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<v Announcer>It's almost Election Day, and with television's political ads, commentary, soundbites and spin, you still may have no idea who deserves your vote. Invest 30 minutes and we'll help WTW Channel 11 is providing two minutes of free, unedited television time to major candidates for federal and local offices. Candidate Free Time allows candidates to speak directly to voters and gives voters a concise, unfiltered look at their choices. <v Announcer 2>U.S. senators are elected to six year terms, and candidates must be at least 30 years old. The winner of this race will replace retiring Senator Paul Simon. The candidates for U.S. Senate from Illinois are Democrat Dick Durbin and Republican Al Salvi. The order of the candidates appearance was determined by a coin flip. Dick Durbin is a Democrat from Springfield. He's currently the congressman from Illinois 20th Congressional District and is 51 years old. <v Dick Durbin>I'm Dick Durbin. My decision to give up my congressional seat to run for the United States Senate is based on my belief that this election offers an historic choice between the Gingrich Dole agenda and a more positive, hopeful agenda for Illinois' working families. My mother is eighty seven years old. I know how much seniors rely on Social Security and Medicare to have a retirement they can enjoy, not fear. That's why I led the fight against Newt Gingrich's plan to cut Medicare benefits to pay for tax breaks for the wealthy. And I've also always voted to protect Social Security. Mom and dad worked for the railroad. Dad died of cancer when I was 14. Without student loans, I could have never made it through college. A good education is the key to getting a good job. I worked to stop Republican plans to cut student loans for working families and their efforts to abolish the Department of Education. Now I'm working for a tax cut that will help middle income families pay for vocational school, community college or a university education. I voted for welfare reform and I supported the president's anticrime bill that put hundreds of new police officers on the streets of communities throughout Illinois. I was a strong supporter of the Brady Bill and the assault weapons ban. And along with Senator Paul Simon, I enacted legislation that prevents convicted felons from regaining their right to own a gun. My opponent, Al Salvi, disagrees with me on most of these issues. Al Salvi endorses Gingrich's plans to cut Medicare benefits. And Al Salvi wants to privatize Social Security, which could threaten the guarantee of a secure income for many seniors ourselves. He wants to abolish the Department of Education, and he even wants to change the law to make assault weapons legal again. Choice is clear. Al Salvi will fight for Newt Gingrich's agenda. But as the United States senator from Illinois, I'll fight for you.
<v Announcer 2>Al Salvi is a Republican from Mandoline. He's currently a state representative and is thirty six years old. <v Al Salvi>Hello, my name is Al Salvi and I'm running for the United States Senate. My thanks to Channel 11 for giving me this opportunity. My campaign is based on a simple premise. I believe in less government, lower taxes and more freedom. I want to represent the hardworking families of Illinois who feel their government in Washington is too big and unresponsive. I want to represent families who feel their taxes are too high and who worry about the debt we're leaving to our children. You know, our national debt now exceeds five trillion dollars. That burden is the result of Washington career politicians failing to do what every Illinois family must do live within their means. The interest on our national debt is now the largest item in the federal budget. How do we rein in out-of-control spending? The simple fact is we no longer can trust career politicians to do the job. That's why I support a constitutional amendment to balance the federal budget. Paul Simon and Carol Moseley Braun support the balanced budget amendment. My opponent is not. While our country goes deeper into debt, our tax burden has never been greater. I support reducing the tax burden on Illinois families. When he was president, John Kennedy cut taxes which revitalize the private sector and actually increased revenues to the federal government. Ronald Reagan cut taxes and produced the same results, doubling revenues. And in creating a booming economy. However, the painful lesson of the 80s was that while revenues increased, government spending was recklessly out of control. I want to break the cycle of higher taxes, runaway government spending and increasing debt. If Washington doesn't cut spending and pass a balanced budget amendment, government won't have the money it needs to do the things it should like help our seniors, educate our children and fight crime. I want government at our side and not on our backs. I want to be a senator for all the people of Illinois. My name is Al Salvi and I'm asking for your vote.
<v Announcer 2>Illinois' 1st Congressional District includes much of the south side of Chicago. In addition to portions of five southwestern suburbs, the candidates in Illinois's 1st Congressional District are Democrat Bobby Rush and Republican Noel Naughton. The order of the candidates appearance was determined by a coin flip. Bobby Rush is a Democrat from Chicago. He's running for reelection as congressman of the district and is forty nine years old. <v Bobby Rush>Hello, I'm Congressman Bobby Rush of the 1st Congressional District of Illinois. For the last four years, I have been fighting for your rights to affordable medical care, decent jobs, fair wages and quality education for your children. This is the American dream that we're all entitled to. But our quality of life is under assault on every front by the Newt Gingrich Republican Congress. That's why I have stood strong against their plan to sacrifice Medicare and Medicaid for the sake of cutting taxes for the wealthy. That's why I have opposed attempts by the Gingrich Congress to slash student loans and enact the largest education cuts in history. I'm working hard for you in Washington and right here in the neighborhoods and communities of the 1st Congressional District. Every weekend I'm back in our district working with you and our neighbors. I know firsthand the immediate and local concerns of citizens like you. When you told me that our community needed more jobs, I secured a hundred million dollar federal empowerment zone designation for our community, which is aimed at transforming economically depressed neighborhoods when you share your concerns about civil rights and equality for all. I led the call for justice for Joseph GGU, who was innocently and wrongly gunned down by a law enforcement official going bad. And when you told me that it didn't make sense to replace me feel with a new downtown park at the expense of neighborhood park improvements and expansions, I joined the battle to stop this plan together. We have been an effective team, but I cannot continue my fight for our quality of life without your support in November. Working together, we can protect our families from a Newt Gingrich and his Republican Congress. We can rebuild our communities and protect our American dream for ourselves and for our children.
<v Announcer 2>Noel Noughton is a Republican from Evergreen Park. He's a semiretired union carpenter and is 65 years old. <v Noel Noughton>My name is Noel Noughton and I'm running for Congress against Bobby Rush and the 1st Congressional District. The reason I decided to challenge Mr. Rush is that I believe we can do better for Chicago and the southwest suburbs. And I have a bold, optimistic plan to fight back for Southside families. America's families deserve a break from high taxes. America's children deserve the best education, including Catholic and private schools. America's cities should once again be a beacon of opportunity for men and women of all races and religions. And finally, as a decent, humane people, we must protect innocent human life from the growing culture of death, abortion, euthanasia and suicide. I recently challenged Bill Clinton, Richard Durbin and Bobby Rush to come to the South Side and honestly explain to my neighbors where they stand. Why have the Democrats fought against family tax relief? Why are they against a voucher or tuition tax credit, which would make quality education available to all children? Why do they continue to support quarters and special privileges for certain groups of Americans? And why did the Democrats, Clinton, Durbin and Rush vote in favor of brutal late term partial birth abortion even when the majority of Americans are against this? Whether or not I defeat Bobby Rush. These questions will remain so. Once again, I ask Clinton, Durbin and Rush. Where do you stand? For information about my campaign, call area code seven eight eight zero two zero nine five zero.
<v Announcer 2>Illinois's 2nd Congressional District includes portions of the south side of Chicago and many south suburbs. In Illinois' 2nd Congressional District, the Democratic candidate is Jesse L. Jackson Jr. The Republican candidate has withdrawn from this race. Jesse Jackson Jr. is a Democrat from Chicago. He's running for reelection as congressman of the district and is 31 years old. <v Jesse Jackson, Jr.>Good evening, I'm Jesse Jackson Jr., a candidate for Congress from the 2nd Congressional District, I ran and won a special election in nineteen ninety five by focusing on the most critical needs in my district jobs and economic development. The only project big enough to bring those two things to the people in this district is a south suburban airport in Peotone. It would also benefit Chicago, Illinois and this entire region. How can Chicago meet 21st century travel needs with 20th century capacity? It can't. Virtually every study since nineteen eighty eight has concluded that Chicago will need additional airport capacity to compete economically in the future with New York, which has three airports, and Los Angeles, which has five. The Federal Aviation Administration projects that air traffic will double in the next 20 years. O'Hare and Midway cannot meet this increased demand, but a third south suburban airport can be built in such a way as to not hurt the economic viability of either O'Hare or Midway. We will need all three. The additional travel will go somewhere, if not Chicago, then Cincinnati, St. Louis or even Indianapolis. Each time a plane lands, that brings with the twelve thousand dollars to the city of its arrival. I would like to see that twelve thousand dollars here. A Peotone airport will generate two hundred and thirty six thousand jobs, including the economic spinoffs that would accompany it. It would bring balanced growth to our metropolitan area, O'Hare to the northwest, midway to the west and Peotone to the south and southwest. It would allow Chicago to maintain its rightful place as a center of economic activity. Increased competition would benefit consumers in terms of ticket prices, the best way to create jobs and reduce unemployment, to fight crime and gangs and drugs, despair and hopelessness is to build a new south suburban airport. If you reelect me, that's the fight I will continue.
<v Announcer 2>Illinois's 3rd Congressional District includes the southwest side of Chicago and southwest suburbs. The candidates in Illinois's 3rd Congressional District are Democrat Bill Lipinski and Republican Jim Nalepa. The order of the candidates appearance was determined by a coin flip. Bill Lipinski is a Democrat from Chicago. He's running for reelection as congressman of the district and is fifty eight years old. <v Bill Lapinski>Good evening. My name is Bill Lapinski, and I currently have the great privilege of representing the 3rd District of Illinois in the United States House of Representatives, the People's Chamber. It's an honor I hope to have renewed this November. It's a district made up of communities and people who take great pride in themselves, people who are involved in their schools, their churches, their families. Their involvement was critical to my success in helping repeal the retail law, in defeating several proposed incinerators and defeating the original proposal with reservoir. Newspapers continually describe me as a workhorse. I take that as a compliment. Successfully fighting for Midway Airport, fighting for money needed for flood control, highway improvements and soundproofing. Several weeks ago, a story appeared in Legrange Press that talked about my independent streak. Yes, I am independent because I believe I am a representative of my neighbors who send me to Washington to represent their hopes, their dreams, their aspirations and views. I believe my job is to represent my neighbors, not to be an automatic vote for my party. I never have and I never will. I am a pro-life Democrat who has supported Republicans on important measures like the balanced budget amendment, welfare reform and immigration reform. I have opposed them on loosening environmental standards, removing federal nursing home standards and their proposals to reduce Medicare benefits. I voted against the president and his gas tax, his 1994 tax hike, NAFTA. By staying in touch, I know with the people of the Third District want. I'm often asked, why do I stay a Democrat? Simply because I still believe the Democratic Party cares more about people than profits.
<v Announcer 2>Jim Nalepa is a Republican from Legrange. He's currently a small businessman and is thirty nine years old. <v Jim Nalepa>Hi, my name is Jim Nalepa, and I want to be your next congressman. I'm a graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point and a small business owner. Unlike my opponent, Bill Lipinski, I'm not a career politician. I'm running for the Congress in the 3rd Congressional District because I believe that we can do better as a small businessman and a community leader. I've seen the excess of federal government and I've felt the overburden of our current tax system when elected. I promise to fight and reign in the excess, to cut taxes so that families can keep more of their hard earned income instead of sending it to a government which takes money from people who work like you and gives it to those that don't. I support a 15 percent across the board tax cut. I also support a five hundred dollar per child tax credit bill. Lipinski has repeatedly voted against both of these measures, which I believe are at the core of helping working families. The Lipinsky says he's a fiscal conservative, but look at the record. The independent Concord Coalition, founded by Democrat Paul Tsongas, called him the biggest taxer and spender in the Illinois delegation. As your congressman, I would also address the issue of crime. Bill Lipinski believes in addressing crime with government social programs like midnight basketball and phony government make work jobs. I believe in mandatory sentencing and truth in sentencing, which all but eliminates parole for violent felons. The voters of the 3rd Congressional District have a clear choice between two candidates a lifelong politician who supports bigger government, taxing working families and coddling criminals, or one who believes in a smaller government, less taxes and safer streets for our seniors and children. Bill Lipinski went to Congress in 1982 ask yourself these questions. Are streets safer than they were in nineteen eighty two? Are you keeping more of your hard earned money than you did in nineteen eighty two? If the answer to these questions is no, then you need to vote for Jim Nalepa for Congress. Thank you for your support on Election Day.
<v Announcer 2>Illinois's 5th Congressional District includes Chicago's northwest side and extends from the lake on the east to suburbs west of the city. The candidates in Illinois's 5th Congressional District are Democrat Rod Blagojevich and Republican Michael Patrick Flanagan. The order of the candidates appearance was determined by a coin flip. Rod Blagojevich is a Democrat from Chicago. He's currently a state representative and is thirty nine years old. <v Rod Blagojevich>My name is Rod Blagojevich and I'm running for Congress from Illinois's 5th Congressional District, which stretches from the north lakefront across the north west side of Chicago and into the suburbs surrounding O'Hare Airport. The families of our district deserve a congressman who will fight to curb gun violence, protect our environment and respect a woman's right to choose. Instead, incumbent Michael Flanagan has voted for Newt Gingrich's extreme agenda more than 90 percent of the time. Perhaps nowhere in the country are there two candidates with greater differences on the issues. As a state legislator, I proposed a statewide ban on assault weapons, and I led the successful fight to revoke the gun rights of domestic abusers. Congressman Flanagan voted to repeal the federal ban on assault weapons, and he cast the deciding vote against extending the ban on cop killer bullets. As a legislator, I refuse to take campaign money from the tobacco lobby, and I introduced a bill requiring cigaret manufacturers to reveal the amount of nicotine in their products. Congressman Flanagan has taken nearly twenty thousand dollars from tobacco interests. He's opposed President Clinton's efforts to stop the marketing of cigarets to children as a state legislator. I fought for increased funding for education and I donated the legislative pay raise. I opposed to local school councils in my district. Congressman Flanagan voted with Newt Gingrich to cut federal education funding by 30 percent, and he voted to cut college loans by 10 billion dollars, despite the fact that he attended college with the help of student loans. My differences with Mike Flanagan are not personal, but his record is completely out of step with the people and families of the Fifth District. I'm asking for your support on November 5th so I can go to Congress and put the interests of our neighborhoods first. Thank you,
<v Announcer 2>Michael Patrick Flanagan is a Republican from Chicago. He's running for reelection as congressman of the district and is 33 years old. <v Mike Flanagan>I'm Mike Flanagan, U.S. congressman from the 5th District. Two years ago, the people of this district sent me to Washington to reduce the scope and influence of the federal government in their lives and to help them out when they had to deal with the federal bureaucracy. I think I've done just that. And I want to do more, which is why I'm asking for your vote this November 5th. I was born and raised in Chicago, so I understand the special sense of pride that Chicagoans take in their families and neighborhoods. People want to feel safe in their homes and on the streets. They feel that they pay too much in taxes to a government that doesn't understand the special needs of their own families and communities. They want a tax break so that they can invest in their futures, their children. My goal in Congress is to make government smaller and smarter, to use the federal government for its intended purposes. I'm proud of my achievements as your congressman. Over the past two years. I was able to secure more than two hundred million dollars in federal funding to save Chicago's magnificent lakefront from further erosion damage. This will ensure that the environmental jewel of the Midwest will be here for future generations to enjoy. I also successfully worked for increased funding for the CTA, so working people will continue to have a convenient and affordable means of transportation to and from work. I fought for legislation that made it difficult for drug and alcohol abusers to be placed in housing that's designated for senior citizens only. And perhaps most importantly, I voted to lower taxes on working families in my district. I want to continue representing you so I can keep fighting for tougher crime laws that put criminals behind bars where they belong. I want to relieve working families from the tax burden they face with every paycheck. The money you worked so hard to earn is yours, and I believe the federal government takes too much of it away. But most of all, I want to continue serving as the employee of the people of the Fifth District. Every day my office handles dozens of calls from people who have run up against the federal bureaucracy. You can always come to me for help. My staff and I do our best to solve your problems. That's what I'm here for, to work for you. It's been a continuing honor and a privilege to serve the people of the Fifth District for the past two years. I'm Mike Flanagan, and I'm dedicated to continuing working for you and your family.
<v Announcer 2>Northwest of Chicago, Illinois, 6th Congressional District includes portions of Cook and DuPage counties. The candidates in Illinois's 6th Congressional District are Democrat Steve de la Rosa and Republican Henry Hyde. The order of the candidate's appearance was determined by a coin flip. Steve de la Rosa is a Democrat from Wheaton. He's currently an industrial technician and is forty three years old. <v Steve De La Rosa>My name is Steve De La Rosa. I want to represent the 6th District in Congress, I support senior citizens, our environment, better jobs and higher wages and making it easier for Americans to have quality health care. Fewer older Americans are in poverty than at any time in our history, thanks to Social Security and Medicare. My opponent, Republican Henry Hyde and Newt Gingrich, want to cut Social Security and Medicare. I voted to cut Medicare by two hundred seventy billion dollars so more tax breaks can be given to the wealthy. The quality of our environment improved since the passage of regulations in the 70s. Hyde has opposed environmental legislation, which is why environmental organizations call him an environmental zero. And one of the filthy five worst legislators. Hyde would lease our national parks to the oil companies that permit the logging and destruction of our national forest hide wants to turn the clock back to an era when there was no EPA or OSHA and helped build Bob Dole's bridge to the past. Henry Hyde doesn't want to discuss his past, especially when it comes to Clide Savings and Loan. Hyd served in the board of directors of that SNL in the 80s. Hyde is being sued by the federal government for gross negligence for the collapse of Clide savings of North Riverside. This failure cost of taxpayers. Sixty seven million dollars. That's over four hundred and thirty dollars for each 6th District voter. If Hydes vision for America is your vision for America, then vote for my opponent. He would love once again to shut down the government and reward himself with a pay raise at three o'clock in the morning when the American public is sleeping. I don't think Hyde's plan for America is what the people want or need. I'll work to ensure the solvency of Medicare and Social Security. I support strong, clean air and water regulations. I will work to pass education initiatives which will give our children the skills they need to be successful. I support making it easier for Americans to have affordable, quality health care. And I'm pro-choice. I urge you to use your vote to elect Steve De La Rosa on November five.
<v Announcer 2>Henry Hyde is a Republican from Wooddale. He's running for reelection as congressman of the district and is 72 years old. <v Henry Hyde>Two years ago, Republicans assume control of Congress after 40 years of uninterrupted domination by the Democrats. The GOP moves swiftly to make Congress live under the same laws the rest of America does. We ended unfunded federal mandates on state and local governments, reduced government spending by billions of dollars, enacted important welfare reforms, health insurance and lobbying reform laws, and much more. We made promises two years ago, promises we've kept, but we still have much to do. American families are suffering from the twin burdens of stagnant incomes and near record taxes. It's why people feel they're working harder but falling further behind and why they fear the current generation will not be as successful as the last generation. American families deserve better. They should be allowed to keep more of their hard earned money so they can spend on their priorities. To that end, we firmly commit to a tax code that will be flatter, fairer and simpler, with a minimum of exclusions from its coverage. And one set of rules applying to all this is what I want for America. Real prosperity that reaches beyond the stock market to every family, small business and worker and economy. Expanding as fast as American enterprise and creativity will carry it free from unnecessary taxes, regulation and litigation. I count our victories not in economic numbers on a chart, but in the everyday achievements of the American dream. When a man or woman discovers the dignity of a job, when a child rejects drugs and embraces life, when an entrepreneur turns an idea into an industry, when a family once again feels the security of its savings and has control over the education of its children, I hope each of you will exercise your precious right to vote on November 5th. And I hope your vote is Republican.
<v Announcer 2>Illinois's seventh congressional district includes west suburbs and parts of the west and near southeast sides of Chicago. The candidates in Illinois 7th Congressional District are Democrat Danny Davis and Republican Randy Borow. The order of the candidates appearance was determined by a coin flip. Randy Borow is a Republican from North Riverside. He's currently a sales account executive and is 30 years old. <v Randy Borow>You cannot bring about prosperity by discouraging thrift, you can't strengthen the weak by weakening the strong, you cannot help the wage earner by pulling down the wage payer. You cannot further the brotherhood of man by encouraging class hatred. You cannot help the poor by destroying the rich. You cannot build character and courage by taking away a person's initiative and independence. You cannot help people permanently by doing for them what they could and should do for themselves. These words were spoken over one hundred thirty years ago by one of our country's most beloved presidents, Abraham Lincoln. They still apply today, especially in the 7th Congressional District, where you, the voters, have the chance to help make history. It is time to put aside race, gender or religion and vote for the person who truly offers the best chance to change this district. It is time to vote for someone who is not a professional politician. It is time to vote for someone from the community, for the community. It is time to vote for someone who has built an excellent reputation as a salesman, veteran baseball umpire and community activist. It is time to vote for someone who has strong principles, even if they conflict with those of his own party. It is time to vote for someone who knows what hardship is like, who has been unemployed several times throughout his life, and who grew up on food stamps while his father tried to put three children through school. It is time to vote for someone who truly cares for people of every race, every gender, every religion, every background someone raised on Judeo-Christian principles. This person is Randy Borrell. It is time to send him your neighbor to the US House of Representatives as your candidate for Congress. I'm not going to say I will promise this or that. Instead, I can only say I will try to fight crime through job creation by making it easier for our younger generation to be as successful as their parents and grandparents. And I will fight for the weak, the poor and those who suffer the pains of discrimination. Perhaps the best way to summarize Randy Borow is with this quote, I shall pass this way, but once any good that I can do or any kindness I can give to any human being, let me do it now. Let me not be for or neglected, for I shall not pass this way again.
<v Announcer 2>Danny Davis is a Democrat from Chicago. He's currently a Cook County commissioner and is fifty five years old. <v Danny Davis>I'm a Cook County commissioner, Danny K. Davis and the Democratic nominee for Congress from the Seventh District. Our nation is at a crossroads and we're facing many serious problems and critical needs, needs which must be addressed and met. Unfortunately, there are those in government and politics who are proposing archaic and backward thinking answers and solutions, solutions which in many instances are designed to benefit the few and not the many. However, we are fortunate. Fortunate because we have options and choices. We can choose to go forward or to go backwards forward into a new day with hope, help and opportunities for all. Or we can go backwards into the politics and policies of just the year and the thinking of Bob Dole, Newt Gingrich, Dick Armey, Jesse Helms and the right wing conservatives. Or we can go forward moving boldly into the twenty first century with visionary, humane and courageous leadership leadership like Bill Clinton, Dick Durbin, Clem Balanoff and Danny K. Davis. I believe we believe in the principles and practices of democracy. Therefore, a woman does have the right to choose. We believe in the protection of Medicare, Medicaid and other safety net programs holding on to affirmative action, a clean, safe and toxic free environment, strong schools, teachers and unions, health care for all safe streets, homes for the homeless, worked for the unemployed and livable wages for those who do work. We believe in hope and help for all. Our program is designed to bring hope and stability to America. Therefore, I urge that we vote Democratic on November 5th for Bill Clinton, Dick Durbin, Clem Balanoff and Danny K. Davis for Congress in the 7th District.
1996 Candidate Free Time
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No. 101
Salvi/Durbin Senate Race
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WTTW (Television station : Chicago, Ill.)
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The Walter J. Brown Media Archives & Peabody Awards Collection at the University of Georgia (Athens, Georgia)
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This episode features elections from Illinois, both the Senate race and many Chicago-area House elections and presents messages from the following candidates: Dick Durbin (D), Al Salvi (R), Bobby Rush (D), Noel Noughton (R), Jesse Jackson, Jr. (D), Bill Lapinski (D), Jim Nalepa (R), Rod Blagojevich (D), Mike Flanagan (R), Steve De La Rosa (D), Henry Hyde (R), Randy Borow (R), and Danny K. Davis (D).
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"Four years ago, Chicago's WTTW Channel 11 set [a] historical precedent by being the first television station in America to offer free air time to political candidates. Candidate Free Time gives candidates running for local and federal offices the rare opportunity to address our viewing public in an environment free of interruptions and edited sound bites. The station provided staff, facilities, equipment and air time. "Channel 11 pioneered Candidate Free Time in 1992. We offered free air time to Illinois candidates running for United States Senate -- Republican Rich Williamson and Democrat Carol Moseley-Braun. In 1994, WTTW again offered Candidate Free Time to eight Democratic and Republican candidates in four major elections. In 1996, we expanded our coverage. Presentations were completed by candidates for U.S. Senate from Illinois, 12 Illinois Congressional Districts, two Indiana Congressional Districts, Indiana Governor and the Cook County Offices of State's Attorney, Clerk of the Circuit Court and Recorder of Deeds. Their two-minute segments were combined to create three 30 minute programs, which were broadcast in prime time throughout October. In June, Bill McCarter, president of WTTW Channel 11, was invited by the Federal Communication Commission to testify before a distinguished panel of congressional and regulatory leaders about the importance of Candidate Free Time. He encouraged television stations nationwide to use their medium to help inform the electorate and facilitate the process. Channel 11's commitment to Candidate Free Time inspired discussions among the networks and provided a positive forum for candidates to share key messages with viewers. In designing Candidate Free Time, our goals were threefold -- to assist the candidates, better inform the public on issues that would affect their lives and hopefully play a small part in reversing voting apathy."--1996 Peabody Awards entry form.
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Producing Organization: WTTW (Television station : Chicago, Ill.)
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The Walter J. Brown Media Archives & Peabody Awards Collection at the University of Georgia
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Chicago: “1996 Candidate Free Time; No. 101; Salvi/Durbin Senate Race,” 1996-10-07, The Walter J. Brown Media Archives & Peabody Awards Collection at the University of Georgia, American Archive of Public Broadcasting (GBH and the Library of Congress), Boston, MA and Washington, DC, accessed June 26, 2022,
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