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this is the ghetto life series i'm ray suarez you're about to hear two radio documentaries by a pair of extraordinary young man lee allen jones and lloyd newman first ghetto life one a while in march nineteen ninety three jones and newman or thirteen years old at the time were hired as public radio reporters they were given tape machines and microphones and asked to spend a week recording themselves their families and their neighborhood lloyd lives in the ida b wells public housing development on the south side of chicago lee allen lives just a block away this is their program what it's like for two boys growing up very fast and very rough part of their city they call this documentary get a life one a one good morning noon open as close to leaving out to know that
the us supreme court ms bleakley he's right these days
so allen was just outside it where friday it's about family no millionaires and not obese this is our story the piece thank you forty years later this is fresh air that is the line
sandy yes you are a criminal thank you that's the whole movie too that we give our hometown mortgage and just to london right now bernie yes
yes it's difficult not so much because the children are really interested in it's difficult because of the publicity that surrounds the area and you don't believe that we believe you're smart or sometimes there's no need now it's more of the school day will nearly all the hand that's alan siegel one of us so i tell her that their professional basketball players day of the highly of a town that voice developed and ship canal unites communities they to stand now in to the twentieth floor b l l a dollar to say antonio spurs into yemen it will sell ashley merryman you played by signing
you want to replay contests where summit wears jeans life or your biggest achievement in your warm we hear now a new novel about fifteen twenty me the school methods on the office of those weapons thank you it was the pants now thanks to the only and get
in our house or that the rest of the family was by ritual and is to be at one of them we needed color calling here believe they have a company that we have a nation aha moments from now as a mother and what constitutes an indian now marlowe says did you love the second floor there nathan and showed more media program of the movie get his house when it bears then i name is no money down it let them two twelve low stakes
i'll write about their neighborhood i am it the telephone wires when we first came in the area they were no politics there are homes and that one family and nice old tales when given lewis started coming in they always thought you made history eleven thousand and ragged a bad day here banging thing to change and people and louder leave him his name and his hometown a rhyme i'll read it is in this house had to autism or is that massey and fifty we have three boys and three girls and especially to get you
now is the regime will land them in and was mightily doing you know a hail of lighter anyone tail light in his violent actor in all i was not yet unnamed only had to hold out those blood name was allen in the second ball landed his name was a lead a mother made it to the game yet name allergan a company because you didn't over the name as the opinion you do it on mtv and molly jones and i at adm allen film on allowing gay cause you actually it's a we're in a mess and the people in it
they haven't been a whole lot worse than they are being what she have had as yet from a candidate you see in every family around here a grandma there was some woods martin yet another son who is addicted to draw it in the green energy and high rise some are curtains mank and now look at me when he was six he was jeered by the medication at him and he just made it up says mothers so much as he started drinking and now you see what my grandmother solution that they are calling family so it is shia oh when you think about a mom still playing piano is seen actually can she stand ms bell prof ayers gave us legally counts among them assistance even the moment of the evidence
will run on our first custody of nehemiah says because my mother is mentally of his mom wanted to shoot i've been on medication often no says in isaiah since then she's okay now where she's at a lot of thompson appears is that setting this year which you see once again and when i win downstate you know is the laws do have that in our fantasies shadows and poison that was amazing about midnight new ally ron reagan in his songs and alice hear voices and voices on the land he'd like to make the idea then fled to take a cold hard was that they avoid or female ward this and rather low voice on there oh awesome off on their father's a felon it's always slept on this thing you know uses the same lee is about sue in a fan of sense one captain
he probably be it a key question no ideas about to run from our house and it will fire get it done made up of about three thousand units what's the model right now says a lot in a miserable conditions like to say housing or don't thank you
so clearly confident in their money it is we can do you think forty three years money in my bag his name is michael murray never were cars that you need humans
when you kind of the dome was always draw at least one of them like to date that uncanny skillful oh my now so it would be why leading to the big ego and stop the only met and take him so when
we add a word too many of them and it was then at least one year they seized it led the stage at the slide that woman to happen next week about a homeless americans they did you know don't go find the assailant to the best cable nobody around the clock nick kristof attack you know it sounds a lot of people come over and play cards mostly lawyers says to fully using again lansdowne i have a nine eleven thirty eight twelve good morning
daylight messages to our daily lives he says that's
the point it is that's b every day
i know we like ms belie no
now some of us plan sandy and you about that there in the morning while we would even though it again can enable and the elephant man thank you and maybe law given optimal comes in a cup of water and now get away from the lesson that he made back issues that i think my flagship shutdown they like to talk to my house and they
used to be and not only do we do it in the cd that math is a snow day were like you did what we already june get where we walk alone in a move with reindeer scaling drones as a way to you know to see our young person outfit that favor so it was a mission with a lot of like me and i don't know maybe the bohemian really i really want to watch all of the seventy then the other half of the faith as only
glows most team of shame of automatic weapon a glock nine to play a scene a relief well twenty two eighth change things i dream not of time right here where we stand ten although much as twenty nine plans to retain though i have been lucky fully native bees you guys who do it you know without a shot as in arid identify elf island has delayed a plane and then a happy ending even now that people can get crazy how live in the mouth
fb one of the prize money what is
there's burns but don't get any going to get out of the army and got all came to what it always jobs debt obligation to poverty and the press decides to keep a little bit of that thank you still on a city mayor my haste their tail susan honest to someone's malibu she would just literally another clay guilty of forty eight years died about
it now yeah night the week before when the adequate in the arm was that she jokes about it in the rest of the hospital the whole idea of talking about you so when they needed a drink like they should do it was no one who years you didn't get a true you know and there is seventeen here's how you use it how many close aide of yours has to have plenty of police are now a king king has been like these about faith jamie ford pants on women in the navy and then as they meet all still marred empty feet
analogy is mike who lived beyond the violence a leukemia welcome don't you see who moves he sees the beauty in yangon say anything and maj nolan rest goes to neutralize health she's been lawyers were a lot of children that she has to worry about a writer's he's a strong mountain of town if obama does a lot of the age ranges to get a legal designation of this as the idea of jihad to talk about all kinds of i well my grandfather was like before he and all his jokes that is to
you in latvia like he has hugely holiday as the amnesty the blank you want to know that yet that early as david kiernan tells their caliphate you know the kiev going to tell you why you did it was eric fair and rahman says she does as going to carry on her wisdom on the bible to love gospel music and a lot of songs she knows who was you know the most it's called did you say the song close when my wife mom as the deal was doomed a memphis duke wayne you all
among name wear jeans as you know indiana game bein our lives were a phenomenal game they are proceeding unfairly bare ground hanged man learned the mirth at teaching me to the day it can run net and turned to leave you fought imam named urban knew only help made to date snowmen either way he won't be an error
seems she's right yeah yeah
don't do it to october nineteen ninety four or five year old eric morris is dropped from the fourteenth floor window of a high rise in the ida b wells development eric was killed by two other boys who at the time were themselves only ten and eleven years old it's just a bare patch of ground at the foot of a drab brick high rise of the place where eric morse died became an epicenter a spot from which shockwaves of all kinds our revulsion sadness recrimination and more violent rippled through a community a city and the country in february of nineteen ninety five lee allen and lloyd took up a tape recorders and microphones once again and spent a year exploring the death of eric morse and the effect it had on people of all ages in their community they call this program remorse the fourteen stories of eric morris
nearly nine eleven legacy it has been one of the nba to do that even though we're at a guano michael ratner or through other neighbor who i live in the mansion now i know it was a way to get iraqi thursday october thirty nineteen ninety four garrett morris five years old and just out of the fourteen story window by two lovers went
looking for they would just hit in eleven years old and had been my big yards from my house you would be losing something it was tragedy and south side housing project can say more than he was pour hot york light lot of traffic there were five year old erik you say it was horrifying as this cycle of kids killing kids seems to be escalating out you've seen at all what the jewels in crimea are in chicago now comes this too noisy the famine a very painful long and they were like on even a branding get into that we think about those two kids ten eleven years old chicago the true that five year old boy at a one a five year old kid who knew right from wrong lost his life because he was the oakland the whole country would shout out and lethal gear the cameras and importing them and we were housed be a native plant and that it
was going into the love that spend that he's one of his neighborhood is nothing new and they want to surprise and alas alas of people living here as part of a day they let me know it will but this time we decided to close like to talk to people of all the neighbors and the values of their more senate to little boys think you'd lawyer lee allen imaginable <unk> libyan sudan made of aaron morris we call our documentary reports and again on tape a year ago and the scientists are right to talk with this line within the chairman of chicago housing authority in matters at the middle of the crime took place and now today at the site where it was a young man of to one fourteen story window channel a bit and forty stories way young person in the community a
made in the debate you know you have one advantage going in looks like a notebook case troy cemetery if you live in the community and you were young person what would you be i thought of living here my thought would be it would be hell am i thought would be because i am a dream a bad dream all the town about green grass and be dreaming about planned know basketball in every dream about go on camping up but i certainly would be dreaming about stay here where you got a little a look over your shoulder every waking moment when the local station very very brief outline is one of four high rise buildings and it will one of our ideas completely boarded up with a mostly vacant the buildings are tall gray brick and they're a little like crazy down the wall at least allow gave you steal it
and now walking in and finally do it and start courting out of concrete everywhere has a lot of the feed and it's mail here they're in the elevator the elevator is always fun to have the experience when for the elevators so we have plenty of time to tell a story of eric morris eric was that they were two young people who didn't have anything else to do the fathers were overpopulated mob everyone and they would know the story adds depth of all fortieth to victims and whatever your brother derek and to lefever will come on gunny a thousand of them on her own suddenly they're just you can do with them they're taller of the boys and they decide to seek revenge one october to imagine it for johnny entire also edited by the outside this building and afterward they want to see
their club which is actually they can count on the fourteenth floor forceful is that a week on the key when they pull out the void cocaine in his department would unify john and tyrone grad erika him out of a wendell berry grabbed his brothers on imported back in the giant tyrone to every twist second window and held him out there to grab every game this time what the boys did their team had to let go and bob year old eric morrison they'll fourteen story derek run out of the apartment down fourteen flights of stairs and an attempt to save his brother sid very organized it tremendously well what is not a pin out you right off the way a party at a liquor store and he totally destroyed and the other part of you is if you look at the young people who are on the street who basically have
nowhere to go there they have to now and three hours from now they'll be there and that's the difference between a healthy community people in healthy communities have things to do positive things to do people in public housing have nothing to do the elevator mechanic fifty feet won't be one thing you like satan chair line of the cea chair of our living and a whole lot of employees through him they'll look at the rats it weren't doing that may not just mice rats in my apartment right there are simply mad they're now watching webster's word of war notably no respect another and as his television a howdy we're living in well if you like lanny fell head around here the nation
now wondering how or you really you know you don't live more as he did you know it's more when do you know of a good candidate am i only knew mean you know anything if you know you've been chairman of all of the world like making hash it out and now they're back to revere is growing it outlines their cars to talk to begin why the deal with one of each of the dominicans were the brightest us is
npr yeah like a lonely kid politically lethal the plane nice job you knew it all into it all the time in the
way of good knife peel off what he thought of what buildings to appeal that and b that they had a man on a well connected think about life in a prayer from the garden for mafia only because you know we do think they get a playground have the show is no oh no man it in a playground in lakeview and that makes that were there when he was really on to appear at one element of it they're having an ohio
delegate ms boynton reincarnate at a live virus became active duty is more thoughtful old renaud really funny get interviews on the seven finalists not the middle come with graffiti debbie allen dulles international you name it a little to try maybe allow with overthrowing with national public radio nowhere to have to quote values were very sad though you're telling you stand like that out of oil and harmonies with a long winded you know eric morath yet you know typically get and cromwell a who really the mark laughter what have the key to a date with a very very very very careful when they go out to matt i
hear this deal with hbo don't hang me laughs where you want a world that crap when you land and that the new nie say it sure you hold that we're here would you want a young boy organs like you know mainly in their provision in the primate issuing subpoenas known to highlight the issue is three days old and tammy tammy it comes out to talk to a wet winter were doing to each other but she has a theory about would have to have more she thinks the giant air or probably tried to spirit bao hold him out of the window and dropped him ix into a teenager
today you can't tear may be a bit bigger turnout and when to raise quote a rueful until an unusually cool to me the sand issues close to john mccain your more involved an ethnic slur javelin he and his fellow stand invisibility we are at higher than around a neighborhood of the two ways of the eighties danny was supposed to be the really bad i mean he had been put on probation just a month before the incident on gun possession charge seniors aisle but to me this is sheila given john mccain and sam amick and i just my day to day job to me
you want to go to me given a rather i used and out went well we were talking and looks a witty fee at that they care hang on now see no buyout their sentence and the good thing for posting a widening be offered their faith you look up which would at the verb shot down his gray eyes it's typical of what got the whole banking inquiry report now and stay strong and a little likely to do and then that right initially along the tv men how they get like that an amnio the aha done out that now from turin the main rally today show this week
two sides of a story at the juvenile courts building downtown chicago alone today we're here with kate hanlon the prosecutor for the eric morris case it on tape and in their well thank you are you won't find me like as you do you remember what went through your mind when you first heard that is the first thing i thought about was i've been in juvenile court rooms two years they've seen some pretty horrible things arm and the first thing i could think about was that this is probably one of the most horrible things that i've seen in two years it was awesome believable and i mean i always think that i've seen the worst thing that could happen to people and you can't discount that and then there's and there's as priests do you think this could have been a mistake know one accident from ford no i don't think so i'm actually i'm sure that it couldn't be any accident because of the way that it happened do you feel that the settler brady alive a violent cause i
live in their community is it even worse there were saying we're sure every year do you think that violence and bray about complete children they certainly think that their backgrounds there are different than a lot of other kids i mean anybody who committed this crime family has gone through something in their lives but then again i look at other kids here say for example you grew up in that community well look we're doing it it's a far cry from committing a first degree murder so i'm you know i think that it's a part of it i think the pizza that definitely that needs to be addressed and needs to be addressed one before it because by the time they come to me and i have to prosecute him the deed already done in on them or has already been committed and i think that it has to start one before it gets to me i think obesity prosecutor of op ed morris case thank you and we have
it when i was going to do now what good to talk to people on the other side of the case though over the juvenile public defenders are met with the four tonys representing john in that scene you're defending an atta picked up the keys who committed this crime or full of bald bias in the neighborhood these people that we represent are exposed to violence they're exposed to shooting stacy shute is icy stabbings they see everything is a tiny dave forsberg there's a history of violence is just so incredible they see people being shot one or two or three years old now they've had relatives who have been shot or killed or or or whatever it's just yes this book does that affect these children and that is that what's going on and i think that's a big part of what the family is there something i think many of the life here that you know the yankees no view put them i stayed at a young age with the mighty the vietnam veterans they would have a listen and then what you're
saying is very apropos to what's going on we talk about vietnam and there's this whole history of traumatic stress it's a tiny because i know what we know we get up to sixteen years eight months six foot one hundred ninety pounds carries a guy and was incarcerated his mother hadn't seen him and i promptly given by the civil war when for a little boys over there never a chance to be in the house now being a mediocrity as you can see everyone i am not ready to relegate these people to the scrap heap of humanity i just get it i'll fight until they either are
you in the nineteen nineties the media working on a story posted this deal must about it like under fire oh man you know they had never thought that they must give those limited think that things and a garden nature of life and that you know evil last night an extremely up there a year old bosom up the one mathematical computer man right we want to find out more about evolved in the mine would recognize the name lupe who are they how do they end up the situation one question we
were looking for some answers we are a lot of people that they might have turned out to be the tv show idea sean smith became a short piece on trump before the incident rests failing school at sunset is going to notify the no one not the parents not the school not the court no one seemed to a priest out of a little bit el paso try again until about a friend of his and johnny internal certain doubt unity among foreign given a thorough what in a photo of what do you know about the air in your story that you can kill people the one in the world and the president will work for the local school council and the two young men that they didn't want to do a salerno the old
son says that of the two boys a lot of them are he was closer to john mccain he'll the really well when we did the interview subject real name so we have to beat them out i can remember when you have to start with characters who were willing to back a rock ok senator do you want to his friend and he kept one different qualities of his expense worth a teacher saw them you know with these kids or like that that have five six years old they know when to begin a trial had to be in his household that no one like to talk to he would flare up in very sensitive emily kirkland i've in a minute but i could totally calm down and he would talk to me you know and it just they were actually that was the one to spend some time with you know and so when it happened it made me feel that that i feel like i just that would tie with the fall we had tried to get a dual try to get some help for you know an unfortunate we weren't able to get it for prime time
marian days later play video games and lawyers house was somewhat life on the neighborhood an elite brauer we told antonio inkling about documentary antonio told us he was quote carrot right before you get murder only it had been achieved when subsided like it's about a canoe and a ring of the castle of the south were the attackers not here and that we will we need to do a lot of that sale almost every key ally you seen someone get shot a lot of times so and then found with tom bowman lived double last night was gay if we talk about it it all came out again about art and was then with the month they announced they got that they work out more from miami the life they remained at politico and you know if the bill so huge when i believe it what happened yet about the year and as
clint you can hear more do you have a camera you see that land in the uae and i know you have a bank and then work and kind of when all the media legal matter the playful and then just by justin pitre jack we have to not to have been while also looking at it
worried that like in the barrel in the war there were not made into a weight that i mean you know no choice so that don't know you step aside a little boy walks are usually were in a toning what your relationship with him like how to make you feel that you couldn't you know what i want from a thing that you miss about a cone hat hey what'd you do all you are hurting you could be crying you cried out there that when they get out i guess i want to ask how do you you know a dead baby
and ask you to read the un about the view of what you do what you have to do how they look you can win a fifth bite you get what kurt is it to be up very much antonio's one the day the japanese culture is short doris payne and elegant was a lot of them when john witmer that they write about that in and that they get you know while i don't want to have them down fast windy but jumping ballots will radiate very long live antonia turner that he knows who redefines what else would involve indicates avoid a casanova the younger brother tyrone the levee you involved in the debt that it was insane quest to look because he can't
feel it goes and we worked in a tony award for us to another plotted it wales on several of little brothers just know applying important obviously because nan casanova smaller ways it has patches of falls off trying to give himself a haircut north or whether the no i mean i am castillo was because of you one and johnny the genial tone energetic and jeff who have a cat five downstairs and dad and stand up on the one to see you in the end johnny just
pushed him out of the window eric vale is share with local radio show is double again their family vehicle be like to run no one that i met julian the neighbors who can walk thank you mark casanova brother tried to get aired just you know what man i know i should and one week later it with twenty of nineteen ninety five at the youth correctional center in galesburg illinois and italy all a drive from jakarta leaving college at the father casanova a little boy we just met and tyrone you know involved in a murder unicef at a census will
aggravate of that we interviewed him in a prison for the coming days is short muscular entire state of emergency the sun every father says were largely cover all via thom with the next best they will you know you know that someone's ceiling premonition yeah right yeah so it's got the role was and how do you feel betrayed after made
the girls fall in salary if we can't get arrested tyrone hood ok to stand trial there was time again like tyrone them all so the fellow now buying like crazy into a petty crimes and this crime times do can believe committee the purpose of the same boy you know behind well joe sheehan and when it didn't really does he's always at the flames is it
man man from what which are the fun of validating your boy involved in the crime johnny we heard that that family or that about it will drive that incident and could tie city's department we didn't know where to find it is on top of a day in a public on the west side of chicago when you walk in the building saw an old friend hang out at the security day the way it is at yale killer was off razor run a new way to play baseball again and i'm a little boy you to bring with him to the gangs john
you at the park so you know how do you question it mm mm and josh lewin about about the giant know what they need to know about you get wi fi fi dipping reserves the safety is about an event your healing your life
johnny's sister coronation of a soft tyranny on us to let them into law i always do when i signed just one of some of the faces of all what i didn't expect this i can leave it knew this little boy committed them or just the size corey lights kimball no different than any other kid in the neighborhood just exposed to too much to you know an explosion that close to nine our final interview after when it landed where we waited a must speed to toni morrison eric's mother and derek and it's probably only arab league at their apple and we met them in their ties off we talk about all the requests from across the country is the only interview tony was running to anyone in the media well out as bobby it's been specifically for we want to live from about eric and tony and daily today we're here with tony maws errol morris and the mother bear more of
foam yellow pine arizona a thank you from our new way to do the thing you have a cow whatley of mine is nearly empty because you know this just doesn't leave in bailout deal is the joke of the year they were getting their love they look human being how i think about things about him every day fell in calgary matter where and when the risky legal online i think about it how do you feel any animosity to a parent of young man for allowing them to do that to play by the fifth hour before allowing them at like they have to follow any by the light there were can you believe the particular
image it futility immediately very beautiful gray now with a big chicago boys shirt and her shy smile and twinkly eyes i can imagine you know an invalid forties dawn to try to get evidently a bigger annual award that if they were given a low you do turning color are waving about it in the field believe the vatican the aisle you know another theme of mortality they get life changed their view about fighting man probably never be like i can tell cramer yeah that's right and maybe that's now made out on our money that's now called him and he would find him or in the area recover
a long and talk about a red line being with incendiary going to be very low i haven't always been people along the way giant towel convicted of martin of them in january that even gets to the nation ever since to prison before this election since illinois for chile and entertain or throwing catherine at the depth of it was the law was a really key is it just seemed to be sent to the state juvenile penitentiary widow promised a lot of aid to the twenty one
and i'll come back one of the two were doing this was all recall it's exciting in the journal of a little bit more love and dies you know it would come down more like us we would've turned out more like our interviews and you can give answers but we do know this no one should be surprised that this happened and there was no that this will happen again and that victims and assailants who keep getting younger and younger because ron here children are growing up with absolutely nothing nothing we do nothing a whole void and nothing new there's only so much at stake and i can make two less incentive that the eric morris all i can do was still hold that silence you know this one five your chow by bp would listen a little more closely to the right of love with i understand a little more about the reality we face every day there's plenty of remarkable run on friday to consider what we try not to think about too much
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On Thursday, March 21 1996 National Public Radio premiered Remorse in a special hour-long edition of All Things Considered (this was the first time that All Things Considered had devoted an entire hour to a single documentary in more than 15 years). Remorse explored the death of Eric Morse, a five-year-old thrown from the 14th floor window of a Chicago housing project by two other boys, ten- and eleven-years-old, in October 1994. The documentary was reported by LeAlan Jones and Lloyd Newman both sixteen-year-old residents of the same housing development in which the crime took place. The program was produced by David Isay. Remorse was a broadcast first: young people from the projects investigating a murder that occurred in their own backyards. Jones and Newman spent a year reporting on the case, interviewed everyone from Eric's mother Toni Morse (in the only interview she's ever granted to the press), to Chicago Housing Authority Chairman Vince Lane to dozens of adults and children living alongside LeAlan and Lloyd in Chicago's Ida B. Wells Houses. LeAlan and Lloyd were determined to bring the voices and perspectives of their community (one of the most deeply disadvantaged in the nation), to a wider audience, and they succeeded magnificently. This is an unprecedented work, created with enormous courage, resourcefulness, talent and heart. The response to the broadcast Remorse was tremendous-- hailed in newspapers and magazines (from The New York Times to People) as well as in letters from several thousand listeners as one of the most remarkable and powerful pieces of radio journalism ever broadcast. Since the airing of Remorse, the boys have testified before Congress and spoken directly to the American public on television and radio programs, giving a poignant, powerful human voice to the struggles of young people growing up in poverty across the nation.--1996 Peabody Awards entry form.
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