city and grew up overnight it's been like a demonstration that have all over for the us development money and i think that that part of the camp they were chosen the majority of them have probably off by a rocket fell into your art to show you how old i am not pay the chamber of commerce
has attempted to regulate leaving well like preventing will run by and they all have on the board of directors people who can think now you have a situation where a small group how to do that the man because of her relation no thank you with they going to do with a negotiating you know should we be down but if you were if you were there that you wish that the brown all of the year we do the group
is bright many of the patients before him or it could be made to be in a note to me in many many devious way we had one example here of her rival an eye
on your hair and all that they had borrowed directly about when they buy or the pelvic area and they live here are white or her own labor to move into that no matter that i have fought for and i don't think
that they are afraid of their own and now we have about the situation is that our demand apply pressure on other people then they leave and i get that that was going to be a white anglo parents and now want to leave now and the other people and they have a law they were sure that they had
that there were about thirty five employees and the cub and why doma and why he is the way he is so i mean i mean i'm
sure they all feel that there is any of the men you know not a whole lot of thinking to do but the revelation that so far there are no reliable are worried and i have found that there were there that now
overlook my wife paul manger they revived her victory yet within a year and the only one going to talk about that we never want to go in there oh
well done well for a while they were there and they were talking about you like a great commentator i don't think
he wanted really know how they'll vote on them
An Oriental Views His Life In Birmingham
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WRVR (Radio station: New York, N.Y.)
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The Riverside Church (New York, New York)
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Program Description
Walter Nixon and Jack Summerfield speak with an anonymous 38-year old Asian American male. He speaks with reporters on his experience with being discriminated and his thoughts and views with the race-tension between white and black communities in Birmingham.
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[It may be a part of the documentary series on Birmingham race-tensions]
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Race and Ethnicity
Race discrimination; Asian Americans
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Producing Organization: WRVR (Radio station: New York, N.Y.)
Publisher: WRVR (Radio station : New York, N.Y.)
Reporter: Summerfield, Jack
Reporter: Nixon, Walter
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The Riverside Church
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