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the pope now almost george gillett president and general manager for wp beatty miami florida we believe that public television should provide an alternative service to commercial television on october twentieth nineteen seventy wp beatty travel to in miami made such a service available to each water and citizen in the state of florida our entry is a one hour excerpted version of a four hour and twenty three minute broadcast which has its purpose to bring the candidates to the voter with a description of the office a tape of the entire program is available i requested the peak an invited audience from all areas of the state of florida has assembled here in a miami beach auditorium for all for our radio and television special which is being broadcast live throughout the state of florida the political candidates for every statewide office have been arriving to
produce a plate in the first broadcast of its kind in television history and the program is about to begin it's b wgbh at miami is proud to present a special production for the department of education of the state of florida boulevard seventy and hear the service most of our great broadcaster newscaster former director of the voice of america mr john it's been the next four to five hours this television and radio broadcast sponsored by you the people of florida for the people of florida would try to bring next tuesday's
general election ballot to life for the first time anywhere in our nation all of the candidates running for statewide office will appear together on the same program where we say goodnight we will hope that we've clarify the school quad where when and why of election day who the candidates are or what the statewide offices are well each of them stands on the issues that concern you why he thinks he should have your vote and when well we all know that already november third next tuesday with all the time that we have tonight we still have too little time that had sufficed that everything possible has been done to find out what it is you want to know and ask the candidates here in the auditorium or our representatives of all the political parties also representatives of sixteen statewide organization is speaking for a broad cross section of florida citizens from the pta to the council of
senior citizens to a student's congress the chamber of commerce these voices of the people of florida will question candidates directly to help us with these audience questions is a familiar miami personality whose television program the bill smith's show is seen in many areas of the state and nation our co host the pen you know he was all over the state have submitted their own questions for the candidates for the major offices of us senator and governor nonpartisan committee has fallen in each of the seven public broadcasting station areas throughout the state have captivated and sorted all the questions that you're the people have submitted questions in the subject areas about which you've expressed the most interest will be telephoned him from your own city
directly to your cities communicator right here on stage communicators are from pensacola the operations and program manager of wc away radio mr dave happ block from tallahassee the news director of wc tv destroy it wisely or from tampa st petersburg the news director of wgbh at this produce meth from gainesville program manager for wu ft at the university of florida just about gay men from orlando the associate news director of wd be old tv has to date weaver from jacksonville the director of view was in public affairs for waga cd mr jim lewis and from miami the vice president of the o's for w d vj mr ralph brennan it's b hi thanks for the major
contribution you and your stations have made to tonight's groundbreaking experiment now let's get out of the business and then when you walk into that voting booth on november third and see the list of offices and names of candidates i'm sure what you know is just about as important as what you do what i the offices we vote for exactly who are the candidates what leverage should we pull which box should we check the form of the ballot you jesse is used on the voting machines in many areas of the state in other counties the former's reverse with the names running horizontally instead of vertically and in some counties the paper ballot has used instead of voting machines but the information on all of the forms of the ballot throughout the state is the same for all statewide offices so let's begin the first statewide office we're going to examine the public service commission
the programme presented the public service commission state supreme court and the six elected cabinet officers all cabinet positions were presented with this same general format with opening statements questions from the audience and the closing statements which covered airtime over approximately one hour and forty five minutes this was followed by a special segment covering the state constitutional amendments which were an important part of the nineteen seventy eight ballot your fifth cabinet officer is the attorney general whether the ballot form in your county is this fall more on another fall the title is clearly identified on the fall and here are some facts about the office of attorney general officer who is in charge of florida's department of legal affairs is the attorney general is the
general attorney protesting the government's chief legal counsel on totally operational fall of long as legal advisor to the governor and the cabinet the attorney general writes special legal opinion for these opinions are considered finding them less poor the attorney general has a special ability to meet the judge's of the circuit court were to consult with them on the ways our laws and courts operate and even recommend for the legislative provision than reforms to improve our judicial system criminal division to find even in federal forts in operating
the attorney general is responsible for providing all the legal services that any department of the government replies that anytime he could be called upon to give legal counsel to any one of the many departments of state level or you may have to direct legal thanks for any of the numerous divisions of all the plans and the attorney general has special responsibility to provide legal services to the air and water pollution from beyond our new pollution control and chief legal counsel for the entire executive branch of the government and as head of the department leaderless that the attorney general was elected to the state cabinet for four year term now let's meet two men between what you would choose your attorney general in the november general election those republican candidate judge robert
former us and as the names of the international academy of law socks and second the democratic candidate for attorney general senator robert gallo seven in the united states since nineteen fifty seven has been an instructor and constitutionally criminal law is certain house of representatives from nineteen sixty four to sixty six and has served three terms of office in the florida sun gentlemen on to the next the electorate will choose one of you to serve as attorney general before we begin our questioning we ask each of you make an opening statement about what you consider to be the issues of the campaign why you feel people should vote for you instead of your opponent or any other statement that
you may wish to make all of the candidates have agreed to the rules of procedure in order to ensure equal time when you hear this sound it means that your time is up these finish your sentence within about ten seconds after you hear that signal if you exceed the time limits i will have to interrupt you relocated one and a half minutes for your opening statements for each one and we begin with republican candidate judge tom rumble i firmly believe the issues in this race for the individuals philosophy and the competency and experience to qualify him become florida's next attorney general and the president democrat incumbent this office has drifted aimlessly and without direction rizzo has been a dramatic increase in drug abuse burning and looting and in peddling a filthy poor youngster further we've been out with without representation are people in the federal courts
my opponent is a democrat from dade county one of three from this area who seek to impose upon us the direction of the liberal philosophy that i believe we can do without i pledge that i will fight crime with every fiber in my body i pledge that i want an all out attack on smut peddlers and the perks and the drug which is profit from the filth they sell i pledge that i will truly be a people's lawyer and that you will be proud and we and satisfied with my work i'm not the democratic candidate for attorney general senator robert the overwhelming vote in support of the people of florida and selecting me as the democratic nominee for the office of attorney general is a clear mandate that floridians want bigger it's an effective enforcement of the law against both the criminal element in florida and against polluters and florida i'm delighted that both of my opponents in the democratic
primary senator friday a judge meadows have now endorsed my candidacy in the general election i'm not just talk about crime it back as chairman of the legislative legislatures select committee my investigations of organized crime in the more than fifty major anti crime laws apply spearheaded the passage in the florida senate that led to many important arrests and convictions it was these efforts as a crime fighter that resulted in my selection this past year by the floor today seized as outstanding young man of florida and also my selection by the capitol press corps as one of the four most valuable members of the florida senate i firmly believe that the leadership is secure for floridians a lawful an orderly state with justice must start at the top and i pledge to you that the attorney general under bart gellman will truly be florida's number one crime fighter as attorney general i will coordinate the attacks they won against narcotics and dangerous drugs including
affected law enforcement education treatment and rehabilitation so that we can go about the business of ending the narcotics epidemic and four denham and bill smith is waiting in the audience with a spokesman from one of the sixteen special organizations which have submitted questions for consensus tabulation bill long running for the state council for senior citizens with black streets consumers protection both said the question there is a time limit of one minute on and says and we'll begin with the republican candidate judge tom run their course we have new consumer protection all but it now needs these laws ideas is vigorous and on ending enforcement of them seem to be that attorney general's role at the present time is to some extent a limited i would propose that the attorney general take a great deal more responsibility in this area whether those areas which are properly within his purview
should be rigorously enforced right and now the democratic candidate senator robert belshe it under new authority that the legislature passed that the last session in which i was involved in in its passage as a sign that the attorney general doesn't have powers to day to move aggressively in the courts against consumer fraud and what i have proposed is the creation of a division within my office which will be a consumer fraud protection division staff primarily by women because i think it's the woman best understands the flight of the consumer and what can result in abuses leading to higher prices and higher costs and this division is one that i will create when i am attorney general florida and i think my interest in this area goes back a long time because the evidence of my interest in the consumer feel was three years ago when i vigorously fought and voted against the high rate of auto insurance california plan which has resulted in higher insurance rates for florida and that's why i opposed it in
nineteen sixty seven not a question from the audience does that yes from the florida medical association now dr richard dieter our way you approached the drug abuse problem particularly among teenagers regret in yemen we're reversing the order over by this time so that we will begin with the democratic candidates and a disheveled as a member of the florida senate i spearheaded the passage of the increased penalties for those who sell narcotics miners i spearheaded the passage of the educational program which is now being implemented the public schools a lot at the elementary school level and the treatment rehabilitation programs and what i think is missing today a lot of the missing link is a coordinated attack against narcotics we have many programs throughout the state but they're not coordinated they're not working together they're not pooling their resources are their findings or their conclusions i will create within my office a division of narcotics and drug abuse and i'll go about the business of coordinating the attacks law enforcement act aimed at the butchers sellers and distributors the education programs or
treatment rehabilitation programs so that we can in the narcotics epidemic because when we do we will also significantly reduced major crime because so much of our time today is directly relatable to narcotics and the use of drugs your drummer strong on force one of course is a requisite we made vigorous prosecution of those who trade in this traffic as attorney general i would propose that we would have within the office of attorney general competent technical experts to provide assistance to the these rockers they providing them with information and all the legal skills assistance possibly can be provided an issue of course education isn't answered a total answer is somewhat like what is required is a vigorous educational system a program that's designed to some extent to scare and certainly to inform our young people the hazards
of drug use i would propose that this program we put throughout the state as it presently is but in a much more vigorous for a ride back to bill smith and we have listened to john mitchell of the urban league it's set in the current drafted shirt of law enforcement what measures would you take to protect individuals civil liberties you understood the question that women are reversing order and then the drummer was we operate or to a great extent on the mandate of the supreme court is imperative that we concern ourselves to great extent with individual liberty same time it seems to me that there has been in the past a lessening of the understanding of the feeling for the rights of society in general society to need to protect and the attorney general have that responsibility as well as the responsibility of protecting individual rights i would vigorously watch for and that
both sets of circumstance seventy seven i was jealously protect individual rights i feel that i have done this throughout my legislative career i've sponsored the passage of more than fifty major anti crime laws many of them have been challenge in the courts and not one of them has been held unconstitutional so i think this is ample evidence of the fact that i have zealously protect individual rights while at the same time passing tough legislation that's necessary to get at the criminal element in florida for instance i passed a bill limiting bail in certain instances where the proof was evident in the presumption was right at the individual committed the offense and defense charge was a very serious heinous nature such as armed robber and here we have balanced the need to protect society against the individual walk out free on bail will commit other violent crimes to pay bail bonds pay securities these and the need to protect individual rights and i think we struck that balance and as attorney general i assure you that i was honestly protect individual rights while protecting the rights of society to
be free gentlemen the time allotted for this question period has elapsed that we like each of you to make a closing statement to summarize your positions since the republican candidates had the first opening statement we reverse that order begin the closing some rays with the democratic candidate senator robert l and you each have one that said it felt like a job as long as flawed at its fourth and the nation's crime rate in one out of every three floridians continues to be the victim of a criminal act and we need to move more vigorously against these problems and i think the attorney general's office is the office where it ought to be done to secure for floridians a lawful and an orderly state with justice and i've made a pledge that i will provide the leadership necessary to reduce crime in florida or resign and not seek reelection i'm laying it on the line because i think it has to be that way as a try the general also constantly strive to protect and preserve for the public use and benefits of natural resources and environmental law by moving in the
courts early and aggressively against polluters and against pollution so that water will always remain not only a good place to visit but a good place to live as attorney general i will truly be the people's lawyer judge rumberger as fear in dade county there were about a hundred and fifty eight murders near that senator shelton and our legislature there was seventy seven by that time we're in other categories were about fifteen hundred on robberies when senator sheldon entered the legislature last year was something in excess of five thousand also are not the total entreaties bob what we need is someone who's experienced in fighting crime being across from being a special state's attorney being a circuit judge i feel that i have those qualifications i believe my candidacy offers sound conservative and positive leadership of people just they like very much seventy seven you for you of course to revive the enlightenment alaska marks
on after a murder i think about two years you see it through obviously as a state senator i haven't been a law enforcement officer i know more responsible for the number of murders robberies and they can even senator bernie or senator hollande are the number of crimes committed in washington dc but i have done something about it i have passed legislation that has led to thousands of convictions thousands of arrests and we are beginning to make some headway in this effort and the reason i'm running for attorney general is because i've gone as far as i can as long as a law enacted and now i think the real issues the real live a lawful an orderly state for flawed allies in vigorous enforcement of the laws and that's what i want to do as attorney john early early feathers our positions are i'm fine thank you both gentleman we just met the two candidates for the cabinet office of attorney general on november third utah voters will choose between them and select the one man who will serve as your attorney
general for the next four years the republican candidate judge john romano and the democratic candidate senator robert l seven before we need all the candidates for the offices of united states senator and governor would take a few minutes to examine when you're an important part of the november third ballot this year there are seven important constitutional amendments if the majority of you vote for anyone amendment the florida constitution would be amended accordingly if a majority of your vote against any amendments the constitution will not be changed in that matter so to repeat there are seven constitutional amendments for you to consider since we have with us seven distinguished newsman from all areas of florida who will be handling your telephone questions later on in the program we've asked them each of them to briefly explain one of the amendments to you amendment number one has to do with the eighteen year old vote to explain at gainesville was communicate our
program manager o w you all seven amendments were presented in the same manner explaining the meaning and presenting the pros and cons without editorializing amendment number two is on the eighteen year old majority pensacola as communicator will explain the operations and program manager of wc ok used to date eighteen year old majority causing an amendment to the state constitution adding a new section fourteen to article ten providing that every person shall reach a little majority about obtaining the age of eighteen years and thereafter will have all the rights and responsibilities of adult this amendment to the state constitution passed might possibly cause more confusion than it was first intended the second amendment girls with a moving of the legal majority from the age of twenty one they're waiting allowing eighteen year olds who are single the same responsibilities as a married eighteen
year old namely being able to be liable for contracts or another with voter approval the passage of this amendment means an eighteen year old would buy constitutional law really really mature from this point it appears that lawyers redefine interpretations end of the proposal most agree that it would not lower the drinking age from eighteen to twenty one nor wouldn't admit eighteen year olds to racetracks in turn mutual windows one legislator told me that if the matter what perhaps he felt the legislature would take this as a mandate of the people to take a long hard look at the five dozen or so laws that now govern drinking and writing in the state of florida as it now stands an eighteen year old can be drafted see an x rated movie get married or even the more sublime self what would not be liable for a contract the sign some see the amendment is giving the eighteen year old more responsibility because of the accelerated pace of life today another freedom freedom from
mom and dad having to go sign for the cartels or surfboard but others fear the worst rhyming smooth talking salesman might blow them up and over priced items on long contracts and the eighteen year old would stop their daughter on a large payments or even a burden some lawsuit so voters when you're eighteen it's a safe bet that you then favored more responsibilities but many parents today and these are the people that will decide the amendment next tuesday feel that their teenagers me that royal protection for just three more years then they can drink that and go and that all at the same time ok you are seven important constitutional amendments on your ballot next tuesday and it's up to you to decide if you are for or against each one of the amendments that the candidates for the offices of us senator and governor will ask them to answer your questions transmitted to our stage directly from your own local area first we'll pause for just one
minute to give all of the radio and tv stations on our special statewide network an opportunity to identify themselves ow ow fb this is going on seventy eight coming to you live on a special network of it on television stations throughout the state of florida and here again as are by john daley the piano please the election which is not just six days off and now we come to that part of our program which i know many have been waiting for all of the candidates for the office of united states senator for the state of florida and are communicators are standing by to ask the question is that you the viewers all over the state have been sending in your local area stations but first here are
some facts about the office of the united states senate the phone runs just over two minutes describing the powers duties and responsibilities of the united states senator the power i think of freed men from whom you will be choosing the one to sit in the senate of the united states congress to represent you the people of florida and our nation's capital of the us a wooden exclamation circumstances of forced to change in format in presenting the candidates for the senate the master format for
this program has been in the hands of the special candidates since early this month earlier this month however this morning congressman objected to appearing on the stage at the same time and with writing candidate jim fair rather than failed to present all the candidates for the office of united states senate that we have changed the format to present the senatorial candidates one of the time to make a statement to answer different questions phoned in from all over the state and from our audience here in it auditorium and to make a closing statement the radio communications act of nineteen thirty four its section three one five requires that all qualified candidates be given equal time whether their names be printed on the ballot all written in so long as they are legally qualified under state law changing our format we can live up to the rules of the radio communications act and present all of the senators so in a lot of about me i present first
the republican candidate for the office of united states senator congressman bill clinton sixteen years and thirty seven also the vice chairman of the republican conference in the policy committee and was a member of the federal aid highway investigating committee congressman i think you're familiar with the format of the program and its rules we ask first pitch you an opportunity directed two minute statement in you can talk on what you consider to be the issues in this important race what particular qualifications you have for that office or anything else that might come to mind all the candidates have agreed to the rules of procedure in order to ensure equal time when you hear this song like your time is up please finish your sentence within about ten seconds after you hear that signal if you exceed the diamond it's i will have to interrupt you so we'll move right through the opening statement for which to
repeat as you know you are assigned to two minutes congressman william grant john glad we waited glad to be on this program i'm a supporter of educational tv i'm proud to have this opportunity and i had hoped i would be with my opponent one of them i am very disappointed i might say that a candidate from the new left along ever it was also approved for parents on this program i do not intend to degrade the office of the united states senate or this campaign nor do i intend to provide as they thought well for the new left we've had enough of him on television we had us on the phone last night i noticed no serious discussion of the issues i had hoped my opponent to one of them would agree to the format of uniting on and let the other gentleman do his thing however that was not possible so i'm here and i do not intend to get any
ad assistants support to the new left to the long hairs to the radical revolutionaries and i think what happened here last night in this very place in miami aware the president of the united states was not even given a fair opportunity to be heard i don't intend to get any aid assistance to those people i'm running based upon my sixteen years of experience in the congress of the knowledge i believe is essential eight years as a congressional leader visiting weekly with the president on national meyers i think that's the kind of experience and know how needed in the night largely stayed in the market to give the kind of leadership needed in the third highest elected office in amman i have been a leader in fighting the bombers in the burners in the radical revolutionaries and the cop killers and i intend to continue to work for a better america a better state for law abiding citizens and to support our police force and lawn or in the
day however did terrified issue which you have raised that it was not within the compass of poster child of desperation in this programme decide what they review exists there was excluded communications act of thirty four is very clear is the responsibility which lays lies with the broadcaster to meet the provisions of granting equal time under the circumstances and it is not within our compass to question the laws of the state of florida as do our candidate becomes qualified or we're happy to join you as i think you know we have seven distinguished those men who are communicators making us with the major areas of the state of florida and if you're ready so we will go to the general questions which are coming in now the first question will be from jacked jacksonville and we communicate is jim motes i gauge on our home with me on the line right now is the wrong executive producer of news and public affairs for the lead a ct jacksonville believing that we
have a question from jacksonville yes but i will repeat to do you believe there must be a declaration of war by congress before troops are committed partners to congressman minnick that the constitution is very clear congress alone has the power to declare war and fortunately we got into the present situation piecemeal over time congress was not consulted with regards to immigration i think congress must and should be consulted in the future with regards to any future military action with some discretion in the president as to my interactions emergency actions obviously but any major military action should require the approval of the united states senate and i
am a strong reliever in asserting the full authority of the congress of the united states five questions were asked of each candidate for the united states senate only two of those questions and their answers are shown here one of those four was john was little project director for web journal three and john he's brilliant o'reilly questioned congressman are you in favor of increasing social security benefits and if so how much and how would you suggest that this be accomplished forty fives and i've been in the forefront town and they fight for an increase in social security benefits increased outside earnings
and supported the house action this time to guarantee that when the cost of living goes up the social security amount paid automatically goes up an automatic increase with the increased cost of living and i think that we should have a cell a security system that reflects the cross living and i think we should have a four hundred million dollars or a person as a man among received under salsa security i want to see medicare and medicaid a properly carried out i want to see it properly administered i wanna see you do the job with a minimal cost and the format of time allocated for questions or has expired and you have under the rules of this protest event on opportunity to make a closing statement which we would like an important one like time when amazingly fast but i do appreciate this opportunity and i'm running for the office of united states senator that third highest elected office in america because i sincerely believe that the
experience and know our town had the privilege of a couple of acquiring in the last sixteen years is needed in this particular office i have thought of it gets the radisson the bombers in the burners in the destroyers as author of the adirondack as author one of the authors of than a bombing act it was passed by congress just recently as wandell believes our children should not be bused to indiscriminately that they we should do to preserve our neighborhood schools in quality education i've been in the forefront of that fight way back in nineteen sixty four i worked for better highways i work for and water pollution control i've been a leader in these fields and will be in the united states senate i believe this is the kind of leadership needed in the united states senate for our great state that night's largest state in the union the challenges are tremendous and i hope to have the opportunity being those challenges right on the button appreciate your coming
to join public television and what we will visit then groundbreaking experiments that they deserve and now we turn to the democratic candidate for the office of the united states senate that state sen martin thank you senator just i think you're familiar with the fact that the changed format of a wisely standards which were established earlier in the month or an agreed upon are biting you have two months took two months for an opening statement like two months ago candidates for an opening statement on what you consider to be the issues of this important race what they can
qualifications you feel you have why anyone could vote for you of your opponent or navigating you might have in your mind all the candidates have agreed to the rules of procedure in order to ensure people when you hear this song your time is up sir please finish your sentence within about ten seconds after you hear that signal if you exceed the time limits on have to interrupt now if you would like to share please proceed with european state like to this day i'm delighted to have you and participating was honest broker mile which add a lot more than their ipo more he's signed and what worked do appreciate the opportunity for this program i've had the opportunity of voting on appropriation for this in the legislature i think this offers a whole were in trying to get candidates before the people again though used to have rallies and used to afghans for the people that's been hard to do why won't the united states senate i think that's
a good question that i've been interested in politics and public service since i was ten years old i worked in the first conference when i was ten i went to boys state and served as a member of the american legion boys state illinois state legislature amenable my man that i wanted to run for the legislature as soon as i got out of the last two iran's nineteen fifty eight mile wide when down one side of history and i went down the other for three months from daylight to dark we've knocked on doors and i don't like the nice thing about about election was it never feel like out any person other than the people because they were the ones who are like me that was no midst of that the united states senate is the organization one hundred men say the most exclusive club in the war i things they've won points where one man could have more to do with to change the course of history of this country and perhaps the nation of any place in the world so that would certainly be the highest aspiration the man i think the opportunity to offer myself for this job and connection with that to
walk across the state trying to get acquainted with people and what started off to be a way of getting into it it turned out to be an education for me i spent night two days of film and notebooks with a promise of people gave me i think i know more about this day its problems than any man running i think i can do the job of the state is united states senator i'm so now we have as you know questions coming in from all over the state of florida although five questions were asked of senator trials only two are included here so leaving miami again we're going north would vote on land though and communicate is the week we have time
question again is do you agree with the policy of relaxing tensions between the united states and the people's republic of china by allowing trade and cultural exchange between the two nations jobs the administration that much fanfare has made some relaxation now in regard to train trade and so the troops stationed in which i think this is the step that i don't disagree with i think we always in this country have taken additional steps because we are for peace and we offer trying to relax tensions at the same time i would not get in it red china to the united nations i would not recognize and diplomatically it goes at this time i think they have failed the show that they would abide by the charter of the united nations or they were the aggressor and sending troops in korea they do not abide this time recognized the geneva convention on international treaties and until a red channels showed some evidence
that they wanted to join the community of nations i would not take the steps that the same time i think this country and not always show that we are ready to walk the extra mile journey as has become a nuclear power they are developing at cpm and we certainly need to do everything we can to bring him within the community of nations and now sen a final question and this one will come from jacksonville and the communicating is jim lewis back to jacksonville again may we have a question for senator jobs so what is your positions i had an opportunity a mile walk to see some terrible housing i walked through the year migrant sections state i think that the federal government has a
an obligation and regard too much of our housing especially in a formal migrants because they do cost a class i saw some housing that was government sponsored housing for the migrants that cost too much money that they could afford to live there and rather than the hubble's that they were having to live in the standard of this housing was to have a role in trying to get him into a clean place a one that would be adequate it went too far i think the government has a lot to work a lot of work to do in trying to provide standby credit funds it would allow people to have for housing much inflation is really stopping a housing starts were down fifty percent from a housing billion much of that's caused by inflation if we could stop so the government spending and get inflation i think we could also have her house senator the time allocated for questions has expired as you know one of the rules you have an opportunity now to make closing statement we've allocated one minute they're closing statement
make once they leave for the closing state aren't i'm sure you didn't use ordered time for questions we're very generous on this program you have one ready for your opposing like you sir i have had a unique opportunity to run for the office of the united states senate i told my wife a week before the first primary that on rt one from having the opportunity to rob i've been campaigning now for approximately eighteen months it's hard for me to believe that next tuesday is going to be filed that i've had the opportunity to talk to so many people have planned that they love this country they would have something to say about its government i think they're entitled to that i made a commitment that i'm going to spend a week out of every month after unelected back in florida walking and talking and listening to people because i think that's what representative government is
all about you nominate me to go serve for you in washington and if you nominate me that i should go to carry on your will in your file i should not stay up there and have my constituency become the fellow congressman and the bureaucrats i need to keep in contact with you and i intend to and not with the people of florida i feel that i can represent us as united states senator i wanna be your senator not the president senator not the vice president senator who represented i need your help november the four whether that will be a man who you read some more walking did you think you were walking into our studio and because they did you know
and this year in addition to the republican and democratic candidates although his name will not appear on the ballot is qualified as a bona fide write in candidate and under federal broadcasting morsi's entitled to legal broadcast time so here is the independent write in candidate for the office of the united states senate combat veteran and a retired navy man is the founder of the model of the salvation may be a non profit humanitarian mission president of the united states with the non profit corporation to promote this late in the season for twenty years he's on the nonprofit consumers will sell buying service and was formally elected to office of elections supervisor into ms doucet i believe you are familiar with the format two minutes of unallocated for an opening statement in which you could express your convictions as to the issues of this important race for the senate want to get her qualifications you feel that you have for that office or anything else that you may have in your
mind all over again aides have agreed to the rules of procedure in order to ensure equal time when you hear this song leisure time is up we used to finish your sentence within about ten seconds after you hear that signal if you exceed the time limits i will have to interrupt you now serve you of your opening statement you have to live with the fair through a crack in law's door comes a voice for poor nine percent of us want to pay the two thousand one hundred and twenty five attacks big letters as impose on us to get our names on about that's why more idea nine percent of us can't raise our own salary as good lawyers are opponents lined service don't think taxpayer money and what we're campaigning like our opponents the two lawyers
medicine of us don't have a lot of this as do our opponents as the mass where annan is due to those who are in was their lawyers then have a kidney to change the system by ousting the lawyers neither side of us have only one will never be like a lawyer or anything like the loopholes lawyers serve their masters their owners the big corporation lawyers representing just one incident of our population three hundred thousand two hundred and ten thousand of warriors dominating control and generally all the majority of all serving in government two long as it's known we must cut down on the lawyers and we must put the people in southern manhattan and their representation cry wyatt kind of law firm represents banks
and dozens of corporations republican lawyer claims that has sensors conflict without answers republican plan that must be taken out of money and it but it just it's a super eco fourteen to one arrest people yet to republicans it's very time for opening statement has expired and the question is which is you know come from all over the state of florida and the first question is from gainesville communicator is not the game politically the united nations has a great following full airing the differences
in how mankind four just as the us was a great form or even someone with vampires who should be allowed to be on the same platform as a rich republic are either you ready for the next question is there were townhomes in this report that is so practically holding parents tonight we're back in miami and communicated as well friend and you're working immigration we give you thirty seconds just for i feel that in our world particularly in a country that should be you know a blessing because i should be no conflict between citizens of different races it difficult for me to understand why people cannot love one another as i put it in one of the forums manns got
is as all think it would be a nice man can think differently man god lives if all our problems and i feel like most of the anti busing is a sickness we should not have to have this we should all embrace each other and strive to have representation for ninety percent of this and not have a small percentage of argument among the small percentage of people in a government representative by lawyers and others who serve the best interest to just a chocolate that roughly three percent of the wealth of the country runs the country and this is a deal that once you've given hope to the negro want to do it is was then thinly full blessing or other types of forced integration will be wiped out i worked toward and believe like ameliorate the feelings between races so that there would be no intention about us again five questions were asked of mr fehr only two are included
here time allocated for questions in this segment of the program you have however as i think you know an opportunity to make a closing statement for which the time allotted is one minute it is tragic when a man in this country been spent twenty million dollars on stable sources when they're people in lee less likely to be stopped and in favor of a redistribution of the wealth which means it's late in a third of ten years no one is going to be worth over a million dollars that we would have more millionaires now this could mean greater for money in circulation and could mean that what assad much of the problems that we have are going on for the fighting against government uses private or was premature that europe should be after him there could be out of office were no no grounds for me to go out there has never justified i got it they offered seventy five thousand dollars which he got when he ran for office and had paid by some secret donors i feel it hurt has been an insult to the state and that rescue and shot at two of the finest man that we have an open forum a platform at it we should the republicans came in for an audience shouts and ask you
it's both you leave florida voters have had a chance to learn more about the candidates from the vital office or for the buyout offers of united states senator so to do is inform voters when you go to the polls next tuesday we'll have a better idea of the responsibilities and the issues that are presented to you under our original format all of the questions which have come down to us from the many parts of the state would have been answered by all of the senatorial candidates we regret that it could not be done that way in just one minute we'll be meeting and questioning all of the candidates for the office of chief executive of the state the governor of florida together we do so right after all of the stations have an opportunity to identify themselves this is going on seventy eight coming to you direct from the stage in miami beach auditorium to present the final second of the special live podcast is ahmad jan
throughout clarify some questions that might be in your minds as to the closing statement made by mr fehr i think you should know that under federal statute it the radio communications act of nineteen thirty four they specifically it is now ah place nor do we have the right or authority to have any control over anything that is said over these microphone the responsibility for what is said rest entirely with the candidate who was appearing on the platform we've met all of the candidates for statewide office on the splits on except the candidates for the office of governor of the state of florida abel right that article him and they're waiting to be presented to you and to answer your questions on the issues of this election as we have done with all of the other offices here are some facts about the highest office in the state the office of governor began with the descriptive fail then each candidate was introduced and made an opening statement after the rules were explained sixteen questions were
answered we go directly to two of those questions will come from jacksonville to be negated jim lewis thanks jon and on the line with me again executive producer of news and public affairs for the big a ct bit brownback what is the judgment question education lt gov we've been trying to get the legislature to restructure education a since i became governor and warlord and the legislature has refused that is only a part more and more money into the edsel system that they have a more gas an edsel doesn't make it any good one out of three children in florida is not going out in twelfth grade and this
is a failure of the system not wanting what millie jackson will has changed its style of the moon yeah and they haven't appointed superintendent of course i wanna pointed superintendent for the entire state or condition the entire state i don't fear the other regions system of the legislature as we must well man to run our system is qualified to run the entire state system and the legislatures walked on each and every talk senate as there was it's interesting that it's time the governor speaks of restructuring education what usually means is to abolish avoid christians job and place the whole educational system much in his office i think is to require more than restructuring although i can see that in some areas a huge restructuring now favre also mold until six times we have some type of equality of assessment throughout the state one county is not one thing more than it share of the toll martin to educate our schoolchildren the final analysis is going to go on a life to tax base and on to furnish a proper funds to even meet our present
commitments in this particular field and it does so in such a way where no one pays more than answers here of the tax burden so certainly our hope that i can work with the legislature not against legislature but with the legislature certainly a certain independence it exactly and to come out with a program that where we screw job regardless where lives in florida will be assured of an equal opportunity and education mr bella i'm in favor of an educational complex system by this i mean it was suggested on miami beach fairly recently the most pure grammar schools be consolidated into one grammar school that would have extensive library's extensive modern equipment or you know grammar schools scattered on a neighborhood bases you cannot do this type of mechanization is taking advantage of all modern aspects of education the bustling issue is this is a synonym for segregation it right that continuation of the neighborhood school is do
nation and the education of a chat we have an opportunity to undermine an educational systems to consolidate and providing a system whereby the child would have the most advantages equipment what have the best teachers would have the best television equipment and this can only be done in federal complexes out where necessary children will be bused for a reasonable length of wire this is not passing to preserve segregation our reputation but for children say ask a question from larry here is my understanding that as these questions are posed and that would eventually directed to television about our own positions i like nothing better than to tear out my opponent's position i suggest if that's the way it's going to be about change my formative it's just answer my own position on such things education pollution and so forth in attack of the people not like new wells asserts the good if you feel personally attacked is involved he wished to request
time to respond why it will be granted if the request has risen i don't see that we need to do that i would suggest we hold it the rules that they were given to us namely that we sit here and tell the people what we planned a case where you feel this is rule is divided from miami which to make it for the responsibility know we were here we go next question gentlemen is going to come from orlando be communicated as i last saw a question this evening john from central florida and we go to tom cunliffe at station channel twenty four in orlando but globally read the question that we allocate one minute we'll begin with it as you first of all that our policemen are are made in such a way on the local level that they can stay on the job without having to have two or three side job and i can devote themselves in such a way to do the job properly i think we need more specialized training
many more coordinated effort and law enforcement in order to combat this problem of crime an additional that we need a swifter system of jurisprudence whereby the person charged with crimes you need to be convicted or set free certain the constitutional memo that i worked for him to be on the ballot to revise our court system said a criminal division within the circuit courts will give us an opportunity to move this for a chief justice burger recently indicated he thought this was the biggest problem in england where the crime rate is low reason its lowest because a person when they commit a crime they know they gonna be tried and tried swiftly and that made you account for that which they did and this is what i think is important not only that we have the proper laws are stronger laws proper enforcement of these laws but speedy trials just about that strait is that this not the symptoms at the five hospitals in house was asian forty people like drug addicts for example so we do not have to have an onscreen committing crime in order to support
their habit i would provide that the use of marijuana either legalize or made a misdemeanor along with the president commission's report because this is clogging our courts has taken a police force away from enforcement of adequate laws and li nan into enforcement of minutia and i would take our police force out of the enforcement of laws against personal desires and put them to enforce laws which would provide for public safety this is our problem i would not go for more talks and let's just that's i believe that the lower economic classes deserve as much justice in the court as the higher economic classes i would divide take awhile reports the question of money as far as representation and cons i became down i took the first step that it took me a hundred and five days to convince the democratic controlled legislature there was crime in florida we got the farm bureau long horseman and eight we kept asking for more and more
mandates time at them so do the players are more aid some assistance romney mormon and farther along for tonight as both candidates who will a replacement the bill reid met the head of the florida law enforcement got to tell us who's gonna run this state mr bill rewards day and run things is a longtime governor for the mat every lawsuit in the state knows the coach right behind him all away i want everybody to understand anybody that attempts to solve one of our authors will get the maximum sentence possible to recommend on the federal level twenty years anyone who kills one will not only be soviet capital punishment that also would be in my mind i should be legislation be sure to go if they don't get capital punishment that they get a mandatory full life sentence you just seem to have the sixteen questions each candidate for governor answered as with all the other offices each candidate then made a closing statement summarizing his position
i know that at this late time and election campaign your time is very precious speaking for public broadcasting and all of the staff on this program we thank you for finding the time to join us except our invitation to those of you at all obese and all that we've done that it really has sought to persuade you if you are not already persuaded that next tuesday is a very important day in that one of the great places that you're whole is a citizen of free societies the right to cast a vote the hope that you will set to stay inside with the firm determination to exercise your franchise as a free citizen if you learned something about who the candidates are where they stand on the issue was if you found some reasons to pick candidates for your own choice then all the efforts that we have gone into in this that undertaking tonight have been well worth it this program the first of its kind in the history of broadcasting as been presented by all of us is a public service and were pleased problem done so
the hour's late but we hope that you have found the time well spent for all of us on whether to fund seventy goodnight and the good tomorrow as aidan seventies grateful to mr john doe for his services as special holes down margaret executive producer and director for this program has been jerome producer build up with your chest a program coordinator senior audio engineer and technical director martin sexton lighting by date on this year until now associates knew him this week
congress announced teachers or the education association or the league of women voters who are the medical association says a lot of students can't miss bmw seeking the national organization for women now organize my facilities telephone and telegraph audience monitors commercial video company of my family guest combinations pursue this week you have just seen an excerpt of version of the four hour and twenty three minute live broadcast produced by the rupee be to
channel two in miami for the voters and citizens of the state of florida for collum front page headlines followed the broadcast well i mean you said it was a flawless and spectacular production of miami herald editorial read it was real and true and it seems to us in the highest standard of media public service surveys reveal that one out of every four voters in florida who entered the voting booth on election day watched over the farm seventy more than a thousand letters from viewers came in here are just some of the comments in many cases it helped us to make up our minds who to vote for for the first time in forty years i feel we can go to the polls with some knowledge of the candidates thanks to blue to fund seventy and closes our czech of twenty five dollars as an extra contribution because of blue the fonz seventy which should serve as a pattern for all of the country to follow
Politithon '70
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The Walter J. Brown Media Archives & Peabody Awards Collection at the University of Georgia (Athens, Georgia)
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It is hoped that this concept for a political broadcast will bring 'to life' the statewide ballot in November 3, 1970, election and will stimulate all of the electorate to 'get out and vote' for the candidates of their choice.""--accompanying description. The president and general manager of WPBT Miami Florida George Dooley introduces the program, describing its aims of public service by introducing candidates for public office to the voters. The candidates for every statewide office in Florida are featured, sharing who each of the candidates are, what the offices are, where each candidate stands on the issues, and why each candidate thinks he should have your vote. The program also features representatives for statewide organizations to serve as the voice of the public, and the candidates will also answer questions submitted by viewers. The program describes each office, introducing the candidates, who then give opening statements and answer questions and debate on the issues of the campaign. The program also describes the proposed constitutional amendments that will be on the ballot. Following the program, George Dooley details the response to and impact of the program.
Program Description
"Politithon '70' is planned and will be produced as a special event. This extensive and complete program will have the following major aims: As a service to political candidates, to afford all candidates for statewide office (including those unopposed for office) the opportunity to appear before the public in a major statewide broadcast in prime time; As a public service to all the citizens of Florida, affording them the opportunity, in one major broadcast, to learn exactly WHAT are the statewide offices WHO are the candidates for office, and WHERE each candidate stands on the issues. It is hoped that this concept for a political broadcast will bring 'to life' the statewide ballot in November 3, 1970, election and will stimulate all of the electorate to 'get out and vote' for the candidates of their choice.""--accompanying description. The president and general manager of WPBT Miami Florida George Dooley introduces the program, describing its aims of public service by introducing candidates for public office to the voters. The candidates for every statewide office in Florida are featured, sharing who each of the candidates are, what the offices are, where each candidate stands on the issues, and why each candidate thinks he should have your vote. The program also features representatives for statewide organizations to serve as the voice of the public, and the candidates will also answer questions submitted by viewers. The program describes each office, introducing the candidates, who then give opening statements and answer questions and debate on the issues of the campaign. The program also describes the proposed constitutional amendments that will be on the ballot. Following the program, George Dooley details the response to and impact of the program.
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Producer: Schnur, Jerome
Producing Organization: Pete Barton Productions
Producing Organization: WPBT-TV (Television station : Miami, Fla.)
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